ADVANCE – Singer Diane Adams is buried here in the Morgan Memorial Cemetery. She was killed in a car crash in 1987 at age 24.

ASH GROVE – Gangster Kate "Ma" Barker (Arizona Clark) was born here in 1877. She married George Barker here in Sept. 1892.

AURORA – Kate "Ma" Barker moved here after she married George Barker in 1892. Her four outlaw sons were all born here.

ATHERTON – Born here in Atherton, Missouri were baseball players Mort Cooper in 1913 and his brother Walker in 1915.

AULLVILLE – James Earp, brother of Wyatt lived here at one time.

AURORA – Baseball pitcher Claude "Lefty" Williams was born here in 1893. He was barred from baseball after being involved in throwing the 1919 Chicago White Sox-Cincinnati World Series in what is known as the "Black Sox" scandal.

BEL-NOR – Comedian Jerry Lester is buried here in the Lake Charles Park Cemetery. In Section 2, Lot 81, Space 4 (Masonic section)

BELTON – Buried here in Belton Cemetery at Colburn and Cambridge are:
– Carry Nation, crusader. She devoted herself to smashing up saloons during prohibition. She is in the southeast corner of the Cemetery.
– Dale Carnegie, author/lecturer. He wrote the book
How to Win Friends and Influence People. He is located north of the tool house, there are stones and a chain around his grave.

– Jesse James, along with Bob and Charlie Ford, robbed a Chicago and Alton train near here of $1,500 on August 7, 1881. The railroad agent was beaten senseless. It was Jesse's last train holdup.

BOONEVILLE – Kit Carson lived near here when he was two-years-old.
u Actor/columnist Will Rogers attended Kemper Military School here at Center & 3rd.

BOWLING GREEN – Actor Jack Dougherty was born here in 1895. He committed suicide in Hollywood on May 16, 1938 by carbon monoxide poisoning

BRANSON – Branson is the "Live Music Capital of the World", the number one motorcoach destination in the country and the Veteran's Capital of America. With so much to see and do in Branson it is hard to even begin to cover everything.      GO THERE
u Stuffed here in Branson in the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum are:
– Bullet, Roy Rogers' dog.
– Buttermilk, Dale Evans' horse.
– Trigger, Roy Rogers' horse.
– Trigger Jr., one of Roy Rogers' horses.

BUTLER – Author Robert A. Heinlein was born here in 1907.

– Jesse and Frank James were born and raised here. Frank in 1843, and Jesse in 1847.

CAPE GIRARDEAU – Talk show host Rush Limbaugh was born here in 1951.

CARROLTON – The former home of river boat captain William Baker, is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a Union soldier who was killed in the house after he tried to crash a New Years Eve party in 1865.
u General James Shields is buried here in the St. Mary's Cemetery. He once challenged Abraham Lincoln to a duel.

CARUTHERSVILLE – Actor Eddie Acuff was born here in 1908.

CARTHAGE – Belle Starr, wild west bandit, was born here in Carthage, Mkissouri in 1848. When she was 8, she attended the Carthage Female Academy. Her father owned the Carthage Hotel in 1858.
u Also born here were: actor Karl Hackett in 1893 (he was a top villain in B Westerns), baseball player Carl Hubbell in 1903, and zoo TV host Marlin Perkins in 1905.

CENTRALIA – On September 27, 1864, 70 guerrillas wearing Confederate uniforms led by "Bloody Bill" Anderson plundered the town and massacred many citizens including 25 unarmed Union soldiers. Anderson lined the soldiers up and shot each one between the eyes. Some o the victims were scalped. A few days later they killed 150 more soldiers south of town and mutilated the bodies. 79 of the bodies were later buried in a mass grave along side the railroad tracks in Centralia. In 1873 the bodies were moved to a National Cemetery in Jefferson City. Each of the bodies had been shot between the eyes. It has been reported that Jesse and Frank James and Cole Younger were part of the Anderson gang.

CLARK – General Omar Bradley was born near here in 1893.

CLEARMONT – Murderess Bonnie Heady was born near here in 1912. She is buried here in the Oak Hill Cemetery. Bonnie and her boyfriend Carl Austin Hall kidnapped and killed six-year-old Bobby Greenlease in Kansas City and collected a $600,000 ransom. Both Bonnie and Hall were executed in the gas chamber of the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City. She is on the right side of the road in the right hand section.

COLUMBIA – Born here were actor Howard Hickman in 1880, and inventor of cybernetics Robert Weiner in 1894.
u Singer Jane Froman is buried here in the Columbia Cemetery.

CONWAY – In 1910, world's middle-weight champion Stanley Ketchel, was visiting a ranch near here when he became involved with Goldie Smith, the ranch cook. Goldie was the girlfriend of a ranch hand named Walter Kurz who was very jealous of Ketchel. One morning, Kurtz came into the dining room where Ketchel was sitting with his back to the door. He told Ketchel to put up his hands. When Ketchel refused, Kurtz shot him in the back, killing him. Kurtz was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was paroled in 1934.

CRYSTAL CITY – Basketball player Bill Bradley was born here in 1943.

DEEPWATER – Singer/actress Gladys Swarthout was born here in 1904.

DEFIANCE – Daniel Boone died here in his home in Defiance, Missouri on September 26, 1820. The home is still there at 1868 Highway F.
u When Daniel Boone died he was buried here in Defiance near the grave of his wife, Rebecca. 25 years later they were exhumed reinterred in the Frankfort Kentucky Cemetery. According to Defiance, Frankfort dug up the wrong body. The grave next to Rebecca's was already occupied when Daniel died, they say, so he was buried at her feet. A forensic anthropologist studied a plaster cast of the skull in Frankfort's "Daniel Boone" grave in 1983 and said that it really belonged to a large black man. The cemetery here is located just off Hwy F, about 3-4 miles south of New Melle and about 11 miles east of Marthasville.

DIAMOND – George Washington Carver was born here in 1860. He is also buried here.

DODSON – Outlaw Kid Curry (Harvey Logan) grew up here in Dodson. A member of Butch Cassidy’s “Wild Bunch,” he was one of the most feared killers in the West. On June 8, 1904, Logan and several other outlaws were trapped in a box canyon near Parachute, Colorado. Logan was shot in the shoulder. Rather than give himself up he committed suicide by shooting himself in the left temple.

ELKTON – Fan dancer Sally Rand was born here on April 3, 1903.

EUREKA – Explorer John Chisum was born here in 1884.

EVE – Actress Alice Ghostley was born here in 1926. She died in Studio City, California in 2007.

FLAT CREEK – Actor Don Johnson was born here in 1949.

FLORIDA – Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was a born here in a two-room cabin in 1835. His family moved to Hannibal in 1839.

FRANKENSTEIN – The town is named for Gottfried Franken who donated land to build a church here in 1890. It is located about twelve miles east of Jefferson City, and has a population of less that 100.

GAD'S HILL – The Jesse James gang robbed an Iron Mountain Railroad train here on January 31, 1874.

GALLATIN – Jesse and Frank James robbed the bank here on December 7, 1869 and killed the cashier.

GLENDALE – The Jesse James gang robbed a Chicago and Alton train here of $8,000 on October 7, 1879.

GORIN – Ella Ewing, the world's tallest woman, 8 feet 4.5 inches, moved to Gorin from LaGrange when she was one-year-old. Ella died here in 1912 at age 40, and is buried near her parents in the Harmony Grove Baptist Church Cemetery about four miles from the house she grew up in. Her casket was placed in a steel vault which was embedded in concrete. Read her story   HERE

GRANT CITY – Glenn Miller and his parents moved here from North Platte, Nebraska in 1915. They moved to Fort Morgan, Colorado in 1918.

GREENRIDGE – Actress Pearl White was born here in 1889.

HAMILTON – James Cash Penney, founder of J. C. Penney’s was born here in 1875. The home he was born in is located in Hamilton on U. S. 13.

HANNIBAL – Born here in Hannibal were: "Unsinkable Molly" Brown in 1867 at 600 Prospect (She was a survivor of the Titanic), singer Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards in 1895 (he was the voice of Jimminy Cricket in the film Pinocchio), and inventor of the Lear Jet, William Lear in 1902.
u Mark Twain grew up here at 206-08 Hill St. He worked as a printer's "Devil" here in 1848 on the second floor of 315 N. Main St. when he was 13..
u Mark Twain's childhood girlfriend Laura Hawkins lived at 211 Hill St. Twain modeled his "Becky Thatcher" after Miss Hawkins.

HENRYETTA – Actres Alice Ghostley grew up in Henryetta in the 1930s and 1940s,.

HIGGINSVILLE – Buried here in the Confederate Cemetery are:
– William Quantrill, outlaw and leader of the "Quantrill's Raiders." A hank of hair and five bones of outlaw Bill Quantrill were reburied here on October 24, 1992 with full military honors. For many years they had been in the Kansas State Historical Society Museum in Topeka. The rest of his remains are buried in Dover, Kansas.
– James Cummins, former member of the William Quantrill and Jessie James gangs.

HORNERSVILLE – Major Ray, a 44-inch tall little person who became famous as Buster Brown, spokes midget for Buster Brown shoes is buried here one mile southwest of town on a dirt road off Rt. 164-S School Street. The cemetery is on the left. The grave is about halfway back.

HUMANSVILLE – Born here were screenwriter Zoe Akins in 1886 and actor Edgar Buchanan in 1903.

HUNTSVILLE – Outlaw "Bloody Bill" Anderson was born here 1840.

NDEPENDENCE – Born here in Independence, Missouri were First Lady Bess Truman in 1885, dancer/actress Ginger Rogers 1911, and Margaret Truman, daughter of the president in 1924.
u The graves of President Harry and Bess Truman are located here in the courtyard of the Truman library. Their former home is nearby at 214 N. Delaware.
u Buried here in the Hill Park Cemetery on 23rd St. between Sterling and Maywood are:
– Frank James, brother of Jesse.
– Ann Ralston, wife of Frank James. The daughter of wealthy Independence, Missouri businessman Samuel Ralston, she was working as a school teacher when she met and married Frank James. The cremated remains of Frank had been kept in storage until she died in 1944. The cremated remains of both she and Frank were buried here. They are located along the east wall of the Cemetery.
u Thomas Wood, Doctor to the Jesse James Gang is buried here in Woodlawn Cemetery.

JAMESPORT – Actress Martha Scott was born here in 1912 (1914?). She is buried here in the Masonic Cemetery next to her husband Mel Powell.

JEFFERSON CITY – Inventor Jack S. Kilby was born here in 1923. He developed the integrated microchip.
u Confederate General John Marmaduke is buried here in Woodlawn Cemetery.

JOPLIN – Born here in Joplin were poet Langston Hughes in 1902, actor Robert Cummings in 1908, and actor Dennis Weaver in 1924.
u Bonnie and Clyde killed two cops here on April 13, 1933.
u Famed bank robber Harvey Bailey is buried here in the Forest Park Cemetery.

KANSAS CITY – Born here in Kansas City were: actor Noah Beery Sr. in 1884, actor Wallace Beery in 1885, actor Ernest Truex in 1889, baseball manager Casey Stengel in 1890, dancer Ted Shawn in 1891, actress Jeanne Eagels in 1895, actress Jean Harlow in 1911, film director Robert Altman in 1925, composer Burt Bacharach in 1929, actor Ed Asner in 1929, actress Lori Saunders in 1941, golfer Tom Watson in 1949, musician Eminen 1973.
u Buried here in the Calvary Cemetery are:
– Jeanne Eagels, singer. She died from an overdose of heroin in 1929 at age 35. Her life story was told in
Jeanne Eagels, a 1957 movie starring Kim Novak. She is near the Columbus Memorial, just west of Tom Pendergast.
– Tom Pendergast, Kansas City crime boss.
u Saxophone player Charlie Parker is buried here in the Lincoln Cemetery. There were plans in 1998 to remove his remains from this neglected Cemetery and move them to 18th & Vine, one of Kansas City's historic locations.
u Buried here in the Forest Hills Cemetery are:
– Bobby Greenlease. Six-year-old Bobby, the son of a wealthy Kansas City businessman was kidnapped and murdered on September 28, 1953. He is in the Abbey mausoleum.
– Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards. In Block 100, Lot 74, Space 10
– Leroy "Satchel" Paige, baseball player.
– John Truman, father of Harry Truman.
– Martha Truman, mother of Harry Truman.
– Mary Truman, sister of Harry Truman.
u Buried here in the Mount Washington Cemetery are:
– Jim Bridger, Western Frontiersman.
– Clarence Kelley, former director of the FBI.
u Radio actors Goodman and Jane Ace are buried here in the Mount Carmel Cemetery. Their radio show Easy Aces was on from 1931 to 1945.
u Buried here in the Mount Moriah Cemetery are:
– Clara Stover. She invented the Eskimo Pie ice cream bar in Omaha, Nebraska. When she and her husband Russell moved to Kansas City in 1931 they founded the Russell Stover Candy Co. She is in the Mausoleum.
– Russell Stover, husband of Clara. He is in the Mausoleum.
– Dan Quisenberry, baseball player.

KEARNEY – Outlaw Jesse James was born here in Kearney on the James family farm in 1847. He was baptized here in the Kearney Baptist Church.
u Jesse was originally buried here in the yard but was later moved to the Mount Olivet Cemetery in 1902. Frank James died here on the farm in 1915. When Jessie was still buried here, his one-armed mother gave twenty-five cent tours of the house and sold pebbles from Jessie's grave. When Jesse was dug up and moved from here to Mount Olivet Cemetery in 1902, his coffin fell apart and his skull rolled back into the grave twice. A bullet hole could be seen behind his left ear. The James house is still here and open to tourists. The bed in which Jesse and Frank were born is still in the house. The house is located at 21216 Jesse James Farm Road.
u Buried here in the Mount Olivet Cemetery at 6th and the State Highway 33 are:
– Jesse James, outlaw. Jesse's coffin was dug up in 1995 and opened to verify that it was truly him - it was - and he was reburied.
– Zerelda Samuel, mother of Jesse James.
– Archie Samuel, half brother of Jesse James. He died in the Pinkerton raid on the James home in 1875.
– Charlie Ford, brother of Bob Ford. (The man who shot Jesse James). He was there at the shooting and witnessed it.

KENNET – Singer Sheryl Crow was born here in 1962.

KEYTESVILLE – General Maxwell Taylor was born here in 1901.

KING CITY – The world’s laargest gas pump is located here at 508 N. Grand Ave., & Jct. Hwy 169

KIRKSVILLE – Born here in Kirksville were: singer Rusty Draper in 1923, and actress Geraldine Page in 1924.

LACLEDE – General John J. Pershing lived here when a boy from 1866 to 1882 at State and Worlow.

LAGRANGE – Ella Ewing, the world's tallest woman (8'4") was born here in 1872; she moved to Gorin when she was one-year-old.

LAMAR – President Harry Truman was born here in Lamar, Missouri in 1884 at what is now 1009 Truman Ave.
u Wyatt Earp was elected Constable here in 1870.
u Wyatt Earp and Ursilla Sutherland were married here on January 10, 1870. They met here in her father's Sutherland Hotel.
u Virgil Earp and Rosella Dragoo were married here in 1870.
u Urilla Sutherland Earp, first wife of Wyatt Earp is buried here in the East Side Cemetery on Hagney Street between 16th and 17th. Urilla and her child died here in late 1870 while she was giving birth.

LANCASTER – Writer Rupert Hughes was born here in 1872. He was an uncle of Howard Hughes.

LAUSEANNA – Actor Claude Gillingwater was born here in 1879,

LEBANON – A train wreck here on September 15, 1914, killed 29 people.
u The red-brick Munger Moss Motel here at 1336 East Route 66 is a survivor of the Route 66 experience of the 1950s and 60s.

LEES SUMMIT – Cole Younger and his outlaw brothers were born and grew up here. Cole died here on October 3, 1916, His home was still here on Highway M-291 in the 1980s.
u Buried here in the Lees Summit Historical Cemetery at 3rd and Independence at the corner of Langsford Rd. are:
– Cole Younger, outlaw.
– Jim, Younger, outlaw.
– Bob Younger, outlaw.
– Bursheba Fristoe Younger, mother of the Younger brothers.
– Oliver Shepherd, outlaw member of the William Quantrill Gang. He was the first person to be buried here (1869).
– George Shepherd, outlaw and member of the William Quantrill Gang.

LEMAY – Buried here in the Mount Olive Cemetery are:
– Louis Jordan, musician. His big hits were
G.I. Jive, Caldonia, Choo Choo Ch' Boogie, Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens, and Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
– Joseph Marconnot. When he died in 1925, he left instructions that he be embalmed in the same manner as King Tut, then dressed in a tuxedo and buried in a granite mausoleum with a plate glass door to allow viewing of his body. Fearing vandalism, the Catholic Archdiocese eventually asked the family to replace the glass door with a plain stainless steel door. His body was restored in 2002.
u Gangster Gus Winkler is buried here in the Park Lawn Cemetery. He was one of the killers in Chicago's St. Valentine's Day Massacre." in 1927. In 1930, he robbed a bank in Lincoln, Nebraska of $2 million. On October 9, 1933, he was shot and killed by the mob on the north side of Chicago. He is in the southeast corner.

LEXINGTON – The Jesse James gang robbed the Alexander Mitchell Bank here of $2,000 in October of 1866.

LIBERTY – Hubert Eaton, founder of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California was born here in 1881.
u Jesse James robbed his first bank here on February 14, 1866. He got $60,000. It was the first daylight bank holdup in the U. S. While escaping out of town, they killed 19-year-old George Wymore, an unarmed student at William & Jewell College. The old building, at 103 N. Water St, is now the Jesse James Bank Museum.
u Outlaw Johnny Ringo attended William & Jewell in the 1882
u Mormon leader Joseph Smith was once held here in the Liberty Jail.

MANSFIELD – Author Laura Ingalls Wilder moved here in 1894. She wrote her first Little House on the Prairie here in 1932. She died here on her Rocky Ridge Farm in 1957. The Wilder Home and Museum is at 3068 Highway A .
u Laura Wilder and her husband Almanzo Wilder and their daughter Rose are buried here in the Mansfield Cemetery.

MARBLE HILL – The bones from the Hypsibema missouriensis, known as the Missouri dinosaur, are located here in the Marble Hill Museum. The bones were discovered near Glenallen in 1942 when the Chronister family was digging a well.

MARSHFIELD – Astronomer Edwin Hubble was born here in 1889.
u The first motel for horses was opened here in 1967.

MARYVILLE – Born here in Maryville were: Dale Carnegie, author/lecturer in 1888, and violinist/conductor Sarah Caldwell in 1924.

MATSON – Daniel Boone owned a farm here in 1799.

MEMPHIS – Gunslinger Tom Horn was born here in Memphis on November 21, 1860.

MILL SPRINGS – Health expert Bernarr MacFadden was born here in 1868.

MOBERLY – General Omar Bradley went to high school here.

MONEGAW SPRINGS – Jim and John Younger killed two Pinkerton detectives near here in 1874.

NEOSHO – Artist Thomas Hart Benton was born here in 1889.

NEVADA – Actor/director John Huston was born here in 1906.

NEW MADRID – The most powerful earthquake to strike the United States occurred here n 1811. The quake shook more than one million square miles and was felt as far as 1,000 miles away.

NIXA – Baseball player Mickey Owen was born here in 1916.

NOVELTY – Novelty is a village in Knox County with a population of about 150..

ORRICK – Guerrilla gang leader, "Bloody Bill" Anderson was ambushed near here by Union troops on October 27th, 1864. Anderson was riddled with bullets while still in his saddle. His body was then taken to Richmond, Missouri.

OSCEOLA – Outlaw John Younger was killed near here by Pinkerton detectives on March 16, 1874.

PALMYRA – Actress Jane Darwell was born here in 1879.
u William Russell, co-founder of the Pony Express is buried here in Greenwood Cemetery.

PARIS – TV hostess Mary Margaret McBride was born here in Paris, Missouri in 1899.

PATTONSBURG – Actor "Wild Bill" Elliott was born here in 1904.

PECULIAR – Peculiar received its name in 1868 when the first postmaster Edgar Thomson had his first choice, Excelsior, rejected because it already existed in Atchison County. Several other choices were also rejected. The annoyed Thomson wrote to the Postmaster General himself to complain saying, among other things, "We don't care what name you give us so long as it is sort of “peculiar'" — Washington approved that name. A historical plaque in the town of about 3,000,. reads, "In 1861-1864 while bloody battles raged throughout the southern states nothing happened here." The town motto is, "Where the 'odds' are with you."

PERUQUE – Baseball player Ken Heintzelman was born here in 1915.

PLATTE CITY – Bonnie & Clyde hid out here at the Crown Cabin Camp in 1933.

POINT LOOKOUT – The Beverly Hillbillies TV car is in the Ralph Foster Museum at the College of the Ozarks Campus on Point Lookout, which is only two miles south of Bransoni.

POPLAR BLUFF – A tornado killed 92 people here on August 9, 1927.

– Calamity Jane (Mary Jane Canary) was born here in 1852.

RENSSELAER – Laura Hawkins Frazer, childhood sweetheart of Samuel Clemens is buried here in the Big Creek Cemetery. She is "Becky" in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She died in 1929.

RAY COUNTY – Bob Ford, killer of Jesse James grew up here in Ray County.

RICHMOND – The Jesse James gang robbed the Hughes & Wasson Bank here of $4,000 in gold in May of 1866. They killed the mayor of Richmond, and the jailer and his son.
u The body of guerrilla gang leader, "Bloody Bill" Anderson was brought here after he had been killed near Orrick by Federal Union troops on October 27, 1864. Union troopers, who hated Anderson, cut his head off and stuck it on a telegraph pole at the entrance of town. His headless body was tied to a horse then dragged along the streets of Richmond before it was dumped in an unmarked grave outside town. A former member of the vicious Quantrill gang, Anderson would scalp Union soldiers then tie the scalps to his horse's bridle.
u "Bloody Bill" Anderson was buried here without a funeral. Years later, Cole Younger, former outlaw, and once a member of the Anderson gang, came to town with his traveling show, hired a preacher, and with his show band playing, he staged a belated ceremony at the grave. In 1967, a government issue headstone was placed on the grave.
u Bob Ford, the man who killed Jesse James, is buried here in the Richmond Cemetery on North Thornton St. Ford was shot and killed in Creede, Colorado in 1892. One of shotgun pellets drove his collar button through his throat. To find his grave, drive in the right hand entrance up to the top of the hill, stop at the end of the road, just before you would be forced to turn left. On the right you should see a rather large marker bearing the name CHENAULT. Bob Ford's grave is located down the hill to the left and couple of rows behind the CHENAULT marker.

ROCKY CUT – Jesse James robbed the bank here in July of 1876.

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RUSSELLVILLE – Jesse James and Cole Younger robbed the bank here on March, 20, 1868.

SEDALIA – Born here were actress Sidney Drew in 1890, and actor Jack Oakie in 1903.
u Composer Scott Joplin moved to Sedalia in 1895.
u Actress/screenwriter Lucille McVey is buried here in the Sedalia Memorial Gardens Cemetery. She was married to screenwriter Sidney Drew from 1913 to 1919.

SIKESTON – On January 25, 1942, a few weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a black oil-mill worker knifed Grace Sturgeon, a white soldier's wife in her home. When apprehended, Cleo Wright also knifed a marshal, and was shot repeatedly. Hours later, while his victims were recuperating in a hospital, and Wright lay dying in an unsecured jailhouse, he was seized by an angry white mob, dragged through the streets behind a car and later doused with gasoline. Wright was burned alive in the middle of Sikeston's black community.

SKIDMORE – Ken McElroy for years had terrorized Skidmore and was considered the town bully. He had been charged with more than 20 felonies, robbing, raping, burning, shootings. He intimidated people by driving by at night and firing a shotgun blast, putting a rattle snake in their mailbox, etc. On July 10, 1981, while parked in front of the D & G Tavern on Main Street, in broad daylight, with a crowd estimated at 45 people around his pickup truck, Ken McElroy was shot in the head with a high powered rifle. The grand jury investigations and an FBI probe resulted in no indictments and no trial.

SLATER – Actor Steve McQueen grew up here in Slater, Missouri from 1931 to 1945. His family moved here when he was one year old.

SOUTH WEST CITY – The Bill Doolin gang robbed the bank here on May 20, 1895. They killed the State auditor.

SPRINGFIELD – Actress Kathleen Turner was born here in 1954.
u Golfer Payne Stewart is buried here in the Hazelwood Cemetery.

ST. CHARLES – Buried here in the St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery. are:
– Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, explorer. He was the first Chicago settler. A high school is named after him in Chicago.
– Cole Rebecca Younger, former wife of outlaw Cole Younger.

ST. GENEVIEVE – Jesse James and Cole Younger robbed the bank here on $4,000 in May of 1873.

ST. JOSEPH – Born here in St. Joseph were: actor Irving Bacon in 1893, cinematographer Norbert Brodine in 1896, artist Al Hirschfeld in 1903, musician Coleman Hawkins in 1904, comedian Benny Baker in 1907, actress Jane Wyman in 1914, actress Ruth Warwick in 1915, TV newscaster Walter Cronkite in 1916, actress Betty Garrick in 1919.
u Jesse James was shot and killed here by his friend Bob Ford just outside town on April 3, 1882. Jesse lived here with his wife and two children. The house was originally on 36th St. north of Seneca, but was moved here to 1318 Lafayette. GO THERE
u The Pony Express opened here on April 3, 1860. GO THERE
u On September 8,,1953, Carl Hall and Bonnie Emily Brown Heady kidnapped six-year-old Bobby Greenlease from his school in Kansas City. They drove him to Johnson County, Kansas, where Hall shot him to death. After sending Bobby’s father a message demanding a ransom of $600,000, they brought the boy here to St. Joseph and buried him in the yard of Bonnie’s home at 1201 So. 38th. READ MORE         AND MORE
u Skidmore town bully, Ken McElroy is buried here in the Memorial Park Cemetery. He is in the Garden of the Last Supper, near the water faucet on the right of the memorial. (see Skidmore for more details)

ST. LOUIS – Born here in St. Louis were: poet Eugene Field in 1850. (He is buried here at his boyhood home at 634 S. Broadway), actress Fannie Ward in 1872, film director King Baggot in 1874, poet Sara Teasdale in 1884, poet T. S. Eliot in 1888, actor Wallace Reid in 1891, actor William Fairbanks in 1894, civil rights leader Roy Wilkins in 1901, singer Helen Traubel in 1903, singer/dancer Josephine Baker in 1906, actor Vincent Price in 1911, musician Orrin Tucker in 1911, movie producer David Merrick 1912, novelist William Burroughs in 1914, actress Betty Grable in 1916, actress Virginia Mayo in 1920, actress Shelley Winters in 1922, comedian Redd Foxx in 1922, political activist Phyllis Schlafly in 1924, baseball player Yogi Berra in 1925, baseball player Joe Garagiola in 1926, baseball player Elston Howard in 1929, baseball manager Earl Weaver in 1930, TV host Bert Convey in 1933, actress Kathy Nolan in 1933, comedian Dick Gregory in 1932, actor Robert Guillame in 1937, actress Marsha Mason in 1942, actress Mary Frann in 1943, golfer Judy Rankin in 1945, actor Kevin Kline in 1947, actor John Goodman in 1952, actor Scott Bakula in 1955, and actress Linda Blair in 1959,
u Buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park & Mausoleum are:
– August Busch Sr., former president of Anheuser-Busch Brewery. He shot himself to death.
– Adolphus Busch III., former President of Anheuser-Busch Brewery.
– August "Gussie" Busch Jr., former president of Anheuser-Busch Brewery.
u Buried here in the Calvary Cemetery at 5279 W. Florissant Ave. are:
– General Tecumseh Sherman. He is buried north of the entrance.
– Tom Dooley, missionary.
– Dred Scot, former slave. He is in section 1.
– Tennessee Williams, author.
u Buried here in the Bellefontaine Cemetery at 4947 W. Florissant Ave. are:
– William Burroughs of Burroughs Adding Machine Co. In Block 37 Lot 3938.
– Adolphus Busch, founder of the Annheuser-Busch Brewery.
– Sara Teasdale, poet. She committed suicide in 1933.
u Buried here in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery are:
– Jack Buck, St. Louis Cardinals announcer. He is in Section 85, Grave 117.
– Eric Knight, author. He wrote "Lassie, Come Home" in 1940. He is in Section 81, Grave 305
u Baseball player Joe Medwick is buried here in the Saint Lucas United Church of Christ Cemetery.
u Baseball player George Sisler is buried here in the Des Peres Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

STANTON – The Jesse James gang hid out here in the Meramec Caverns in the 1870s.

STRINGTOWN – Baseball player Clark "Old Fox" Griffith was born here in 1869.

SULPHER SPRINGS – A train wreck here killed 34 on August 5, 1922.

– Success is located about twelve miles northwest of Houston at the southern intersection of Missouri State Highways 17 and 32. The community was founded in 1883 and was originally known as Wye City

SUMNER – The World’s largest goose statue is located here. It has a 65- foot wingspan. is about 3-stories tall, and weighs about 4,000 pounds.
u Senator James Fulbright was born here in 1905.

THAYER – The Ma Barker and Alvin Karpis gang hid out here in 1931.

TIGHTWAD – Tightwad is a village in Henry County. The population is about 100.

TIPTON – Musician Gene Clark was born here in 1944 and is buried here in the Saint Andrews Cemetery. He was co-founder of the rock group "The Byrds."

TIPTON FORD – A train wreck here killed 43 people on August 5, 1914.

TRACY – Baseball player Murray Dickson was born here in 1916.

– Gangster and bootlegger Charlie Birger (Shachnai Itzik Birger) grew up here. He was hanged in Illinois in 1928 and was buried here in the Cheseld Schel Emeth Cemetery.

VELDA VILLAGE – Buried here in the Saint Peters Cemetery are:
– James "Cool Papa" Bell, baseball player.
– Allen Britt. He was fatally shot and killed in 1899 by Miss Frankie Baker, a regular in the "red light" district in St. Louis. The incident was later told in the song
Frankie and Johnny.
– William "Willie" Lyons. He was killed Christmas Eve in 1895 by Lee Shelton in a saloon in St. Louis. The incident was later told in the song
Stagger Lee. He is in an unmarked grave in Section 5, Lot 289.
– Thomas Turpin, ragtime pianist. He wrote the songs
Hot Time in the old Town Tonight and Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-A. He is in Section 29, Lot 167.

WAKENDA – Inventor James Fergason was born here in 1905. He developed the liquid crystal to display readouts.

WARRENSBURG – Actor Sidney Toler was born here in 1874. He played Charlie Chan in films.

WARSAW – Warsaw holds the state record for the low temperature of -40 degrees on February 13, 1905. It also holds the state’s high temperature record when it reached 118 on July 14, 1954.

WASHINGTON – Henry Tibbe invented the first corn cob pipe here in Washington, Missouri in 1869.

WEBB CITY – Oulaw Kate "Ma" Barker and her family moved here in 1904. Her two older sons graduated from high school while here.

WENTZVILLE – Singer Chuck Berry was born here in 1926.

WEST PLAINS – Actor Dick Van Dyke was born here in 1925.

WILBUR PARK – Novelist Fannie Hurst is buried here in the New Mount Sinai Cemetery.

WINDSOR – Inventor Charles Stark was born here in 1901. He developed inertial navigation.

WINSTON – The Jesse James gang robbed a Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific train near here on July 15, 1881. They killed the conductor, a passenger, and viciously beat several others. They got $600.

WITTENBERG – Stone steps and rock foundations are pretty much all that's left of this Southeast Missouri town, which at one time had as many as 350 residents. Driving along the overgrown gravel streets, one can easily picture what used to be in place of the ghost town Wittenberg is today. A pile of flat rocks is all that is left of a popular brewery that once stood there. Next door is the remnants of the former Wittenberg Post Office, its rusted sign still hanging over the door. Like so many river towns, its creation and downfall are both tied to the water of the nearby Mississippi River. The first noticeable signs of a crumbling economy began after a 1927 flood. After that, people moved away and businesses closed. First the furniture factory, then the two grocery stores, the flour mill, two hotels and the cooper shop. In 1983, a Perry County Court agreed to residents' requests to disincorporate the town, which had a population of five people at the time. An even-higher flood in 1993 finished Wittenberg. The ghost town is located on the Mississippi River in Perry County just beyond Altenberg, on Hwy A about 20 miles north of Cape Girardeau

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