ALBERT LEA – Actress Marion Ross was born here in 1928. She was the mother on TV's Happy Days.

APPLETON – Baseball player Jerry Koosman was born here in 1943.

ASKOV – The town was once known as the Rutabaga center of the world.

AUSTIN – John Madden TV sports commentator was born here in 1936.
u Meat packer George A. Hormel is buried here in Oakwood Cemetery at 1800 NW 4th St. He was the first to produce canned hams in the U. S.
u The Spam Museum is located here at 1937 Spam Blvd.

BELLE PLAINE – A 2-Story “five-holer” outhouse is located here at the Hooper-Bowler-Hillstrom House at 410 N Cedar Street. The house was built in 1871 by Sandford Hooper, a Belle Plaine businessman. It was purchased in 1886 by Samuel Bowler, a founder of the State Bank of Belle Plaine. Mr. Bowler added rooms and a two-story outhouse that was connected to the main house by a skyway, to accommodate his large family.

BEMIDJI – Actress Jane Russell was born here in 1921.
u Indian Chief Chippewa is buried here in the Greenwood Cemetery.

BLACKDUCK – The World’s largest black duck statue is located here. It was built in 1938.

BLUE EARTH  – A statue of the Jolly Giant here weighs 8,000 lbs., is 55 1/2 feet tall, and wears a size 78 shoe. It was erected in 1979.
u Blue Earth claims that the ice cream sandwich (Eskimo Pie) was invented here
u A Blue Earth law declares that no child under the age of 12 may talk over the telephone unless monitored by a parent.

BRAINERD – Born here in Brainerd were: baseball players "Chief" Bender in 1883, and "Bullet Joe" Bush in 1892.
u "Baby Face" Nelson robbed the bank here of $32,000 on October 23, 1933.
u Buried here in Evergreen Cemetery is WWII Airman Leo Mustonen. While on a training flight in California in 1942, Mustonen, his plane, and three other crewmen disappeared. In 2005, the body of Mustonen, still in his uniform, was found frozen in a Sierra Nevada mountain glacier where he had been for 63 years. Mustonen was born in Brainerd in 1920.

BRECKENRIDGE – Actress Cheryl Tiegs was born here in 1947.

CALEDONIA – The dandelion was first introduced in America here in Caledonia by Jacob Webster who brought it here from England.

CEYLON – Former US Vice President Walter Mondale was born here in 1928.

– The Iron Man statue, erected here in 1987, is 85 feet high and weighs 150 tons. It is the third highest free standing memorial in the United States of America, Only the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis are larger. It was built in honor of the brave men and women who journeyed to Northeastern Minnesota to work in the iron ore mines on the Mesai Range.

CLOQUET – Born here in Cloquet were; actress Barbara Payton in 1927, and actress Jessica Lange in 1949.
u Barbara Payton and actor Franchot Tone were married here in 1951.
u The Diamond Match Factory is located here. Founded in 1881, it is the largest US manufacturer of wooden matches, toothpicks and clothespins.
u A forest fire here on October 12, 1918 killed 400 people.

CROW WING COUNTY – Baseball player Charles Bender was born here in 1883.

DARWIN – Darwin is the home of a ball of twine by Francis A. Johnson. It is 4m in diameter and weighs 17,400 pounds. He started his obsession in March, 1950 and wrapped four hours every day for 23 weeks. It is currently housed in a specially made gazebo across from the town park on Main Street, and the town celebrates "Twine Ball Day" every August.

DAWSON – Phyllis Gates was born here in 1925. Once married to actor Rock Hudson, she filed for divorce in 1958 when she discovered that Hudson was a homosexual.

DULUTH – Born here in Duluth were: actress Marguerite De La Motte in 1902, and singer Bob Dylan in 1941. (The duplex where Dylan was born was sold on eBay for $94,000 in 2001).
u On June 14, 1920, when 19-year-old Irene Tusken was reportedly raped here in Duluth, police locked up a six young black men who worked for the John Robinson Circus that was in town. That evening thousands of people gathered outside the city jail. Armed with timbers and rails as battering rams, the mob broke down the doors of the jail and staged a trial of the men. During the "trial" that followed, Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Isaac McGhie were convicted. The crowd then dragged the men about two blocks, viciously beat them and lynched them from a light pole on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue East. They were buried in unmarked graves in Duluth's Park Hill Cemetery. In 2003, a plaque was dedicated on the site on First Street to remember the three lynched men.
u Buried here in Park Hill Cemetery are:
– Gangster Ralph "Bottles" Capone, brother of Al Capone.
– Elias Clayton. He was lynched in 1920.
– Elmer Jackson. He was lynched in 1920.
– Issac McGhie. He was lynched in 1920.
(Originally buried in unmarked graves, new headstones were placed on their graves in 1991).

EMBARRASS – Embarrass is a township in Saint Louis County in the Duluth metro area. It was named for the Embarrass River. The population in 2000 was 691.

EMPIRE – Adult film actress Shauna Grant (Colleen Applegate) is buried here in Saint Michael's Catholic Cemetery. She killed herself in her Palm Springs, California home in 1984 at age 21. (See Farmington, Minnesota for more details).

– The World’s largest Hockey Stick is located here on Main street in downtown Eveleth. It weighs 10,000 pounds and is 110 foot long aand cost $60,000 to build.

FARMINGTON – Colleen Applegate, former cheerleader at Farmington High School went to Hollywood in 1983 where she became a nude centerfold model, and finally an actress in porno films. She worked under the name Shauna Grant. In 1984, Shauna, 20, shot and killed herself in her home in Palm Springs, California. Colleen's body was shipped back here where she was for burial in nearby Empire.

FERGUS FALLS – Actor Frank Albertson was born here in 1909.

FRAZEE – Frazee is the home o fthe World’s largest turkey statue. It stands over 20 feet tall, is 17 feet wide, weighs over 5,000 pounds., and jas 3,000 to 4,000 separate fiberglass feathers, which took over 2,000 hours to make.

GRACEVILLE – Film director Jack Conway was born here in 1887.

GRANITE FALLS – Andrew Volstead grew up here. He was the author of the prohibition law the "Volstead Act."

GRAND RAPIDS – Grand Rapids is the birthplace (1922) and early (until she was four) childhood home of legendary singer and actress Judy Garland. There is a local museum dedicated to her life and career, and Judy's fully restored birthplace is open to the public as well. An annual Judy Garland Festival is held the fourth weekend in June. The home is located at 2727 US Hwy 169 South.

HIBBING – Baseball player Roger Maris was born here in 1934.
u Singer/composer Bob Dylan grew up here.

HINCKLEY – Author/screenwriter John Monk Saunders was born here in 1895. Married to actress Fay Wray from 1928 to 1939, he committed suicide in 1940.
u A forest fire here on September 1, 1884, destroyed the town and killed 480 people.

INTERNATIONAL FALLS – Born here were: evangelist Tammy Faye Bakker in 1942, and football player Bronco Nagurski grew up here. He is buried here in the Saint Thomas Cemetery.
u The 26-foot tall Smokey the Bear statue here is the largest statue anywhere of the legendary bear.

KEEWATIN – Football player Gino Cappelleti was born here in 1934.

KENYON – Andrew Volstead was born here in 1860. He was the author of the prohibition law the "Volstead Act."

LAFAYETTE – Actress Tippi Hedren was born here in 1931. Other sources say she was born in New Ulm, Minnesota.

LITTLE FALLS – Illustrator Duane Hansen was born here in 1896.
u Aviator Charles Lindbergh grew up here. He left town after graduating from high school. His old home is in the Lindbergh State Park on the west bank of the river.

MADELIA – Cole Younger and his two brothers were captured near here in a swamp after robbing a bank in Northfield, Minnesota on September 7, 1876 with Jesse and Frank James.

MAIN – Supreme Court Judge William O. Douglas was born here in 1898.

MANKATO – The Jesse James and Cole Younger gang spent the weekend here in September of 1876 while on their way to rob the bank at Northfield.
u Author Sinclair Lewis wrote the book “Main Street” while living here in 1919.

MENDOTA HEIGHTS – Governor Harold E. Stassen is buried here in the Acacia Cemetery.

MILACA – Stage, screen, and vaudeville actress Belle Bennett was born here in 1892. She died in poverty at age 40 of cancer. She is buried in Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood, California.

MINNEAPOLIS – Born here in Minneapolis were: Pillsbury flour founder John S. Pillsbury in 1827, oilman J. Paul Getty in 1892, columnist Westbrook Pegler in 1894, U. S. Supreme Court Judge William O. Douglas in 1898, producer Mike Todd in 1907, actor Lew Ayres in 1908, actress Virginia Bruce in 1910, golfer Patty Berg in 1918, singer LaVerne Andrews in 1915, singer Maxine Andrews in 1918, singer Patty Andrews in 1920, actor Ralph Meeker in 1920, stripper Lily St. Cyr in 1918, cartoonist Charles Schulz in 1922, actor James Arness in 1923, actress Arlene Dahl in 1924, actor Peter Graves in 1925, governor Jesse Ventura in 1951, actress Julia Duffy in 1952, and singer Prince in 1958,
u Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized the Minnehaha Falls here in his Song of Hiawatha.
u Gangsters "Ma" Barker and Alvin "Creepy" Karpis lived here in 1931 at 1031 So. Robert St.
u Murder victim Hedvig Samuelson is buried here in the Crystal Lake Cemetery. She was murdered in 1931 by "Trunk Murderess" Winnie Ruth Judd. Her dismembered body was found in a trunk in a Los Angels train depot.
u Buried here in the Lakewood Cemetery at 3600 Hennepin are:
– Herbert "Tiny Tim" Khaury, entertainer. He was best known for his rendition of
Tip-Toe Through the Tulips.
– Hubert H. Humphrey, Senator. He and his wife Muriel are in Section 51.
– Franklin Mars. He created the Mars candy bar in 1933. In Section 31.
– Senator Paul Wellstone. He and his wife and daughter were killed in a plane crash in 2002. They are in Section 1, Lot 13.
u Football coach Bernie Bierman is buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery. He is in Section 7D, Lot 102, Space 1.
u Buried here in the Fort Snelling National Cemetery are:.
– Bruce Smith, Heisman Trophy winner football player. He is in Section O, grave 1474.
– Cal Stoll, football coach. He is in Section 7, Grave 1076.

MOUND – Actor Kevin Sorbo was born here in Mound in 1958.

MOUNTEVIDEO – Phyllis Gates, former wife of actor Rock Hudson grew up here and is buried here.

NEW ULM – Born here were: actress Lenore Ulric in 1892 and actress Tippi Hedren in 1931. (Other sources say that Hedren was born in Lafayette, Minnesota).
u The Sioux Indian uprising here in 1862 almost destroyed the town.

NORTHFIELD – Jesse and Frank James and Cole Younger and five other members of the gang held up the First National Bank on Division Street here on September 7, 1876. Jesse killed bookkeeper Joseph Heywood during the holdup. Two of the gang were killed and Jim Younger was wounded. They escaped on stolen horses in a hail of bullets over the Canon River Bridge. In 1975, the Northfield Historical Society purchased the old bank building at 408 Division and restored it    GO THERE
u Buried here in the Northfield Cemetery are :
– Joseph Heywood, bank cashier. He was killed by Jesse James during a robbery of the First National Bank here on September 7, 1986.
– Nicolaus Gustafson. An innocent bystander, he was shot and killed by the Jesse James gang during the robbing of the First National Bank.

OGEMA – Indian Chief White Cloud is buried here in the St. Benedict's Mission Cemetery.

OKABENA – Bonnie & Clyde were reported to have robbed the First State Bank here on May 19, 1933.

– The world’s largest ear of corn, 50 feet tall, was erected here in 1973.
Olivia is called the "Corn Capital of Minnesota."

OWATONNA – Actor E.G. Marshall was born here in 1910.
u During WWII, a German POW Camp was located here on the north edge of town. Opened in April 1944, and held up to 273 prisoners. They worked in nearby farm fields or at the Owatonna Canning Co. plant and lived in tents and clapboard barracks. In 1986, the mess hall and several foundations still remained on the site.

PETERSON – Outlaw Cole Younger sold cemetery markers here in the 1890s after he served time for the Northfield bank robbery in 1876.

ROCHESTER – Born here in Rochester were surgeon Charles Mayo in 1865, and surgeon William Mayo in 1861. They founded the Mayo Clinic. Charles' 40-room mansion "Mayowood" is still here.
u Charles and William Mayo, founders of the Mayo Clinic are buried side by side here in Oakwood Cemetery. William died 32 days after Charles.

ROTHSAY – In 1975, Rothsay built a giant statue of a prairie chicken and declared itself the “Prairie Chicken Capital of Minnesota.” The statue is 13-feet high, 18-feet long and weighs 9,000 pounds.

SAUK CENTRE – Novelist Sinclair Lewis was born here (1885) and raised here. His former home is at 612 Sinclair Lewis Ave. He used the town as the locale for many of his stories including Main Street. He was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
u The ashes of Sinclair Lewis are scattered here in a grave in the Greenwood Cemetery, along with copies of his novels, Main Street, Elmer Gantry, and Cass Timberlane.

SHAKOPEE – Former secretary of commerce Maurice Stans was born here in 1908.

SHIELDSVILLE – Jesse and Frank James stopped here in their flight after robbing the bank at Northfield on September 7, 1876.

STEWARTVILLE – Richard W. Sears founder of the Sears, Roebuck and Company was born here in 1863.

STILLWATER – Outlaws Jim and Cole Younger served time here in prison in the late 1880s. Bob died here in prison on September 16, 1889

ST. CLOUD – Actor Gig Young was born here in 1913.

ST. JAMES – Composer Wesley La Voilette was born here in 1894.

ST. PAUL – Born here in St. Paul were: actress Blanche Yurka in 1887, Reader's Digest founder Dewitt Wallace in 1889, actor William Demarest in 1892, actor Richard Dix in 1894, writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1896, comedienne Joan Davis in 1907, US Supreme Court Judge Warren E. Burger in 1907, comedian Pinky Lee in 1916, inventor Edward Lowe in 1920 (He invented kitty litter), FBI director William Colby in 1920, feminist Kate Millett in 1934, actress Loni Anderson in 1945, and baseball player Dave Winfield in 1951.
u Outlaw Homer Van Meter, John Dillinger's second in command, was shot and killed hereby police on August 8, 1934, in an alley near University Ave. and Marion St. His body was riddled with bullets, even his fingers were shot off both hands.
u Outlaw Jim Younger, brother of Cole Younger, shot and killed himself here in a shabby hotel room in October of 1902. He had lost most of his jaw when wounded in the Northfield bank robbery in 1876.
u John Dillinger and his girlfriend Evelyn "Billie" Frechette rented an apartment here at 93 Lexington in March and April of 1933.
u The Ma Barker/Alvin Karpis gang lived here in 1931 at 1031 So. Robert.
u Jeanne Larson and Dewey Johnson, owners of a 98-year-old stone row house here said there is a ghost roaming the halls of the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived while writing This Side of Paradise. They said that they have heard footsteps in empty halls and creakings in the bathroom. Fitzgerald, who lived in the house in 1919 and 1920 is believed to have spent most of his time writing on the third-floor near the front.
u William Hamm Jr., son of the founder of Hamm's Beer, was kidnapped here by gangster Alvin "Creepy" Karpis on June 15, 1933.
u Cartoonist Charles Schulz grew up here. He created the “Peanuts” comic strip.
u Outlaw Tommy Carroll was buried here in Oakland Cemetery in 1934.
u Theodore Hamm, founder of the Hamm Brewing Company is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery.
u Pulitzer Prize winning poet John Berryman is buried here in the Resurrection Cemetery at 2101 Lexington Ave. South. He committed suicide in 1972.

SUNRISE – Actor Richard Widmark was born here in 1914.

TOWER – It was 60 degrees below zero here on February 2, 1996. It was the lowest temperature in the midwest in history.

TWIG – The town of Twig is located immediately northwest of the city of Duluth at the junction of U.S. Highway 53 and Industrial Road (County 7).

WALNUT GROVE – Little House on the Prairie author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, lived 1.5 miles north of Walnut Grove along the banks of Plum Creek from 1874 to 1876

WATKINS  – Senator Eugene McCarthy was born here in 1916.

WEST ST. PAUL – Governor Harold Stassen was born here in 1907.

– Whalan, population 64, is home to the famous “Stand Still Parade” the third Saturday of May each year. This event is unlike any other event you will ever witness. The parade stays stationary in the middle of the main street and the people walk around and visit with the people on and in the floats. It was once featured on The CBS News with Dan Rather.

WHITE BEAR LAKE – Outlaw "Ma" Barker lived here in the Dellwood section in 1932.

WINONA – Born here in Winona were: actress Winona Ryder in 1971, and sculptor James Earle Fraser in 1876.
u Watkins Products Company is located here. At one time it was the largest door to door sales force in the world.
u Buried here in Lakewood Cemetery is George H. Christian, early pioneer in the milling industry and founder of the predecessor of General Mills.

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