ASHLAND – Private Lynndie England was born here in Ashland, Kentucky. She was accused of abusing prisoners in Iraq in 2004.
u Charles Manson's mother was living here when she gave little Charlie up to his grandmother who was a prostitute here in town.
u Buried here in the Rose Hill Burial Park is Charles Glenn 'Grandpa' Judd. Father of singer Naomi Judd, he was the inspiration for her song Grandpa, Tell me 'bout the Good Ole Days.

ATHENS – Sam Boone, Daniel Boone's older brother is buried here on Gentry Road, 1/4 mi. NE of Athens. A marker marks the site.

BEREA – Frank "The German" Schweihs, the reputed Chicago Outfit hit man and enforcer was arrested here in the Blakewood Apartments near Interstate 75 by the FBI on December 15, 2005. Schweihs, 75, had been one of the bureau's most wanted fugitives since he was charged in April in connection with 18 unsolved organized crime murders.

BLOOMFIELD – On November 7, 1825, Jereboam Beauchamp fatally stabbed Colonel Solomon Sharp, a former attorney-general of Kentucky at Sharp's home in Frankfort. During an 1824 political campaign a handbill had been circulated accusing Sharp of seducing Ann Cook and fathering an illegitimate child by her in 1820. Beauchamp who had married Cook in 1824 was furious and murdered Sharp when he answered his door. Tried, convicted and sentenced to death. On July 5, 1826, while visiting him in his cell, the couple attempted suicide by taking laudanum but they survived. On July 7th, the day he was to be hanged, they attempted suicide again with an knife but again they failed. Beauchamp was then taken to the and hanged. Ann died from her wounds a few minutes later. They were buried together in the same coffin herein the Maple Grove Cemetery. Over the years, their story has been the subject of many books. There have been reports that Anna can be seen walking along the road and throughout the graveyard.

– Duncan Hines, restaurant critic and travel guide publisher was born here in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1880. He is buried here in the Fairview Cemetery.
u Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd killed a cop here in gunfight in the spring of 1930. He go away, but his partner, Willis "Billy the Killer" Miller was killed.

BUTCHER HOLLOW – Singer Loretta Lynn was born here in 1935.
(See Van Lear, Kentucky)

– Daniel Boone's last home is located here 5 miles north of town. In the spring of 1795, Daniel his wife built a log cabin here. They moved in 1899.

CAVE CITY – On January 30, 1925, Floyd Collins, 37, known as "America's greatest cave explorer," set out to explore nearby Sand Cave hoping to find a new cavern or underground tunnels which linked all the caves in the Cave City area. As he squirmed feet first through a tight passageway 120 feet from the entrance and 60 feet underground, a 25 pound rock fell on his left foot, trapping him. Rescue attempts were begun several hours later, but by nightfall it was clear that the rescue was not going to be easy. After several days had passed, the local rescue attempt grew into a national crisis and included dozens of miners, the National Guard and the Red Cross. Daily reports from the many reporters at the scene drew an e estimated 20,000 lookers from all over America. When all rescue attempts failed, workers began to dig a vertical shaft in hopes in reaching him. On February 16, seventeen days after he entered the cave, the shaft finally reached Floyd, but he had died of exposure and starvation three days earlier on Friday the 13th.
UPDATE - Floyd's body remained in his underground grave for 80 days before it was removed. It was then displayed in a gloss-topped coffin in nearby Crystal Cave. When his body was later stolen and tossed into a nearby field near the river minus one leg, he was returned to Crystal Cave and placed in a chained casket. In 1989, the Collins family buried Floyd in the Flint Ridge Cemetery. Several books have been written about Floyd's ordeal. In 1999, Floyd's story was brought to the Broadway stage. There is a Floyd Collins museum in Cave City.
u Built in 1937, the Wigwam Village #2 motel here on Route 31W, 601 North Dixie Highway is a set of 15 teepees situated in a half-circle. The Village's main building is made up of 38 tons of concrete and 13 tons of steel and stands 52 feet high. It originally housed a restaurant and is now a gift shop. Smaller wigwams on either side of the gift shop are public restrooms. Each of the remaining 15 buildings are bedrooms, complete with private bathrooms. Furnishings in each of the buildings are original from the 1930's and are made of hickory and cane. A total of seven tepee motels were built over time in Alabama, Florida, New Orleans, California, and Arizona. Only three remain, the one here, and those in Holbrook, Arizona and .San Bernardino, California.

CAYCE – Famous engineer Casey Jones was born here in 1863.

CENTRAL CITY – Musician Ike Everly Sr. is buried here in the Rose Hill Cemetery. He was the father of the "Everly Brothers," Don and Phil.

CLERMONT – The old Jim Beam Whiskey Distillery is located here at 149 Happy Hollow Road. The 1911 white-frame T. Jeremiah Beam house is still here.

CLOVERDALE – Supreme Court Judge Wiley Rutledge was born here in 1894.

COLUMBIA – Jesse and Frank James, and Cole Younger robbed the bank here on April 29,1872 and killed the cashier.

CORBIN – Colonel Harland Sanders opened his first Colonel Sanders Cafe here in Corbin in 1930. The cafe burned down in 1939 and rebuilt. Now restored, it features the kitchen where the Colonel perfected his Original Recipe. From I-75 take exit 29, go south on 25 East for one mile, right on 25 West one-half mile.

COVINGTON – Late on a Sunday night in the latter part of January, 1856, 17 black slaves escaped from Covington homes and neighboring farms. There was a light snow on the ground, so the group stole a pair of horses and large sled for their flight. Dawn was breaking when they reached the foot of Main Street, near the edge of the Ohio River. There they abandoned the sled and dashed on foot across the frozen river. When the group reached the Ohio side, they split into smaller segments. One segment was comprised of a single family, consisting of a young married couple named Simon and Margaret Garner, their four children and Simon's two parents. They found shelter at the home of Elijah Kite, a sympathetic freed man who lived at the foot of Cincinnati's West Fifth Street, near Mill Creek. The other runaways successfully contacted Ohio's Underground Railroad, which safely conducted them to freedom.
– The Garner's were not so fortunate. Officials quickly learned of their whereabouts and obtained a warrant for their arrest. Then, under provisions of the Fugitive Slave Law, the Negroes would be returned to Covington where they could be claimed by their owners. When arresting officers arrived at the cabin where the runaways were hiding, they found it locked and barricaded. When the officials finally managed to break into the cabin and over-power the fugitives, they found Margaret had cut the throat of her 3 year-old child and injured two of the other children. The young mother had acted out of a sense of desperation and declared she had intended to kill all of her children and herself rather than be returned to Covington and to slavery. On February 8th, a grand jury returned a murder indictment against the parents and grandparents for the young child's death. But on February 28th, all the Garners, except Margaret, were returned to their slave master in Covington. Margaret was locked up in the Covington jail. The three-year-old was buried in a cemetery. here in Covington. Later, Margaret was released to her owner's agent. Margaret, along with one of her infant children and the two senior Garners, were then secretly placed aboard a steamboat bound for Arkansas. Reports say that the boat they were on sank after colliding with another boat below Louisville. The child drowned during the tragedy. Another report claims Margaret clutched the baby in her arms when first put aboard the boat and jumped into the river. The deck hands managed to drag her back onto the boat, but the infant was lost to the swirling waters. Margaret and the Garners were never heard from again.

CRESTWOOD – Pioneer movie director D. W. Griffith is buried here in the Mount Tabor Methodist Church Cemetery.

– Singer Skeeter Davis was born here in 1932.

EASTWOOD – Abraham Lincoln, grandfather of President Abe Lincoln, was killed near here by Indians May 1786, 2 miles northeast of Eastwood at US 60, 460. His grave is near the Long Run Baptist Church one mile east of Eastwood.

ELLISTON – Pretty Boy Floyd robbed the bank here in Elliston, Kentucky of $2,700 in 1931.

EKRON – Baseball player Harold "Pee Wee" Reese was born here in 1918.

ERLANGER – Country singer Kenny Price is buried here in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

FAIRVIEW – Former president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis was born here in 1808.
u The Jefferson monument here is the tallest unreinforced concrete obelisk in the world. Built at a cost of $200,000, the base was constructed of limestone quarried from the site. The concrete walls are 8.5 feet thick at the base and taper to 2.5 feet thick at the top. The 351- feet tall monument features an elevator to an observation room high atop the structure for a panoramic view of the countryside.

FORT ASHBY – Private Lynndie England grew up here. She was accused of and found guilty of abusing Iraqi prisoners during the Iraq war.

FORT KNOX – Buried near here n the Mill Creek Cemetery. on US 31 W, are:
– Bersheba Lincoln, Grandmother of Abe Lincoln.
– Mary Lincoln Crume, aunt of Abe Lincoln.
– Nancy Lincoln Brumfield, aunt of Abe Lincoln.

FORT MITCHELL – Actress Una Merkel is buried here in the Highland Cemetery.
u The world’s only museum dedicated to ventriloquism at 33 West Maple Ave. is only open from May through September.

FRANKFORT – Daniel Boone and his wife Rebecca are buried here in the Frankfort Cemetery. at 215 E. Maine. Boone was buried originally buried near in Marthasville, Missouri near the grave of his wife, Rebecca. Both were exhumed 25 years later and reinterred here in Frankfort. The marker in Missouri mentions the reinterrment. According to officials in Missouri and Boones relatives, Frankfort dug up the wrong body. They say that the grave next to Rebecca's was already occupied when Daniel died, so he was buried at her feet. A forensic anthropologist studied a plaster cast of the skull in Frankfort's "Daniel Boone" grave in 1983 and said that it really belonged to a large black man.

GARRARD CITY – Crusader Carrie Amelia Nation was born here in 1846.

GLASGOW – News person Diane Sawyer was born here in 1945.

GRAVES CITY – Former Vice President Alben W. Barkley was born here in 1877.

GRAVEL SWITCH – John Dillinger robbed the bank here on August 8, 1933.

– Author Robert Penn Warren was born here in 1905. He wrote All the King's Men and Band of Angels.

HARRODSBURG – In 1840, a beautiful young woman in her early twenties checked into the Graham Springs Hotel here, later known as the Harrodsburg Springs Hotel. She said her name was Virginia Stafford, daughter of a prominent judge in Louisville. That night, as music played in the ballroom, she came downstairs and began dancing with various partners. She danced passionately, and at the end of the evening, her final partner realized that, to his horror, she had literally died in his arms. When nobody claimed her body, the staff and guests held a funeral for her and she was buried on the hotel's property which later burned and is now a public park. About 1900, the story was told that a man named Joe Sewell revealed that his second wife danced herself to death in Harrodsburg. He said her maiden name was Molly Black. Today, the metal marker over her grave reads UNKNOWN - Hallowed and Hushed be the place of the dead. Step Softly. Bow Head. Locals claim that this mysterious girl still returns to the site, and has been seen lingering in the moonlight, slowly dancing and twirling to music that only she can hear.
u The only cave in Kentucky historically verified as used by Daniel Boone is located three miles East of town. He spent the of 1770 winter alone in the cave after companion, John Stuart, was killed. The cave is not open to the public.

HARTFORD – Wyatt Earp's parents were married here in 1840. James and Virgil Earp were born here.

HAZARD – The Mother Goose building here was built by George Stacy in 1935. The Goosehas attracted attention around the world. It has been featured in the New York Times and on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The Goose is currently used as living quarters, but once housed a grocery store and restaurant.

HICKMAN – Emma A. Summers grew up here in the 1860s and 1870s. She later became one of the richest women in Los Angeles. She was known throughout the west as the oil queen of Southern California.

HODGENVILLE – Abraham Lincoln was born here in a log cabin in 1809 on the Sinking Spring Farm, four miles from town on U.S. 31E. The Lincoln's lived here on their farm until 1816. A replica of the log cabin is on the site in what is now the Lincoln Memorial State Park.

HOPKINSVILLE – Phsyic and healer, Edgar Cayce is buried here in the Riverside Cemetery. at 530 N. Main. He is in Lot 4, N 1/2, Grave #4.

JERUSALEM RIDGE – Musician Bill Monroe was born here in 1911. He was the "father of bluegrass." (Other sources say he was born in Rosine).

LA GRANGE – Director D. W. Griffith was born here in 1875. Other sources say he was born in Crestwood, Kentucky.

LAWRENCEBURG – Whiskey distilleries located here are:
– Wild Turkey on U. S. Hwy. 62 E.
– Four Roses at 1224 Bonds Mill Road (Ky. 513 W).

LEBANON – Abraham Lincoln was born here in a log cabin.

LEXINGTON – Born here in Lexington were: actor George Clooney in 1961, actor Jim Varney in 1949 (He is best known for his portrayal of Ernest P. Worrell), and singer Brian Littrell in 1975.
u Mary Todd was living here at 193 Mill Street when she and Abraham Lincoln got married.
u Allegheny Hall here was built shortly before the Civil War by William Pettit, who, during the war, was driven out of the state and his house and occupied by Union forced. There is a story that on the outbreak of the war, Pettit drove to Lexington, withdrew his money from the bank in gold and buried it on his home place. He died shortly after his return from exile and in his last hours is said to have made repeated but futile attempts to find where he had buried the gold.
u Buried here in the Lexington Cemetery. at 833 W. Main are:
– Henry Clay, Senator. He was known as "The Great Compromiser."
_ Adolph Rupp, former Kentucky basketball coach.
– Jim Varney, actor. He was nest known for his role as "Ernest P. Worrel" in the
Ernest Goes to ... movies. He is in C1, about 40 feet from a white arched bridge.
u The racehorse "Man o' War" is buried here in the Kentucky Horse Park.
u Buried here at Calumet Farm are the racehorses: Alydar, Citation, Forward Pass, Pensive, Ponder, and Man 'o War.
u The racehorse Seattle Slew is buried here at the Hill n Dale Farms.
u The racehorse War Admiral is buried here at the Faraway Farms.

LOUISA – Supreme Court Judge Frederick Vinson was born here in 1890.
u Elijah and Fannie Judd, Grandparents of singer Naomi Judd are buried here in the Judd-Miller Cemetery.

LOUISVILLE – Born here in Louisville, were: Judge Louise Brandies in 1856, critic John Mason Brown in 1900, actor Victor Mature in 1913, actor "Rags" Ragland in 1905, actress Irene Dunne in 1898, musician Lionel Hampton in 1908, writer Hunter Thompson in 1937, boxer Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) in 1942, and director Gus Van Sant in 1952.
u The world's largest baseball bat is located here at 800 West Main Street, at the Louisville Slugger Museum. The bat was built in 1995, resembling the 34 inch bat used by Babe Ruth.The bat is 120 ft. long and 9 ft. diameter at the base; 3 ft. 6 in. diameter at the handle with a 6 ft. 6 in. diameter knob.
u Jesse Presley, grandfather of Elvis is buried here in the Louisville Memorial Gardens.
u President Zachary Taylor is buried here in the Zachary Taylor National Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Cave Hill Cemetery. at 701 Baxter are:
– John Colgan, druggist. He owned a druggist at Tenth and Walnut Streets, where he invented chewing gun by adding chicle, a new chewing substance, to the extract of balsam
tolu, which he used in making cough syrup. He called it Taffy Tolu. He is in Section 12 Lot 125.
– Mildred and Patty Hill. They wrote the song
Happy Birthday. They are in Section G.
– John Hillerich. He made the first Louisville Slugger baseball bat. He is in Section 13.
– Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
u Jessie Presley, Grandfather of Elvis Presley is buried here in the Louisville Memorial Gardens Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Zachary Taylor National Cemetery. are:
– Zachary Taylor, 12th US President.
– Margaret Smith Taylor, first Lady and wife of Zachary Taylor.
– Richard and Sarah Taylor, parents of Zachary. They are in the burial section behind the old family vault.
u Buried here in the Resthaven Cemetery. are:
– Foster Brooks, comedian.
– Baseball player "Pee Wee" Reese. He is in Section 18, Lot 1182.
u Actor Victor Mature is buried here in the Saint Michael's Cemetery.
u Actor John "Rags" Ragland is buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery.
u Dust from the disintegrated ribs and spine of outlaw bandit William Quantrill are here in an unmarked plot in the Saint Mary's Cemetery. He was the leader of the gang "Quantrill's Raiders."
u The racehorse Swaps is buried here on the Walk of Fame at the Churchill Downs Derby Museum Garden.

MADISON CITY – Kit Carson was born near here in 1809. His family moved one year later.

MASON COUNTY - Judge Roy Bean was born here along the Ohio River in 1823.

MAYSVILLE – Born here in Maysville, Kentucky were singer Rosemary Clooney in 1927. and Nick Clooney in 1920 (he is the father of actor George Clooney).
u Rosemary Clooney is buried here in the St. Patrick's Cemetery. near her mother and grandmother. Her services were held at the St. Patrick's Church downtown where she was baptized in 1927.

MIDDLESBORO – Gangster Jack Zuta is buried here in the Hebrew Cemetery. He was part of the "Bugs" Moran gang on the north side of Chicago in the 1920s. A rival of Al Capone he was suspected of being behind the killing of Chicago Tribune reporter Jake Lingle on June 9, 1930. Zuta was killed by several of Al Capone's men in Delafield, Wisconsin on August 1,1930.

MOUNT ZION – Pretty Boy Floyd robbed the bank here of $4,000 in June 1931.

NIAGRA – Louis Marshall "Grandpa" Jones was born here in 1913 and he died here in 1998.

OWENSBORO – Actor Johnny Depp was born here in 1964.
u The last public hanging in America was held here in 1936 when a 22-year-old black man named Rainey Bethea was hanged for the murder of a 70-year-old white woman. The county sheriff, Florence Thompson, deliberately had the scaffold built in a field so that thousands could witness the hanging. All-night hanging parties were held all over town. 20,000 people cheered when the hangman pulled the release. Bethea's still-warm body was attacked by souvenirs hunters. They tore off pieces of clothing, and some even tried to cut off pieces of flesh from his dangling body. Several people began fighting over the hood that covered his head.
u Husband killer Beulah May Annan is buried here in the Mount Pleasant Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery. She killed her husband in Chicago in 1924. The play Chicago was written about the murder in which she was portrayed as "Roxie Hart." The movie Chicago won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2003. She died of TB on March 10, 1928.

PACKARD – Actress Patricia Neal was born here in 1926.

PADUCAH – Born here in Paducah were: humorist Irvin S. Cobb in 1876, and actress Jean Byron (Burkhart) in 1925.
u Buried here in the Oak Grove Cemetery. are:
– School teacher John T. Scopes. He was a Tennessee school teacher who was put on trial in 1925 for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution. Clarence Darrow defended him and William Jennings Bryan was the prosecutor. He was fined $100 but was later acquitted on
appeal. The movie
Inherit the Wind was about the trial. He is in Section 7, Lot #104.
– Humorist Irvin S. Cobb. He is in the Old section, Myrtle Avenue, Grave 1.
u Former Vice President Albin Barkley is buried here in Mount Kenton Cemetery. on Lone Oak Rd. He is in Section C, Plots 69-72, Space D.

PAINTSVILLE – Singer Crystal Gayle was born here in 1951.

PARIS – Edward Boone, brother of Daniel was killed near Paris by Indians here while hunting with Daniel in 1780 at 870 See Rd., 3/4 miles north. of Jct. KY 537 & See Rd.
u Joice Heth, George Washington's nanny, was living here with the Bowling family in 1835.
u The race horse Count Fleet is buried here a the Stoner Creek Farm.
u Buried here at the Claiborne Farms are the racehorses, Gallant Fox, Nasrullah and Count Fleet.

PIKEVILLE – Singer Dwight Yoakam was born here in 1956.
u Randolph McCoy, his wife Sara, their daughter Roseanna, their son Sam and his wife Martha, are buried here in the Dils Cemetery. The McCoys led by Randolph, are famous fo their long feud in the 1880s with the Hatfields of West Virginia. The McCoys lived in Pike County, Kentucky, and the Hatfield's lived across the river in Mingo County, West Virginia.

RICHMOND – Buried here in the Richmond Cemetery. are:
– General Cassius Marcellus Clay, Civil War Union General.
– Earle Combs, former N. Y. Yankee baseball player. He is in Section T, Lot 40.

ROSINE – Musician Bill Smith Monroe is buried here in the Rosine Cemetery. He is known as the father of American bluegrass music. (Other sources say he was born in Jerusalem Ridge).

RUSSELLVILLE – Jesse and Frank James and Cole Younger robbed the Southern Bank here at the SW corner of 6th & Main on March 20, 1868. It is now the Logan County Museum on Highway 68. Jesse and Frank's uncle George Hite lived on a farm, 11 miles outside Russellville.
SALYERSVILLE – Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine was born here in 1942.
u Althea Leasure Flynt, wife of Larry Flynt is buried here on a hillside in a family plot in the Flynt family plot behind the house of Larry's Aunt Eulah. She drowned in her bathtub in her home in Beverly Hills, California.

SOUTHGATE – Baseball player Jim Bunning was born here in 1941.
u 164 people died here when the Beverly Hills Supper Club burned down in 1977.

SPRING CREEK – Adventurer James Bowie was born near here in 1796.

VAN LEAR – Singer Loretta Lynn lived here in Butcher Hollow in a wood-frame house until she was 13. The house still stands today.(see Butcher Hollow).

VERSAILLES – A. B. "Happy" Chandler, former Senator, Governor and commissioner of baseball, is buried here at the Pisgah Presbyterian Church at 729 Pisgatt Rd.
u The Old Crow Whiskey Distillery is here. It is almost next door to Old Taylor.
u The Old Taylor Whiskey Distillery is located here. It is now closed.

WINCHESTER – Born here in Winchester were sculptor Joel T. Hart in 1910, William H. Wallace in 1848 (he prosecuted the Jesse James gang), poet Allen Tate in 1899, Forrest Boone in 19??, he made the "chant of the tobacco auctioneer" famous on radio in the 1930 and 1940's, and news columnist Helen Thomas in 1920 (at 17 E. Broadway), .

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