ALDER GULCH – Alder Gulch is a fourteen-mile length of stream that was once rich in gold. The original Alder Gulch community has changed over the years into two cities, Virginia City and Nevada City. The town boomed during the gold rush of 1863, but the boom was short-lived. The town has been preserved through the efforts of 150 residents living in Alder Gulch who are committed to keeping the area authentic to its origins. Alder Gulch is located west of Virginia City, on US Highway 287. (See Virginia City and Nevada City for more details)
u Eight-year-old Calamity Jane lived here in 1864 with her parents.

ANACONDA – Bridget Sullivan, Lizzie Borden's former maid, is buried here in Mount Olivet Cemetery. Bridget was the Borden family's house maid at the time Lizzie's parents were axed to death in 1892. After the Borden murders, she married a man also named Sullivan, and moved here to Butte where she died on March 26, 1948 at age 82.

BABB – Jockey George Wolfe was born here in 1910. He was Seabiscuit's jockey. Babb is a small town in Glacier County, and is part of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. It has one school (Babb School), a K-6 elementary school which had 36 students in 2005.

BANNACK – In 1862, Sheriff Henry Plummer ran Bannack and Virginia City with an iron hand, hanging innocent people in the name of the law. On January 10, 1864, Plummer and two of his deputies were hanged by vigilantes on the outskirts of town. In 1863, gunfights in the street were common. Strangers killed strangers for the way they looked.
u Calamity Jane learned how to play poker here in 1866.
u From 1875-1881, Bannack boomed, and 3000 people lived here. It was both county seat and territorial capital in 1864. The streets were lined with one & two story wooden structures and the two story brick courthouse. A ghost town today, many old buildings still remain in one of Montana's best ghost towns. The old Meade Hotel in town is reported to be haunted.  Sixty historic log and frame structures remain standing in Bannack, many quite well-preserved; most can be explored. The site is listed as a National Historic Landmark. The town is presently the site of Bannack State Park. It s located on Grasshopper Creek, south of CR 278, about 35 miles west of Dillon.    GO THERE    NEXT    NEXT

BIG ARM – Big Arm is located in Lake County, The population was 131 in 2000.

BIG TIMBER – Calamity Jane lived here at one time. Big Timber is a located in Sweet Grass County. Population was 1,695 in 2003. The movies "A River Runs Through It" and "The Horse Whisperer" were filmed here. In 2004, the population was 1,745.

BILLINGS – Baseball player Dave McNally was born here in 1942.
u Outlaw Calamity Jane and artist Will James once lived in Billings.
u Buffalo Bill often stayed here in the Rex Hotel at 2401 Montana Avenue.
u Buried here in the Boothill Cemetery on the northwest corner of Main and Rimrock are:
– Sheriff Muggins Taylor. He was shot and killed by Henry Lump. Muggins was the Army scout who brought news to the world of the Custer massacre in 1876.
– Henry Lump. He killed Sheriff Muggins Taylor.
u Baseball player Dave McNally is buried here in the Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park Cemetery.

– Calamity Jane's mother died here in 1866 and was buried here. Blackfoot is part of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, and is west of Cut Bank, in Glacier County.

BOZEMAN – Buried here in Sunset Hills Cemetery between Story and College Street, east of Church St. are:
– John Bozeman, founder of Bozeman. He was killed by Indians.
– Henry Comstock. He discovered the most famous mine in history, the Comstock Lode in Gold Hill, Nevada, but sold it for $10,000. Down to his last penny in 1870, he committed suicide.
– Chet Huntley, newsman. He is in the new addition, lot 219, block 61.

BRADY – Actor George Montgomery was born here in 1916. Brady is located in Pondera County, northwest of Great Falls..

BUTTE – Born here in Butte were: actress Kathlyn Williams in 1888 (she was known as the Selig Girl), actress Grace Lair (Gaylor) in 1890 (she was the original Coca-Cola Girl), writer Robert N. Lee in 1890, actor/female impersonator Julian Eltinge in 1893, actress Jean Parker in 1915, actress Martha Raye in 1916, (she was born in a hospital charity ward when her vaudeville parents were in town for a show), and motorcyclist Evel Knievel in 1938.
u World's Middleweight boxing champion Stanley Ketchel knocked out local boxing champion Kid Tracey in the first round here in 1903 in the Big Casino Saloon.
u Bridget Sullivan, Lizzie Borden's former maid died here on March 26, 1948, at age 82. She is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Anaconda.
u The Anaconda Copper Mine was started here in 1881. An underground fire at the Anaconda mine killed 164 miners in 1917. The Anaconda was the largest copper mine in the world.    

u The Copper King Mansion here at 219 W. Granite St., is a 34-room Victorian mansion built from 1884 to 1888 as the Butte residence of William Andrews Clark, one of Montana's three famous "Copper Kings" who helped establish the fledgling Montana territory through their business ventures.
u The Dumas brothel/museum here was built in 1890. It was operated as a house of prostitution continuously until 1982, making it the longest running freestanding brothel in the United States. The Dumas is the only preserved building in what was once Butte's thriving red light district. Saved from demolition by Butte native Rudy Gieck who bought the building and began its restoration in 1990, The Dumas is open as a museum featuring an old-time photography studio and tours. It’s located at 45 East Mercury St.     GO THERE

CASTLE CITY – Calamity Jane ran a restaurant here at one time. Castle City is now a ghost town north of Livingston.      GO THERE

CHOTEAU – Author Alfred Bertram Guthrie was living here when he died in 1991. He wrote the Big Sky.

COMET – Comet is a ghost town located about twenty miles SSW of Helena. It is reached by following High Ore Road north from Interstate 15. The remains of the town cover about thirty-five acres and consist of an ore hopper, a large ore processing building, several other company buildings, and numerous houses and other private structures.        

COULSON – Western Frontiersman John “Liver-Eating” Johnston was a deputy sheriff here in 1880. He was immortalized as “Jeremiah Johnson” in the 1972 film starring Robert Redford.

CROW AGENCY – At 3:30 p.m. on June 25, 1876, General Custer and 267 of his men were killed here by Indians in the battle of Little Big Horn. When the 36-year-old Custer's naked body was found later, one of his fingers was cut off, and an arrow had been shoved into his penis. There was a wound in his temple, and it was thought that Custer had saved his last bullet for himself. The battle site is 15 miles south of Hardin, one mile east of Highway 90, on Highway I-90, on the Crow Indian Reservation.        GO THERE        NEXT       
u Many of the 7th Calvary soldiers who died at Little Big Horn are buried in the Custer National Cemetery, east of Highway 90, south of U. S. 212.

CULBERTSON – Actor Lane Chandler grew up here in the early 1900s.

– Cut Bank is known as the “Coldest spot in America.” The world’s largest penguin statue is located here. It is 27 feet tall and weighs 10,000 pounds.        GO THERE

DEER LODGE – Born here in Deer Lodge were actress Jean Parker in 1915, basketball coach Phil Jackson in 1945, and composer Eric Funk in 1949.
u Deer Lodge iis located in north of Anaconda. The population, in 2003, was 3,324. It was named for the presence of a salt lick that attracted large numbers of deer

DILLON – Murder victim Blance Lamont is buried here in the Mountain View Cemetery. Blanche, 22, was killed in San Francisco in 1873 by Theodore Durrant in the famous case of "Murder in the Belfry." He lured her into the Emanuel Baptist Church, where he was a prominent member, and strangled her to death in the belfry tower. Her body wasn't discovered until 10 days later when the body of Theodore's other victim, Minnie Williams, was found in a closet in the church library. Blanche was buried hee in the Lamont family plot.        

DIVIDE – Divide is in Silver Bow County, in the Butte-Silver Bow metro area. The community was named for its location near the Continental Divide

ELKHORN – Elkhorn is a preserved ghost town North of SH 69, near Elkhorn Peak, 20 miles northeast of Boulder and 28 miles south of Helena. The town boomed from 1872 into the 1890s. A few residents still live here. The Fraternity Hall and the Gilliam Hall next door, are two surviving buildings, and many of the cabins have been reoccupied. Calamity Jane ran a restaurant here at one time.          
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EUREKA – It was once called the Christmas tree capital of the world. Eureka is located in the northwest corner of the state.    GO THERE

FORT BENTON – In August of 1936, the casket containing the body of a local sheepherder was loaded onto the baggage car of a train here at the depot. It was being shipped back east for burial. Off to one side was a shepherd dog with sad eyes. He watched the train move out of sight, then turned and slowly walked away. The next day, when the daily train arrived, the dog was waiting at the station hoping that his master would be on it.. He was there again the next day, and the next, and the next. And always, when the train pulled out, his tail would droop in disappointment as he slowly walked away. For three years the dog, named Shep, met the train every day until 1939, until the train's conductor figured out what was happening and wrote a story about him in the local paper. Almost at once, Shep became one of the most famous dogs in the country.
– On January 12, 1942, as Shep was walking to the station to meet the train, he failed to hear the engine as it pulled into the station. Bystanders saw him lookup when the engine was almost on him, move quickly, and slip on the snowy tracks. The wheels crossed his body. Shep had gone to meet his master. Shep was laid to rest at the top of the bluff overlooking the station. The mayors of Fort Benton and Great Falls were among the hundreds who attended the funeral on January 14. Local Boy Scouts served as pallbearers. A profile monument of Shep was erected and a spotlight was turned on the grave so passengers on night trains could see his grave as they passed.    

GARNET – Garnet was founded in 1862 when gold was discovered here. Now a preserved ghost town, it is located 24 miles east of Missoula. The old hotel here is reportedly haunted.        

GILT EDGE  – Calamity Jane once said that Gilt Edge was her favorite town. Now a ghost town, Gilt Edge is 5 miles from Maiden and 14 miles east of Lewistown.         GO THERE        NEXT

–  Founded in the 1880s, Glendale once had a population of 2000. Now a ghost town, Glendale is located about 16 miles west of Melrose.       GO THERE        NEXT        NEXT

GRANITE  –   In 1890, more than 3,000 miners, merchants and families lived in Granite. This region was one of the richest silver producers in the Unite States. Now a ghost town, Granite Is located four miles east of Philipsburg To get to Granite, go east on Hwy 10A, south on Sansome, east on gravel road opposite Center St. about 4 miles from townsite.      GO THERE        NEXT     

GRASS RANGE – The "The Wild Bunch" was formed northwest of here by Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Kid Curry. Grass Range is located in Fergus County, east of Lewistown. The population was 149 in 2000
GREAT FALLS – Born here in Great Falls were: writer/artist Will James in 1892, and actress Pert Kelton in 1907 (she was the original Alice on the Honeymooners),
u Ted Kaczynski, the "Unibomber," once lived here with his brother David in the Chinook Apartments on 6th Avenue North.
u There are 200 silos tucked away here in fields and meadows around Great Falls containing Minutemen Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.
u Buried here in Highland Cemetery are:
– George Montgomery, actor.
– Charles Marion Russell, artist.

HAMILTON – Country singer Hoyt Axton is buried here in the Daly-Leach Chapel.

HARDIN – Wrestler Kendall Cross, U.S. Gold Medalist was born here in Hardin in 1968.
u During WWII, 2,000 Japanese internees were brought here to work the beet fields.

HARLOWTON – Calamity Jane lived here at one time. Harlowton is located in Wheatland County, soutwest of Lewistown. The population was 2003

HELENA – Born here in Helena, Montana were actor Howard Freeman in 1899, actor Gary Cooper in 1901, and actor Dirk Benedict in 1945.
u Ted Kaczynski, the "Unibomber," stayed here at the Park Hotel, on Last Chance Gulch, 31 times from 1980 to 1995. He usually stayed in room 119 to the right of the lobby.
u During the gold rush of the late 1880s, there were 50 millionaires living in Helena.
u Actress Myrna Loy's ashes are buried alongside her parents here in Forestdale Cemetery. She is in the East half, lot #4, Valley View. She went to high school in Helena,.

HUNGRY HORSE – Hungry Horse is located in Flathead County, The population was 934 in 2000..

JORDAN – Football player Jerry Kramer was born here in 1936.
u Jordan was once called "The loneliest town in the world" because it was so remote.

KALISPELL – Flathead High School is located here.

– Lame Deer is in Rosebud County. It was named after an Indian chief. The population in 2000 was 2,018.

LANDUSKY – On December 24, 1894, outlaw Kid Curry (Harvey Logan) killed Pike Landusky here in Jake's Saloon during an argument. Landusky was the founder of the town.

LAURIN – Red Yager and G. W. Brown, members of the outlaw Plummer gang were hanged here on July 4, 1864. Now a ghost town, Laurin is south of Butte and 87 miles northwest of Yellowstone National Park. It is can be reached off of Highway 287, between Twin Bridges and Ennis.      GO THERE    NEXT

LINCOLN – Ted Kaczynski the "Unibomber," was captured here in his cabin in Semple Pass about 5 miles southeast of town. He spent many hours in the Lincoln Library, where he always sat in the back corner where the research and postal guides were, or in the front corner where the newspapers were. He bought some of his bomb material at the Grizzly True Value Hardware Store.

LITTLE BIG HORN – The Little Bighorn battlefield here has many "headstones" that mark where each person was found dead. The bodies, themselves, are not actually buried under these stones. Most of the bodies were buried in a mass grave nearby, marked by a large granite marker bearing the names of all "white men" that died in the battle. (See Crow Agency)

LIVINGSTON – Economist Lester C. Thurow was born here in 1938.
u Calamity Jane and Madame Bulldog once ran a dance hall here in 1870. Jane lived in a cabin at 213 Main St.
u Tex Rickard ran gambling games here in the Bucket of Blood Saloon before he became a fight promoter.
u Peter Fonda, Jeff Bridges and Michael Keaton all lived here in the early 1970s. Director Sam Peckinpah lived here in the Murray Hotel for a long time. His former suite has been restored and the bullet holes he put in the ceiling have been covered up.

LOLO – Lolo is in the Missoula metro area. The population in 2000 was 3,388.

MALTA – The Sundance Kid robbed a train here in 1892. Malta is located in Phillips Couinty. The population, in 2003, was 1,974. It was named for the island in the Mediterranean

MISSOULA – Born here in Missoula were: Jeanette Rankin in 1880 (she was the first woman to be elected to Congress in the U. S.), author Dorothy Baker in 1907, choreographer Michael Smuin in 1938, actor/filmmaker David Lynch in 1946, and comedian Dana Carvey in 1955.
u During WWII, 1,200 Italian-Americans and 650 Japanese-Americans were held here at Fort Missoula.
u Buried here in the Missoula Cemetery are:
– Kirby Grant, actor. He is best known as the 1950s television hero
Sky King.
– Edgar Paxson, artist. He painted the "Custer's Last Fight, mural in the Montana Capitol.

NEVADA CITY – Nevada City, an 1860s gold mining town was a ghost town until it was restored between 1945 and 1978. The entire town is a historical museum. Today it is a famous tourist attraction It is located 55 miles from Dillon. Take I-15 north, take Dillion exit Hwy. # 41,to HWY 287. Its right on the Highway, two miles west of Virginia City. 

PLENTYWOOD – Chief Sitting Bull and his braves surrendered here to the U. S. Army in 1881. Plentywood is located in Sheridan County. The population was 2,061 at the 2000. This small yet lively town features exotic animal farm tours and a hot air balloon rally in June

RADERSBURG – Actress Myrna Loy was born here in 1905.

RAYNESFORD – Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, worked here at the Kibbey Corner Truck Stop for two weeks in 1992.

RED LODGE – Western Frontiersman John “Liver-Eating” Johnston was a constable here in the 1890s. He was immortalized as “Jeremiah Johnson” in the 1972 film starring Robert Redford.

RINGLING – Ringling was named for circus owner John Ringling. Ringling once owned a ranch here. Ringling at one time owned over 100,000 acres in the area and at one time contemplated establishing a circus headquarters here. At one time, Ringling was a bustling little town with several businesses as a junction for White Sulphur Springs transfer customers. After several devastating fires, the last in 1931. and the demise of the railroads, Ringling, located southeast of Helena, dwindled to a few people and the surrounding ranches. Today it has a post office, school, and restaurant and bar. The town was immortalized by Jimmy Buffett when he wrote of the town in his song "Ringling, Ringling."

SAUGUS – Saugus, a rural town in Prairie County, located on the Yellowstone River, was once one of the biggest cattle and horse shipping points in eastern Montana. The town was on the Milwaukee Road railroad line. Just after midnight, on June 19, 1938, the Olympian #15, a Trans-Missouri passenger train derailed near here when bridge piers were undermined by the high water of Cluster Creek caused by a cloudburst. 7 of the 11 cars derailed. Of the 175 people aboard, 47 people drowned and 75 were injured. Some bodies were never recovered. The Milwaukee Road changed the named of the station to Susan to remove its association with the accident. The last railroad to run through Saugus was the Burlington Northern Railroad. The rebuilt trestle still stands, part of a county road, 26 miles east of Miles City, between Kinsey and Terry.

SHELBY – Jack Dempsey and Tommy Gibbons fought here for the world's heavyweight title on July 4, 1923. A 45,000 seat arena was built for the fight, but only 7,000 showed up. Dempsey won. Shelby is located in Toole County. The population in 2003 was 3,306.

– Southern Cross was founded during the gold rush of the mid-1860's.   On Oct 31, 2000, the last resident of the ghost town was evicted, and the town was dismantled and hauled away       

SPRINGDALE – John Bozeman, founder of Bozeman, Montana was killed near here by Indians in 1867.

TOWNSEND – Actor Patrick Duffy was born here in 1949.

VIRGINIA CITY – "Three-fingered" Jack Gallagher, George "Clubfoot" Lane, Frank Parish, Boone Helm, and Hayes Lyon, all members of the Plummer outlaw gang, were hanged here in Virginia City, Montana on January 13, 1864 from the "Hanging Tree" at the corner of Van Buren and Wallace Streets across from the Virginia Hotel as several thousand people watched. The five outlaws were buried all in a row in Boothill Cemetery, north on Fairweather Street, about 1/2 mile to a bluff above town. Now a ghost town, Virginia City is southwest of Bozeman.
u Gunfighter Jack Slade, was hanged here from the "Hanging Tree," on March 10, 1864. He is buried in Salt Lake City.
u Calamity Jane lived here in 1865 when she was 12.
u A semi-ghost town, the former gold mining town once had 10,000 people and was once Montana's second territorial capital. It is located On SH 287, 14 miles west of Ennis.        
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WAGNER – Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and the Wild Bunch robbed the Great Northern Flyer train near here of $40,000 on July 3, 1901. It was their last robbery in the U. S.

WASHOE – A mine explosion here on February 27, 1943 killed 74 miners.     GO THERE

WIBAUX – President Teddy Roosevelt was a frequent visitor here in the 1880s The population was 567 in 2000.

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