ADDISON  Actor/comedian Pat Buttram was born here in 1915.

ANNISTON –  Writer Asa Earl Carter was born here in 1925.
 Murderess Audrey Hilley is buried here in the Forestlawn Gardens Memorial Park. She killed her first husband with poison, then attempted to kill her daughter the same way, both for insurance money. She was also suspected of poisoning her mother and mother-in-law, who both died suspiciously. She was sentenced to life plus twenty years. A few years later when she was released on a weekend furlough, she escaped and spent four days outdoors in the cold winter weather where she died of exposure. The subject of two TV-movies, Wife, Mother, Murderer and The Marie Hilley Story, she was buried next to her husband that she had poisoned.
Adolph Hitler's traveling silver set, gold/jewel encrusted swords, and a Greek helmet are on display here at the Berman Museum in Lagarde Park, at the junction of Highways 431 and 21.

ATMORE –  Boxer Evander Holyfield was born here in 1962.

AUBURN –  Ralph "Shug" Jordan, former Auburn football coach is buried here in the Auburn Memorial Gardens

BESSEMER – Virginia Hill, gang moll and girlfriend of gangster Bugsy Siegel, grew up here (age 5 to 10), from 1921 to 1926.

BIRMINGHAM  –  Born here in Birmingham were singer Emmy Lou Harris in 1947, actress Kate Jackson in 1948, presidential advisor Condoleezza Rice in 1954, comedian Paula Poundstone in 1958, and olympic track athlete Carl Lewis in 1961.
 Musician Lionel Hampton grew up here.
 Addie Mae Collins was 14 when she became one of the civil rights movement's most lamented victims. On September 15, 1963, she and three other girls, were killed by Ku Klux Klan members who planted dynamite beneath the sixteenth Street Baptist Church where the girls were getting dressed for Sunday morning services. Addie and the other girls, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley are buried here in Greenwood (Woodlawn) Cemetery In early 1998, Addie's family decided to move her from the graveyard which had been abandoned in 1978. When her grave was opened, there was nothing there – it was empty even though it had been marked by a marble monument. What happened to her body and coffin is still a mystery.
 Football Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, and baseball players Fred "Dixie" Walker, and Harry "The Hat" Walker are buried in the Elmwood Cemetery at 600 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.
 Birmingham is home to the world's largest cast iron statue and features spectacular panoramic views of Birmingham. Vulcan was originally built here in 1904 and has stood as a symbol of Birmingham for over 100 years.     GO THERE

BLANDON SPRINGS – The ghost of a former steam boat captain has been reported to be seen near the graves of his children here in the Blandon Springs Cemetery.

BLUE MOUNTAIN –  Serial killer Nannie Doss was born here in 1906.

CHEROKEE – The Coon Dog Cemetery here is restricted to only coon hounds. The oldest grave belongs to Troop who was laid to rest on September 4, 1937. The over 100 grave markers are made from everything including wood, rocks and even marble. The graveyard is located on Coon Dog Cemetery Rd.     GO THERE

CLAYTON – A whiskey-bottle-shaped gravestone located here in the Clayton Cemetery marks the burial spot of William T. Mullen, who died in 1863. Mullen’s wife, Mary, threatened to humiliate him beyond the grave if he didn’t quit drinking. He didn’t quit. ( searched the internet for a photo of this tombstone but none can be found)

CLIO – Born here in Clio were former governor George Wallace in 1919,  and baseball pitcher Don Sutton in 1945.

CULLMAN – Ave Maria Grotto, known throughout the world as "Jerusalem in Miniature", is a beautifully landscaped, four-acre park designed to provide a natural setting for the 125 miniature reproductions of some of the most famous historic buildings and shrines of the world.    GO THERE

DEMOPOLIS –  Inventor Waldo Semon was born here in 1898. He invented vinyl.
 The Gaineswood Plantation is reported to be haunted by Evelyn Carter. The sounds of her skirts have been heard rustling on the staircase and some people have smelled Colonel Gaines' pipe in the study.

DOTHAN –  Singer Bobby Goldsboro grew up here.

ENTERPRISE –  Actress Tallulah Bankhead was born here in 1902 in an apartment in the Shiffman Building at 1 & 2 Cheapside Street.
 Outlaw Frank James was tried for robbery here in April 1884. He was found not guilty.

EUFALA  –  Singer Martha Reeves of the Vandella’s was born here in 1941.

FLORENCE –  Composer W. C. Handy was born here in 1873.

GEORGIANA  – Singer Hank Williams was born here in 1923.

GRANTS  –   The Cathedral Caverns chambers have been burrowing under the Gunters Mountain for millions of years. Rainwater on the mountain seeps through the cave's limestone ceilings to form an underground river. Each little drip leaves traces of minerals, which create elaborate formations.  

HALEYVILLE  –  Actor/comedian Pat Buttram is buried here in the Maxwell Chapel.

HARLAN –  Supreme Court Judge Hugo Black was born here in 1886.

HUNTSVILLE –    The restored home of Samuel Houston is located here. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery at Ninth and Avenue I.
 Huntsville is the site of the Redstone Arsenal, the U.S. army's control and procurement center for guided missiles and rockets. Miss Baker, the squirrel monkey who flew on a suborbital test flight of the Jupiter rocket on May 28, 1959,  died here of kidney failure on November 20, 1984. She is buried here next to the Center’s parking lot.  

INVERNESS –  Baseball player Billy Hitchcock was born here in 1917.

JASPER –  Actress Polly Holliday was born here in 1937.
LAFAYETTE – Boxer Joe Louis was born here in 1914 in a shack on
Bockalew Mountain on County Road 87.

LEEDS –  Basketball player Charles Barkley was born here in 1963.

LINDEN –  Civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy was born here in 1926.

LIPSCOMB – Virginia Hill, gang moll and girlfriend of Bugsy Siegel was born here on August 26, 1916.

LITTLETON – 128 workers were killed in a mine disaster here in Littleton on April 8, 1911.

MARION –  Civil rights leader Coretta Scott King was born here in 1927.

MENTONE – The Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel was built around a huge boulder by Colonel Milford Howard as a memorial to his first wife. The boulder serves as the pulpit of the church. Howard's ashes are interred in the rock. The chapel is located on top of Lookout Mountain.

MOBILE –  Born here in Mobile were baseball player Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe in 1902, baseball player Leroy “Satchel” Paige in 1906, and baseball player Hank Aaron in 1934.
 The Marquis de Vaubercy, the last of the Lords of Champagne is buried in the Old Church graveyard at the rear of the library. Between Bayou and Washington Ave.

MONROEVILLE –  Author Harper Lee was born here in 1926. She wrote the book To Kill a Mockingbird.
Author Truman Capote grew up here on Alabama Ave.

MONTGOMERY -  Born here in Montgomery were inventor Percy Julian in 1899 (he invented Cortisone), writer Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald in 1900 (she was married to F. Scott Fitzgerald), singer Nat King Cole in 1917, and singer Willie Mae Thornton in 1926.
 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person here on a Montgomery bus in 1955.
 Martin Luther King was minister at the Baptist church here at 454 Dexter.
 Singer Hank Williams, known as the King of the Hillbillies is buried here in the Oakwood Annex Cemetery at 1304 Upper Wetumpka Rd., one mile east of the city police station. He died on January 1, 1943 at age 30, in the back of an automobile of a heart attack, while probably intoxicated. Bear right at the top of the hill, his monument, engraved with the opening notes of “I Saw the Light” are visible on the left, the grave is covered with artificial turf. His wife Audrey is buried next to him. The baby-blue Cadillac convertible in which Williams died is now the main attraction of the new Hank Williams Museum located just blocks away from his grave.
 Former Governor George Wallace and his wife Lurleen are buried here in Greenwood Cemetery on Highland Ave.

OAKVILLE – Olympic track great Jesse Owens was born here in 1913.

PALOS – 90 miners were killed here in a mine disaster on May 5, 1910.

PRATTVILLE –  Soul singer Wilson Pickett was born here in 1941.

SCOTTSBORO –  Ever wonder where your lost baggage ends up? It's right here in Scottsboro....and you can buy it back! The Unclaimed Baggage Center has been featured on several of the new magazine shows. Recently it was featured on "Good Morning, America." It has been named as one of the Top Ten Shopping Places on the internet.

SELMA –  Soccer player Mia Hamm was born here in 1972.
 600 marchers were attacked by state troopers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge on March 7,1965, on what became known as Bloody Sunday.
 Selma is noted for its many haunted houses and ghosts.

SYLACAUGA – On December 1, 1954,  Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Hodges, 34, was the first person ever to be hit by a meteorite when a nine-pound sulphide meteor particle smashed through the roof of her home here and put a grapefruit-sized bruise on her left hip.
Update –  The Hodges’s rented, white-frame house on Oden's Mill Road in the Oak Grove community was across the road from the Comet Drive-In Theater, complete with a neon sign that showed a comet streaking toward the heavens. Years after the Hodgeses moved away, the rental house caught fire and the house was demolished it to make room for a mobile home park. Nothing marks the spot that made meteorite history.
Where is She Now? Ann Hodges never fully recovered from the incident that left permanent emotional scars. She died of kidney failure in 1972 at a Sylacauga nursing home at age 52. She is buried in Charity Baptist Church cemetery in Hazel Green.
  Actor Jim Nabors was born here in 1932.

TUSCUMBIA – Helen Keller was born here in 1880. The small house she was born in is still there at 300 W. North Commons.

TUSKEGEE – Born here in Tuskegee were civil rights leader Rosa Parks in 1913, and singer Lionel Richie in 1949.
 Scientist, inventor George Washington Carver is buried in a small cemetery on the Campus of Tuskegee University 35 miles east of Montgomery. He is buried next to the founder of Tuskegee U., Booker T. Washington.

VINEGAR BEND –  Baseball player Wilmer “Vinegar Bend” Mizell grew up here.

VIRGINIA CITY – 112 miners were killed here in a mine disaster on February 20, 1905.

WESTFIELD – Baseball star Willie Mays was born here in 1931.

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