THE MURDER MAN STRIKES AGAIN – On June 5, 1945, William Heirens, 17, killed Josephine Ross, 43, here in her apartment #510 at 4108 Kenmore. While robbing her apartment, Miss Ross woke and began screaming, Heirens plunged a long, knife into her throat, slashing her from ear to ear. severing her windpipe, esophagus and main arteries. Offended by all the blood, he attempted to clean the blood from her body. Then he tried to bandage the gaping wound in her throat with small band-aids.

DILLINGER EMBALMED – After the FBI killed John Dillinger at the Biograph Theater in 1934, his body was taken to the county morgue where an autopsy was performed and his brain removed. The next day, Dillinger was brought here to the McCready Mortuary at 4506 N. Sheridan where he was embalmed. Thousands of people watched as the outlaw was carried into the building in a wicker basket. When Dillinger's father came here to pick up the body, a crowd of 5,000 watched as he was carried to the hearse.

DILLINGER'S FAVORITE HANGOUT – John Dillinger was introduced to one of his girlfriends, Evelyn Billie Frechette here in the Barrel O'Fun Tavern at 4541 Broadway in November of 1933. In June of 1934, he also met his last girlfriend, Polly Hamilton here. Hamilton, 26, was with Dillinger on the night he was killed at the Biograph Theater.

DILLINGER HIDEOUT – Dillinger and his girlfriend, Evelyn Frechette, and gang member Harry Pierpont hid out here in a third-floor, six-room apartment at 4310 Clarendon in November of 1933. Dillinger also hid out in the apartment of Opal Long at 4631 Paulina in 1933.

DILLINGER'S GIRLFRIEND – Polly Hamilton, Dillinger's girlfriend worked here as a waitress in the S&S Sandwich Shop at 1209 Wilson in 1934. Dillinger would wait for her outside and make faces at her through the window trying to make her laugh.

– Harry Copeland, a member of the Dillinger gang was arrested here in his apartment at 840 Montrose on November 17, 1933.

TWO-GUN LOUIE GUNNED DOWN – On the morning of July 18, 1935, when gangster Louie Two-Gun Alterie and his wife Irma were getting out of their car in front of their apartment here at 926 Eastland Terrace, shots rang out from a flat across the street at 927. Alterie fell to the sidewalk with a dozen slugs in his head, neck, and shoulder. He died a half hour later in Lakeview Hospital. Dion O'Bannion's principle killer gunman, Two-Gun Louie was shot down by the same technique he himself had used to perfection – by snipers with automatic guns from a flat across the street from his victim.

MCGURN'S GREEN MILL NIGHT CLUB – In October of 1927, comedian Joe E. Lewis worked here at the Green Mill Gardens at 4802 N. Broadway when he told co-owner, Machine Gun Jack McGurn that he was leaving. Singer Texas Guinan appeared here in the late 1920s. The offices of Dr. Harold Cassidy and Dr. Eye were located here above the Green Mill. The two performed plastic surgery on John Dillinger in 1934. The Green Mill is still open today.

CEMETERY OF CHICAGO'S RICH – Buried here in the Graceland Cemetery at 4001 N. Clark are:
Phillip Armour, founder of the Armour meat company. In the middle of the east part of the Ridgeland Section, across the road from the lake.
Vincent Bendix, founder of the Bendix aviation and appliance company.
Inez Clark. When six-year-old Inez Clark died in 1880, her parents had a life-sized marble statue of her placed on her grave. Later, the statue was sealed inside a thick, transparent plexi-glass box to protect it. According to legend, a watchman, while walking by her grave one night, saw that the box was empty – her statue was gone.The next morning, the little statue was back inside the glass box. Other persons have reported seeing a little girl wandering through the cemetery wearing a 19th-century dress. The statue is in almost perfect condition even though it is almost 120 years old.
Marshall Field, founder of the Marshall Field department store. Four generations of Fields are buried here including his only son, Marshall Field Jr., who accidentally shot and killed himself at age 37. The Fields plot is near the middle of the Ridgeland Section.
Jack Johnson, boxer. The first black World's heavyweight champion, Johnson was killed in 1915 in a car accident. His headstone reads: “Johnson is Terrible Shape.” He is in the southeast corner of the Bellevue Section..
Carrie Getty. The Getty mausoleum was built in 1890 by Henry Getty for his wife Carrie. The tomb is a designated Chicago architectural landmark. It was designed by famous architect, Louis Sullivan, who is also buried here in the cemetery. The Getty mausoleum is in the Ridgeland Section on the west side of the lake.
Carter Harrison, former Chicago Mayor. Harrison was assassinated in 1893 in his home on south Ashland Ave. He is in the northeast part of Section G, near the road.
William Hulbert. He founded the baseball National League. His monument is a large granite baseball in the south part of Section E -F.
Bob Fitzsimmons, World's heavyweight champion in 1897-99. He is in Section 12, near the east wall, across the road from the south end of the Bellevue Section.
William Kimball, founder of the Kimball Piano Company. He is in the west side of the Lakeside Section near the road and across the road from the southeast corner of the lake
John Kinzie. He was the first white settler in Chicago. In Section A, directly across from the Death statue.
Cyrus McCormick, inventor of the farm reaper. An angry-faced man with a hair-trigger temper, McCormick wore a size 55 suit. His favorite food was milk and mush.
Walter Newberry. When Newberry, a wealthy Chicago banker died aboard a ship while going to Europe in 1868, his body was shipped back to Chicago in a barrel of rum. The barrel, with Newberry still inside, was rolled to this site and buried. Also buried in the Newberry plot are his three infant children, his 23-year-old daughter Mary Louise and his wife Julia. The Newberry Library on Walton Street was built with the Newberry millions. In the northwest part of section D near the road across from section G. (For more on the tragic Newberry family, see the River North - Rush Street Area).
Potter and Bertha Palmer. The Palmers were the leaders of Chicago's society in the late 1890s. Palmer was owner of the famous Palmer House Hotel. The burial scene from the movie Damien-Omen II was filmed just north of the Palmer monument in 6 Willowmere Lake.
Allan Pinkerton. The world's first Private Eye and founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He is surrounded by his family, several of his employees and also Timothy Webster, a bodyguard for Abraham Lincoln who was hanged as a Union spy during the Civil War, Kate Warn, the first woman detective, and Joseph Whichner who was killed while chasing Jesse James. He is in the north end of Section C near the road.
George Pullman, inventor and builder of the Pullman railroad car sleeper. When Pullman died in 1897, his funeral was held in his mansion on Prairie Avenue under heavy guard, and his body was brought here during the night. Afraid that his body might be kidnapped, Pullman ordered his coffin wrapped in tar paper and bolted with steel bolts, and embedded in a room-sized chamber filled with concrete and topped with bolted steel rails. He left an estate of over $17 million, of which he willed only $3,000 per year to his twin sons. He once fired an employee for throwing a piece of paper on a street of his town of Pullman. He bought water from the city Chicago for five cents per 1000 gallons and sold it to his employees for ten cents. He is in the northeast corner of the Fairlawn Section, across the road from the lake.
George Wellington "Cap" Streeter. In the 1890s, Streeter laid claim to 180 acres of filled-in lake land at the foot of Superior Street and called it the “District of Lake Michigan.” In 1918, the city evicted him and his wife Maria form his "Island" and burned everything down. Streeter died in 1921 and is buried here in the far northeast corner of the Cemeteryin Block 16, Grave 463. The Magnificent Mile and the Chicago campus of Northwestern U. are now on the site where Streeter's "island" was located.
Louis Sullivan. Recognized as the father of Chicago architecture, he designed many of Chicago's skyscrapers, as well as the Getty and Martin Ryerson mausoleums here in the cemetery. Sullivan died an alcoholic in a back room of a cheap hotel, owning only a single suit of clothes and his drawing board. He was buried here by the charity of a few friends including Frank Lloyd Wright. He lies behind his monument, in the Lakeside Section, to the right of the Kimball grave.

ROGER THE TERRIBLE CAPTURED – When gangsters Roger "The Terrible“ Touhy, Basil ”The Owl“ Banghart, and Edward Darlak, escaped from the Joliet prison in December of 1942, they moved into an apartment here at 5116 Kenmore. When the FBI learned they were here, J. Edgar Hoover himself stood in the alley in back of the building with a portable public-address system and demanded that they come out with their hands up. Minutes later, the three fugitives meekly surrendered.

DILLINGER CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY – John Dillinger and his girlfriend Polly Hamilton, celebrated his thirty-first birthday here in the French Casino Club at 4812 Clark. on June 21,1934. Polly was with Dillinger at the Biograph Theater when he was killed on June 22. In 1940, Mike Todd opened Michael Todd's Theater Cafe here in the former French Casino. It was the world's largest night club.

GLENN MILLER APARTMENT – Band leader Glen Miller lived here in the Bryn Mawr Apartment Hotel at 5550 Kenmore in 1924 while playing with the Ben Pollack Orchestra.

DILLINGER GANG HIDEOUT – Dillinger gang members, John Red Hamilton and John Burns hid out here in an apartment at 1343 Argyle in 1933. Gang member Harry Pierpont hid out here in an apartment at 5510 Winthrop in 1933.

DILLINGER GANG KILLS FBI AGENT – When Dillinger gang member John Red Hamilton came to pick up his green roadster here in a garage at 5320 Broadway on December 14, 1933, he was met by he FBI, and in the gunfight that followed, he shot and killed FBI agent William Stanley.

THE LADY IN RED – Anna Sage, ”The Lady in Red,“ once lived here in an apartment at 5542 Winthrop in 1933.

GIRLFRIEND OF NATHAN LEOPOLD – On June 2, 1923, just days after Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb committed the Crime of the Century when they murdered eleven-year-old Bobby Franks, Leopold picked up his girlfriend Susan Lurie here at her home at 923 Margate Terrace and took her to lunch.

THE MURDER MAN KILLS AGAIN – At one o'clock in the morning of Monday, January 7, 1946, William Heirens, 17, kidnapped little six-year-old Suzanne Degnan from her first floor bedroom at 5943 Kenmore. He carried the girl down the alley where he broke into a basement laundry room at the back of 5901-03 Winthrop. Placing her body into a laundry sink, he dissected her body with his hunting knife. After he had cut off her head, arms, and legs, he placed the pieces in a laundry tub and carefully washed the blood off of them. Putting pieces into shopping bags, he made several trips from the basement and disposed of the body parts in several sewers in the area. The next day, police found her head in a sewer between the backs of 5900 and 5860 Kenmore, and a right leg and buttocks in a sewer behind 5838 Kenmore. In a catch basin in the alley behind 5907 Kenmore, they found Suzanne's left leg. Her torso was found in a catch basin at the corner of the same alley's intersection with Ardmore.
UPDATE – Heirens was arrested on June 26, 1946. Sentenced to life in prison, Heirens, now 75, is still in the Marion, Illinois federal prison. The building where Suzanne was kidnapped from, was built as the mansion for a man named Murphy. Murphy was the inventor of the Murphy In-a-Door bed.

HOME OF GANG LEADER – Two months after gang leader Dion O'Bannion and Viola Kaniff got married in 1921, they moved into an apartment here at 6081 Ridge.

ROSEHILL CEMETERY – Buried here in the Rosehill Cemetery at 5800 Ravenswood are:
Lizzie Allen (Ellen Williams). Lizzie came to Chicago in 1858 when she was 18 and worked as a prostitute on the south side. In 1888, she built a mansion at 2131 South Dearborn, opened a brothel named the House of Mirrors and hired the Everleigh sisters to run it. When Lizzie died on September 2, 1896, the Everleigh's took over the House of Mirrors and turned it into the most famous house of prostitution in the world. With the Everleigh sisters in attendance, she was buried here under a tombstone that read: Perpetual Care.
Jack Brickhouse, former announcer for the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs.
Bobby Franks. The 14-year-old was the victim of the Crime of the Century, when he was murdered by Leopold and Loeb in 1924. He is in the mausoleum.
Oscar Mayer, founder of Oscar Mayer hot dogs.
Julius Rosenwald, former president of Sears Roebuck. He was a neighbor and close family friend of Bobby Franks.
Reinhardt Schwimmer, an optometrist, he was killed in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929.
Richard Sears, founder of Sears Roebuck. He is in compartment H in the Community Mausoleum.
Montgomery Ward, founder of Montgomery Ward's. He is in the Community Mausoleum.

THE MURDER MAN CAPTURED – On the evening of June 1946, a young man was captured here in the backyard at 1320 W. Farwell while trying to burglarize an apartment. An off-duty policeman knocked him out by hitting him on the head with a flower pot. He was identified as William Heirens, 17. Heirens later confessed to the murder of little six-year-old Suzanne Degnan on January 7, 1946.

HOME OF THE MURDER MAN – William Heirens, killer of little six-year-old Suzanne Degnan, was living here in his parents home at 4175 Touhy when he was captured in 1946.

DILLINGER GANG MEMBERS KILLED – Three gunmen, two of them fugitive bank robber suspects were shot and killed here in their apartment at 1428 Farwell, during a gun battle with police. The raid was staged by twenty expert police marksmen. Firing their submachine guns, they stormed the apartment which they believed was the hideout of John Dillinger and his gang. When the shooting ended, the bullet-torn bodies of the men were found on floor of a room that resembled an arsenal. There were three machine guns, six shotguns, and twenty bullet-proof vests.

DILLINGER GIRLFRIEND KILLS HERSELF – Peggy Doyle, a girlfriend of John Dillinger, killed herself by jumping from a third floor window here at 1648 W. Lunt on August 17, 1934.

GRAVE OF CHARLES COMISKEY – Comiskey, former owner of the Chicago White Sox, is buried here at the Calvary Catholic Cemetery at 301 Chicago Ave. in Evanston.

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