ABERDEEN – Former Chicago Cub baseball pitcher player Guy Bush was born here in 1901. Babe Ruth hit his last home run off of Bush during the 1929 World Series

ACKERMAN – Singers James and Cecil Blackwood of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet were born here in Ackerman, James in 1919 and Cecil in 1934.

AMORY – Actor John Dye was born here in. He played "Andrew" on TV’s Touched by an Angel.

ARKABUTLA – Actor James Earl Jones was born here in 1931.

BATESVILLE – Baseball player Sammy Vick was born here in 1895. He was the only man ever to pinch hit for Babe Ruth.

BENOIT – Boxer Archie Moore was born here on December 13, 1913.

BILOXI – Barqs Root Beer was invented here in 1898 by Edward Barq, Sr. The building in which this drink was made and bottled still stands and is located at 224 Keller Avenue, one block off U.S. Highway 90.
u Beauvoir, the last home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis is located here. Now a museum his death mask is on display. His former dog Traveler, is buried here in the front yard.

BOND – Baseball pitcher Jerome "Dizzy" Dean is buried here in Bond Cemetery.

BRANDON – Singer Mary Ann Mobley was born here in 1939.

BRUNSBORO – Aaron Burr was arrested here in 1807 after he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

– Singer Lee Gaines founded the Delta Rhythm Boys group here in the 1930s.

CHARLESTON – Actor Morgan Freeman grew up here in Charleston.

– The Cedars, the former home of Josephine Balfour, author of several children's books, is located here. It was once owned by actor, George Hamilton.

– Born here in Clarksdale were: Musician B. B. King in 1925 (other sources say it was Indianola, Itta Bena or Kilmichael), singer Sam Cooke in 1931, and singer Ike Turner in 1931.
u Composer W. C. Handy lived here from 1902-1905.
u On Sept. 26, 1937, blues singer Bessie Smith was in a car accident near Clarksdale on Highway 61 in which she nearly lost an arm. She was brought to the G. T. Thomas Hospital, a black infirmary here in Clarksdale where she bled to death in one of its shabby rooms. The infirmary is now the old Riverside Hotel located along the banks of the Sunflower River which flows through the black neighborhood. The room in which Bessie died has a photo of her propped up against the pillows of a double bed, and is not rented out unless the hotel is filled up. Highway 61, where Bessie Smith's car crashed, intersects Mississippi Highway 49, about a mile from the Riverside Hotel.
u The world's oldest Holiday Inn is located here.

CLINTON – Author Barry Hannah was born here in 1942.
u Singer Lance Bass moved here in 1989.

COLDWATER – Actress Dorris Bowdon was born here in 1914. She appeared in the 1940 film The Grapes of Wrath and was married to writer/produer Nunnally Johnson.

COLLINS – Born here in Collins were: actor Dana Andrews in 1909, and actor Gerald McRaney in 1947.

COLUMBIA – Football player Walter Payton was born here in 1954.

COLUMBUS – Born here in Columbus were: sportscaster Red Barber in 1908, playwright Tennessee Williams in 1911, and boxer Henry Armstrong in 1912.

CORINTH – Jesse James robbed the bank here on December 7, 1884.

CRAWFORD – Football player Jerry Rice in 1962 (other sources say it was in Starkville, Mississippi)

DECATUR – Born here in Decatur were civil rights leaders Charles (1922) and Medgar Evers (1925).

FAYETTE - Springfield Plantation near Fayette, just off the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, was the site of the first marriage between Andrew Jackson and Rachel Robards, in 1791. Springfield was one of the first houses in America built with a full colonnade across the entire front facade. Springfield remains almost entirely original and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

FERRIDAY – Singer Jerry Lee Lewis was born here in 1935.

FRIARS POINT – Singer Conway Twitty was born here in 1933.

FULTON – Musician Jimmie Lunceford was born here in 1902.

GLENDORA – Blues musician Sonny Boy Williamson was born here in 1899.
u Black 14-year-old Emmett Till was murdered here in 1955 by two white men for whistling at a white woman.

GREENVILLE – Born here in Greenville were composer William Alexander Attaway in 1911 (he wrote Day-O the Banana Boat Song), and puppeteer Jim Henson in 1936.

GREENWOOD – Born here were singer Mary Wilson (of The Supremes) in 1944, singer Bobbie Gentry in 1944, and author Donna Tartt in 1963.

GRENADA – Senator Trent Lott was born here in 1941.

HATTIESBURG – Actress Dorothy Dell (Goff) was born here in 1915. She appeared in the 1934 movie Little Miss Marker with Shirley Temple. She was killed in a car accident in Pasadena, California in 1934 at age 19.

HAZELHURST – Musician Robert Johnson was born here in 1920.

HERNANDO – Folk singer Gus Cannon is buried here in the Greenview Memorial Gardens on Highway 51 about 11 miles south of Elvis Presley's Graceland. In 1963 the "Rooftop Singers" had a hit record of his version of Walk Right In which he had recorded in 1929.

HICKORY – Robert L. Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television was born here in 1946.

HOT COFFEE – Hot Coffee is in Covington County and its name is believed to derive from a 19th-century inn that sold coffee.
u Some sources say that actress Stella Stevens was born here in 1938, others say she was born in Yazoo, MS

NDIANOLA – Musician B. B. King in 1925 (other sources say it was Clarksdale, Itta Benaor Kilmichael).

ITTA BENA – Musician B. B. King in 1925 (other sources say it was Clarksdale. Indianola or Kilmichael, Mississippi)

JACKSON – Born here in Jackson were: inventor Harry A. Cole Sr. in 1909 (he invented Pine Sol), author Eudora Welty in 1909, writer Willie Morris 1934, author Richard Ford in 1944, playwright/actress Beth Henley in 1952, singer Faith Hill in 1967, football player Fred Smoot in 1979, singer LeAnn Rimes in 1982, and actress Simbi Khali (she played Nina on the TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun).

KILMICHAEL – Musician B. B. King in 1925 (other sources say it was Clarksdale. Indianola or Itta Bena)

KILN – Football player Brett Favre was born here.

KOSCIUSKO – Talk show host Oprah Winfrey was born here in 1954. She lived here until she was 6. The house she was born in is own Highway 12E about 1 mile outside of Kosciusko, going towards Ethel. There is a large sign by a dirt road reading Oprah Winfrey Road.

LAUREL – Born here in Laurel were soprano Leontyne Price in 1933, and singer Lance Bass in 1979 (he moved to Clinton in 1989)

LEAKSVILLE – Baseball player Wilmer "Vinegar Bend" Mizell was born here in 1930.

LELAND – Jim Henson, creator of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Big Bird and Cookie Monster, grew up here.

LIBERTY – The first can of condensed milk was produced here by Gail Borden in 1853. His home is still standing.

MCCOMB – Born here were: singer/musician Bo Diddley in 1928, singer/actress Brandy Norwood in 1979, singer Britney Spears in 1981.

MERIDAN – Born here in Meridan were: singer Jimmie Rodgers in 1897 (other sources it was in Pine Springs, Mississippi), actor Alvin Childress in 1907 (he played Amos of Amos and Andy on TV), actress Diane Ladd in 1932, and actress Sela Ward in 1956.
u Singer Jimmie Rodgers "The Singing Brakeman" is buried here in the Oak Grove Cemetery. He was known as the "Father of Country Music." Numbed by morphine and alcohol, he died in a hotel room in New York City on May 26, 1933. He was 35.
u Emil Mitchell and his wife Kelly are buried here in Rose Hill Cemetery at 7th St. and 40th Ave. They were the King and Queen of the gypsies in the U. S. in the 1920s and 1930s. Queen Kelly was buried in a Romany costume strung with gold coins dating back to the 18th century.

MISSISSIPPI CITY – The first heavyweight championship fight took place here on February 7, 1882. John L. Sullivan won by a TKO over Paddy Ryan in the 9th round.

MONEY – Black 14-year-old Emmett Till was murdered in 1955 by two white men for whistling at a white woman here in Money.

NATCHEZ – Born here in Natchez were author Richard Wright in 1908, and singer Mickey Gilley in 1936.

NESBIT – Singer Jerry Lee Lewis has lived here since 1979.

NEW ALBANY – Author William Faulkner was born here in 1897.

OKOLONA – Columnist William Raspberry was born here in 1935.

OXFORD – Author William Faulkner died here in 1962 in his home "Rowan Oak." There have been reports that Faulkner's ghost has been seen writing in one of the rooms and has been spotted walking the grounds of his former home. His home is open to the public. Visitors may view Faulkner's room where an outline for A Fable has been scribbled on the wall by the author's own hand.
u Oxford was home to John Grisham, author of The Firm, Pelican Brief, The Chamber, The Client, A Time To Kill, The Rainmaker, and the Runaway Jury.
u Buried here in the St. Peter's Cemetery are:
– William Faulkner, author.
– Lucious Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar. A former U. S. Supreme Court Judge, he wrote the Mississippi Ordinance of Secession. His home was at the east end of Jefferson Ave.
– Augustus Longstreet, author and former president of Mississippi University. He died in 1870..

PASCAGOULA – Singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett was born here in 1936.
u The Singing River here is famous worldwide for the noise it makes, like a swarm of bees. The music, which grows nearer and louder until it seems to come from under foot, is best heard in the still of evening, during late summer and autumn. Various scientific explanations have been offered for the phenomenon, but none have been proven.

PINCKNEYVILLE – Buried near here is Oliver Pollock. He invented the dollar ($) sign.

PINE SPRINGS – Singer Jimmie Rodgers was born here in 1897 (other sources say it was near Meridan, Mississippi).

POPLARVILLE – Mack Charles Parker, a black man, was lynched here on April 24, 1959. Parker had been confined to the Pearl River County Jail in Poplarville after being charged with the rape of a pregnant white woman. Taken out of jail by a white mob, he was tortured and shot to death. His mutilated corpse was discovered May 4, 1959 on the Louisiana side of the Pearl River – about two and a half miles south of the Bogalusa Bridge.

PORT GIBSON – Resin P. Bowie, the inventor of the "Bowie Knife, " is buried here in the Catholic cemetery on Coffee St. The Bowie knife was first used by his brother James at the Alamo.

RICH – Inventor Elizabeth Lee Hazen was born here in 1885. She developed the world's first useful antifungal antibiotic, nystatin.

RODNEY – Before the Civil War Rodney was the largest city on the Mississippi River between Memphis and New Orleans and even missed being chosen as the state capital by one vote. It had over 35 stores and five thousand residents. Andrew Jackson visited Rodney often and Zachary Taylor was living there when notified of his presidency. The town faded at the end of the war when the river changed course and left the port town landlocked. Soon after, a fire almost destroyed the entire town. Everyone moved out when the railroad came through the town of Fayette, 15 miles east. The site is located southwest of Alcorn State University.

ROLLING FORK – Singer/musician Muddy Waters was born here in 1915.

SALTILLO - Kathryn Kelly, wife and crime partner of gangster "Machine Gun" Kelly was born here in 1904. Her birth name was Cleo Brooks.

SLEDGE – Singer Charley Pride was born here in 1938.

SOUTHHAVEN – Author John Grisham moved here when he was 12.

STAR – Singer Faith Hill grew up here.

STARKVILLE – Football player Jerry Rice in 1962 (other sources say it was in Crawford, Mississippi).

SUNFLOWER – New York Times columnist Craig Claiborne was born here in 1920.

TUPELO – Born here in Tupelo, Mississippi were: Elvis Presley on January 8, 1935 at 306 Elvis Presley Drive. (the home is now an Elvis museum, and singer Tammy Wynette in 1942.
u Actor John Dye graduated from Tupelo High School. He played "Andrew" on the TV show Touched by an Angel.
u Elvis and his parents lived in the Lauderdale Courts, a federal housing project in a run-down neighborhood at the edge of town. The brick buildings were still there in 2004 but they were being turned into upscale apartments.
u The Assembly of God Church where the Presley family attended services is located at the corner of Adams and Berry. It is now the East Heights Assembly of God Church.
u Elvis attended Lawhon Grade School on Lake Street east of Main Street.
u Elvis bought his first guitar at the Tupelo Hardware Store on Main Street. The store is still in business.
u Elvis attended Milan Junior High School on Gloster Street just west of Jefferson. The family moved to Memphis when he was in the 8th grade.

VARDAMAN – Vardaman is the Sweet Potato Capital of the world. The Sweet Potato Festival is held here every November.

VAUGHN – It was near here that Engineer Casey Jones, 37, and his engine No. 382 collided with a freight train on April 30, 1900. Casey died on a baggage wagon here in the Vaughn depot.

VERONA – Harold Ray Presley, a cousin of Elvis Presley is buried here in the Lee Memorial Park Cemetery. A sheriff of Lee County, Mississippi, he was shot and killed by an fugitive kidnapper in 2001.

VICKSBURG – Coca Cola was first put into bottles here in Vicksburg in 1894.
u Shoes were first sold in boxes in pairs (right foot and left foot) in 1884, in Vicksburg, at Phil Gilberts Shoe Parlor on Washington Street.

WALLS – Elvis Presley once owned a ranch here. There is a cottage on it where he and Priscilla often stayed. It is located at highway 301 and Goodman Rd.

WINONA – Roebuck "Pop" Staples of the Staple Singers was born here in Winona, Mississippi in 1915.

WOODVILLE – Born here in Woodville, Mississippi were composer William Grant Still in 1895, and musician Lester Young in 1909.
u Jefferson Davis’ boyhood home, Rosemont, was built in 1810 and is located here. The Davis cemetery is on the Rosemont grounds.

WHYNOT – Singer David Ruffin of The Temptations was born here in 1941.

YAHOO CITY – Actress Stella Stevens was born here in 1938. Other sources say she was born in Hot Coffee, MS.
u The "Witch of Yazoo County" is reportedly buried here in the Glenwood Cemetery. The legendary witch was made famous in the stories of Willie Morris who is also buried here.

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