AURORA – "Three-Fingered" Jack McDowell ran a saloon here in Aurora, a place where beatings, mayhem, and murder were the norm. After a man named Sears was murdered in McDowell's saloon, a law-abiding Aurora citizen threatened to tell the local authorities the identities of the killers, one of which was McDowell. The killers took quick action and cut the throat of the would-be informer and then threw his body into the muddy street. So incensed were the town citizens, that they formed a vigilante group and attacked McDowell's saloon on February 5, 1864, and hanged McDowell and the three other killers from hastily constructed gallows on Main Street. Now a ghost town in ruins, Aurora once had 10,000 people, 100 buildings and 760 homes. A cemetery is still on a hill overlooking the ruins. Aurora is located in Mineral County about 22 miles southwest of the town of Hawthorne.    GO THERE
u Mark Twain worked a gold mine claim here in 1862.

AUSTIN – Austin once had a population of 10,000 and $50 million were taken from its mines. Now a semi-ghost town, the Stokes Castle, a three-story stone tower, is located just outside of town. It was built in 1897 by Anson Phelps Stokes, a wealthy eastern capitalist who had a financial interest in several of the local mines.     GO THERE      
u Opera singer Emma Nixon Nevada was born here in 1859.

BATTLE MOUNTAIN – Battle Mountain was named by Money Magazine as the “Armpit of America,” the worst city in America to live in.     GO THERE

BELMONT – Belmont, a present day ghost town is located in Nye County.During the 1870s it was known as a major mining boomtown where there was gold. At one point there was a report to have a population of 15,000. Like many ghost towns this one lasted for a short time before people moved to Potts which is a modern day ghost town.
GO THERE        NEXT         NEXT

BERLIN – Berlin,, a ghost town and a former silver mining town, is located in the Pahrump metro area. In 1954, a fossilized ichthyosaur, a swimming reptile from the Triassic period (some 200 million years ago) was discovered here.     GO THERE      NEXT

BULLFROG – Shorty Harris discovered the first gold here in 1904. When he died in 1934, he was buried here beside James Dayton founder of the town of Dayton. Now a ghost town, only foundations remain. Bullfrog is located i the Pahrump metro area.

BOULDER CITY – TV director Joseph Behar is buried here in the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery
u The Fisher Space Pen Co. Is located here at 711 Yucca Street.

CALIENTE – A semi-ghost town, Caliente is located in Lincoln County. Population was 1,131 in 2003.      GO THERE    

CANDELARIA – Candelaria was named in 1865 and at one time had a post office, 2 hotels, 11 saloons, livery stables, a schoolhouse, 2 newspapers, and other businesses, but no church. It's silver veins produced over $33,000,000. Now a ghost town, an old grave yard on a hill overlooks the ruins of the town.    GO THERE      
u James E. Casey, founder of UPS was born here in 1888..

– Rosa May, who was Bodie, California's most popular prostitute during the gold rush lived here at #1 Ormsby street in the 1880s.
u "Gentleman" Jim Corbett and Fred Fitzsimmons fought here for the heavyweight title in 1897.
u Nevada's Route 50, the "Loneliest Road in America." starts hereand runs almost 400 miles across central Nevada to the Utah border, crossing desert terrain and mountain passes, through old mining towns and growing suburbs, past country brothels and prehistoric cave drawings.

CASELTON  –  A ghost town, Caselton is on private property and you have to get permission to explore the grounds  It is located in Lincoln Count near the Utah border.       GO THERE    NEXT        NEXT

CHERRY CREEK – One of the best ghost towns in Nevada, Cherry Creek once had a population of over 6,000 and 28 saloons.  The town n is located 55 miles north of Ely just off Hwy 93 at the end of S. R. 489. The town has a handful of year-round residents today    

CIBOLA – Wyatt and Josie Earp lived here for a short time.

– Borax was discovered here in 1871.

CORTEZ – George Hearst, father of William Randolph Hearst owned gold mines here in 1867. A ghost town, only ruins and a graveyard remain. The Cortez Mine is located about 75 miles southwest of Elko.   GO THERE

DAYTON – The 1960 movie Misfits starring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe was filmed here in Dayton. Many of the scenes were filmed in the Odeon Hall and Saloon on Pike street. Population was 8,400 in 2005.      GO THERE    NEXT      NEXT
u James "Old Virginny" Finney was buried here in the Dayton Cemetery in 1861. A miner, he was one of the first Nevada pioneers.

  – Gold was discovered here in the ghost town of Delamar in 1899. Soon, the new settlement boasted more than 1,500 residents, a hospital, an Opera House, a couple of churches, a school, several businesses and numerous saloons. To get to the site from Las Vegas, take I-15 north to Great Basin National Park/Ely Cut-off – Highway 93. Just a few miles before you get to Caliente, is the Delamar Road to the right. The drive to Delamar is about 16 miles on rugged gravel road. Four wheel drive is recommended.  GO THERE         NEXT
– The first entertainer to play a gambling hotel in Nevada was Ted Lewis and his orchestra. They were paid $12,000 for eight days at the Commercial Hotel here in 1942. Bing Crosby owned a ranch near here in the 1940s and 1950s.

ELY – Pat Nixon, wife of President Richard Nixon was born here in 1912.

ELKO – The first entertainer to play a gambling hotel in Nevada was Ted Lewis and his Orchestra in 1942. They were paid $12,000 for eight days at the Commercial Hotel here.

u Bing Crosby owned a ranch near here in the 1940s and 1950s.

EMERALDA COUNTY – Paiute Indian prophet Jack Wilson was born here in 1856.

EUREKA – In the winter of 1888, storekeeper Phil Paroni was put on trial for rape. When a grand jury declared him innocent, a mob dissatisfied with the verdict, stripped Paroni to the waist, covered him with hot tar and shredded paper, then sent him down the railroad tracks, his hands tied behind his back with orders not to return. Paroni did return to Eureka a few years later and served as the county commissioner.
u Eureka claims to have more cemeteries than any other small town in America. There are nine separate cemeteries: Indian, Chinese, Masonic, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, one for the rich, and one for those who died from contagious diseases.
u Today. the restored town calls itself "The Loneliest Town on the Loneliest Road in America."    GO THERE

FAIRVIEW – The ghost town of Fairview is located within the borders of one of The U.S. Navy N.A.S. Fallon training areas.In Churchill County, just off Highway 50.        GO THERE 

FALLON – For almost 250 miles between Fallon and Ely, is a stretch of highway barely touched by civilization. It lives up to it's billing as America's loneliest highway. Following the route of the Pony Express of the 1860s, US-50 takes you past the remains of Pony Express stations, hidden caves with prehistoric petroglyphs, and the lonely grave of the three little LeBeau sisters. In 1865, as the Le Beau family was crossing the desert in a wagon train, the three little Le Beau sisters, Jennie 9, Louise, 6, and Emma, 3, all died of diphtheria within three days of each other. They were buried in a single grave at the foot of Sand Mountain. In 1940, a cloudburst washed away the grave and the remains of the girls. The skeletons of Jennie and Louise were found on a salt flat a year later by two men. They reburied the remains and erected a new cross. The remains of three-year-old Emma were never found. The lonely grave is located about 175 yards north of Highway 50 and about 25 miles east of Fallon.

GABBS – Up until 2001, Gabbs was Nevada's smallest incorporated city. Population was 318 in 2000.

GOLDFIELD – Goldfield was a boomtown in the first decade of the 20th century due to the discovery of gold — between 1903 and 1940, It’s mines produced more than $86 million. While a small permanent population remains in Goldfield, it is largely a ghost town. Gold exploration still continues in and around the town today. It is about 170 miles southeast of Carson City, along U.S. Highway 95. As of the 2000 census, the Goldfield area population was 440,    GO THERE      NEXT
Actor Ben Alexander, co-star of TV's Dragnet, was born here in 1911.
u Wyatt Earp owned a saloon here in 1905.
u Virgil Earp, brother of Wyatt died here in 1906. He was working here as a prospector and lived with is wife Allie.
u Local bar owner, Tex Rickard, staged a lightweight championship fight here in 1906, between Joe Gans and Battling Nelson. 10,000 people packed the town to see Gans win in 42 rounds, after Nelson hit Gans, a black man, with a deliberate blow to the groin. Rickard, whose old house is still standing, owned the Northern Saloon and its 80 bartenders.
u Former heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey once worked here as a bartender in the Goldfield Hotel. He fought Johnny Sudenberg here in 1915 under the name "Kid Blackie." The 200-room hotel is still here. 
GOLD HILL – Gold Hill at one time had a population of 8,000. From 1868 and 1888, mines such as the Yellow Jacket, Crown Point, and Belcher brought in over $10 million. In 2005, population was 19. Historical remnants of the town can still be seen, including the Gold Hill Hotel, promoted as Nevada's oldest hotel, in existence since some time prior to 1862; the former Bank of California building; the train depot; and remains of several of the mines. Gold Hill is located just south and downhill of Virginia City.     GO THERE
u George Hearst got his start here when he bought the Ophir gold mine in 1859.
u A fire here in the Yellow Jacket Mine on April 7, 1869, killed 37 men. Only 27 bodies were recovered.
u Mark Twain once stayed here in the Gold Hill Hotel.
u Millionaire gold mine owner Sandy Bowers died broke here in a rooming house.

GOLD POINT – Gold Point is a well preserved ghost town located about 60 miles from Beatty. It was founded in 1905 as Hornsilver, named after the silver mined there, and miners came to the area. In 1929 more gold was being mined than silver, and in an attempt to attract more people to the town its name was changed to Gold Point.
Ore production dropped and in 1964 the last mining company left and Gold Point became a ghost town. Since the 1970's, restoration and maintenance work has been carried out by residents, and Gold Point is now a tourist attraction with two museums.     

GRANTSVILLE – Matthias Salmon, a member of the notorious Vasquez gang was hanged here in 1881. Now a ghost town, Granstville is located near Ione, about 5 miles southeast of Berlin.    

HAMILTON  – Now a ghost town, Hamilton once had a population of 25,000 in 1868. Located in the White Pine Range of eastern Nevada, less than 100 live here today.     GO THERE     NEXT

HARNEY – A train wreck killed 24 people here on August 12, 1939.

HARQUA HALA – Wyatt and Josie Earp lived here for a short time.

HAWTHORNE – Gangster "Baby Face" Nelson once hid out here in a cottage near Walker Lake in the 1930s.

IONE – In the spring of 1863 silver was discovered and the camp of Ione was founded in the upper part of the Shamrock canyon. It had roughly forty to fifty buildings and because it was too far off the beaten path and distant from the mines in 1864 the present town site of Ione was plotted in the lower part of the canyon. Now a ghost town, Ione once had a population of 500.      GO THERE     NEXT    NEXT

JEFFERSON – Charles Stoneham, former owner of the New York Giants baseball team owned the Sierra Nevada mine here in 1917. Now a ghost town, only ruins remain.    GO THERE

JIGGS – Murderer Perry Smith was born here on October 27, 1928 when the town was called Huntington. Smith was hanged for the murder of the Clutter family in Kansas in 1959. The best selling book and movie In Cold Blood told the story about the murders. Jiggs is now a semi-ghost town, south of Elko.  The town was featured in a 1965 Volkswagen advertising campaign in which the entire population (5 adults, 4 children and a dog) was shown comfortably seated inside a VW Bus.   GO THERE

JOHNNIE – It has been reported that outlaw Sundance Kid ran a western curiosity shop here until 1937.  A ghost town, Johnnie is located in the Pahrump area.    GO THERE

AKE TAHOE – Frank Sinatra once owned the Cal-Neva at Lake Tahoe's Crystal Bay. It is possible to stand in both Nevada and California inside Cal-Neva's building.

LAS VEGAS – Born here in Las Vegas were tennis player Jack Kramer in 1921, actress Abby Dalton in 1932, actress Michele Greene in 1957, and tennis player Andre Agassi in 1970.
u Where do the Las Vegas Strip's neon signs go when they aren't considered flashy enough anymore? To the Neon Sign Graveyard in Las Vegas. Many of the city's best-known neon signs are preserved in a fenced lot , including the gigantic Silver Slipper and the mammoth Aladdin's lamp.  GO THERE
u When the Pair-O-Dice Club opened in 1931, it was the first casino to open on Highway 91, the future Las Vegas Strip.
u The El Rancho Club opened on the Strip in 1941 followed by the Last Frontier.
u Actress Carole Lombard was killed in a plane on Table Mountain, 35 miles southeast of Las Vegas on January 16, 1942.
u Hoover Dam is the highest and third largest concrete dam in the United States. The dam, power-plant, and high-voltage switchyards are located about 35 miles from Las Vegas in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the Arizona-Nevada state line. Lake Mead, the reservoir behind the dam, will hold the average two-year flow of the Colorado River. Lake Mead also provides outstanding outdoor, water-based recreation opportunities, and is home to a myriad of wildlife.
u A fire at the MGM Grand Hotel on November 21, 1980, killed 84 people.
u Buried here in the Palm Memorial Park Cemetery are:
– William " Wild Bill" Elliott, star cowboy actor. He is in the Eternity Mausoleum, Row E, Niche 2011.
– Red Foxx, comedian. He was TV's "Fred Sanford." He is in the Devotion Section, Lawn Space 4091, 311 G. Just inside the main entrance and on the left towards the middle of the section.
– Pancho Gonzales, tennis player.
– Chic Johnson, comedy partner of Ole Olsen.
– Russ Morgan, band leader.
– Ole Olsen, comedy partner of Chic Johnson.
– Rudy Maugeri, singer. He sang with the Crew Cuts in the 1950s and 1960s.
– Wayne Newton, singer. His future burial site is here.
– Colonel Tom Parker, former manager of Elvis Presley. His ashes are here.
u Buried here in the Bunkers Eden Dale Mausoleum are:
– Benny Binion, founder of Binion's Horseshoe Casino.
– Lonnie "Ted" Binion, son of Benny.
– Harry James, trumpet player and bandleader. He is in the Chapel of Eternal Peace, Remembrance section, wall crypt.
u Buried here in the Paradise Memorial Gardens are:
– Bo Belinsky, baseball player.
– Sonny Liston, boxer

LOVELOCK – Actress Edna Purviance grew up here. She left town in 1913.      GO THERE

MANHATTAN – A semi-ghost town, Manhattan was one of the fastest growing towns during its boom day. Gold was discovered here in 1905, and the rush was on. In a period of two weeks in January of 1906, four thousand people moved here. At one point there were thirteen mines and 16 placers in operation, some with unusual names like Stray Dog, September Fraction, and White Caps. Manhattan is located north of Tonopah on highway 376. Population in 2004 was 124.    

MARRIETTA – The 20-mule team borax company was founded here.

MIDAS – Charles Stoneham, one time owner of the New York Giants, and boxer Jack Dempsey once owned mines here in this ghost town. Midas is in Elko County, about 10 miles east of the Humboldt - Elko County line.    GO THERE

OSCEOLA – Nevada's largest gold nugget was found here in 1876. Osceola is now a ghost town.   GO THERE      NEXT

PAHRUMP – Radio talk show host Art Bell was born here in 1945. He was living here in 2007.    GO THERE
u The Chicken Ranch brothel is located here at 10511 Homestead Rd. It is known as the "Best Little Whorehouse in the West".

PARADISE VALLEY – Paradise Valley is located about fifteen miles east of Orovada and U.S. Highway 95.    GO THERE       NEXT
u Actress Edna Purviance was born here in 1894.  She and her family moved to Lovelock in 1898.      GO THERE

PIOCHE – When the town prostitute and do-gooder, Virginia Marlotte died here in the 1880s, she was given the biggest funeral in the town's history. Her epitaph read: "Here lies the body of Virginia Marlotte, she was born a virgin and died a harlot. For eighteen years she preserved her virginity. That's a damned good record for this vicinity." She is buried here in Boothill Cemetery along with over 100 killers who rest in "Murderers Row." The town had a reputation for being one of the roughest towns in the Old West. Local lore says 75 men were killed in gunfights before the first natural death occurred in the camp. This legend is immortalized by the creation of Boot Hill, now a landmark in the city. Many buildings still remain in the town.    GO THERE
NEXT         NEXT

PRIMM – The 1934 Ford in which Bonnie and Clyde were killed, is on display here in Whiskey Pete's Casino. In 1997, Whiskey Pete's paid $85,000 for the light blue, bullet-ridden, bloodstained shirt that Barrow was wearing when he was killed. The shirt is also on display.

RACHEL – The desolate desert area near here is so famous for UFO sightings that Nevada has renamed a section of Highway 375, "Extraterrestrial Highway." It is located between Tonopah and Las Vegas, 20 miles north of Groom Lake, where the Air Force runs its secret military operations called "Area 51," on the Nellis Range Complex. It extends from Tonopah to Highway #93, southeast of Rachel.

RAWHIDE – Fight promotor Tex Rickard once owned a saloon here.
Located 118 miles east of Reno, it was here that over 7,000 people once lived and worked. Rawhide was a fast growing gold camp in 1906 and soon had over 40 saloons, 30 hotels, 28 restaurants, 9 bakeries, 10 barbershops, 13 doctors, 4 hospitals, 3 banks, 9 lumberyards and 125 brokerage offices. Eventually, the town was razed; then transformed into the present Kennecott Minerals mining operation.      

RENO – Outlaw "Baby Face" Nelson once lived here in an apartment at 126 Caliente Street in January of 1933.
u Dat-So-La-Lee, the last of the great Washoe Indian basket weavers, is buried here in the Indian Cemetery south of town. The fame of her baskets spread to both coasts and samples of her art are in the big museums of America. Her masterpiece "Migration" was valued at $10,000 in the 1940s. She died in 1925, at age 90, and was buried here with her last basket, for which, unfinished she had been offered $1,100.
u In its heyday, the Mustang Ranch, about 15 miles east of Reno, kept as many as 100 women busy in a single evening. Onetime cabdriver Joseph Conforte purchased the Mustang Ranch in 1967 and opened the brothel in 1971. The government took the 104-room brothel in 1990 after Conforte failed to pay a $13-million tax debt and fled to Brazil. The IRS auctioned the Mustang Ranch in 1990, and Conforte bought it through a network of bogus companies. In 1993, the government again seized the property and its assets, and closed the business for good. Everything on the ranch was auctioned off in 2002.
u Author Walter Van Tilburg Clark grew up here.
u Former Disney Mousketeer Sharon Bain was working as a hairdresser here in 1995.

RHYOLITE – Rhyolite, a ghost town, is located 4 miles west of Beatty. Gold was discovered in the area by Shorty Harris and E.L. Cross on August 4, 1904 and a gold rush soon followed. The most important operation was the Montgomery Shoshone mine. The mine was sold to industrialist Charles M. Schwab in 1906 for a reported 5 million dollars. By 1907, the town had electricity and its population was 10,000. However, the Panic of 1907 is believed to have dealt a death blow to the town. There are many building ruins and a railroad station. 
u The silent movie The Airmail, starring Billie Dove, Warner Baxter, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was filmed here in 1924.

ROCHESTER – Rochester is a ghost town near Winnemucca.
The site is about 10 miles east of I-80 at the Oreana exit (exit 119) on a dirt road. Go east from the exit, and there is a sign marking the road.     

RUTH – Newspaper woman Helen Delich Bentley was born here in 1923. NOT a ghost town, Ruth is ten miles from Ely. The population in 2003 was 394.

SCHURZ – Indian Jack Wilson (Wovoka) is buried here in the Schurz Cemetery. He founded the "Ghost Dance" religion in 1890.

SEARCHLIGHT – The former ranch of actress Clara Bow and her husband Rex Bell, former Nevada Lt. Governor, was located here seven miles outside Searchlight.

– Silver City, a ghost town, is located near Carson City. The population in 2000 was 170.     GO THERE      NEXT

STAR CITY – Star City was established in 1861 when rich silver ore deposits were discovered in the area. During its height from 1864 to 1865 the town was home to 1,200 people. It also housed two hotels, three general stores, a Wells-Fargo office, a church and more than a dozen saloons. The largest mine in the Star Mining District] was the Sheba Mine which produced about $5 million in silver by 1868 which, incidentally, was the same year the ore deposit began to run out. By 1871 only 78 people remained in Star City. Today the only reminder of the town are crumbling foundations and rusted mill equipment.[
u Newspaper tycoon George Hearst and Chicago department store owner James Fair owned gold mines here.

TONOPAH – The boomtown of Tonopah was born in 1900,
when silver was discovered in the area.    
u Murderess Barbara Graham once worked here in the hospital as a nurses aide in 1948. She died in California's gas chamber for the Burbank, California murder of Mrs. Monihan. Susan Hayward starred in the 1958 film, "I Want to Live, the story of Barbara Graham.
u Wyatt Earp opened the Northern Saloon here on January 1, 1902.
u Jack Dempsey fought Johnny Sudenberg here in 1915. Dempsey was then known as "Kid Blackie" and he stayed at the Mizpah Hotel while in town.
u Howard Hughes and Jean Peters got married here in the courthouse in 1957.

–   Union is a ghost town near the ghost town of Berlin      

UNIONVILLE – Unionville, a ghost town, once had a population of 1000 in its heyday, including the legendary Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) who prospected for gold here. The town's best years were during the 1870s - all that remains is a school house, a few houses, a few residents and a few buildings.     GO THERE     NEXT       NEXT

VERDI – The "Big Jack" Davis gang committed the first train robbery in the west near here on November 5, 1870. They got away with $40,000. Verdi is west of Reno.

VIRGINIA CITY – Virginia City holds a special place in the history of the West and America. The first truly industrial city in the West began in the late 1850's. Gold was found at the head of Six-Mile Canyon in 1859.         GO THERE    NEXT
u Born here in Virginia City were actress Carrie Ward in 1862, and actor Hobart Cavanaugh in 1886 (1887?).
u Julia Bulette opened a house prostitution here in 1861 with one girl - herself. She became so popular that she rode in the Fourth of July parade and was made an honorary member of the local fire department. They even gave her a fire helmet with the #1 on it. On January 20, 1867, Julia was found strangled in her home here at the corner of Union and D streets, her jewels and furs were missing. On the day of her funeral, every mine in the area shutdown, and 16 carriages filled with the town's leading men followed the hearse to the grave yard. Several weeks later, John Millan was arrested for her murder. While awaiting trial, Virginia City wives treated him like a hero, bringing him cakes and wine in jail. Found guilty, he was sentenced to hang. Crowds gathered from all over the state to watch Millan die on the gallows that were constructed one mile outside town. Julia was buried in the outcast Flowery Cemetery, and her killer was buried in Virginia City's Catholic Cemetery.
u Grace Fanshaw, 25, a local prostitute, killed herself by drinking laudanum (a solution of opium and alcohol) in a red light district house of prostitution at 26 So. D Street in the 1870s.
u Samuel Clemons worked as a reporter here on the local newspaper. He began to use the name of Mark Twain as a pen name at that time.
u General U. S. Grant and his family stayed here in the McKay mansion at 146 D Street in 1876.

WADSWORTH  –  Aformer supply depot for the railraod, Wadsworth is located near Reno.  The population in 2000 was 881.    

WARM SPRINGS – Outlaw Jack Davis was shot and killed here in 1872 while trying to rob a Wells Fargo stage. The first settlement in Warm Springs was in 1866, when it served as a stopover for stagecoaches and other travellers. Never more than a tiny settlement, Warm Springs' population dwindled until it became a ghost town. All that remained was a single streetlight, a telephone box, and several huts built over pools filled by the warm springs that give the town its name. Warm Springs is the site of the construction of a new community, intended to have a final population of 10,000. Construction is scheduled to be complete by 2007. The town is located at the junction of U.S. Highway 6 and Nevada State Route 375 (the "Extraterrestrial Highway"), around 40 miles east of Tonopah.

WASHOE CITY – In 1864, Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Bowers, owners of the Comstock mine, one of the richest in the world, built their 16-room mansion here at a cost of $407,000. After Bowers died at age 35, his widow lost their fortune and the mansion. Mrs. Bowers died here while working as a housekeeper for the new owners of the mansion. The Bowers' and their daughter Persia are buried in a tiny hollow behind the mansion. Washoe City is 10 miles north of Carson City, east of highway 429.     GO THERE  

WEED HEIGHTS – The Anaconda Copper Mine here once employed over 500 men and over 300,000 pounds of copper were taken from it every day. When the mine shut down in 1978, Weed Heights became a ghost town leaving the mill, shops, offices and 256 company homes vacant. Only former mine worker Don Tibbals and his wife Joy stayed in the deserted town. In 1983, the Tibbals bought the 4000 acre site and began to producing copper from the mine.

WENDOVER – During WWII the Wendover Air Base here was the site of the training mission for the Enola Gay, the airplane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan.
u Before crossing the mountains, the Donner party left some of their load here by Flowery Lake, twelve miles from Wendover.

WINNEMUCCA – Author Sarah Hopkins was born here in 1844.
u Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the Wild Bunch robbed the First National Bank here of $32,000 on September 19, 1900.
u The town is was the setting of Johnny Cash's cover of "I've Been Everywhere".
u While filming the movie The Winning of Barbara Worth in the Black Rock Desert between the towns of Gerlach and Winnemucca in 1926, Sam Goldwyn and director Henry King built a spur track, linking the main line of the Western Pacific to the new city of Barbara Worth. A mess hall was built to feed the thousand and more residents of the tent city alongside the movie set. A well was drilled 185 feet below the desert, and a complete plumbing and sanitation system was installed. Goldwyn spared no expense. It was built by hundreds of laborers, crew members, actors and extras. Vilma Banky, Ronald Coleman and Gary Cooper were the stars.

WONDER – A ghost town, Wonder is located 14 miles north of US 50 at a point 39 miles east of Fallon.    GO THERE    
u Eva Bertrand Adams, former director of the U. S. Mint was born here in 1908.

YUCCA FLATS – Atomic bombs were exploded here at the Yucca Flats Nevada Test Site in 1953 and 1955. The site is located about 65 miles north of Las Vegas.     GO THERE

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