ANNIS – Author Vardis Fisher was born here in 1895.

ARCO – Arco was the first community in the world to be electrified by nuclear power in 1951.
u At Craters of the Moon here, volcanic eruptions ages ago and huge rivers of molten lava gushing out from a rift in the earth have created immense fields of hardened lava, dotted with many thousands of cinder cones and deep crater-like depressions. The last known eruptions in this area took place over 2,000 years ago.

– The Farragut Naval training station was located here near Lake Pend Oreille during WWII. It was the 2nd largest naval base in the world. It closed in 1946 and is now a state park.
u The old Farragut brig here is said to be the site of a homicide and at least one suicide during World War II and is reportedly haunted. The brig, which is the only original building remaining, was used as a state park maintenance building for many years. The cells still exist in the building – bars and all. Park employees have reported that the ghost of a man who might have been in some kind of uniform, possibly prisoner's clothes, has been seen in the building. 13400 East Ranger Rd.

BAY HORSE – Silver was discovered here in 1877. By 1930, it was a ghost town. The site is located on private property, five miles west of SH 75, seven miles south of Challis.

BEAR LAKE – Sculptor Gutzon Borglum was born here in 1867. He sculpted Mt. Rushmore.

BLACKFOOT – The Potato Museum is located here in the old 1913 Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot. Blackfoot is in the center of an area that boasts the world's most intensive production of potatoes � million hundred-weight sacks per year.

BOISE – Born here in Boise were founder of Albertson's Markets Joe Albertson in 1906, actress Phyliss Brooks in 1914, Senator Frank Church in 1924, and football player Jake Plummer in 1974.
u Joe Albertson opened his first store here.
u Buffalo Bill and Teddy Roosevelt were once guests here in the Idanha Hotel at 10th and Main.
u Buried here in Morris Hill Cemetery are:
– Joseph Albertson, founder of Albertson's Markets.
– Senator Frank Church,
– Reginald Owen, actor.

–  Bonanza was founded in 1876, and four years later boasted 1500 people, a post office, stores, hotel, many houses and a newspaper, Bonanza, now a ghost town, is located northeast of Boise, and 8 miles north of Sunbeam, which is on SH 75, 44 miles southwest of Challis. As of 2005, the land was privately owned but open to the public.        GO THERE        NEXT 
u Richard and Agnes "Lizzie" King came to Bonanza in 1878. Richard sold real estate and Lizzie opened the Arcade Saloon and the Yankee Fork Dance Hall. When Richard was killed in an argument, Lizzie was not allowed to bury him in the town cemetery, so the owner of the local hotel, Charles Franklin, who had more than a casual liking for the "golden beauty," Lizzie, fenced off a separate plot with room for himself and Lizzie and Charles. Then Robert Hawthorne came to town and swept Lizzie off of her pretty feet into marriage. A week after the wedding, Lizzie and her new husband were mysteriously killed in her home. Franklin buried them beside Richard King in the tiny cemetery. Several years later, Franklin was found dead in his lonely cabin, clutching Lizzie's photo in a gold locket. He was buried miles from the graveyard where his love, Lizzie, lay between her two husbands.

– Actress Marjorie Reynolds was born here in 1921. She was best known for playing the wife of William Bendix in the TV show The Life of Riley.

BURLEY – Explaining that he just wanted "to see someone die," 16-year-old Neale "Butterfingers" Butterfield decided to cut his classes here at Heyburn High School on November 6, 1949 so that he could conduct his own experiment in murder. He kidnapped seven-year-old Glenda Joyce Brisbous, sexually molested her, then killed her with a tire jack. After disposing of her body in an irrigation canal outside of town, he went home, ate a full meal, popped some popcorn, and went to bed. The next day, Butterfield, who was a member of the high school football team, a student leader, and often provided taxi service for a number of small children attending the local grammar school, joined in the murder gossip. Butterfield was later arrested and then convicted of the murder of little Glenda and sent to prison. He served twelve years before receiving a parole in 1962. At last report, Butterfield was married and had become a father.

CALDWELL – Jockey Gary Stevens was born here in 1963. He played jockey George Woolf in the film Seabiscuit.
u Musician Paul Revere grew up here.

CHESTERFIELD –  Chesterfield was founded in 1881 by early Mormon pioneers and was immortalized by the book "A Ram in the Thicket". The railroad bypassed Chesterfield and many residents moved. Now a ghost town, it is being restored. It is located east of Pocatello, 15 miles north of US 30, and 12 miles west of Soda Springs.         GO THERE  

COEUR D'ALENE – WWII fighter pilot Pappy Boyington was born here in 1912.
u Ralph Capone, brother of Al Capone, was charged with murder here in 1923 but was never brought to trial.

CUSTER – A gold mining town, Custer was founded in 1876.
Now a ghost town located on the north side of McKay Creek, two miles north of Bonanza, and 34 miles southwest of Challis on dirt road, a museum in the old school house (operated by the Forest Service) and a few buildings are all that remain.         
 GO THERE        NEXT 

DE LAMAR –  The mining town of De Lamar was founded in 1888.
Now a ghost town, the site is located just east of the Oregon Idaho border where highway 95 crosses from Oregon into Idaho from the Jordan Valley.       

EAGLE CITY – Wyatt Earp and his wife Josie, opened the White Elephant Saloon here in January, 1884. His brother James Earp was also living here at the time. A few weeks later, Wyatt was elected deputy sheriff of Kootenai County. The Earps left town in September, 1884. Eagle City was located near the ghost town of Murray in the Coeur D'Alene area.

GILMORE – Gold was discovered here in 1873, and the town boomed. The mines produced over $12,000,000 in silver and gold. Prosperity lasted until the depression years of 1929 when all major mines were closed for good. The closing of the mines forced the railroad to remove the tracks and Gilmore became a ghost town. Gilmore is located west of SH 28, 18 miles south of Leadore.         GO THERE

HAILEY – Poet Ezra Pound was born here in 1885.
u Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were living here in 1997.

HELENA – Named after Helena, Montana, this copper mining ghost town is located in the Seven Devils Mountains, just east of the Snake River, northwest of Council. Some of the original 1890 buildings remain,       

IDAHO CITY – A former gold mining town, Idaho City has many old wood and brick buildings remaining from the Boise Basin gold rush of 1863 when Idaho City had a population of 6000, and was considered for the territorial capital. After the boom ended in 1888, the town faded, always maintaining some population. Idaho City has grown from a population of 188 in 1960, to 458 in 2000. It is located on SH 21, 37 miles northeast of Boise.        GO THERE        NEXT 

JULIETTA – Actor Glenn Tryon was born here in 1899.

KELLOGG – A mine explosion here on May 2, 1972 killed 91 miners.
u The Bunkerhill-Sullivan mine here was the richest mine in the world in the 1940s.
u A realty office is here is located in a building shaped like a miner’s hat.

KETCHUM – On Sunday morning, July 2, 1961, writer Ernest Hemingway woke early in his home here, put on a red robe and tiptoed down the basement stairs where his guns were kept. He chose a double-barreled Boss shotgun and a handful of shells and went back upstairs to the front foyer. He inserted two shells, put the gun butt on the floor, leaned forward, pressed the twin barrels against his forehead – then pulled the triggers.
u Buried here in the Ketchum Cemetery are:
– Ernest Hemingway.
– John Hemingway, writer and son of Earnest and father of actress Marguax Hemingway.
– Marguax Hemingway, daughter of John and granddaughter of Ernest. She grew up here in Ketchum. On July 2, 1996, Marguax 41, was found dead in her apartment in Santa Monica, California. An alcoholic, she had died from an overdose.
– Mary Hemingway, journalist and last wife of Ernest.
– Actress Ann Sothern. She died here in Ketchum in 2001.

LAPWAI – Lillian Bounds Disney, wife of Walt Disney, grew up here on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation where her father worked as a government black smith and federal marshall.

LARSON – Singer Norma Zimmerman was born here in 1932. She was a Lawrence Welk Champagne Lady.

LEWISTON – Walt Disney and Lillian Bounds were married here in Lewiston July 13, 1925.

MERN – Baseball player Vernon Law was born here in 1930.

MOSCOW – Author Carol Brink was born here in 1895.

MOUNTAIN HOME – Actor Ford Rainey was born here in 1908.

MURRAY –   Murray was founded in 1884 when gold was discovered here. When the mines closed in 1898, it became a ghost town.
Today there are a few classic mining era buildings left: the Masonic Lodge and the Sprag Pole Inn. Murray is located close to the Montana, Idaho border north of highway 10.
u Murray was the home of Maggie Hall, a local saloon-keeper dubbed Molly B'Damm and an annual event in nearby Wallace is named for her.

NAMPA – Baseball pitcher, Larry Jackson was born here in 1931.
u The town was named after a Shoshone Indian Chief who is said to have had feet that were 17" long and 6" wide.

PARIS – Composer Arthur Shepherd was born here in 1880.

PAYETTE – Baseball player Harmon Killebrew was born here in 1936.
u Seven-year-old murder victim Glenda Joyce Brisbois is buried here in the Riverside Cemetery. (See Burley, Idaho for more details)

PIONEERVILLE – A gold rush town that once had 2000 people, Pioneerville is a ghost town located in the hills eight miles northwest of New Centerville and 21 miles north of Boise,.        GO THERE

PLACERVILLE –  A semi-ghost town, Placerville was founded in 1862, and by June 1863, the population was 2,000 people. Initially the first stop for suppliers coming into the Basin, Placerville became an important center for mining claims spread throughout the surrounding hills. Located just north of Boise and northwest of New Centerville, the town had a population of 61 in 2003.        GO THERE        NEXT        

POCATELLO – Actress Gloria Dickson was born here in 1916.

PRESTON – The Bear River massacre near here in 1863 was the first and the worst of the massacres of American Indians in the West. In 1860, the Shoshoni along the Oregon Trail killed members of an emigrant family and captured three young children. US Colonel Patrick Connor and the 3rd California Infantry launched a surprise attack on the Shoshoni on January 29. The Shoshoni were in a favorite winter camp, located near hot springs and protected from winter winds by willow trees. Their seventy-five lodges were along Beaver Creek (now known as Battle Creek) where the protected ravine widened. When the Californians broke through a ravine on the Shoshoni's left, the battle became a massacre and then a slaughter. There were no wounded on the field because the soldiers had bludgeoned them to death. Chief Bea Hunter was killed and his body mutilated by the soldiers. 65 Californians and 250 Shoshoni were killed. Connor was promoted two months later and became an adviser to US Colonel John Chivington, the commander in the massacre at Sand Creek in November 1864. A marker commemorating the massacre now stands where US Route 91 crosses the Bear River, about 5 miles northwest of Preston, Idaho.

RIGBY – Philo Farnsworth, inventor of Television spent his teen years here.

ROCKY BAR – In 1864, the gold mining town of Rocky Bar, had a population of nearly twenty-five hundred. Now a ghost town, Rocky Bar is located 62 miles northeast of Mountain Home.        GO THERE

RUBY RIDGE – Randy Weaver's wife and son were killed here by the ATF in a shootout on September 1, 1992. The killings took place on the Weaver family property, located on a hillside between Caribou Ridge and Ruby Creek near Naples.

RUPERT – TV newsman Lou Dobbs grew up here.

SAMARIA – Olive Davis Osmond, mother of Donny and Marie was born here in Samaria, Idaho in 1925.

SALMON – Actor J. D. Cannon was born here in 1922.

SAND POINT – Author Patrick McManus was born near here in 1933,
u Mark Fuhrman, former Los Angeles cop, moved here after the O.J. Simpson trial.

SILVER CITY – Silver City is one of the best ghost towns in Idaho. At one time it had a brewery and a bottling plant, six general stores, two hotels, a newspaper, two lumber yards and several doctors and lawyers. In 1874, Silver City had a population 2500. It was the first to have telegraph service in Idaho. A Cemetery is located above Slaughter House Gulch. A ghost town during the winter months, and busy in the summer with visitors and local residents, Silver City has a population of about 1\00, and is located on a graded dirt road 21 miles southwest of Murphy, 58 miles south of Homedale, and 24 miles east of Jordan Valley, Oregon.        GO THERE      NEXT     

SPAULDING – Lillian Bounds Disney, wife of Walt Disney was born here in 1899.

St. MARIES – WWII fighter pilot Pappy Boyington grew up here.

TRIUMPH – Born here in Triumph were actor Bill Fagerbakke in 1957, and skier Picabo Street in 1971.

TWIN FALLS – America's first female serial killer, Anna Shaw is buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery. She died in 1959 and is in the Pinehurst Gardens, Lot 441.

WALLACE – Actress Lana Turner was born here in Wallace in 1920 at 217 Bank St.

WHITNEY – Ezra Taft Benson, former President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was born here in 1899 and is buried here in the Whitney Cemetery.

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