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ASBURY PARK – Comedian Bud Abbott (of Abbott & Costello) was born here in 1895.
u Actor Jack Nicholson grew up here.

ATLANTIC CITY – Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's restaurants was born here in 1932.
u The streets of Atlantic City were used on the game Monopoly.
u Alvin "Shipwreck " Kelly set a world's record of 49 days for sitting on top of a flag pole here in 1930.

BAYONNE – Born here in Bayonne were inventor Edger V. Murphree in 1898, actor Frank Langella in 1940, and actress Sandra Dee in 1942.

BEACH HAVEN – Baseball player Roger "Doc" Cramer was born here in 1905.

BEDMINISTER – Steve Forbes, publisher of Forbes Magazine grew up here. He was still living here in 1996 on his 500-acre $26 million estate.

BELLEVILLE – Singer Sarah Vaughn is buried here in the Glendale Cemetery.

BELLMAWR – Singer Danny Rapp is buried here in the Saint Marys Cemetery. He was the lead singer of the 1950s Rock 'n' Roll group, Danny & The Juniors. He is in Section N Lot 36 Path 1 Grave 7.
u Billiard champion Willie Mosconi is buried here in the New Saint Marys Cemetery. He is in Core G, Tier B, Crypt 49.

BERGEN COUNTY – The cremated ashes of actress Priscilla Dean are located somewhere here Bergen County.

– Born here in Bloomfield were: social critic Randolph Bourne in 1886, and baseball player Hank Borowy in1916.
u Singer Sarah Vaughn is buried here in the Glendale Cemetery in Section, Lot 2, Grave 3.
u Composer William Bradbury is buried here in the Bloomfield Cemetery. He wrote the hymn Jesus Loves Me.

BOONTON – actress Helen Gahagan Douglas was born here in 1900.

BORDENTOWN – Actor Fred Mace is buried here in the Bordentown Cemetery. He was one of the “Keystone Kops." In Section 7, Lot 106.

– Was named the 5th safest city in America in 2005.

BUENA – A street named Unexpected Road is located here in Buena.

– Born here in Burlington were Captain James "Don't Give Up the Ship" Lawrence in 1781 (his home is at 459 So. High St), and writer James Fenimore Cooper in 1789. He wrote the Last of the Mohicans.

CALDWELL – Former US President Grover Cleveland was born here in 1837.

CAMDEN – The first Drive-In Movie theatre was opened here in 1933.
u Walt Whitman died here in his home at 330 Mickle St. in 1892. He is buried here in Harleigh Cemetery at Haddon Ave. and Vesper Blvd. in a tomb that he designed himself.
u Camden was named the most dangerous city in America in 2005.

CAMDEN COUNTY – Joseph Campbell, founder of Campbell Soup Co. was born here in 1817.

CARTERET – Baseball player Joe "Ducky" Medwick was born here in 1911.

CEDAR GROVE – Olympic runner Marty Liquori was born here in 1949.

CHATHAM – Scientist John Hyatt is buried here in the Fairmount Cemetery. He invented celluloid.

CHERRY HILL – Actress Ali Larter was born here in 1976.

CLIFFSIDE PARK – Palisades Amusement Park was located across the Hudson River from New York City. It was atop the New Jersey Palisades and was partially in Cliffside Park and partly in Fort Lee. It was in operation from 1898 to 1971, and was once the most visited amusement park in the U.S. After the park closed, it was razed, and a highrise apartment complex was built on the site.

CLINTON – Creater of the Pap Smear Test, George Papanicolaou is buried here in the Clinton Presbyterian Churchyard.

COLONIA – Comedian/actor James Coco is buried here in the Saint Gertrude's Roman Catholic Cemetery. He is in Section 29, Lot 660.

DENVILLE – Actress Laura San Giacomo grew up here.

EAST ORANGE – Singer Dionne Warwick was born here in 1940.

ELIZABETH – Born here in Elizabeth, New Jersey were: author Edward Stratemeyer in 1862 (he wrote Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Bobbsey Twins and Tom Swift), Admiral William Frederick Halsey Jr. in 1882, author Judy Blume in 1938, and cartoonist Patrick McDonnell in 1956 (he created Mutts).

ENGLEWOOD – Born here in Englewood were: aviator/author Anne Morrow Lindbergh in 1906 (wife of Charles Lindbergh), figure skater Dick Button in 1929, and actor John Travolta in 1954
u Boxer James J. Braddock is buried here in Mount Carmel Cemetery

FLEMINGTON – The trial of kidnapper Bruno Hauptmann was held here in the courthouse in 1932. He was executed for killing Charles Lindbergh Jr.

FORT DIX – Football player Franco Harris was born here in 1950.

FORT LEE – Movies were made here long before there was a Hollywood. Several hundred movies were filmed here in the Universal Studios from 1903 to 1917. D. W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, the Barrymore's and Gish's starred in films produced here. A print shop occupies the only building left from the studio that was located at Main and Linwood. Apartments cover most of the site.
u Palisades Amusement Park was located across the Hudson River from New York City. It was atop the New Jersey Palisades and was partially in Fort Lee and Partly in Cliffside Park. It was in operation from 1898 to 1971, and was once the most visited amusement park in the U.S. After the park closed, it was razed, and a highrise apartment complex was built on the site.
u Buried here Fort Lee in the Madonna Cemetery are:
– Joe Adonis, Mafia gangster.
– Tommy Leonetti, composer/actor.

FREEHOLD – Singer Bruce Springsteen grew up here.

GILLETTE – MGM's Leo the Lion and Cheetah the chimp are buried here at 197 Morristown Road.

GLOUCHESTER COUNTY – Inventor Edward J. Rosinski was born in Glouchester County in 1921.

GROVERS MILL – On Halloween night on October 30, 1938, director Orson Wells performed a radio adapation of H. G. Wells' classic novel “The War of the Worlds.” The first half of the 60 minute broadcast was presented as a series of news bulletins, and suggested to many listeners that an actual Martian invasion was in progress. Listeners here in Grovers Mill believed that men from Mars landed in the area and they panicked in the streets. Today, at the intersection of Cranbury, Clarksville, and Grovers Mill Roads, are the remains of a water tower that was shot to pieces by nervous residents.         READ MORE

HACKETTSTOWN – When 17-year-old Bette Copper of Hackettsville was chosen as Miss America of 1937, she was so surprised and embarrassed to have actually won that she disappeared the next day and never claimed her crown. She had entered on a dare and as a joke.
u Murder victim Tillie Smith is buried here in the Union Cemetery. Tillie is said to be Centenary College's resident ghost and the namesake of its campus coffee shop, 19-year-oldTillie Smith was a poor country girl who had come to live and work at the college in the 1880s. In April 1886 she was murdered by a janitor, James Titus, 29, who left her body in afield behind the school. Believing that she had "died in defense of her honor", the people of Hackettstown raised funds for the elaborate monument which prominently marks her grave here in the town's Union Cemetery. Titus claimed that he was Tillie's lover and that he had accidentally killed in a fit of rage when she told him she was pregnant and that he was the father. Tillie's ghost reportedly is said to walk the college halls, moaning and causing lights to flicker.

HADDONFIELD – The world’s first dinosaur skeleton was discovered here in 1858. Today, the historic site on Kings Highway where Chestnut St. connects, in Haddonfield's business district, is marked with a modest commemorative stone and a tiny landscaped park. Just beyond the stone the ground drops away into the steep ravine where the bones of Hadrosaurus foulkii were originally discovered.

HALEDON – Olympic wrestler Bruce Baumgardner was born here in 1960.

HANOVER – Astronomer David Young is buried here in the Hanover Presbyterian Church Burial Ground. He was co-founder of The Farmers Almanac. He is on the west side, near the church door.

HAWTHORNE – Actress/singer Debbie Harry grew up here.

– Buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery are:
– Stephen Crane, author of the
Red Badge of Courage.
– Edward Stratemeyer, author of
The Bobbsey Twins and The Rover Boys. He is in Section E, Lot 5122.

HOBOKEN – Born here in Hobokon were: photographer Alfred Stieglitz in 1864, zoologist Alfred C. Kinsey in 1894, photographer Dorothea Lange in 1895, singer Frank Sinatra in 1915 and Olympic skater Donna Weinbrecht in 1965.
u Frank SInatra was born at 415 Monroe Street. The old wooden building burned down in 1967, and a small archway is the only thing that remains today. There are no Sinatra memorials in town except a sidewalk star near the site. The family later lived at 841 Garden St. in 1939. Sinatra's first singing job was at the Union Club at 600 Hudson in 1935.

HOLMDEL – Comedian Joey Faye is buried here in the Holmdel Cemetery.

– A street named Shades of Death Road is located here in Hope. The films Friday the 13th 1&2 were filmed at the lake near the Road.

HOPEWELL – Aviator Charles Lindbergh's baby son was kidnapped from the Lindbergh home on West Brand St. here on March 1. 1932. The boy's body was found on May 13, one mile east of town near Princeton Ave in the Sourland Mountains.

HUNTERDON – James W. Marshall was born here 1810. He was the first to discover gold in California.

JERSEY CITY – Born here in Jersey City were: actor/bandleader Ozzie Nelson in 1906, comedian Clerow "Flip" Wilson in 1933, home living Martha Stewart in 1941, and musician Al Di Meola in 1954.
u Jean-Pierre Blanchard, the first hot air balloonist was Jean-Pierre Blanchard, who flew from Philadelphia to Deptford Township on January 9, 1793, is buried here in The Jersey City Cemetery, also known as the Soprano Family Cemetery.

LAKEHURST – Singer/songwriter Richard Shindell was born here in Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1953.
u The German Zeppelin Hindenburg burned here at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. on May 7, 1937 and killed 37 people.         FULL STORY

LAMBERTON – Explorer Zebulon Montgomery Pike was born here in 1779.

LAMBERTVILLE – General George Washington had his headquarters here in the John Holcomb house at 60 Bridge St.

LARISON'S CORNER – The Rockefeller family plot is located here in the United Presbyterian Church Cemetery the oldest grave is that of Johann Peter Rockefeller who came from Germany in 1723,

LINDEN – Raymond Tse is buried here in the Rosehill Cemetery beneath a life-sized granite replica of his beloved Mercedes-Benz 240 diesel.

LITTLE YORK – Indian fighter John “Liver-Eating” Johnston was born here in 1824. He was immortalized as “Jeremiah Johnson” in the 1972 film starring Robert Redford.

LONG BRANCH – Born here in Long Branch were: writer Dorothy Parker in 1893, writer Norman Mailer in 1923, and singer Bruce Springsteen in 1949.

LYNDHURST – Punk rocker Joey Ramone is buried here in the Hillside Cemetery. He was the leader singer for the "The Ramones."

MAHAW – Poet Joyce Kilmer wrote Trees while living here in his cottage on the Hill.

MARGATE – Lucy, a 65 foot tall wood and metal elephant is the oldest remaining example of zoomorphic architecture left in the United States. Over 126 years old, she has been restored and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. She is located at 9200 Atlantic Avenue.

MENLO PARK – A memorial tower here, built in 1937, marks the site of the former lab of Thomas E. Edison where he invented the light bulb in 1879. Menlo Park is now in the the town of Edison. The tower, located at 37 Christie Street, is topped by the world's largest working light bulb. It is thirteen feet tall, and weighs eight tons.

METUCHEN – Magician David Copperfield was born here in 1956.

MIDDLETOWN – Buried here in the Mount Olivet Cemetery are:
– Vince Lombardi, football coach. He is in Section 30, Lot 375A, Grave 4.
– George "Snuffy"' Stirnweiss, baseball player. He is in the Old Section, Sec. 29, Lot 157, Grave 1.

MONTCLAIR – Born here in Montclair were astronaut Buzz Aldrin in 1930, and magician"The Amazing Kreskin" (George Kresge) in 1935.
u Buried here in the Mount Hebron Cemetery are:
– John Barclay. He invented the stock market ticker. He is in Section GG.
– Shirley Booth, actress. She is in Plot M.
– Edward Smith Cole. He invented the Pitometer Log, which clocks ship speeds.
– Allen Balcomb Dumont. He invented the first commercial television by perfecting cathoderay tube, made radar possible by devising the first television guidance system for missiles; and anti-knock gasoline and durable lacquer for cars.
– Herman Hupfeld, composer. He wrote the song
As Time Goes By. He is in Section EE, Lot 27.
– Hamms Lorentzen Hanns. He developed machinery to manufacture venetian blinds.

MORRISTOWN – Born here in Morristown were Steve Forbes in 1947 (he is owner of Forbes Magazine), and murder victim Bonnie (Bonny) Lee Bakley in 1956. (her husband, actor Robert Blake is on trial for her murder).
u General George Washington and Martha lived at 230 Moriss Ave. in 1779-80.
u Colonel Ichabod Crane is buried here in the Presbyterian Cemetery.
u Astronomer Jacob Mann is buried here in the First Presbyterian Churchyard. He was co-founder of The Farmers' Almanac.
u Buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery are:
– James McGraw, co-founder of McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. He is Section 36, Lots 15 &16, Grave 3.
– Alice Duer Miller, poet. She wrote the poem
White Cliffs of Dover. She is in Section 37, Lot 58, Grave 2.

MURRAY HILL – The first computer transistor was developed here at Bell Laboratories in 1948.

NEPTUNE – Born here in Neptune were: actor Jack Nicholson in 1937, and actor Danny DeVito in 1944.

– Born here in New Brunswick were: financier William Henry Vanderbilt in 1821, founder of Burpee Seed Co. Atlee Burpee in 1858, poet Alfred Joyce Kilmer in 1886, and actor Michael Douglas in 1944.
u The first intercollegiate football game was played here in New Brunswick, in 1869. Rutgers beat Princeton.
u On the morning of September 27, 1922, the bodies of the Reverend Edward Hall, 44, rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church in New Brunswick and Mrs. Eleanor Mills, 34, a member of the church choir, the wife of the church gardener, and the mother of two, were found lying side by side under a crab apple tree in a field across the Raritan River from New Brunswick. Hall had been shot twice in the back of the head. Mrs. Hall had been shot three times in the right temple, under the right eye, and also over the right ear, and her tongue had been cut out. Police later learned that Hall and Mills had been lovers for several years and had been planning to run away and elope. Suspects included Hall's wife Francis, her brothers, Willie and Henry Stevens, and a cousin Henry Carpenter. Several days after the murder, an eyewitness told police that she saw four people at the murder scene, two women and two men. A few years later she said she saw six people: the Edward Hall, Eleanor Mills, Mrs. Hall, her two brothers, and Henry Carpenter. At the trial, she identified Carpenter as the shooter, accompanied by Mrs. Hall and Willie Stevens. The jury did not believe her and the defendants went free. The case is still unsolved. The murder scene was about a mile and a quarter from the center of New Brunswick near the old Phillips house on Easton Avenue.        GO THERE
u Murder victim Eleanor Mills is buried here in the Van Liew Cemetery. Mrs. Hall paid for her casket and burial. Reverend Edward Hall is buried in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y.
u Buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery are:
– James Wood Johnson of Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid Co.
– Robert Wood Johnson of Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid Co.

NEWARK – Born here in Newark were: former US Vice President Aaron Burr in 1756, writer Stephen Crane in 1871 (He wrote The Red Badge of Courage), dancer Ruth St. Denis in 1879, Supreme Court judge William J. Brennan in 1906, actress Vivian Blaine in 1921 actress Eva Marie Saint in 1924, singer Sarah Vaughan in 1924, poet Allen Ginsberg in 1926, comedian Jerry Lewis in 1926, author Philip Roth in 1933, singer Frankie Valli in 1937, singer Connie Francis in 1938, baseball player Jim Bouton in 1939, film director Brian De Palma in 1940, singer Paul Simon in 1941 (Simon & Garfunkle), actor John Amos in 1942, actor Joe Pesci in 1943, Olympic sabre champion Peter Westbrook in 1952, actor Ray Liotta in 1955, actress Bebe Neuwirth in 1958, musician/singer John Gorka in 1958, actor Jason Alexander in 1959, singer Whitney Houston in 1963, actress Queen Latifah in 1970, basketball player Shaquille O'Neal in 1972 (he grew up in Texas), and dancer Savion Glover in 1974,
u A wave of mass hysteria swept the country on October 30, 1938, when actor Orson Wells broadcast a dramatization of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds on the radio that warned citizens that creatures from Mars had landed just outside Newark and were going to attack the town with gas. In a single block at Heddon Terrace and Hawthorne, more than twenty families rushed out of their houses with wet handkerchiefs and towels over their faces to flee from what they believed was to be a gas raid.
u In 2003, more cars were stolen in Newark than in any other city in the country.
u Poet Allen Ginsberg is buried here in the B'Nai Israel Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery are:
– Seth Boyden. He invented a nail-making machine, and discovered the process of making patent leather.
– Mary Stilwell, first wife of Thomas Edison and mother of his first three children.

NEWTON – Actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo grew up here.

NORTH BERGEN – Actor Albert Dekker's ashes are here in the Garden State Crematory. He hanged himself in Hollywood in 1968.

NUTLEY – Actor Robert Blake was born here in 1933.
u Home living expert Martha Stewart grew up here. The house she grew up in at 86 Elm Place was for sale in 2004 for $549,000.
u Julian “Bud” Blake, creator of the comic strip Tiger, grew up here.
u Gun sharpshooter Annie Oakley built a home here in 1893 where she spent several vacation seasons.
u The 2000 TV show Ed was filmed here.

ORADELL – Musical arranger/bandleader Nelson Riddle was born here in 1921.

ORANGE – Born here in Orange were: inventor Lloyd H. Conover in 1923 (he invented the antibiotic Tetracycline), and actor Roy Scheider in 1932.
u Buried here in Rosedale Cemetery are:
– Samuel Colgate, founder of Colgate-Palmolive, Peet Company. He is in Section 41, Lot 2.
– Andrew Eken. He builder the Empire State Building. His ashes are in Niche 695.
– Wilford Funk, co-Author of Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary. He is in Section 42, Lot 89/90.
– Althea Gibson, tennis player.
– Andrew Graham, inventor of shorthand. He is in the Prospect Section Lot 135/136.
– Henry Judd Grey, murderer and lover of actress Evelyn Nesbit.
– Huntington Hartford, co-founder of A & P Food Stores.
– George Huntington Hartford, co-founder of A & P Food Stores. He is in Section 42, Lot 8.
– Frederick Kilmer, father of Joyce Kilmer, and chemist with Johnson & Johnson where he developed Johnson's baby powder.
– Lowe Mason, composer. He wrote the hymn
Nearer My God To Thee. He is in OC., Lot 871.
– John Batterson Stetson, inventor of the Stetson hat.
– Michelle Thomas, actress. She played Steve Urkel's girlfriend Myra Monkhouse on the TV comedy
Family Matters.
– Upjohn Family. Founders of the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company. In Section 43, Lot 24.
u Boxer Tony Galento is buried here in the Saint John's Cemetery. He knocked out Joe Louis in 1939.

PALISADES PARK – Actress Joan Bennett was born here in 1910.

PARAMUS – Buried here in the George Washington Memorial Park are:
– Tommy Eboli, Mafia gangster.
– Elston Howard, baseball player. He is in Section DD, Lot 10-AI.
– Clyde McPhatter, singer. He was a member of the Drifters singing group. He is in Block O, Lot 121, Section D, Grave 4.
u Buried here in the Cedar Park Cemetery are:
– Martin Balsam, actor.
– Joe E. Lewis, comedian. He is in Block 14B, 56-W/4 55.

– Born here in Passiac were: actress Loretta Swit in 1937, musician Donald Fagenin 1949, and comedian/actor Joe Piscopo in 1951.
u Singer Micki Harris is buried here in the Passaic Memorial Park. He was a member of the Shirelles singing group.

PATERSON – Born here in Paterson, New Jersey were: comedian Lou Costello in 1906 (Abbott & Costello), and singer Bette Midler in 1945.

PENNS GROVE – Actor John Forsythe was born here in 1918.

PENNSAUKEN – The first drive-in theater was opened here on Crescent Boulevard by Richard M. Hollingshead on June 6, 1933.
u Boxer Jersey Joe Walcott is buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park.

PENNSVILLE – Mass murderer Andrew Cunanan shot and killed a worker here in the Finn's Point Cemetery in 1995.

PEQUANNOCK – Baseball player Derek Jeter was born here in 1974.

PERTH AMBOY – Musician Jon Bon Jovi was born here in 1962.
u The first Episcopalian Church in America was built here in 1698.

PLAINFIELD – Born here in Plainfield were: baseball player Joe Black in 1924, pianist Billy Evans in 1929, and track athlete Milt Campbell in 1933.

PLAINSBORO – Borden's Elsie the cow is buried here in Plainsboro.

POINT PLEASANT – Actress Kirsten Caroline Dunst was born here in 1982.

PRINCETON – Singer Paul Robeson was born here in 1898.
u Physicist Albert Einstein once lived here.
u Buried here in the Princeton Cemetery are:
– Aaron Burr, duelist, He is buried near his parents.
– Grover Cleveland, former president.
– Frances Cleveland, First Lady and wife of Grover Cleveland.
– Ruth Cleveland, thirteen-year-old daughter of Grover. The
Baby Ruth candy bar is named after her.
– George Gallup, statistician famous for his Gallup Poll.
– Jose Menendez. He was killed by his sons, Lyle and Erik in Beverly Hills.
– Kitty Menendez. She was killed by her sons, Lyle and Erik in Beverly Hills.
– John Henry O'Hara, writer.
– Henry Van Dyke, poet.
– Canvas White, inventor of water proof Cemeteryent.

RED BANK – Born here in Red Bank were: author/literary critic Edmund Wilson in 1895, musician "Count" Basie in 1906, and director/actor Kevin Smith in 1970.

RUTHERFORD – Poet William Carlos Williams was born here in 1883.

SALEM – Baseball player Leon "Goose" Goslin is buried here in the Baptist Cemetery.

SAYERVILLE – Musician Jon Bon Jovi grew up here.

SCOTCH PLAINS – Actor Dudley Moore is buried here in D-3 in the Hillside Cemetery.

SEA GIRT – Actor Robert Pastorelli is buried here in the Saint Catharines Cemetery. He played "Eldin" the house painter on the TV show Murphy Brown. He died of a drug overdose in Hollywood in 2004.

SOMERVILLE – Born here in Somerville were actor Lee Van Cleef in 1925, and opera singer Frederica von Stade in 1945.

SOUTH ORANGE – Actor Kevin Spacey was born here in 1959.
u Rapper Lauryn Hill grew up here in 1975,
u William F. Allen of South Orange, devised the system of time zones used across the country.

SOUTH RIVER – Born here in South river were: football player Alex Wojciechowicz in 1915, football player Joe Theismann in 1949, and football player Drew Pearson in 1951.

SUMMIT – Actress Meryl Streep was born here in 1949.

TEANICK – Ballerina Patricia McBride was born here in 1942.

TENAFLY – Actor Ed Harris was born here in 1950.
u Cartoonist George Gallagher is buried here in the Mount Carmel Cemetery. He created the comic strip Heathcliff.

TRENTON – Born here in Trenton, New Jersey were: comedian Ernie Kovacs in 1919, General Norman Schwarzkopf in 1934, Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia in 1936, and basketball player Dennis Rodman in 1961.
u Pauline Joseph Ann Holton, young daughter of Joseph Bonaparte, former king of Spain, and Bonaparte’s mistress, Annette Savage, is buried here in the Michaels Protestant Episcopal Church Cemetery at 140 No. Warren.
u Annette Savage lived here on Bow Hill, south of Lalor Street, between Bunting and Reegar Ave in 1785.
u Buried here in the First Presbyterian Church of Ewing Cemetery are:
– Paul Whiteman, orchestra leader. He was called "The King of Jazz."
– Margaret Livingston, actress and wife of Paul Whiteman.

UNION CITY – Cartoonist Otto Messmer was born here in 1892. He created Felix the Cat.

UPPER MONTCLAIR – Buried here in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery are:
– Angelo Bertelli, Heisman Trophy winner football player.
– George "Mule" Haas, baseball player. He is in the East Section, Tier 9, Grave 60.

VENTNOR – Poet/author Valerie Solanas was born here in 1936.

WAYNE – Writer Albert Payson Terhune was born here in 1872.

WEEHAWKEN – Aaron Burr mortally wounded Alexander Hamilton here in a duel on July 11, 1804. Burr and Hamilton crossed the Hudson River from New York and met on a plateau under the Palisades here in Weehawken, at a spot about even with 42nd Street where many other duels had been fought. The exact location of the duel was destroyed in the late 1800s when a railroad was built here. The property was owned by Captain William Deas, who lived at the top of the cliff. A maker marks the site on Hudson Blvd. in a small park at the edge of the Palisades. It was here on the same spot three years earlier, that Hamilton's son Phillip was killed in a duel.         GO THERE

WESTFIELD – Cartoonist Charles Addams was born here in 1912. He created The Addams Family.

WEST LONG BRANCH – Film producer Dore Schary is buried here in the Hebrew Cemetery.
u Bandleader Archie Pryor, Arthur is buried here in the Greenwood Cemetery.

WEST ORANGE – Born here in West Orange, New Jersey were: football coach Amos Alonzo Stagg in 1862, and actress Laura San Giacomo in 1962.
u The lab where inventor Thomas E. Edison, worked in up until his death in 1931, remains here much as he left it on Main and Lakeside Ave. His 29-room home on his Glenmount Estate is located in Llewellyn Park. Edison and his wife Mini are buried behind the home.
u Vincent Diauon, 27-year-old gunman, listed as one of the most-sought public enemies was shot and killed here by police on June 16, 1935, in the crowded bar of the fashionable Mayfair Country Club atop Eagle Rock.

WESTWOOD – Actor James Gandolfini was born here in 1961.
u Songwriter Sammy Fain is buried here in the Cedar Hill Cemetery. He wrote the songs Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella, Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine, I Can Dream, Can't I?, April Love, and I'll Be Seeing You.

WOODBURY – Inventor Donald Fletcher Holmes was born here in 1910. He invented Polyurethane.
u Poet Patti Smith, and rapper Ice-T grew up here.

WYCOFF – Actress Tara Reid was born here in 1975.