AILEY – Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson was born here in 1921.

ALBANY – Born here in Albany, Georgia were Singer Ray Charles in 1930, and musician Harry James in 1916.
u The intersection of Lonesome Rd. and Hardup Rd. is located here in Albany.

ANDERSONVILLE – First called Camp Sumter, the restored Andersonville Civil War era prison is a National Historic Site. At its peak in August 1864, some 33,000 Union troops were imprisoned here. Designed to hold 10,000 men, at one time the prison held over 32,000. Because of the overcrowding, the elements, disease and poor sanitation, almost 13,000 Union soldiers died here between February 1864 and April 1865. The prison closed in May, 1865. There are almost 14,000 soldiers buried in the nearby Cemetery. The ghosts of Union and Confederate Soldiers have been reported seen here. The prison site is located on SH 49, nine miles Americus and one mile east of Andersonville.

APPLE VALLEY – On August 21, 1884, a black man, Sydney Hall and his wife were living here in Apple Valley in Harris County, when he chopped off her head with an axe, after which he went to his employer Judge Anderson and told him “she won’t bother me anymore.” When the judge went with Hall to his cabin, he found the body of the woman on the bed. Her bloody head was on the floor. Hall told the judge that his wife had put poison in his tea several times and he lived in constant fear of his life and was thinking of killing himself because of her infidelity with other men. When she went to bed on the night he killed her, he thought to himself, “Why should I kill myself?” Why not kill her?” He got an axe and went as far as the door, then hesitated as he looked at his sleeping wife. Then the desire to kill her became overpowering, and before he knew what was happening, he was beside the bed with his axe raised. He struck her two times and her head rolled off the bed at his feet.

ATHENS – Born here in Athens were journalist Henry Grady in 1850, and novelist Janelle Taylor in 1944.
u Buried here in the Oconee Hill Cemetery. are:
– Dean Rusk former Secretary of State. He is in Section J.
– Temperance West, ninth murder victim of Tom Woolfolk in the mass murder in Macon.
u The world’s only double-barrel cannon is on display in the City Hall Plaza in downtown
ATLANTA – Born here in Atlanta were author of Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell in 1900, golfer Bobby Jones in 1902, Governor Lester Maddox in 1915, actor DeForest Kelley in 1920, poet James Dickey in 1923, comedian Nipsy Russell in 1924, baseball player Harry “Suitcase” Simpson in 1925, singer Mattiwilda Dobbs in 1925, Martin Luther King Jr. in 1929, singer Jerry Reed in 1937, singer Tommy Roe in 1942, basketball player Walt Frazier in 1945, and singer Gladys Knight in 1946.
On April 20, 1913, fourteen-year-old Mary Phagan, a white girl, was laid off from her job at the National Pencil Factory on Forsythe Street here in Atlanta where she put the metal bands on pencils. She had $1.80 coming to her and was told to return to the factory on pay day, April, 26. At 4 o'clock in the morning of Sunday, April 27, a watchman found her body in the cellar lying on a pile of cinders near the furnace. She had been beaten, strangled and raped. Police arrested the black watchman and questioned him. Also questioned were the plant's manager, Leo Frank, a jew, and a black janitor named Jim Conley. Despite a suspicion that pointed to Conley as the killer, police arrested Leo Frank and charged him with murder because witnesses testified that Mary was last seen in his office to get her check. Frank denied the charged. Frank was found guilty on August 26, 1914, and sentenced to hang. On June 22, 1915, the governor commuted his sentence to life in prison. At midnight of August 16, 1915, a mob of 25 armed men raided the Georgia State prison at Milledgeville, overpowered the guards and dragged Frank out of the prison. The next morning, 170 miles away near Marietta, Frank, 29, was found in Frey's grove, dangling from a tree near the roadway with a hangman's noose around his neck. Jim Conley died in 1962, and rumors spread that just before his died he confessed to the murder of Mary Phagan. In 1982, Alonzo Mann, an employee of the pencil factory at the time of the murder, signed an affidavit that he had seen Conley carrying the limp body of Mary Phagan on his shoulder near the trapdoor leading to the basement. A lie detector test indicated that Mann was telling the truth. In 1986, the Georgia Board of Pardons, issued a pardon to Leo Frank, who at the time was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery. in Brooklyn, New York.
On December 6, 1946, 119 people were killed when fire broke out on the third floor of the Winecoff Hotel at 117 Peachtree NW. Most of the deaths were caused by smoke inhalation, but some people died from falling or jumping out windows to escape the flames and smoke. It was the deadliest hotel fire in U.S. History. The hotel reopened in 1949 as The Peachtree and was sold in 1967 and used as a senior citizens' home for 15 years before it closed in 1982. Vacant for the last 25 years, it has been renovated and a new $28 million dollar boutique hotel will open in October 2007.        GO THERE
Doc Holliday lived at 66 Forrest Ave in 1872.
u Coca Cola was invented here in May 1886 by Dr.John S. Pemberton in his backyard at 107 Marietta St. It was first served here in Jacob's Pharmacy by Willis Venable.
u Golfer Bobby Jones, and Margaret Mitchell (Marsh) are buried here in the Oakland Cemetery at 248 Oakland Ave S.E. Mitchell, author of
Gone With the Wind, was killed by a car as she crossed the street here in Atlanta.
u Martin Luther King Sr. is buried in the South View . He is next to first road paralleling Jonesborough St.
u Martin Luther King Jr. is buried near the Ebenezer Baptist church at 450 Auburn Ave N.E.
u Civil rights leader Dr. Ralph Abernathy is buried here in the mausoleum in the Lincoln.

AUGUSTA – Born here in Augusta were artist Jasper Johns in 1930,
singer James Brown in 1933, singer Jessye Norman in 1945, wrestler Hulk Hogan in 1953, and singer Amy Grant in 1960.
u Singer James Brown grew up here.
u Actress Butterfly McQueen, 84, was burned to death here in her small three-room cottage on December 22, 1995. She played "Prissy" in the film Gone with the Wind.

AURARIA – The first gold rush in America was here in 1828.

BAINBRIDGE – Born here in Bainbridge, Georgia were boxer Young Stribling in 1904, and actress Miriam Hopkins in 1902 (She is buried here in the Oak City Cemetery.

BANKS CITY – Baseball player Ty Cobb was born here in 1866. (Other sources say it was in Narrows).

BARNWELL – Singer James Brown was born here in 1933.

BLACKBEARD ISLAND – The pirate “Blackbeard” made his home here. Legend has It that he buried his loot here.

BUCHANAN – Baseball player Whitlow Wyatt is buried here in the Buchanan City Cemetery.

CAIRO – Baseball player Jackie Robinson was born here Cairo, Georgia in 1919.

CARMEL – On August 8, 1898, John Meadows, a negro, attacked the seven-year-old daughter of Benson Camp. Meadows was immediately hanged here by a mob and his body was riddled with bullets.
(From New York Times 8-9-1898)

CARNESVILLE – Baseball player Spud Chandler grew up here.

CARROLL COUNTY – Asa Chandler, founder of Coca Cola Company was born here in 1851.

CARROLTON – Actress Susan Hayworth is buried here in Our Lady's Memory Garden Cemetery of Our Lady of Perpetual Church, on Center Point Rd. off Highway 113, north of Carrollton.

CARTERSVILLE – Baseball player Rudy York is buried here in the Sunset Memory Gardens Cemetery. He is in Section 221, Lot D, Space 2. His 1939 record of most home runs (18) hit in a month, was broken by Sammy Sosa in 1998.

CEDARTOWN – Actor Sterling Holloway was born here in 1905. A popular character actor of amusing appearance and voice, his long career led from dozens of films to world-wide familiarity as the voice of numerous Walt Disney animated films, especially that of Winnie the Pooh. A historical marker is located at his birth site at the corner of Sterling Holloway Highway and South College Street.

CHEROKEE COUNTY – Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk was born here in 1909.

CLARKSDALE – Singer Ray Stevens was born here in 1939.

COGDELL – Actor Ossie Davis was born here in 1917.

COLLEGE PARK – Actor Whitman Mayo is buried here in the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery. He is best remembered for playing "Grady Wilson" on the 1970s TV show Sanford and Son.

COLUMBUS – Baseball Player Elmer Riddle was born here in Columbus, Georgia in 1914. He is buried here in the Parkhill Cemetery.
u Lt. William Calley, former Marine involved in the My Lai Massacre in Viet Nam, owned a jewelery store here in 1998.
u John Pemberton, inventor of Coca Cola, is buried here in the Linwood Cemetery.

– Baseball player Spud Chandler was born here in 1907.

CORDELE – Inventor Michael Welch is buried here in the Sunnyside Cemetery. He invented the railroad car coupling. He was killed in 1908 by his own invention when he was caught between two railroad car couplings.

CORNELIA – The world's largest apple monument. A 5,200-lb monument dedic ted to apple growers is located at center on town next to the restored historic railroad depot.

– John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette were married here in the First African Baptist church on September 21, 1996. The reception was held in the Greyfield Inn, the former Thomas Carnegie mansion. The island is 3 miles wide and 18 miles long and is located east of St. Mary's.

CUMMING – Comedian Junior Samples was born here in 1926.
u Buried here in the Sawnee View Gardens Cemetery are:
– Luke Appling, baseball player. He is in the Mausoleum, Chapel West, Crypt 140 (3rd level from bottom)
– Junior Samples, comedian. He appeared on the TV show
Hee Haw. He is near a large cross.
u Wrestler Jerry "Farmer" Blackwell is buried in the Zion Hill Cemetery. He weighed over 400 pounds.

CURREYVILLE – Singer Roland Hayes was born here in 1887.

CUTHBERT – Born here in Cuthbert were: boxer Larry Holmes in 1949, pro football player Rosey Grier in 1932, and jazz musician Fletcher Henderson in 1897. Henderson is buried here in the Old Cemetery.

DALTON – Baseball player Harry "Suitcase" Simpson is buried here in the West Hill Cemetery.

DAWSON – Born here in Dawson were ventriloquist Wayland Flowers in 1939, and singer Otis Redding in 1941.
u Wayland Flowers is buried here in the Cedar Hill Cemetery. Enter Cemetery off of highway 520 and go through the brick columns, continue straight to the flagpole and turn left onto paved lane. Go down to the second dirt lane and turn left. Count 5 rows down and 4 rows deep, on the right side of the lane.
u On September 23, 1887, while Mr. Olin Pace was driving along the public road near the Primitive Baptist Church, a white shadowy object appeared near him in the road, having the shape of a woman, and floating hither and thither as if borne on invisible spirit wings. It made no sound, but moved it’s long white arms in the air as if in great distress. He decided to investigate and got out of his buggy and walked toward the apparition, which retreated as he advanced. Finally, reaching it, he tried to touch it, but the apparition vanished. The ghost was seen several times after that, always in the same place and in the same weird shape. Mr. Burgess, and his wife and daughter also reported seeing the ghost which aroused the entire neighborhood. (From the New York Times 9-24-1887)

DEMOREST – Baseball player Johnny Mize was born here in 1913 and is buried here in the Yonah Cemetery. He is in Section 11, Lot J-5.

EATONTON – Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple was born here in 1944.

ELBERTON – The grave of "Old Dan Tucker" is located here on a hill overlooking Lake Russell. He was the Dan Tucker in the folk song Old Dan Tucker. Tucker died on April 7, 1818 at age 78, and was buried here in the family burying ground, which is only a few yards from his old home site. His wife and other Tuckers are also buried here. The Rev. Daniel Tucker was a Revolutionary War captain, ferry operator, and Methodist minister. The grave site is located off Highway 72 east of Elberton. The song Old Dan Tucker went like this:
Old Dan Tucker was a mighty man;
He washed his face in a frying pan;
He combed his hair with a wagon wheel,
And died with a toothache in his heel.
Get out o' the way Ol' Dan Tucker
Get out o' the way Ol' Dan Tucker
Get out o' the way Ol' Dan Tucker
You're too late to get your suppe

FAYETTEVILLE – Many of Doc Holliday's relatives are buried here in the Fayetteville City Cemetery including his Grandmother Rebecca Burroughs, who lies next to her mother, Amy Stiles Burroughs, and his uncle Robert Holliday, who lies next to his wife Rebecca in the Fitzgerald plot.

FOLSOM – Outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd was born near here in 1904. In 1911, his father and mother, Walter and Mamie Floyd, sold their house and moved to Akins, Oklahoma.

GAINSVILLE –- It is illegal here to eat chicken with a fork.

GRAYSON – When Melissa Cooper died here in March 1913 she weighed 613 pounds. It took 14 men to put her in her coffin. Her neck was a yard around and had gained 463 pounds in 5 months.

GRIFFIN – Gunfighter, Doc Holliday was baptized here in the First Presbyterian Church on March 21, 1852. He was born in his parents home on
Tinsley Street. The Holliday's also owned a farm 2-1/2 miles northwest of Griffin along the east side of the railroad tracks. Born a hare-lip, Doc was operated on to repair it when he was eight weeks old by Dr. Crawford Williamson Long. In 1842, Dr. Long was the first doctor in the country to use ether as an anesthetic.
u Doc Holliday met Kate "Big Nose" Elder here in the Planter's Hotel on the southwest corner of 4th and Parson in 1878. Kate came to town with Bessie Earp, wife of James Earp. She worked for Bessie as a prostitute. Wyatt and his wife Mattie, arrived in Griffin in 1877.
u Doc Holliday's Grandparents, William Land McKey, and Jane Cloud McKey are buried here in the Indian Creek Church Cemetery.
u On October 15, 1884, Brewster McWilliams, 16, a wild, young fellow, was coming home from a hunting trip, when a short distance from his home, he stopped a moment and talked with a young colored girl named Hood. A negro woman, who passed through a gate near them, hard the crack of a pistol and saw the girl fall, and saw Brewster put the pistol to his head and shoot himself. The girl died almost instantly, but he was taken home where he died an hour later. Whether they quarreled and he shot her on impulse, or whether he shot her accidentally, will never be known. (From New York Times 1-16-1884)
u Henry Milner, a black man, was lynched here on October, 15, 1896 for brutally attacking Miss Blanche Gray. Milner was later captured on the same night, and was shot in the back when he tried to escape. He was taken in to Griffin to have his wound dressed by a doctor where a crowd of fifty or more men rode up and seized him, then carried him a half mile out of town and hanged him from a tree.
(From New York Times 10-16-1896)

HARLEM – Actor, comedian Oliver Hardy was born here in 1892. His father is buried here in the Harlem Memorial Cemetery.

HARTWELL – The "Center of the World" historic site/monument on Hwy. 29 South, honors the location of the Cherokee Indian assembly ground. It was there that the Cherokees met to hold their tribal council. The area was inhabited by Native Americans until a treaty with the Cherokee Indians was signed.

HAWKINSVILLE – Mass murderer Tom Woolfolk is buried here in the Orange Hill Cemetery. In 1887, he murdered his parents and six brothers and sisters in Macon. He was publicly hanged on October 28, 1890. (See Macon for details)

JULIETTE – The movie Fried Green Tomatoes starring Jessica Tandy, was filmed here in the Whistle Stop Cafe. Take Exit 61 off I-75 south of Atlanta.

KENSINGTON – Baseball player Whitlow Wyatt was born here in 1907.

LAWRENCEVILLE – Boxer Ezzard Charles was born here in 1921.

LEESBURG – Pro football player Marion Motley was born here in 1920.

LITHONIA – Singer Brenda Lee was born here in 1944.

LUMPKIN – Providence Canyon State Park preserves a 1,108-acre area containing 16 canyons eroded to a depth of 150 feet. The winding gullies exhibit multicolored strata creating breathtaking vistas.The canyons were formed about 150 years Located 7 miles west of Lumpkin on Georgia Highway 39C.

MACON – Born here in Macon, Georgia were actor Melvyn Douglas in 1901, actor Sam Edwards in 1915 (he played the town banker in TV’s Little House on the Prairie), and singer Little Richard in 1932.
u The 24-room, 1855 Hay House here at 934 Georgia Ave, is reported to be haunted by the ghost of an elderly woman, believed to be one of the former residents. Eye witnesses claim that the building is further haunted by phantom footsteps along the upper floor corridors, and mysterious moaning emanating from the master bedroom.
u On the morning of August 6, 1887, nine persons were brutally slain at the Woolfolk plantation home near Macon. The victims were Richard F. Woolfolk, 54, his wife Mattie, 41, their six children, Richard, Jr., 20, Pearl, 17, Annie, 10, Rosebud, 7, Charlie, 5, baby Mattie, 18 months, and 84-year old Temperance West, a relative of Mrs. Woolfolk from Americus who had been guest in the house. All were killed by being struck in the head with a short-handled axe. 27-year-old Tom Woolfolk, son and brother of the victims was arrested for the killings. He was hanged in Perry on October 29, 1890 before a crowd of 10,000 people. The site of the Woolfolk home is about 12 miles west of Macon, several hundred yards south of State Road 74 in a wooded area. Only a few traces remain. (The story of the murders was told in the book Shadow Chasers (Woolfolk Revisited).
u Buried here in the Rose Hill Cemetery are:
– The Woolfolk family murder victims
– The Allman Brothers Band, Duane Allman and Berry Oakley. Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1971 and Oakley was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1972, a block away from where Allman died.
u Boxer William Stribling is buried here in Riverside Cemetery. He died in a motorcycle accident in 1933 at age 28.

MARIETTA – Born here in Marietta were General Lucius D. Clay in 1897, Mary Phagan in 1900, and singer Travis Tritt in 1963.
u Murder victim Mary Phagan lived here in Marietta at 146 Lindsey Street, near Bellwood and Asby Streets at the time she was murdered in 1913 in Atlanta. Her killer, Leo Frank was hanged by a lynch mob outside of Marietta in 1915.
u Mary Phagan is buried here in the Marietta City Cemetery. She is in the SE corner where Cemetery St. and W. Atlanta St. intersect. Near the top of the rise, look for the black information marker on a pole.
u Six-year-old beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey is buried here in the St. James Episcopal Cemetery on Polk Street N.W. at the corner of Winn St. She was murdered in Boulder, Colorado, on Christmas night in 1996. She was buried here beneath a dogwood tree with a teddy bear and wearing one of her beauty pageant crowns, a pale, pink dress covered with glitter, a rhinestone tiara, and wearing lipstick. She lies next to her half-sister, Elizabeth Ramsey, 22, who was killed in a car accident in 1991. Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet died in 2006 is buried by the girls.

MCRAE – Located in downtown McRae is Liberty Square, home of a Statue of Liberty replica that is one-twelfth the original's actual size. Also in Liberty Square is their version of the Liberty Bell and a marble memorial to Telfair County residents who died in service.

MILLEDGEVILLE – Author Flannery (Mary) O’Conner grew up here in Milledgeville. She died in1964 and is buried beside her parents in Memory Hill Cemetery
u 14-year-old Oliver Hardy and his mother moved to Milledgeville in 1907. In 1910 Oliver (of Laurel & Hardy) was the projectionist, ticket taker and janitor in the local Electric movie theater.
u Outlaw Bill Miner is buried here in the Memory Hill Cemetery. He is in the East side, Section J, Lot 7, Person 1. He died in 1914 in the Georgia State Penitentiary.

MONTICELLO – Singer Trisha Yearwood was born here in 1964.

MORELAND – Writer Erskine Caldwell was born here in 1903. Other sources say he was born in White Oak).

NARROWS – Baseball player Ty Cobb was born here in 1886.

NOONAN – Jefferson "Soapy" Smith was born here in 1860. Soapy was the West's first con-man. He was killed by a lynch mob in Alaska.

PERRY – In 1889, Tom Woolfolk was found guilty and he was hanged in Perry, Georgia on October 29, 1890 before a crowd of 10,000 people. His death was gruesome and painful: the fall through the trapdoor did not break his neck and it took 15 minutes for him to choke to death at the end of the rope. Woolfolk was hanged in a valley where Big Indian Creek joins the Fanny Gresham Branch, about a quarter mile west of the Houston County Courthouse. Today, the Dr. A. C. Hendrick Memorial Bridge spans the valley, near where Main Street empties into Gen. Courtney Hodges Boulevard. It was here under the bridge that Woolfolk was hanged.

PIN POINT – Clarence Thomas supreme court associate justice was born here in 1948.

PLAINS – President Jimmy Carter was born here in 1924.
u Billy Carter, his father and mother, James Earl and Lillian are buried here in the Lebanon Cemetery.
u A 13-foot statue of a peanut here has a smile that resembles that of Jimmy Carter
RISING FAWN – Actress May Allison was born here in 1895.

ROME – Ellen Louise Axson Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson, is buried here with her parents in the Myrtle Hill Cemetery.

ROUND OAK – Musician Otis Redding Jr. is buried here on the his family's "Big O Ranch." Round Oak is north of Macon.

ROYSTON – Baseball great Ty Cobb is buried here in the Royston Cemetery.

SANDY SPRINGS – Buried here in the Arlington Cemetery are::
– Lester Maddux, former Governor.
– Jane Barbe. Known as "The Telephone Lady," it was her recorded voice that told you the time or if you dialed a wrong number or if a number was no longer in service.

SAVANNAH – Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girls Scouts of America was born here on Halloween Night in 1860 at 10 East Oglethrope. It is said that when Juliette's mother, Eleanor, died here on February 22, 1917, the ghost of her husband, General William Gordon, was seen by one of the daughters-in-law waiting in a room next to the room where Eleanor lay with her five living children. A servant reported seeing the man as well. The Gordon children reported "that when she died, her face took on the radiance of a bride, going to meet her bridegroom. There have been reports that the ghost of Eleanor wearing a long blue robe, with flowers all over it," has been seen sitting at the breakfast table in the morning. The home is now a national historical landmark.
u Also born here Savannah were actor Charles Coburn in 1877, poet Conrad Aiken in 1889, songwriter Johnny Mercer in 1909,
author Flannery (Mary) O’Conner in 1925, actor Stacy Keach in 1941, and U.S. Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas in 1948.
u Juliette Gordon Low died here in her home at 329 Abercorn on January 17, 1927. legend has it the when her father died he said no one should mourn him because Juliette would be with him. On the day Juliette died, observers say the ghost of a somberly-dressed man came to get her. They walked away hand-in-hand. Juliette was buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery wearing a Girl Scout uniform. Juliette's home was built in 1847 by Andrew and Sarah Low. It is said that General Robert E. Lee visited the Low's here. When Sarah died, Andrew married Mary Stiles. On December 21, 1886, Juliette married William Low, the son of Andrew and Mary and they moved into the mansion. The marriage was unhappy and childless and they parted. William died in 1905. Juliette founded the Girl Scouts of America here on March12, 1912.
u The Pirates' House Restaurant here at 20 E. Broad was built as an Inn in 1753 where it became a rendezvous for blood-thirsty pirates and sailors from all over the world. The small "Herb House" adjoining the Pirates' House was built in 1734 and is said to be the oldest house in the State of Georgia. It is claimed that Robert Louis Stevenson set part of his book Treasure Island here in the Inn, in which Captain Flint died in an upstairs room. Today, many swear that the ghost of Captain Flint haunts The Pirates' House on moonless nights. Stories still persist that ghosts have been seen in a tunnel that supposedly extends from the Old Rum Cellar beneath the Captain's Room to the river through which men were carried, drugged, and unconscious, to waiting ships. Today, the tunnel is closed off but one can see the brick wall that sealed the entrance to the dark and mysterious tunnel haunted by sailors.
u Buried here in the in the Laurel Grove Cemetery are:
– Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girls Scouts of America, she was buried in a Girl Scout uniform, and musician James Pierpont, he wrote the song
Jingle Bells.
– Florence Martus. Born in 1869, she was the daughter of the keeper of the lighthouse on Elba Island on the banks of the Savannah River. After her father died, she went to live on Elba Island with her brother, who assumed the duty of lighthouse keeper. In 1887, she met a sailor and she fell in love. His ship sailed soon after but he promised to return to Florence. Months went by and she heard nothing from him. She began to wave her apron at every ship that entered the Savannah River while sailing into port. She continued to wave at every ship until 1931 when her brother retired and they moved out of the lighthouse. Florence died in 1943, but on the banks of the Savannah River, at the east end of River Street, there is a 17-foot statue of Florence with her collie at her side. She is waving her apron to all the ships that sail by.
u Buried here in the Bonventure Cemetery are:
– Johnny Mercer, songwriter. He is in Section H, Lot 48.
– Six-year-old Gracie Watson died in April of 1889 of pneumonia and was buried here in the Bonaventure Cemetery. She died in the Pulaski Hotel here in Savannah where her father was the manager. In 1890, sculptor John Walz, carved from a photograph, a life-sized, detailed marble statue of Gracie which has captured the interest of all visitors for over 100 years. Her father later became the manager of the DeSoto Hotel before moving away and leaving Gracie alone here in Section E Lot 99. Visitors have been known to leave gifts and pennies at her statue, especially at Christmas time. Legend has it that Gracie arises from her resting-place every morning to visit the site of her once happy home – the old Pulaski House Hotel .In the evening as the sun is going down, she returns to her grave site. Gracie's ghost is also reported to wander the Cemetery at night weeping and calling for her mother.

SOUTH NEWPORT – The Memory Park Christ Chapel is called the "Smallest Church in America." Built in 1950, it measures 10 ft. x 15 ft., has space for 13 people. Grocer Agnes Harper built the church, and wrote the deed in the name of Jesus Christ. It is open 24/7 to all denominations. Just south of I-95 exit 12, on hwy. 17, 10 minutes from Shellman Bluff.

ST. SIMONS ISLAND – Athlete/actor Jim Brown was born here in 1935.

STATESBORO – Blues musician Blind Willie McTell grew up here.

THOMSON – Blues musician Blind Willie McTell was born here in 1901.

THOMASVILLE – Actress Joanne Woodward was born here Thomasville, Georgia in 1930.

TIFTON – With a population of 35,000, Tifton today is largely segregated, most whites live in manicured ranch-style homes on the north side of town, most blacks live in dilapidated turn-of-the century bungalows the latinos (many illegal) live in trailers on the south side. The latino population of 1,200, up from 220 in 1980, do the farm work once done by blacks and poor whites.

UVALDE – Baseball player Wally Moses was born here in 1910.

VALDOSTA – Singer Billy Joe Royal was born here in 1942.
u Doc Holliday's father and stepmother lived here at 405 E. Savannah Ave. in 1866. Doc attended Valdosta Institute here.

VIDALIA – Baseball player Wally Moses is buried here in the Pinecrest Cemetery.

VILLA RICA – Born here in Villa Rica were Coca Cola magnate Asa Griiggs Candler in 1851, composer Thomas A. Dorsey in 1899. (Known as the “father of gospel music,” he wrote the songs Take My Hand Precious Lord and Peace in the Valley). and baseball player Fred “Dixie” Walker in 1910.
u The Dorsey birthplace historical marker is at U.S. 78, South Dogwood Dr. - 517 W. Bankhead Highway.

WARM SPRINGS – President Franklin D. Roosevelt died here in his home at 401 Little White House Road on April 12, 1945. Roosevelt built the six-room house in 1932 for $8,700. Visitors see the bedroom where the president slept and the living-dining room where he suffered a fatal stroke as an artist painted his portrait. His unfinished portrait remains in the room. An adjacent museum holds items such as Roosevelt's walking canes, his wheelchair, hat, and his 1938 Ford convertible with hand controls.

WAYCROSS – Actor Burt Reynolds was born here in 1936.

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS – Outlaw Bill Miner robbed a train near here of $2,000 in 1910. He was 64 years old at the time.

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