ACOMA – Known as Sky City, Acoma Pueblo was strategically built on top of a 357-foot sandstone mesa many hundreds of years ago for effective defense against raiders. Acomans claim that their 70-acre village is the oldest (over 900 years) continuously inhabited city in the U.S. Today, fewer than 50 Acomans live in Sky City year-round and the remaining residents live in nearby villages. Only on feast days do all the Acomans gather on the mesa top. Census 2000 figures indicate a total of 2,802 villagers. Sky City is located 60 miles (96 km) west of Albuquerque on I-40 and 12 miles (19 km) south on Indian Route 23, Exit 108.      PHOTO TOUR

ALAMOGORDO – Born here in were physicist Edward Condon in 1902, and actress Jan Clayton in 1917 (She was the original mother on the TV show Lassie.
u The first Atomic bomb was detonated here on July 16, 1945 at the White Sands proving grounds. North of the impact point a small placard marks the area known as Trinity Site.
u "Ham," the first Chimp in space, and "Minnie," another space chimp, are buried here at the Space center.

ALBUQUERQUE – Born here were: actor Slim Summerville in 1892, baseball manager Fred Haney in 1898, author Robert Crichton in 1925, auto racer Bobby Unser in 1934, auto racer Al Unser in 1939, astronaut Sid Gutierrez in 1951, and actor Neil Patrick Harris in 1973 (he played in Doogie Howser, M.D.)
u Lawman Elfego Baca is buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park.
u Race car driver Jerry Unser is buried here in the Albuquerque Cemetery.

ALMA – Alma was once the headquarters for Butch Cassidy's "Wild
Bunch." They worked at one time at the nearby WS ranch. Alma is located north of Glenwood and south of Reserve
u Katherine McCarty, mother of Billy the Kid, moved here in March 1873 after she married William Antrum. Antrim owned a blacksmith shop in town where Billy hung out       
u The "Alma massacre" involved a raid on United States settlers' homes around Alma on April 28, 1880. During the event Chiricahua Apache tribal members were led by Victorio, and several settlers were killed, including James Cooney. The event was ended by the arrival of U.S. Army troops from Fort Bayard.

ABIQUIU – Abiquiu is the embodiment of New Mexico's claim to the term “Land of Enchantment.” Large vistas filled with mesas and buttes of multi-colored sandstone formations are what this valley is made of. Abiquiu is in the Espanola metro area. It was named for the Tewa pueblo ruins on which the community was built.    GO THERE 
u The movies, "Wild Wild West," "All the Pretty Horses, and "The Missing" were filmed here.
u Artist Georgia once lived here.

AUSTIN – Sportscaster John Madden was born here in 1936.

CAMP GRANT – In the pre-dawn hours of April 30, 1871, eight men and 110 women and children were brutally murdered here in the brief span of 30 minutes by a band of 148 Arizonans - comprised of 6 Anglos, 94 San Xavier Papagos and 48 Mexicans. In addition, 28 Arivaipa Apache papoose were kidnapped from the grisly scene. The dead were left to rot in the morning sun of Arivaipa Canyon. By eight o'clock that morning, the mongrel band responsible for the gruesome massacre was breakfasting and celebrating their victory over an Indian tribe of defenseless, sleeping victims. Arivaipa Canyon hasn't changed much in 127 years. The location of the Camp Grant post is now occupied by Central Arizona College. The creek waters that flowed past the Apache rancheria during the early 1870s still flows from springs in the Galiuro Mountains. Camp Grant was situated at the confluence of the San Pedro River and Aravaipa Creek, the home of the Aravaipa Apaches before they had been driven from it by white settlers.
u Billy the Kid killed a blacksmith here on August 17, 1877. This was the first recorded killing by the Kid.

CAPITAN – Smokey the Bear is buried near here in the Lincoln National Forest.

– In the 1880s, soap king N. K. Fairbanks, department store owner Marshall Field and former President Herbert Hoover once lived here in the "Castle" a large boarding house. In the 1800s Carlisle had a population of over 5,000, in 1994, the town, east of Duncan, was almost deserted.   

CARLSBAD – Actor Bruce Cabot was born here in 1904 and is buried here in the Carlsbad Cemetery, in Division A, Block 48, Space 5.
u The first underground storage site for nuclear waste opened 16 miles east of Carlsbad. The waste will remain radioactive for 240,000 years.
u The Carlsbad Caverns are located here at 3225 National Parks Highway. One of the oldest and most famous cave systems in the world.. They have several vast underground chambers, up to 250 feet high, filled with amazing formations of many colours and shapes.

– Cerrillos is a tree-shaded village located 27 miles south of Santa Fe. Founded in the 1870’s as a wild and wooly mining town, little has changed in its appearance since then. It contains many old western storefronts and adobe buildings, complete with hitching posts, old grocery and western bar, old church, ancient cottonwood trees, dirt streets, and railroad tracks. Population in 2000 was 230.        
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u In the 1890s, General Ulysses S. Grant, Alexander Graham Bell, and actress Sarah Bernhardt were guests here at the three-story Palace Hotel. Bernhardt and Lily Langtry appeared here in the Opera House. In 1958, Walt Disney used the town as a background for The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca.

CHANCE CITY  – The ghost town of Chance City is off of I-10 about 20 miles west of Deming.       GO THERE        NEXT

– In 1883 Chloride had over 100 homes, a hotel, newspaper, drugstore, saloons and silver mines. Chloride is in Sierra County about 2.5 miles southwest of Winston. Winston is on New Mexico State Route 52, 29 miles west of I-25 exit 83, north of Truth or Consequences. Go south from Winston on Forest Service Road 226. Chloride is mostly deserted, but there are some inhabitants. 
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– Western legends such as Kit Carson, Black Jack Ketchum, Charles Kennedy, Clay Allison, and Will James all lived here or vistited Cimarron at one time.
u David Crockett, a town bully and grandson of the famous Davy Crockett, killed three black soldiers here in the St. James Saloon in 1876. Crockett was shot to death here on September 30, 1876 by the sheriff after he created a disturbance. He was buried here in Cimarron.
u Outlaw Clay Allison shot and killed gunslinger Chuck Colbert here in the Clifton House Inn on January 7, 1874. Colbert was buried behind the Clifton House.
u Clay Allison helped lynch Cruz Vega here on October 30, 1875.
u On October 7, 1870, when Charles Kennedy was found guilty of killing travellers in his home in Elizabethtown, a mob hanged him in a slaughterhouse here. Clay Allison, cut off Kennedy's head, put it in a sack and carried here to Cimarron where he dumped it on the bar in Henry Lambert's Saloon. Later, someone stuck it on the corral fence at the St. James Hotel where it remained for months and eventually mummified.
u Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Zane Grey, Kit Carson, Davey Crockett and Jesse James were all guests here at the 40-room St. James Hotel.
u Located in Colfax County, Cimarron had a population of 909 in 2003.      GO THERE        NEXT        NEXT 

CLAYTON – Train robber and outlaw, "Black Jack" Ketchum, whose gang wrought havoc in this area in the 1890s, was hanged here in 1901 for robbing a train. The hangman had improperly fixed the rope around his neck and the weights on his legs so that Ketchum went through the trap door at such a terrific speed that he head was ripped off, spin wildly, and rolled toward the spectators at the foot of the gallows. It was one of he most grisly executions on record. Ketchum's head was sewn back on and he was buried here in the Clayton Cemetery. His last words were "Let her rip!"      GO THERE
Located in Union County, Clayton had a population of 2,225 in 2005.

CLOVIS – Rock and Roll star, Buddy Holly, recorded his hit songs, That'll Be the Day, and Peggy Sue here in Norman Petty's Studio at 1313 W. Seventh St. in 1957.

COLFAX – Colfax is a ghost town located near Dawson and Springer. In 1908, the New Mexico Sales Company advertised Colfax City as "on two railroads, near mountains, rich with game, and close to other towns". Over the next 25 years, some plots of land were sold and a few homes, a school, and a hotel were started. But Colfax just faded away, and now only ruins remain.  GO THERE       NEXT

COLUMBUS – On March 9, 1916, on orders of Mexican revolutionary leader Francisco "Pancho" Villa, General Ramon Banda Quesada led over five hundred of his troops in an attack against the town, which was garrisoned by a detachment of the U.S. 13th Cavalry Regiment. They seized 100 horses and mules, burned the town, killed 14 soldiers and 10 residents, and took much ammunition and weaponry before retreating back into Mexico. Quesada had five men captured and suffered the loss of 80 dead or mortally wounded, mostly from the U.S. machine gun emplacements. Columbus is 32 miles south of Deming. It had a population of 1,765 in 2000.      GO THERE       

COONEY – When Army Sergeant, James Cooney, was killed by Apaches here in 1870s, his body was buried beside the road near the entrance to Cooney Canyon, where he died. Cooney's brother, later had a vault hewn out of a large boulder as a permanent resting-place for his brother. Cooney’s tomb was sealed with silver-bearing ore taken from the mine he discovered. The town of Cooney was located west of Alma. Now gone, it was once home to gold and silver prospectors in the nearby Mogollon Mountains. Cooney Cemetery is a small graveyard found near the Cooney townsite in an isolated area 7 miles east of Alma on County Road 7. The main part of the cemetery is located behind the tomb and contains seven burials.   GO THERE    NEXT          

DAWSON – The ghost town of Dawson was a mining town founded in 1901. Later, the Dawson Railway was built connecting the town to Tucumcari. By 1905 the town boasted a population of nearly 2000.
On October 22, 1903, an explosion here in the Stag Canyon coal mine No. 2, killed 263 miners. It was the second worst mine disaster in U. S. history.       
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u On February 8, 1923, a fire in mine No. 1, of the Stage Canyon mine killed 125 miners. Dawson is near Koehler, southwest of Raton.
u Many of the miners who died in the coal mine explosions in 1903 and 1923 are buried here in the graveyard on the south side of town.
u Lizzie Seller, Dawson's most popular prostitute, was shot and killed here in the 1880s. Her body was shipped to Las Vegas, New Mexico for burial.

DEMING – Baseball player Wade Blasingame was born here in 1943.

DOLORES – In 1900, Thomas A. Edison built a large laboratory one mile southwest of town in an attempt to extract gold from gravel but the $1 million experiment was a failure. Very little of the town remained in the 1970s. Dolores was located where the ranch properties are located, about two miles from the Ortiz mine in the Ortiz Mountains near Cerrillos.

ELIZABETHTOWN – On October 7, 1870, outlaw Clay Allison brooded about a locally convicted murderer, Charles Kennedy, while drinking here in a saloon. He stirred up sentiment against Kennedy then led a lynch mob across the street to the jail where they dragged him screaming from his cell. He was taken to a local slaughterhouse where he was lynched then his body was mutilated with huge knives used for butchering cattle. Allison then cut the body down, and using an ax, chopped Kennedy's head off and jammed it onto a pole. Allison then rode his horse all the way to Cimarron.
u In 1868, Elizabethtown had 4000 people, three dance halls, two hotels, five general stores, a mayor and a city council. A few empty houses, an abandoned store, the ruins of the stone Mutz Hotel and a graveyard on a hill above town were all that was left in 1994.
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FARMINGTON – Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast cliff dwelling is located north of Farmington near the Mesa Verde National Monument. This 1,650 square foot, one-bedroom cave home was carved from a 65-million year old sandstone formation 280 feet above the La Plata River. The cave itself is 70' below the surface.

FAYWOOD – The City of Rocks State Park is located here. The Mimbreno Apaches settled the area between 750 and 1250 AD, using the volcanic stone columns for shelter and protection. The rocks were formed of volcanic ash 30 million years ago and sculpted by wind and water into rows of monolithic blocks, The park is located between Deming and Silver City.

FOLSOM – On July 11, 1899, "Black Jack" Ketchum and his gang robbed three Santa Fe trains at the Twin Mountain curve near Folsom of $30,000. In a gun battle here in Turkey Creek, the gang killed three lawmen before they escaped. Located in Union County, the population of Folsom in 2003 was 66.      GO THERE        NEXT  

FORT SUMNER – Billy the Kid was shot and killed near here by Sheriff Pat Garrett on the Maxwell Ranch on July 14, 1881. The 21-year-old killer was buried here on the ranch in a white shirt five sizes too big for him. He was later moved to the Fort Sumner Military Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Fort Sumner Military Cemetery two miles east of town are:
– William "Billy the Kid" Bonney, outlaw. He was killed by Pat Garrett in Fort Sumner on July 14, 1881.
– Charlie Bowdre, outlaw pal of Billy the Kid. He was killed by Pat Garrett in Stinking Springs on December 21, 1881.
– Tom O'Folliard, outlaw pal of Billy the Kid. He was killed by Pat Garrett in Fort Sumner on December 18, 1880.

FORT WINGATE – General Douglas A. MacArthur lived here when a child in 1886.

FRISCO – In October 1884, a self-styled lawman, Elfego Baca, arrested a cowboy named McCarty here in Frisco for shooting off his gun in a local saloon. When friends of the cowboy demanded that Baca release McCarty, he refused. When they threatened him, he opened fire on them, then took shelter in a Mexican hut, made of poles and mud. For 33 hours, the cowboys poured hundreds bullets into the hut, and threw dynamite at it, but Elfego held his ground. When Baca finally surrendered to the Sheriff, four cowboys were dead and eight were wounded. Baca never got a scratch. Elfego went on to serve as deputy sheriff, sheriff, county sheriff, mayor of Socorro, school superintendent, and district attorney. He narrowly missed being elected governor. He died at age 80 in Albuquerque in 1945. In 1958, Walt Disney made the movie, The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca. Frisco was located just outside Socorro.     

GOLDEN – Golden is a ghost town 38 miles southwest of Santa Fe metro area, and a few miles south of Madrid. Gold was discovered there in  1839.        GO THERE       NEXT        NEXT     

GRANTS – In 1887, Indians robbed a Santa Fe train near here of $100,000. It was reported that the money had been buried under a juniper tree nearby. The stolen money has never been recovered.

GREENVILLE – Anthropologist Thomas Weaver was born here.

HILLSBORO – Billy the Kid once hung out at the saloons here in Hillsboro. In the 1990s, a few buildings, few people and a graveyard remained.  Hillsboro is located in Sierra County 33 miles southwest of Truth or Consequences and 60 miles east of Silver City. It is at the intersection of New Mexico routes 152 and 27 about 9 miles west of exit 63 off of I-25.      GO THERE       

HONDO – In June. 2004, 14-year-old Cody Posey was arrested for killing his parents and his sister here on the Chavez Canyon ranch of TV newsman Sam Donaldson. The Cody's ran the ranch for Donaldson. The three bodies were found in shallow graves on the ranch.

KELLY – In 1879, prospectors laid out a townsite on the west slope of the Magdalena Mountains and named it Kelly. A post office was established in 1883. It was discontinued in 1945. Kelly was once a town of 3000, but all that is left today is a mine. Constantly plagued by indian attacks until about 1885, Kelly even had railroad cars set aside to carry women and children to nearby Soccoro in case of an all out attack. Kelly is about 2.5 miles south of Magdalena off of U.S. 60. 27 miles west of Socorro. Turn south at the ranger station in Magdalena. Go 1.9 miles to a fork, and bear left. What's left of the town is 1.4 miles from the fork.       GO THERE        NEXT     

KINGSTON – The ghost town of Kingston is located about nine miles west of Hillsboro on New Mexico route 152.   One of the wildest towns in the Wild West, Kingston once had 22 saloons, 14 groceries and general stores, gambling halls, a brewery, three newspapers, restaurants, hotels and a theater where actress Lillian Russell performed.  In 1882, the town had a population of 1800.   GO THERE
u In the 1880s, town handyman, Ed Doheny grubbed for silver and did odd jobs at the mines here in Kingston. Doheny later moved to Los Angeles, discovered oil, and became president of Sinclair Oil. Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills is named after him.
u Albert Fall, a miner, turned teacher, lived here in the 1880s. Fall later became Secretary of the Interior under President Warren G. Harding.
u George Hearst, father of William Randolph Hearst, owned a mine here in 1882.
u The Apache Kid was reportedly killed near here on September 10, 1905.

LAKE VALLEY – Lake Valley was a silver-mining town in Sierra County. The town had its heyday from 1881 to 1893. Today the town is a deserted ghost town. The townsite is partly privately owned, and partly owned by the US Bureau of Land Management, which has restricted access to the old buildings to daylight hours, to prevent vandalism. There is a self-guided walking tour. Lake Valley is located about 18 miles south of Hillsboro on New Mexico route 27, and 43 miles northeast of Deming.     GO THERE      NEXT      NEXT       
u George Lufkin discovered the Bridal Chamber silver mine here in 1800. The mine yielded more than $3 million in silver. Lufkin died penniless and was buried here by the county.
u Silver was discovered here in veins so pure that the metal could be sawn off in blocks, instead of having to be dug out by traditional methods.

LAS CRUCES – TV newsman Sam Donaldson grew up near here.
u On February 29, 1908, Sheriff Pat Garrett, the man who shot Billy the Kid, was killed near here, four miles outside of town. While riding out to inspect some land with Jim "Deacon "Miller, and Carl Adamson, Garrett stopped the buggy to urinate beside the road. With his back to the two men, a bullet suddenly smashed through the back of his head and exited above the right eye. He spun around and another bullet tore into his stomach. A sign marks the spot where he was killed east of town on Highway 70. Garrett was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. here, but in 1957, his body was moved across he street and reburied in the northwest part of the Masonic Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Masonic Cemetery are:
– Pat Garrett, western sheriff. He is in the NW corner of the Cemetery.
– William Cox. It is believed that he engineered the killing of Pat Garrett by Jim Miller. He is in Section 2 Block 2 Lot 16.

LAS VEGAS – Gunslinger Doc Holliday and his girlfriend "Big Nosed" Kate Elder, moved here yo Las Vegas, New Mexico in 1879 and opened a saloon on Centre Street. Wyatt Earp followed him six months later.
u Butch Cassidy once worked as a bartender here in town.
u Bob Ford, the man who shot Jesse James, ran a saloon here in 1890.
u Lizzie Zeller was Dawson, New Mexico's most popular prostitute in the 1880s when she was shot and killed there. Her body was sent here for burial.
u In 1915, Tom Mix made several western movies here. In the 1960s and 70s, the films, Easy Rider, Charlie Siringo, and Red Dawn were made here.
u Theodore Roosevelt and his Roughriders held a reunion here in 1899. 10,000 people showed up.
u Ulysses S. Grant and Emperor Hirohito of Japan were guests here at the old Montezuma Castle mineral springs resort. The resort has been renovated and is now used as a United World College campus.
u More than 900 buildings here are listed on New Mexico and U. S. registries of historic buildings.        GO THERE

LINCOLN – Billy the Kid ambushed and killed two sheriff deputies here on Main Street on April 1, 1878. Lincoln was Billy's hometown.
u Lincoln is 57 miles west of Roswell. Its only street is lined with adobe homes and buildings dating from its colorful past. There are no gas stations or convenience stores in Lincoln, and only one public telephone. Its population is 75.  Today's visitors can see the Old Lincoln County Courthouse Museum and walk in the footsteps of Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid, and other characters of the Old West     

LOS ALAMOS – In the 1890s, Los Alamos was home to a vicious gang of Latin Americans called the "Forty Bandits," led by Vincente Silva. So shocking were Silva's crimes, that his name was a synonym for cruelty. In 1895, after Silva stabbed his wife to death here, five members of his gang shot and killed him. The 50-year-old Silva was buried here on May 19, 1895 in the Campo De Los Cadillos Cemetert. Now a ghost town, Los Alamos is located on the Ruby Ranch, on Highway 85, north of Las Vegas near Sepello. (This is the old Los Alamos, NOT the Los Alamos listed below)

LOS ALAMOS – This Los Alamos is the birthplace of nuclear weaponry. The work of the laboratory culminated in the creation of three atomic devices, one of which was used in the first nuclear test near Alamogordo, New Mexico, code-named "Trinity", on July 16, 1945. The other two were weapons, "Little Boy" and "Fat Man", which were used in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.        HISTORY      GO THERE

MADRID – Madrid is located 27 miles south of Santa Fe on New Mexico route 14 A former ghost town, Madrid (pronounced MAH-drid) has become an artists community with galleries lining Route 14 (the Turquoise Trail). It still has remnants of its past with the Mineshaft Tavern and the Coal Mine Museum.
u Actress Mae Marsh was born here in 1895. She appeared in the classic silent films Birth of a Nation and Intolerance.
u Madrid was founded in 1889 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. In the early 1900s the town was famous for its magnificent Christmas lighting and displays. Visitors from around the world came here every December to view the 40,000 lights. By 1934 Madrid population dropped to just over 1,000 people. Walt Disney and his children came here in 1937 to see the lights. The Christmas lights were turned off in 1941 and the entire town was sold to the city of Grants. In 1968 Madrid was a ghost town. In 1979, singer Perry Como filmed a TV special here in town. Madrid was restored in the 1990s. The ending of the 2007 film, Wild Hogs was set and filmed her       GO THERE     NEXT      NEXT

MAGDALENA  –  Magdalena is located 27 miles west of Socorro. The town has recently been trying to transform itself into an art center and cultural destination. The opening of at least a dozen art galleries, a woolery, the renovation of the Bank West Building and the Magdalena Hall Hotel have all made their mark on this mountain village. Several rock and mineral shops have been around since the mining boom days. The ghost town of Kelly, bring tourists to the area. The population of the Village is estimated to be about 1,000.      
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MCALISTER – Baseball player Vern Stephens was born here in 1920.

MELROSE – Animator William Hanna was born here in 1910.

MESILLA – Billy the Kid was found guilty of murder here in an adobe building at the southeast corner of the Plaza in 1881, and was sentenced to hang. On April 18, 1881 Billy knocked out one of jail deputies and stole a gun from Pat Garrett's office. He shot and killed two deputies, stole a horse and escaped.    

MOGOLLON –   A former mining town, Mogollon is located east of Glenwood and Alma, A mine called "Little Fannie" became the most important source of employment for the town's populus. During the 1890s Mogollon had a transient population of between 3,000 to 6,000 miners and, because of its isolation, had a reputation as one of the wildest mining towns in the West. Today the town is privately owned and has several small businesses, including the Silver Creek Inn, which operates in a former bordering lodge called the Mogollon House built by Frank Lauderbaugh in 1885. The inn is reportedly filled with ghosts from the mining era.    GO THERE      NEXT       NEXT
u James Cooney, founder of Mogollon, New Mexico was killed (See Cooney), by Apache Indians on April 29, 1880. His mutilated body was entombed in a rock crypt at the mouth of Mineral Creek and sealed with ores from his mine.
u Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once had their headquarters here.
u Im 1973, a western called My Name is Nobody, starring Henry Fonda, was filmed here. A saloon and general store in town were built as part of the movie set.

MOUNTAIN PARK – Political cartoonist Bill Mauldin was born here in 1921.

PINOS ALTOS – The former gold mining town of Pinos Altos is located six miles north of Silver City on NM 15. The Main Street is like an old western movie set. Many of the old buildings date back to the 1800's and have been restored and decorated with original memorabilia and artifacts.       GO THERE        NEXT     
u On September 22, 1861, 500 Apache Indians, led by Cochise, attacked the town. Three miners and 14 Indians were killed.
u George Hearst, father of William Randolph Hearst owned mines and a ranch here in 1896.
u Judge Roy Bean owned a general store here in 1869.

PLEASANTON – A ghost town, Pleasanton, a former Mormon settlement, is located four miles south of Glenwood and 10 miles southwest of Mogollon, on US 260.  
u When U.S. troops pursued a band of Apaches near here in 1885, the Indians caught the soldiers in a triple cross-fire trap and killed them all.
u The U. S. troops killed by the Apaches were buried in a hillside Cemetery on the WS Ranch about 18 miles further down the road from the massacre. The Cemetery can be seen from the highway on Soldier Hill on the way to Pleasanton.
u Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch once worked as ranch hands here on the WS Ranch.

RILEY –  The ghost town of Riley is located 20 miles north of Magdalena on Cibola NF road 354      GO THERE       

ROSWELL – Born here in Roswell, New Mexico were: artist Peter Hurd in 1904, singer John Denver in 1943, and actress Demi Moore in 1962.
u An alien spaceship reportedly crashed near here in July 1947 on the Corn Ranch. The site is now marked by a plaque.

ROUTE 66 THROUGH NEW MEXICO –   Tour Route 66 from Glenrio to Gallup. Visit and see the towns and atttractions on this one-of-a-kind photo tour.     GO THERE  

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio, 11 miles South of Socorro is now a busy stop off of I-25, but it has had two earlier lives. First, it was a Spanish Mission, founded in 1629. Next, during the 19th century, it served as a stop along the Santa Fe Railroad branch line to the Carthage coalmines. Several buildings are left from this middle stage, located about a mile south of the present town (the tracks were torn up in the 1890s)
u Conrad Hilton, founder of he Hilton hotel chain, was born here in 1887. In the 1890s, his mother turned their home near the railroad station into a hotel. Conrad and his brother met the trains and carried the bags across the street to the hotel. Ruins of the Hilton home were at the corner of Sixth and Main in 2002. Hilton's name can still be seen ("C Hilton 1903") carved on the wall of what was once the schoolhouse, which later became a garage, and then a barn.
u In 1945, scientists on the Manhattan Project, the code name for the Atom Bomb, frequented the Owl Bar & Grill here. The cafe, located on Highway 380, was once part of Conrad Hilton's store. GO THERE        

SAN CARLOS – The Apache Kid and his gang had a gunfight here in 1886 with Al Sieben and lawmen. The Kid was wounded in the leg but was able to escape.

SANTA FE – Actress Lori Nelson was born here in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1956.
u Among the row after row of 16,000 identical, snow-white, two-foot high headstones in the Santa Fe National Cemetery here, is a statue of Private Dennis O'Leary, who died in April 1901, at Fort Wingate, New Mexico, a little known outpost. The statue is a carving of O'Leary in his Army uniform, seated, and leaning against a tree trunk. Legend has it that he was an unhappy soldier stationed at the lonely Fort Wingate. He is supposed to have carved the life-sized statue in his free time, even engraving the date of his death on it. According to the story, he wrote a suicide note describing the location of the carving, and asked that it be placed over his grave. Then he shot himself. Military records however, show that he died of TB. When the old fort was disbanded n 1911, O'Leary and 75 other soldiers were moved here.
u Katherine McCarty, 43, Billy the Kid's mother, married miner, William Antrim here on March 1, 1873, in the First Presbyterian Church. Billy, 13, attended the ceremony. Billy and his mother moved here in 1864, where she ran a boarding house. They moved to Silver City in 1868.
u Sam Ketchum, brother of "Black Jack" Ketchum and a member of the Wild Bunch" gang is buried here in the IOOF Cemetery. The exact spot is not known. Some say it is in the far southeast corner along the fence. Others say he was buried outside the fence and the grave was covered with asphalt when Cerrillos Road was widened.

SANTA RITA – Baseball player Ralph Kiner was born here in 1922.

SHAKESPEARE – Shakespeare is a ghost town located south of Lordsburg on private land. Founded as a rest stop called Mexican Springs along a stagecoach route, it was renamed Grant after the Civil War. When silver was discovered nearby it became a mining town called Ralston City. It was finally renamed Shakespeare, and was abandoned when the mines closed in 1929. It is currently part of a privately-owned ranch, sometimes open to tourists         
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u When eight-year-old Emma Marble and her parents moved here from Virginia City, Nevada in 1882, she brought along a doll, about two and one-half feet tall, with arms and legs of cloth, a sawdust body, and a head of china. The doll was admired by everyone, especially seven-year-old Jane Hughes. Jane could not take her eyes off the doll and talked about it all the time. When Jane fell ill a few weeks later, she constantly called for the doll. Jane's sister asked Emma if she could take the doll to Jane, offering a five dollar gold piece for the favor. The request was gladly granted, and little Jane had her doll, but only for a short time -- she died a few days later. Jane was placed in a simple board coffin and was buried here in the town graveyard with the doll clutched tightly in her arms. Now a ghost town,
u Outlaws Curly Bill Brocius and Jim Hughes, were hanged here from a rafter of the dining room of the Pioneer Hotel in 1891. (Wyatt Earp claimed that he shot and killed Brocius in 1882 in Mescal Springs, Arizona).
u Billy the Kid once washed dishes here in the Stratford Hotel on Avon Street, the town's main street.

SILVER CITY – Billy the Kid lived here with his mother while a boy from 1868 to 1872. He worked in the Star Hotel washing dishes. His mother, Mrs. Katherine Antrim, ran a small boarding house in town. His mother died here of TB on September 16, 1874, and her funeral services were held in the house at the head of the Big Ditch. She as buried in the Memory Lane Cemetery on the east side of town. The house is still there on the southwest corner of Broadway and Hudson.
u Billy the Kid killed his first man here in Dyer's Saloon at age 12, and escaped from his first jail here when he was 15.
u On March 24, 1964, police officer Lonnie Zamora, while on patrol, spotted a space ship on the ground on California Street near the Municipal Airport. The UFO and its little men took off when he got close to the craft.
u Composer James Tenney was born here in 1934.

SOCORRO – Legendary sheriff Elfego Baca was born here in 1865.

STEINS – Pronounced "Steens," this former mining and railroad town was first called Doubtful Canyon because of threats from Indians.  Today, Steins is a privately-owned ghost town with about a dozen buildings and a few decaying adobe structures. Fans of ghost towns usually rate Steins as one of the better ghost towns in the area. Nearby is an old cemetery with a few weathered tombstones. The Southern Pacific trains still make their way past the town daily. Steins is 19 miles west of Lordsburg, and 35 miles east of Tucson. Exit I-10 at exit 3, just east of the Arizona-New Mexico border.  
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STINKING SPRINGS – On December 21, 1881, Sheriff Pat Garrett cornered Billy the Kid and his gang in a deserted farm house near here. During the shootout, Billy's friend, Charlie Bowdre was killed. Stinking Springs is located near La Lande, east of Fort Sumner.

TAOS – Governor Charles Bent was scalped alive and murdered here in Taos, New Mexico by Indians in his home, one block north of the Plaza, in 1847.
u Kit Carson and his wife Josefa, are buried here in the Kit Carson Memorial Cemetery, two blocks north of the Plaza. He worked here as a cook and 1829 and was married here in 1943.
u When D. H. Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterly's Lover, died in 1930, his wife buried his ashes on his ranch on the outskirts of town.

TRUCHAS – Some descendants of Spanish conquistadors here still speak a form of 16th-century Spanish used no where else in the world today. Truchas, population 950, is located on the scenic Taos High Road (New Mexico State Highway 76), it is halfway between Santa Fe in the south and Taos to the north.        GO THERE

TULAROSA – Born here in Tularosa were actress Kim Stanley in 1925, and baseball player Steve Ontiveras in 1961.
u Actress Jan Clayton's ashes are buried here next to her father in Tularosa Cemetery.

VALEDON –   The ghost town of Valedon is located  on private property and consists of an extensive assortment of building foundations and partially collapsed walls.     GO THERE        NEXT    

VAN HOUTEN – Baseball player Chuck Stevens was born here in 1918.

WEED – Actor Glenn Strange was born here in 1899. He played Sam the bartender in the Long Branch Saloon on TV’s Gunsmoke. He died in 1973 and is buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
In the Churchyard Section, plot 4295

WHITE OAKS – The ghost town of White Oaks is located about 11 miles northeast of Carrizozo. Go about two miles north of Carrizozo (the Lincoln County seat) on U.S. 54, then turn right onto New Mexico route 349 and go about nine miles.
u Billy the Kid hung out here at Dedrick's livery stable and in the town's saloons. He celebrated his 21st birthday here in 1880.      
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WINSTON – The ghost town of Winston is located 38 miles northwest of Truth or Consequences.  Winston once had a population of over 3000, but declined as silver prices dropped. By 1940, the population was about 400, and was 250 by 1946. Today, only a few families remain.        GO THERE        NEXT        

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