ABERDEEN – Baseball player Cal Ripken Sr. is buried here in the Baker graveyard.

ACCIDENT – Accident is located Garrett County. The town's founder, George Deakins, had been given 600 acres of land by King George II of England. The two surveyors he hired to pick out the best plot of land used the same tree as a starting point, and selected the same plot of land, hence the name Accident. The town is home to Northern Garrett High School. The estimated population, in 2003, was 348.

ANNAPOLIS – Author James M. Cain was born here in Annapolis, in 1892.
u Naval hero John Paul Jones is buried here in the Annapolis Chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy.

BALTIMORE – Born here in Baltimore were: author Upton Sinclair in 1878, writer H. L. Mencken in 1880, musician Eubie Blake in 1883, actor Francis X. Bushman in 1883, baseball player Babe Ruth in 1895, circus freak Johnny Eck in 1891, Wallis Simpson in 1896 (she was married to England's King Edward), actress Mildred Dunnock in 1904, actress Mildred Natwick in 1908, Supreme Court judge Thurgood Marshall in 1908, musician Chic Webb in 1909, singer Billie Holiday in 1915, TV quiz show host Garry Moore in 1915, former U. S. Vice President Spiro T. Agnew in 1918, writer Leon Uris in 1924, poet Frank O'Hara in 1926, composer Philip Glass in 1937, musician Frank Zappa in 1940, singer Cass Elliot in 1941, author Tom Clancy in 1947, actor Montel Williams in 1956, and tennis player Pam Shriver in 1962.
u Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner here at Fort McHenry in 1814 while watching the British bombardment of the Fort during the Battle of Baltimore. On Fort Avenue at the tip of Locust point.
u Henry Fonda and Margaret Sullivan were married here in the Kernan Hotel dining room on Christmas Day in 1931. The hotel at 310 W. Franklin was later renamed the Congress.
u Author Ogden Nash lived most of his life here in Baltimore.
u Buried here in the Green Mount Cemetery are:
– John Wilkes Booth, actor. He assassinated Abraham Lincoln. He is believed to be buried with ashes of three siblings in the empty area just behind the obelisk.
– Junius Brutus Booth, actor and father of John Wilkes Booth. He is in the Dogwood section, Grave 9-10
– Allen Dulles, former director of the CIA.
– Johnny Eck (Eckhardt) Jr., actor and circus freak. He is buried with his twin brother, Robert. They are Section R, grave 19.

Buried here in the Louden Park Cemetery are:
– Elizabeth Paterson Bonaparte, sister-in-law of Bonaparte Jerome Bonaparte, cousin of Bonaparte.
– H. L. Mencken, critic. His ashes are next to his wife Sara. Mencken died here in his home at 1524 Hollins street.
– Ottmar Mergenthaler, inventor of the Linotype machine.
u Buried in the Greenmount Cemetery are:
– Johns Hopkins, founder of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
– Harriet Johnson, niece of U. S. President James Buchanan. She served as "First Lady" during her unmarried uncle's term in office from 1857 to 1861.
u Author Edgar Allen Poe is buried here in the Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard Burial Ground on West Fayette and Green Streets. He got married in his home here at 203 Amity St. An alcoholic, Poe died in 1849. His last words were "Lord help my poor soul." His wife Virginia lies beside him.
u Baseball player "Rube" Marquard is buried here in the Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery He is in Division 8, Section 13, Lot 147, Grave 1.
u Baseball player and manager John McGraw is buried here in the New Cathedral Cemetery. He is in Section L (mausoleum), Lot 187.
u Actor Howard Rollins Jr. is buried here in the Woodlawn Cemetery. He is best know for his role as "Virgil Tibbs: on the TV series In the Heat of the Night.
u Actor Norman Chaney is buried here in the Baltimore Cemetery. He played "Chubby" in the early Our Gang comedies. He died of a glandular problem in 1936 at age 18.
u Opera singer Rosa Ponselle (Ponzillo) is buried here in the Druid Ridge Cemetery.
u Musician Chick Webb is buried here in the Arbutus Memorial Park Cemetery.
u Boxer Joe Gans is buried here in the Mount Auburn Cemetery.

BEL AIR – John Wilkes Booth was born here in a log house in 1838. He assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

BORING – Boring was named in the 1930s by David Boring, the postmaster at that time. It is a small hamlet located around the intersection of Old Hanover Road , Pleasant Grove Road, and the CSX Railroad in the northwestern part of Baltimore County, and consists of about 40 houses centered around its "downtown" about 5 miles north of Reisterstown. An important stop on the Western Maryland Railroad, it consists of about 40 houses, the Boring Methodist Church, Boring Volunteer Fire Company, and the Boring Post Office.

BOWIE – Actress Kathie Lee Gifford grew up here.

BRENTWOOD – Former Washington Senators baseball team owner Calvin Griffith is buried here in the Fort Lincoln Cemetery.

BRYANTOWN – Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd is buried here in the Church Cemetery of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church. His grave is on the left side of the church, in the first row in from the parking lot. Mudd was the doctor who aided and sheltered John Wilkes Booth. He was sentenced to life imprisonment but was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson in 1869. He inspired the expression "His name is mud." He on the left side of the church, the first row in from the parking lot.

CAMBRIDGE – Annie Oakley, star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show retired here to Cambridge, Maryland. Her home is still here.
u Writer John Barth was born here in 1930.

CHARLES COUNTY – Explorer Matthew Alexander Henson was born here on a farm in 1866. A black, he was the co-discoverer of the North Pole in 1909.

CHESTERTOWN – Artist Charles Willson Peale was born here in 1741.
u Actress Tallulah Bankhead is buried in the Saint Paul's Churchyard .

DUNDALK – The Bethlehem Steel plant closed here in 2003 and wiped out 33,000 jobs.

EASTON – Baseball Hall of Famer John "Home Run" Baker is buried here in Springhill Cemetery in Division K, section 38.

ELLICOTT – Astronomer Benjamin Banneker was born here in 1731. A black, he is best known for his Banneker almanacs.

FREDERICK – Francis Scott Key was born on a farm near here in 1779. He wrote the Star Spangled Banner.
u Francis Scott Key and his father, John Key, and his mother Anne Key are buried here in Mount Olivet Cemetery.

FROSTBURG – Baseball player "Lefty" Grove is buried here in the Frostburg Memorial Cemetery. He is in Section 9, Lot 94, across from the 3A marker.
u In 1974, Pastor Richard Greene was repeatedly told by Jesus to build an ark here next to the interstate. The ark would be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Through a series of "miracles," materials and expertise was donated to get the project started in 1976. Today, only the steel skeleton of the building has been erected. Three stories high, its concrete foundation stretching the length of one-and-a-half football fields, the structure is an oddity at 18600 Cherry Lane SW.

GLENCOE – Inventor Henry Perky is buried here in Glencoe. He invented Shredded Wheat in 1893.

GLEN ECHO – Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, lived out her last years here in Glen Echo, Maryland. She was here in 1912.

HAVRE DE GRACE – Baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. was born here in 1960.

HYATTSVILLE – Puppeteer Jim Henson grew up here in Hyattsville.

LAUREL – Governor George Wallace was shot and wounded here in a shopping center by Arthur Bremer on May 15, 1972.

LUTHERVILLE – Actor "Devine" and his family moved here in 1957 when he was 12.

POTOMAC – Newspaper columnist Drew Pearson is buried here on the Merry Go Round Farm.

ROCKVILLE – The original Uncle Tom’s Cabin is located here in Rockville. A small, one-room log cabin, it is attached to the side of an 18th century house that was once the anchor of a 3,700-acre farm owned by Issac Riley. Among Riley’s slaves was Josiah Henson, the man whom Harriet Beecher Stowe used as a model for the character of Uncle Tom in her novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Hensen lived in the cabin while living on the farm. In 2005, the cabin and the house was purchased by Montgomery County for about $1 million.
u Buried here in St. Mary's Cemetery at the intersection of MD 355 and Veir's Mill Road are:
– Author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, and their daughter Francis Scott Fitzgerald. When Zelda died in a fire in 1948, Scott's coffin was dug up, the grave made deeper, and his coffin was replaced. Zelda's coffin was then set on top of his.
u Buried in the Parklawn Memorial Park and Menorah Gardens are:
– Maria Carson, singer and mother of author Rachel Carson. She is in Block #4, Site #3, Lot #307 (bottom)
– Rachel Carson, author (Half of cremated remains) She is in Block #4, Site #3, Lot #307 (top).
– J. Willard Marriott, founder of the Marriott Corporation. He is in Block 6, lot-Be1, space 9.
u Baseball player Walter Johnson is buried in the Rockville Union Cemetery.

SANDYVILLE – Actor Fred Gwynne is buried here in the Sandymount Methodist Church Churchyard. He is best known for his roles of Herman on The Munsters, and on Car 54,Where Are You? His grave is unmarked.

SECRETARY – Secretary is in Dorchester County, in the Cambridge metro area. The community was named after Secretary Creek, which was named for Henry Sewell, secretary of the colony under Gov. Charles Calvert. The estimated population, in 2003, was 508.

SHARPSBURG – The Civil War battle at Antietam was fought here on September 17, 1862.It was the single bloodiest day in American history. Over 23,000 soldiers were killed here. The battle site is on Route 65, one mile northwest of town.

SILVER SPRING – Buried here in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery are:
– "Tuffy" Leemans, football player.
– George Meany, union leader.
– John Sirica, U. S. District Judge who presided over the Watergate case.
u Watergate figure Sam Dash is buried here in the Parklawn Cemetery. He was the chief counsel for the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee during the Watergate Hearings.
u Jiggs "General Grant," one of the Little Rascal's dogs, and Spee-De-Bozo, J. Edgar Hoover's dog are buried here in Aspin Hill Memorial Park and Animal Sanctuary.

ST MARY'S COUNTY – Mystery writer Dashiell Hammett was born here in 1894.

SUDLERSVILLE – Baseball player Jimmie Foxx was born here in 1907.Called the "Sudlersville Slugger," a life-size bronze statue of Foxx stands at the intersection of Main and Church Streets. He hit 534 home runs in his career and in one season hit 58, with two more not counted because they were hit in games that were rained out. If they had counted it would have equalled Babe Ruth's season record for homers.

TIMONIUM – Former vice president Spiro Agnew is buried here in the Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens.

TOWSON – Actor "Devine" was born here in 1945 as Harris Glenn Milstead. He is buried here in the Prospect Hill Cemetery.

UNIONVILLE – Unionville holds the U.S. record of the most rain to fall in one minute. 1.23” fell here on July 4, 1956.
u Unionville was founded by 18 African American Civil War soldiers who paid $1 each at the end of the war to buy an acre of a plantation where they had worked as freed men or as slaves. Black abolitionist Frederick Douglass lived here for a couple of years, as a child slave.
WHITE HALL – Hospital founder Johns Hopkins was born here in White Hall, Maryland in 1795.

WOODLAWN – Actress Mildred Natwick is buried here in the Lorraine Park Cemetery.

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