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AMES –  Founded in 1885 as a cattle town, Ames in 1930, had a population of 500. By 1980 there were only 40 people left. Ames is just west of Fremont on Highway 30.

ALLIANCE – Just north of Alliance on Highway 87, stands a replication of Stonehenge, England's ancient alignment of stones that chart the sun and moon phases.  Nebraska's   Carhenge, created from vintage American made automobiles, is a unique car sculpture that assumes the same proportions of the original Stonehenge.      Go There
•   Visit Alliance’s Main Street Downtown   Go There    

ANTIOCH –  During WWII, Antioch had a population of over 2,000. In 1980 only 20 of them were left. Antioch was a mining town which was established during WWI to mine potash. There were over 2000 people here at its peak. In 1939, the demand for potash faded and by 1939 there were only 25 people left. Antioch is located  2.15 miles east of Alliance.

ARCADIA –  Actress Leslie Easterbrook lived here on a farm when a young child.

AURORA –  Engineer Dr. Harold Edgerton grew up here. He invented the strobe light.

BASSETT  –  Kid Wade was a horse thief and all around bad man who rode with Doc Middleton's outlaw gang terrorizing northern Nebraska and the Dakota's. In 1883, Wade escaped from prison, a posse captured him in Iowa and returned him here to Bassett where angry townsmen took matters into their own hands. On the night of February 8, 1884, Wade was dragged from the jail, and lynched. Bassett is located in Rock County. Population in 2003 was 680

BAYARD –  Chimney Rock is a geological formation rising nearly 300 feet above the surrounding North Platte River valley, the peak of Chimney Rock is 4226 feet above sea level. During the middle 19th century it served as a landmark along the Oregon Trail, the California Trail, and the Mormon Trail, which ran along the north side of the rock. It is on Chimney Rock Road, 1.5 miles south of State Highway 92 near its junction with US26, about 20 miles southeast of Scottsbluff, on the south bank of the North Platte River.
•   Visit Bayard’s Main Street  Downtown    Go There       

BEATRICE –  Born here in Beatrice were baseball player Jim Faulkner in 1899, and baseball player Pid Purdy in 1904. (Purdy died here in 1951).

BEEMER –  Baseball player Mel Harder was born here in 1909.
•   Visit Beemer’s Main Street Downtown   Go There  

BELLEVUE –  Baseball player Henry Clarke was born here in 1875.

BELMONT –  Gunslinger Charles McIntyre was jailed here in 1874 for drawing his gun. He was later lynched.  To get to Belmont, take Highway 2 west out of Hemingford for 12 miles.  Turn north (right) on Highway 2-71 and go 18 miles to the Belmont sign.  Drive three miles east on a rough dirt road.  Turn left right before the bridge and go over the railroad tracks.    Go There

BENKELMAN –  Actor Ward Bond was born here in 1903.

BENNET –  On January 27, 1958, while a 200-man posse searched the country side here for mass killer Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Fugate, a local farmer found two bodies in a storm cellar near August Meyer's farm outside Bennet. Seventeen-year-old Robert Jensen and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend Carol King, had both been shot in the head. King had been raped before she was killed. Meyer was found inside his house, his head had been torn apart by a shotgun blast. All three had been murdered by Starkweather.
•   Buried here in the Bennet Cemetery are:
–   Carol King, murder victim
–   Robert Jensen, murder victim. After entering the main gate, his grave is a two rows back from the fence on the right.
–   August Meyer, murder victim. After entering the main gate, his grave is a few rows back from the fence on the right.

BENNINGTON –  Composer Paul Williams was born here in 1940.

BERLIN  –  A tornado wiped out the town on March, 25, 1913.  The "Berlin" tornado began 4 miles south of Douglas in southwest Otoe County. It traveled northeast and leveled many farms as it passed 2 miles NW of Syracuse. It hit the town of Berlin, now called Otoe, and killed 12 people and produced $250,000 worth of damage. The tornado continued into Cass County where it killed one person near Rock Cliffs, by the Missouri River. It continued on into Iowa where 3 people were killed north of Bartlett and 2 people were killed SE of Glenwood in Mills County. Berlin was renamed Otoe after World War I due to anti-German sentiment. The population was 217 in 2000.

BIG SPRINGS –  The Sam Bass gang robbed a train near here of $60,000 on September 19,1877.  Big Springs is located in Deuel County. It had a population of 410 in 2003.      Go There
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BOYS TOWN  –  Murderer Charles Manson once lived here in Boys Town. His incorrigible thieving, and his surly troublesome manner had him in trouble most of the time and he was asked to leave.
•   Father Flanagan, founder of Boys Town is buried here in the Dowd Chapel.

BRAINARD  –  Actor Lyle Talbot lived here at one time.
•   Visit Brainard’s Main Street Downtown  Go There    

BROWNVILLE –  Jesse James once hung out here at the Lone Tree Saloon on Main  St. Once a favorite watering hole, the Lone Tree Saloon is now "Nebraska's oldest health food store in Nebraska's oldest town".  This building was also used as the Opelt Opera House and was even mentioned in Willa Cather's writings. Today, the Lone Tree Saloon is the home of Brownville Mills and Harold Davis, shopkeeper, offers up stone ground flour and other cereal products. Established in 1854 and incorporated in 1856, Brownville quickly became the largest town in what was then the Nebraska Territory. It became an important port on the Missouri River and grew to a population of 1,309 by 1880. Population in 2000 was 146.      
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BURCHARD –  Silent screen comedian Harold Lloyd was born here in 1893.

BURTON –  Burton, a semi-ghost town,  was established as an agricultural town along with its post office in 1884. The post office closed in 1973. Located on S.R. 12 8 miles east of U.S. 183, the population in 2000 was 11. There were many abandoned buildings in town.    Go There

CENTRAL CITY –  Writer Wright Morris was born here in 1910.
•   Visit Central City’s Main Street  Downtown   Go There    

CHADRON –  Outlaw George "Flat Nose" Curry grew up on a farm near here. He later became a member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch in the late 1890s.
•   Visit Chadron’s Main Street Downtown   Go There    

CHAPPELL – Trombonist Jack Teagarden lived here for a short time in 1918.
•   Visit Chappell’s Main Street Downtown  Go There   Go There Again

CLIMAX –  Inventor Jay W. Forrester was born here in 1918. He developed the computer magnetic core memory.

COLUMBUS – Leon Spinks, now 52, the man who beat Muhammad Ali for the heavy title in 1978, was living here in December 2005. Now broke, he unloads trucks at McDonalds and sweeps floors and cleans toilets at the YMCA. for $5.15 an hour.
•   Visit Columbus’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

COZAD –  Playwright Glenn A. Hughes was born here in 1894.
•   Visit Cozad’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

CRAB ORCHARD –  Actor Roy Barcroft was born here in 1902.

CRETE  –  Harry H. Culver, founder of  Culver City, California lived here at one time.

CRAWFORD –  Indian Chief Crazy Horse was killed here in September 5, 1877 at nearby Fort Robinson. He was wounded by a soldier's bayonet while an Indian held his arms.     Go There
•   Visit Crawford’s Main Street  Downtown    Go There

CROOKSTON   – A semi-ghost town, Crookston  is located on US20, 11 mi west of Valentine;. Population in 2000 was 95.      
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•   Visit Crookston’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

DAVID CITY –  Born here in David City were: Joyce Hall, founder of the Hallmark Card Co. in 1891, and singer Ruth Etting in 1896.
•   Visit David City’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

ELBA –  Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander was born here in 1887.
ELMWOOD –  Author Bess Streeter Aldrich moved here in 1909. She is buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery.

FAIRBURY –  Actress Irene Worth was born here in 1916.
•   Outlaws Ma Barker and Alvin Karpis robbed the bank here of $151,000 in 1932.
•   Visit Fairbury’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

FILLEY –  Actor Robert Taylor (Arlington Spangler Brugh) was born here in 1911.  

FRANKLIN –  At the south edge of Franklin, between the railroad tracks and the Republican River is a piece of farmland immersed in the lore of Jesse James. The legendary outlaw talked of buy­ing 160 acres in Franklin as a home for his family after robbing just one more bank. But he was killed - shot in the back of the head in his home at St. Joseph, Mo. -- before completing the land deal. In late 1881, he answered a Lincoln Journal advertisement for 160 acres, with a creek running through it, for sale at Franklin, saying: The 160 acres is still farmland. The creek no longer runs through the site. It was rerouted after the 1935 Republican River Flood.    Go There 
•   Baseball player Clarence Mitchell was born here in 1891.

FREMONT –  Born here in Fremont were baseball player Sloppy Thurston in 1899. Electronic engineer Harold Edgerton in 1903, actress Julie Sommars in 1940, and actress Marg Helgenberger in 1958.
•   Spam meat is produced here in Fremont.
•   Visit Fremont’s Main Street Downtown  Go There    Go There Again

GERING – Charles Starkweather was held here in jail after his capture on January 30, 1958. He wrote a confession on the wall in his cell which included a drawing of a heart with an arrow through it, and the name Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate.
•   Visit Gering’s Main Street Downtown  Go There    Go There Again

GIBBON –  Entertainer Dick Cavett was born here in 1936.

GOTHENBURG – Two original Pony Express stations are still located here.      Go There

GRAND ISLAND – Born here in Grand Island were: social reformer Grace Abbott, in 1878, puppeteer Bill Baird in 1904, actor Henry Fonda in 1905, co-founder of Capital Records Glenn Wallichs in 1910, and singer Joe Feeney (He was a regular on the Lawrence Welk show).
•   Entertainer Dick Cavett spent his early years here.
•   In 1995, 90% of students here were white and in 2010, 50% of students are children of Illegal aliens.

GROSS  – Gross is a village located in Boyd County. As of the 2000 census, the village had a total population of 5. According to the United States Census Bureau, it was one of only 8 places in the United States with a population of five people.     Go There

•   GUIDE ROCK –  Screenwriter Lew Hunter was born here in 1935.
•   Visit Guide Rock’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

HARVARD –  Born here in Harvard were: baseball player Billy Southworth in 1893, and musician Paul Revere of Paul Revere and the Raiders in 1938.
•   Visit Harvard’s Main Street Downtown  Go There    Go There Again    
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HASTINGS –  Born here in Hastings were: baseball player Johnny Hopp in 1916, composer Neal Hefti in 1922, actress Sandy Dennis in 1937, football player Harry Hopp, and football coach Tom Osborne in 1937.
•   Kool-Aid was invented here by amateur chemist Edwin E. Perkins in 1927. The building in which the first Kool-Aid was made was Bob's Electric in 1998. Hastings has an annual Kool-Aid Days and a Kool-Aid Museum.
•   Buried here in the Parkview Cemetery are:
–   Johnny Hopp, baseball player.
–   Edwin and Kathryn Perkins. They created Kool-Aid.

HAY SPRINGS –  Writer Mari Sandoz was born near here in 1896.

HAZARD – Hazard is located at the junction of Hwy 2 and 10. It is home to the Hazard Post Office, the Hazard Café and 60+ people.    
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•   Visit Hazard’s Main Street Downtown  Go There

HEBRON – The largest porch swing in the world is located here. It can seat 25.
•   Visit Hebron’s Main Street Downtown   Go There    Go There Again    
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HILDRETH  –  Actor Pierce Lyden was born here in 1908.

HOLDREGE  –  Al Lewis, a sound engineer for motion picture theaters, was born here in 1908. He equipped Radio City Music Hall for sound.
•   Visit Holdrege’s Main Street Downtown   Go There
HOMER –  James Capone came here to Homer in 1919 and worked as a house painter and paper hanger. People knew him as Richard Hart and did not know that he was Al Capone's brother. A few years later he was elected town Marshall. He soon became known as "Two-Gun" Hart, because he carried a gun strapped to each hip, and with either hand could shoot the cap off of a beer bottle at a hundred feet. But he was caught stealing merchandise from the stores in town and was fired. In 1940, his family was notified that the long-lost brother was living here in Homer. He was broke, had only one eye, a wife and four sons, and was on relief. The Capone family sent him a check every month to help him out. When James Capone (or Richard Hart) died here in 1952, he was totally blind. Population of Homer in 2003 was 603.      
•   Visit Homer’s Main Street Downtown  Go There     Go There Again  

HORACE  –  Baseball player Darrell Johnson was born here in 1928.

KEARNEY –  Kearney is located exactly between Boston and San Francisco. 1,733 miles on either side of Hwy 30.
•   Actress Leslie Easterbrook lived here on a farm when a teenager.
•   Visit Kearney’s Main Street Downtown   Go There   

KRONBORG –  A tiny village near Marquette, Kronborg has an old schoolhouse, a few old buildings, an old two story house, and an old church in the middle of a pioneer cemetery.
LAUREL –  Actor James Coburn was born here in 1928.
•   Visit Laurel’s Main Street Downtown  Go There

LEXINGTON –  Baseball player Cliff Lee was born here in 1896.

LINCOLN –  Born here in Lincoln were: baseball player Fred Beebe in 1880, actress Pauline Bush in 1886, baseball player Les Mann in 1893, baseball player Lyman Lamb in 1895, author Mignon Eberhart in 1899, radio announcer Don Wilson in 1900 (he was Jack Benny's announcer), former Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty in 1909, cartoonist Richard Moores in 1909, TV writer Margaret F. Lynch in 1916 (she created the "Ethel and Albert" radio comedy series), vaudeville/burlesque actress Rosita Royce in 1918, actress Leslie Brooks in 1922, actress Lucille Norman in 1926, author/Hollywood historian and best selling author, Ken Schessler in 1927, presidential advisor Ted Sorenson in 1928, actor David Doyle in 1929 (he was John Bosley in TV's Charlies Angels), mass murderer Charles Starkweather in 1938, US Vice President Dick Cheney in 1941, actor Lucky Vanous in 1962, actress Janine Turner in 1962, and actress Hilary A. Swank in 1974.
•   Charles Starkweather, 17, and his girlfriend, Caril Fugate, 14, terrorized the plains states for a week in 1958 when they went on a murder rampage. The killing spree started here in Lincoln when Starkweather killed a service station attendant, Caril's parents and her two-year-old sister at their home at 924 Belmont, and a Lincoln businessman. The pair then left Lincoln and traveled west.  
•   Charles Starkweather was electrocuted here in the Nebraska State Penitentiary at midnight June 24, 1959.  
•   Gangster Gus Winkler and six other men robbed the Lincoln National Bank here at 12th & O Streets of almost $3 million on September 17, 1930. Several months later, Winkler, an associate of Al Capone, was found dead on a Chicago street. He had been murdered gangland-style with a shotgun. The Lincoln National Bank was demolished in 1976.
•   Robbers Cave near here has always been a spooky and mysterious place. When settlers first came to Nebraska, the area around it was the home of the Pawnee Indians. High on the summit of Pahuk Bluff, the Indians considered the cave a scared place. In 1873, the cave became a meeting place for gamblers, outlaws and horse thieves. Jesse James is said to have hid out in the cave after a robbery in 1876. In 1906, there were rumors that a treasure box was found in the cave and that the cave was haunted. Soon it became a tourist attraction. Today, the site has been filled and a business was constructed on top of what was the cave entrance near the intersection of 10th Street and High.
•   William Jennings Bryan lived here from 1902 to 1917. His home is still here at 4900 Sumner.
•   Harry H. Culver, founder of  Culver City, California lived here at one time.
•   Entertainer Dick Cavett grew up here.
•   Author Bess Streeter Aldrich lived here from 1945 until here death in 1973.
•   The 911 system was developed and first used here.
•   The Reuben Sandwich was invented here in the Cornhusker Hotel in 1937. (Other sources say it was in Omaha in 1925)
•   Buried here in then Wyuka Cemetery are:
–   Gordon MacRae, actor/singer.
–   Charles Starkweather, mass murderer.
–   C. Lauer Ward, victim of Charles Starkweather.
–   Clara Ward, victim of Charles Starkweather.
•   Buried here in the Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery are:
–   Teena Brandon, murder victim. Teena preferred to live as a male, so she dressed like a man and called herself Brandon Teena. When friends discovered she was really a female they murdered her in a farmhouse near Humboldt, Nebraska. She was the subject of the 1999 Award-Winning movie Boy's Don't Cry, and of the television documentary The Teena Brandon Story.
–   Sandy Dennis, actress. She won an Oscar for her role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? in 1966. She is in the Mausoleum Number 3, Wall A, Col. 1C.
–   Bob Devaney, former Nebraska football coach.

LINWOOD  –  Small village with a population of less than 100.
•   Visit Linwoods’s Main Street Downtown  Go There       Go There Again

LOMA  –  Much of the 1995 film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything starring Julie Newmar was filmed here.    Go There
•   Visit Loma’s Main Street Downtown  Go There       Go There Again

MARSLAND  –  The semi-ghost town of Marsland is located 12 miles west and 9 miles north of Hemingford along Highway 2.      
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MCCOOK  – 1956 Miss America Sharon Kay Ritchie was born here in 1937.
•   Visit McCook’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

MEADOW GROVE –  With a population of 311, Meadow Grove, in the Norfolk area, does not have any movie theaters or bowling alleys. In 2002, homes could be bought at auction for as little as a few thousand dollars.      Go There

MILFORD – Born here in Milford were Harry H. Culver in 1880 (He founded Culver City, California in 1913, and baseball player Bill Rumler in 1891.

MINDEN –  Baseball player Otto Miller was born here in 1889.
•   Former Senator Carl Curtis is buried here in the Minden Cemetery.

MIRA VALLEY –  A blizzard here in Mira Valley on January 12, 1888, trapped teacher Minnie Freeman and her students in their little sod schoolhouse. When the storm blew in the school's windows and tore off the roof, Minnie decided to make a run for safety. She tied her thirteen young students to one another and led them into the howling 45-mile-an-hour wind and snow to a house about a mile away. Minnie became famous across the nation as the heroine of what became known as the "School children's Storm." Grade school children as far away as Boston wrote essays in her honor, and because of the newspaper stories of her exploits, here received over 80 marriage proposals. The song Thirteen Were Saved, was inspired by Minnie's account of the ordeal. Mira Valley is six miles south of Ord..

NAPONEE –  Actor David Jannsen was born here in 1930.

NEBRASKA CITY –  Movie producer Leland Hayward was born here in 1902.
•   Abolitionist John Brown hid runaway slaves in the cellar of an old log cabin here on 19th Street in the 1850s. Known as John Brown's Cave, the cellar had a tunnel that led to Table
Creek. Brown was later executed for leading the raid on a government armory in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia on October 16, 1859.
•   J. Sterling Morton, founder of Arbor Day founded Arbor Day here in 1872. His 1855, 52-room mansion is still here in Arbor Lodge Street Historical Park.
NORFOLK  –  Born here in Norfolk were actor Thurl Ravenscroft  in 1914. (He was the voice of "Tony the Tiger."), and artist Joyce Ballantyne Brand in 1918 (she painted the famous ad for Coppertone lotion that shows a little pigtailed blonde girl with a dog pulling down the bottom of her swimsuit),
•   Johnny Carson grew up here at 306 So. 13th.
•   Actor Don Stewart grew up here. He played Michael Bauer for 16 years on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. He died at age 70 in 2•   006.
 Visit Norfolk’s Main Street Downtown  Go There

NORTH PLATTE –  Oglala Sioux Indian leader Red Cloud was born near North Platte in 1822.
•   Ten-year-old Glenn Miller and his family moved here in 1913. They moved in 1915.
•   Buffalo Bill Cody lived here in 1870. He held his first rodeo here on July 4, 1882.
•   In 1941, the young women of North Platte opened a canteen at the town's railroad depot where troops trains filled with soldiers stopped briefly on their way across the country. When the trains stopped here in North Platte the women greeted them with home made sandwiches, cakes, fresh fruit, coffee, candy, cigarettes, and magazines. Each day of the war, every day of the war, from five in the morning to midnight, the women served the young GI's. Over six-million soldiers passed through North Platte between 1941-45. The North Platte train station was torn down in the winter of 1973, 27 years after the last troop train arrived on April 1,1946.
•   Henry Hill, the former mobster turned government informant whose story was immortalized in the movie Goodfellas, was living here in North Platte in 2005 where he was a chef in the Firefly Restaurant. His testimony sent 59 New York mobsters to prison.

OAK –  Baseball player Russ Snyder was born here in 1934.
•   Visit Oak’s Main Street Downtown  Go There   Go There Again

OGALLALA –  In 1883, Charlie Reed, a gunslinger, rustle and drifter, shot and killed a man named Dumas here in a saloon. Reed was hanged by an angry mob.
OMAHA –  Born here in Omaha were: artist Susette La Flesche in 1854, ethnologist Francis La Flesche in 1857, actor Joseph Henabery in 1888, dancer/actor Fred Astaire in 1889, dancer Adele Astaire in 1898, actor Givot in 1903, composer Ann Ronell in 1905, film producer William Dozier in 1908, boxer Max Baer in 1909, actor Wesley Addy in 1913,  US President Gerald R. Ford in 1913, actress Dorothy McGuire in 1918, actor Montgomery Clift in 1920, actor Marlon Brando in 1924, actress/singer Julie Wilson in 1924, pianist Roger Williams in 1925, civil rights leader Malcolm X Little in 1925, actress Anne Ramsey in 1929, millionaire investor Warren Buffett in 1930, actress Inga Swenson in 1933, baseball player Bob Gibson in 1935, comedian Skip Stevenson in 1940, actor Nick Nolte in 1941, actress Swoosie Kurtz in 1944, and TV newswoman Paula Zahn in 1956.
•   The Reuben Sandwich was invented here by butcher Reuben Kulakofsky in 1925. (Other sources say it was in Lincoln in 1937)
•   Marlon Brando's mother gave Henry Fonda his first acting lessons here in the Omaha Community Playhouse.
•   Buried here in the Forest Lawn Cemetery are:
–   Clair and Mabel Criss, founders of the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Companies. They are in the Criss Mausoleum on Mausoleum Row, Section 27.
–   Anne Ramsey (Mobley), actress. She played "Momma" in the film Throw Momma from the Train. She is in Section 21, Lot 97, Grave 10, unmarked.
–   Robert Storz. He is credited with inventing the Top 40 Radio format during the mid 1950s while he worked at KOWH in Omaha.
–   Carl Swanson, founder of Swanson's Frozen Dinners. Swanson's invented the TV Dinner in 1954. He is in the south edge of Section 24.
•   Buried here in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery are:
–   Edward Creighton, Nebraska's wealthiest citizen in 1862. After he died in 1874, money from his estate was used to establish Creighton University.
–   Charles "Skip" Stephenson, comedian. He was the host of the TV show Real People from 1979-1984. He is in the far northwest corner of Cemetery, near the fence at the corner of 50th & Howard St.
•   Emil Brandeis, a member of the Brandies Department Store family is buried here in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. He was on the ship Titanic when it sunk in 1912.
•   Brigham Young and a group of Mormons spent the winter of 1846-47 near here. 600 of them died and are buried here in the Mormon Pioneer Cemetery.
•   The remains of the 1935 Triple Crown winner Omaha were buried on the grounds of the old Ak-Sar-Ben racetrack in 1959. When the track's clubhouse was expanded in 1974, the structure was built over his grave and the headstone was moved to another location. The track closed in 1995. In 2002, when the grandstand and clubhouse were being razed, workers were not been able to locate Omaha's remains. Some say his grave was where the clubhouse lobby was located.

O'NEILL –  Born here in O'Neill were musician Harry Owens in 1902 (he was the leader of the band "Royal Hawaiians), and Frank Leahy, former Notre Dame football player and coach was born here in 1908.
•   Visit O’Neill’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

OSCEOLA –  Actor John Archer (Ralph Bowman) was born here in 1915.
•   Visit Osceola’s Main Street Downtown   Go There   Go There Again

PAWNEEE CITY –  Actress Irish McCalla was born here in 1929. She was TV's Sheena Queen of the Jungle.

PERU –  Herbert Brownell Jr. was born here in 1904. He was the Attorney General of the United States in President Eisenhower's cabinet from 1953 to 1957.
•   Visit Peru’s Main Street Downtown    Go There    Go There Again

RED CLOUD –  Author Willa Cather moved here in 1883 when she was ten. She wrote the book O' Pioneers. The home she grew up in is still here at 3rd and Cedar.
•   Lorenzo Oatman moved to Red Cloud in 1885. Lorenzo was a member of the pioneer Oatman family that were brutally attacked by the Apaches in Arizona in 1861. Six members of the Oatman family were massacred – only Lorenzo and his sisters Olive and Mary survived. While here, he owned three hotels, the Valley House, Gardner House, and the Holland House. When Lorenzo died here in October 1901 at age 65, every business closed for his funeral which was held at the Methodist Church.
•   Red Cloud is an American classic, a typical small town in the heartland.  Downtown, neat rows of two-storied commercial buildings face each other across the brick paving of Webster Street. Beyond downtown, tree-lined streets pass along fenced yards containing white frame houses.  Huge elms and maples tower overhead. The downtown ends abruptly where the residential neighborhood begins.  Just as suddenly the rows of houses gives way at the edge of town to cornfields and pasture.     Go There
•   Visit Red Cloud’s Main Street Downtown   Go There     
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RULO  –  Jesse James lived here in 1865 while recuperating from wounds he received in the Civil War. Rulo is located near Falls City and had a population of 219 in 2003.      Go There
•   Visit Rulo’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

SCOTTSBLUFF –  Musician Randy Meiser was born here in 1946. He was a member of the Eagle rock group.
•   A German/Italian POW camp was located here in WWII.

SIDNEY –  After leaving the U. S. Cavalry in 1877, legendary lawman, Billy Breckenridge became a train brakeman, then a storekeeper here in Sidney. In 1928, at age 82, Breakenridge published his famous book of the old West, Helldorado, which made him rich and even more famous than when he hunted outlaws in Arizona.
•   Visit Sidney’s Main Street Downtown  Go There

ST. PAUL –  Hall of Fame Pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander died here in 1950. He is buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery.

STAPLEHURST –  Actress Coleen Gray was born here in 1922.

STRANG –  A semi-ghost town, Strang has only 38 residents.     
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SURPRISE –  A small village with a population of less than 40.   
•   Visit Surprise’s Main Street Downtown    Go There        Go There Again

SUTHERLAND  –  Baseball player Cliff Mapes was born here in 1922.

TECUMSEH  –  Baseball player Dennis Aust was born here in 1940.

TEKAMAH  –  Cowboy actor Everett "Hoot" Gibson was born here in 1892.
•   Visit Tekamah’s Main Street Downtown   Go There     Go There Again

TILDEN  –  Born here in Tilden were religious leader L. Ron Hubbard in 1911, and baseball player Richie Ashburn in 1927.

TRYON –  Five-year-old Glenn Miller and his family moved here in 1909 into a sod house. They lived here until 1915 when they moved to North Platte. Population was 90 in 2000.      Go There

ULYSSES –  Small village reportedly named after Ulysses S. Grant.
•   Visit Ulysses’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

VALENTINE –  Patrick Duel of Valentine weighed 1,072 pounds before he went on a diet in 2004 and lost 321 pounds in 8 weeks. The 42-year-old Duel said he loved burritos and pizza.

WAHOO –  Born here in Wahoo were composer Howard Hanson in 1896, and movie producer Darryl F. Zanuck in 1902.
•   Lillian Fencl, murder victim of Charles Starkweather is buried here in the Sunrise Cemetery.
•   Visit a Yahoo Residential Street    Go There

WESTON –  Baseball player Bob Cerv was born here in 1926.
•   Visit Weston’s Main Street Downtown   Go There

WINNEBAGO –  Born here in Winnebago were actress Lillian St. Cyr in 1883 (she was known as Princess Red Wing), and Hall of Fame pitcher George "Chief" Johnson in 1887.  Winnebago is located within the Winnebago Indian Reservation. The population was 779 in 2003.

YORK –  Movie director Fred Niblo (Fredrico Nobile) was born here in 1874.
•   Caril Fugate, girlfriend and accomplice of mass killer Charles Starkweather, served her sentence here at the Nebraska Prison for Women. After she was released in 1976 at age 32, she moved to St. John's, Michigan.

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