ALEXANDRIA – Born here in Alexandria was Luther C. Ladd. He was the first enlisted soldier to lose his life in the Civil War.

– Mass murderer Herman W. Mudgett mad Clara Lovering were married here in 1878. In 1893, Mudgett was known as Dr. H. H. Holmes in Chicago where he became known as the "Monster of 63rd Street. He killed over 100 people in his "Murder Castle" there. The 2003 best selling book Devil in White City is the story of Dr. Holmes.

AMHERST – Journalist Horace Greeley was born here in 1811.

ANDOVER – Magician Richard Potter is credited as being America's first successful stage magician, hypnotist and ventriloquist. Legend says he was able to climb a rope and disappear while performing outdoors surrounded by spectators. A ventriloquist, he was the first to use a doll or dummy in his act. He could throw knives and touch a hot iron to his tongue, walk on flames, and dance on eggs without breaking them. He lived with his father in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, later married and moved to Andover. In 1813, Potter bought a 175-acre farm here in Andover in the village now known as Potter's Place. Potter and his wife Sally were buried in the front yard of their estate, but the bodies were later moved to a their current location in town. Potter died in 1835.

BELMONT – Singer Joseph Boatner is buried here in the South Road Cemetery. He was a member of the Ink Spots singing group.

BEDFORD – Lexicographer Joseph Emerson was born here in 1784.

BERLIN – Silas Tupper, founder of Tupperware was born here in 1907.

BOW – Religious leader Mary Baker Eddy was born (1821) and raised here.

– Journalist/poet Sam Walter Foss was born here in 1858.

CANTERBURY – Take a step back in time and experience 200 years of the Shaker way of life here in Canterbury Village. There are 25 original buildings situated on a rolling hilltop surrounded by open fields, woodlots, and ponds. A guided tour will introduce the customs, inventions, furniture, architecture, and values of this utopian society. Watch crafts being made in the Shaker tradition, including oval boxes, brooms, poplarware and dovetailed totes. Explore the Physician's Botanical garden and three easily accessible nature trails to millponds, archeological remains of old mills and dam sites.

CHESTERFIELD – Supreme Court judge Harlan F. Stone was born here in 1872.

– Baseball player Bob Tewksbury was born here in 1960.
u Teacher/astronaut Christa McAuliffe taught school here in Concord.
u Buried here in the Old North Cemetery are:
– Franklin Pierce, former US President.
– Jane Pierce, First Lady and wife of President Pierce.
– Benjamin Pierce, son of President Franklin Pierce. He was killed in 1853 at age 11 when the train in which the Pierces were riding overturned in an accident; Franklin and his wife Jane escaped unharmed but Bennie was killed before their eyes.
– Frank Robert Pierce, son of President Franklin Pierce. He died in 1843 at age 4 of typhus.
u Teacher/astronaut Christa Sharon McAuliffe is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery. She was killed in 1984 when the space shuttle Challenger blew up shortly after lift off.

CORNISH – Statesman Salmon Portland Chase was born here in 1808.
u Sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens lived here from 1885 until his death in 1907.

DERRY – The first potato grown in the America was planted here in 1719 at the Londonderry Common Field.
u Poet Robert Frost lived here in Derry from 1900 to 1912.

DOVER – The 'Woodman Institute Museum here has a four-legged chicken on display.

EAST DERRY – Born here in East Derry were astronaut Alan Shepard in 1923, and baseball player Carlton Fiske in 1947.
u Murder victim Gregg Smart is buried here in the Forest Hill Cemetery. Gregg and Pam Smart were married in 1989 and lived in a condo on Misty Morning Drive here in Derry. A year later. Pam, 22, met and seduced 15-year old high school student Billy Flynn. Instead of asking Gregg for a divorce, Pam and Flynn decided to kill Gregg. On May 1, 1990 (six days before the couple's first wedding anniversary), Billy Flynn killed Gregg execution style as Gregg entered the condo. Pam was convicted of murder-conspiracy and sentenced to life without parole. Flynn was sentenced to 28 years in prison. The case inspired the TV movie Murder in New Hampshire, starring Helen Hunt.

EXETER – Born here in Exeter were sculptor David Chester French in 1850, and author John Irving in 1942.

FARMINGTON – Former U.S. Vice President Henry Wilson was born here in 1812

FRANCONIA – Poet Robert Frost once lived in Franconia.

GILMANTON – Mass murderer Herman W. Mudgett was born here (in 1861) and raised here. In 1893, Mudgett was known as Dr. H. H. Holmes in Chicago where he became known as the "Monster of 63rd Street“ He killed over 100 people in his "Murder Castle" there. The 2003 best selling book Devil in White City is the story of Dr. Holmes.

GRAFTON – Commercial production of mica in the United States first began here at the Ruggles Mine in 1803. New Hampshire was the sole producer until 1868. The mine is famous for its huge books of mica, measuring 3 to 4 feet across and weighing over 100 pounds. The Bon Ami Company operated the mine from 1932 to 1959 for feldspar, mica and beryl.

HAMPTON – In the late 1600's Hampton was the scene of the second greatest witch hunt of the era. When Goody Eunice Cole moved here from Exeter in 1644, she immediately got into trouble with her witch-like behavior. She was accused of placing a curse on the town which caused the death of cow and a sheep after the town selectmen had refused her request for wood and other things. Soon Goody was hated and despised here in town for other curses she placed on people, animals etc. Several times she was sent to prison for her witch activity. Goody lived her last years, destitute, widowed, and childless in a little shack at the foot of Rand's Hill, on the north easterly side of the road. This area today is in the vicinity of the Tuck Museum. When she died in 1680, legend has it that her remains were dragged out of her shack and dumped in a hole dug near by and buried. Then a stake was driven through her grave and a horseshoe was hung from the stake to prevent her from ever returning. In 1963 an unmarked stone was placed on the lawn of the Tuck Museum as a quiet memorial to Goody Cole.

HAMPTON FALLS – Architect Ralph Addams Cram was born here.

HILLSBORO – Born here in Hillsboro were US president Franklin Pierce in 1804, and theater chain owner Benjamin F. Keith in 1846.

HINSDALE – Former New York Tribune editor Charles Anderson Dana was born here in 1819.

HOPKINSVILLE – Magician Richard Potter is credited as being America's first successful stage magician, hypnotist and ventriloquist. He lived here with his father in the 1800s but later moved to Andover, New Hampshire. (See Andover for more about Potter).

JAFFREY CENTER – Buried here in the Old Burying Ground Cemetery are:
– Willa Cather, author.
– Edith Lewis, companion lover of Willa Cather.
– Amos Fortune, patriot and free slave.

LITTLETON – Author Eleanor Porter was born here in 1868.

MANCHESTER – Bob Montana, creator of the comic strip Archie, once lived in Manchester.
u Comedian Adam Sandler grew up here.
u Circus midget Commodore George Washington Nutt is buried here in the Merrill Cemetery. He was best man at the wedding of midgets Mr. & Mrs. Charles "Tom Thumb" Stratton.

MELROSE – Supreme Court judge David Souter was born here in 1939.

MILFORD – Manson gang member Linda Kasabian grew up here.

MOULTONBORO – Actor Claude Rains is buried here in the Red Hill Cemetery.

NASHUA – Actress Mandy Moore was born here in 1984.
u Author Jan Michelle Kerouac is buried here in the Saint Louis De Gonzagues Cemetery. She was the daughter of author Jack Kerouac.

NEW CASTLE – Photographer Lotte Jacobi was born here in 1896.
u Artist Edmund C. Tarbell retired here. He died here in 1938.

NEWMARK – Emma Borden, sister of Lizzie Borden, died here in her home that was located on Main St. near the railroad tracks.

NEWPORT – Sarah Josepha Hale was born here in 1788. She wrote "Mary Had a Little Lamb while living here in 1830. She also suggested in 1846 that Thanksgiving should be national holiday.

NORTH HAMPTON – Poet Ogden Nash is buried in the East Side Cemetery.

NORTH SALEM – America's Stonehenge here, a maze of man-made chambers, walls and ceremonial meeting places is one of the oldest man-made sites in the United States and is over 4,000 years old. Archaeological excavation at the site has uncovered an amazing range of historic and pre-historic artifacts-from stone tools, pottery and ancient old world scripts to 18th and 19th century house wares, and manacles possibly removed from slaves who used the site as a stop on the underground railroad in the 1830's and 1840's.

OXFORD – Samuel Morey, inventor of the steam boat engine (in 1790) grew up here.

PENACOOK – Baseball player Red Rolfe is buried here in the Woodlawn Cemetery.

PETERBOROUGH – The first U. S. public library was founded here in Peterborough, New Hampshire.
u Composer Edward MacDowell bought a farm here in 1896.

PLAINFIELD – Artist Maxfield Parrish is buried here on Parrish Family Estate "The Oaks."

– Actor Wedgewood Nowell was born here in 1878.
u Buried here in the South Cemetery are:
– Anethe Matea, murder victim.
– Karen Anne Christensen murder victim. In 1873, Karen lived with her sister-in-law, Ane the Matea off the shore of Portsmouth. On March 6. 1873, Louis Wagner broke into their home planning to rob the ladies, but instead he hacked them to death with an axe. The force of the blows were so vicious that the axe handle broke. On June 25, Wagner was tried and hanged in Maine on June 25, 1875. Director Oliver Stone plans to make a movie of the murders.

SALISBURY – Statesman Daniel Webster was born here in 1782.

SUTTON – John and George Pillsbury, founders of the Pillsbury Flour Co. were born here.

WARNER – Charles Pillsbury, founder of Pillsbury Flour Co. was born here.

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