ANCHORAGE – It is reported that when the Diamond center Mall was first built, the grounds under it were sacred burial grounds from thousands of years ago, dating back to when natives first roamed the lands. While digging up the grounds to build the mall, workers came across a few graves, but due to the fact that the bones were so old and small they continued digging. It is reported that the spirits of the dead roam the mall and appear in front of people in the bathrooms and smaller hallways.
   The old Anchorage hotel is also supposed to be haunted. Several guests have reported seeing the apparition of a young girl in the second floor hall, and TV's in rooms 215 and 217 will turn on and off at will, and the water in the tub and sink will run by itself. Employees have reported that they have heard people on the stairs when the hotel is empty.

BARROW – On August 15, 1935, comedian Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post took off from Barrow in bad weather. Shortly after take off, their plane crashed. The plane went down in such an isolated area that an Eskimo had to run sixteen miles to get help. A sheet of paper in Rogers' mangled typewriter contained his weekly column which ended abruptly in mid-sentence. The last word typed was “death.” Charles Lindbergh took charge of bringing the bodies home.

CANDLE –  Actor Ray Mala was born here in 1906.

CHICKEN – Gold was discovered here on Chicken Creek in 1896 and by 1898, the gold rush town of Chicken was founded nearby. Today, the town consists of some old homes, several businesses, an old gold dredge and a post office that was built in 1903. Mail comes in by plane 2 days a week.    Go There

FORT YUKON –  It was 100 degrees blow zero here in 1915.

HOMER  –  Homer is the halibut fishing capital of the world.
   Singer, Jewel grew up here.

INDEPENDENCE – Once a booming gold mining camp, Independence is located 40 miles from Anchorage. In 1941, the mine employed 204 men who blasted nearly a dozen miles of tunnels, and produced 34,416 ounces of gold. Closed in 1943, the mill and over 25 buildings remain in the Independence Mine State Park.

JUNEAU –  The Alaskan Hotel was built in 1913 and is Juneau's oldest continuously operating hotel. Originally a hotel and brothel, the hotel was home for local miners. Legend has it that room 219 in the hotel is haunted by a woman whose husband had gone looking for gold but did not return when he said he would. Thinking he was dead, she became a prostitute at the hotel. When her husband returned weeks later and found out that she was a prostitute, he killed her here in the hotel.
   The George Garside House built in 1903 on the northwest corner of Main and Sixth Streets is reportedly haunted. A bearded man has been seen in what once had been a children's playroom. He quickly disappears once he is spotted.
   In 1897, Wyatt Earp and his wife Josie opened the Dexter Saloon here. While here, Wyatt once had too much to drink and began to create trouble. The local sheriff took Wyatt's gun, slapped him in the face, then told him to go home and go to bed. Earp was 49 years old at the time.

KENNECOTT –  Once owned by the Guggenheims and banker J. P. Morgan, the Kennicott Copper Mine is located here in Kennecott. The town built around the mine had a population of about 300 people, but the miners lived up by the mines. The mine closed in 1938. Today, Kennecott is a popular tourist attraction and has about 40 structures, including a 14-story mill, a power plant, several other large industrial structures, three barracks and several cottages.

NORTH POLE - This small town is about 12 miles south of Fairbanks. City fathers encourage shops owners to carry out the Christmas theme. North Pole has a distinctive postmark. Around Christmas, other post offices in the area put out a special box in which to collect letters that people want postmarked from North Pole.   Go There 

PROSPECT CREEK –  It was 80 degrees below zero here on January 23, 1971. It was the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States.

SITKA – Track star, Charles Paddock, once known as the fastest human alive, is buried here in the U. S. Government Cemetery. He was the first to run the hundred-yard dash in under ten seconds. He died in a plane crash near here while in the Marines in 1943. He was 43.

SKAGWAY – Swindler and con-man Jefferson Soapy Smith is buried here in the Skagway Town Cemetery. Soapy earned his nickname by hiding $10 and $20 bills under a soap wrapper, then hawking the bars for $5 apiece, making certain that only his shills got the bars with the bills. When the local citizens frowned on his con games, they formed a vigilante group, hunted him down and shot him dead here in 1898. Soapy was only 38.
   The second floor of the Eagles Hall at 6th Ave. Southeast at Broadway St. is said to be haunted.  Eagles Club officers have been run out of the building by strange noises and happenings. Many people have felt an odd coldness that moves through the halls.  
   Two spirits reportedly have been seen in two rooms in the old Golden North Hotel on 3rd Ave. Southeast at Broadway St. Hotel employees have named one of them Mary. They believe she is the spirit of a young girl who died of pneumonia in her room while waiting for her fiancé to return from a gold-prospecting expedition. The spirit of a woman has been seen in room 23 and hotel guests have complained of choking sensations in the middle of the night. In room 14, a strange "light form" has been seen moving around the room at night.  
   The Red Onion Saloon at 205 Broadway St. was originally built as a brothel in 1897 and was moved to its present location in 1914.  The ghost of a woman has been seen watering non existent plants in the upstairs Madame's Room. Mysterious footsteps are heard in the second-floor hallway and the scent of perfume is in the same area. Many believe the place is haunted by the presence of a former owner.

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