ALBANY – Writer Bret Harte was born here in Albany in 1839.
u Gangster Jack "Legs" Diamond was shot and killed here in a cheap rooming house at 67 Dove Street, on December 19, 1931 by two hired killers. Diamond was staying here with his wife and 10-year-old son in three rooms on the second floor.
u Nathan Pritikin, fitness crusader, committed suicide here in 1985 with a straight razor in the Albany Medical Center where he was undergoing treatment for terminal leukemia.
u The first railroad in America ran a distance of 11 miles between Albany and Schenectady, New York.
u Perched atop the Arnoff Moving Co Warehouse Building at 991 Broadway here, is America's last remaining large RCA/Victor "Nipper" dog statue. He was placed there in 1954.

AMHERST – Amherst was named the 3rd safest city in America in 2005.

– Actor Kirk Douglas was born here in 1916.

ANGOLA – Inventor Willis Haviland Carrier was born here in 1876. He invented the Carrier air conditioner.

ARDEN – Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia W. Averell Harriman and his wife Pamela are buried here on the Arden Estate.

ASTORIA – Buried here in the Saint Michaels Cemetery are:
– Frank Costello, gangster.
– Scott Joplin, composer/musician. He wrote the song
The Entertainer which was used in the movie The Sting.

ATTICA – The bloodiest prison riot in the U. S. happened here in 1971 at the Attica State Correctional Facility. 43 were killed.

AUBURN – Leon Czolgosz, murderer is buried here in Fort Hill Cemetery at 19 Fort Street. He assassinated President McKinley. After he was electrocuted in 1901, prison officials poured acid on his body and coffin.
u Henry Wells, founder of Wells Fargo is buried here in Oak Glen Cemetery at the end of Court St. east of Main.

– Composer Alec Wilder is buried here in the Saint Agnes Cemetery. He wrote the song I'll be Around. He is in Section E, Lot 9, Row 3.

– Actor Bob Keeshan is buried here in the Saint Josephs Cemetery. He was TV's Captain Kangaroo.
u Mario Puzo, author of the Godfather is buried here in the West Babylon Cemetery.
u Buried here in the New Montefiore Cemetery

– Mae Questel. Voice of cartoon characters Betty Boop, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea.

BAYPORT  – A 7.5 -foot tall cement sphinx statue here was originally installed outside the Anchorage Inn in Bluepoint, New York in 1897. It remained on site after the Inn was destroyed by fire in 1928; and the property converted to a service station. In 1974, the sculpture was moved to its present site at the Fontana Cement Company at 890 Montauk Highway.

– Author/physic James Van Praagh was born here.

BAYONNE – Actor Frank Langella was born here in 1940.

BEACON – Henry Fonda's first wife, Francis killed herself here in the bathroom of their home here in Beacon, New York on April 14, 1950. She slit her throat from ear to ear. She was the mother of Jane and Peter Fonda. She was cremated and her ashes are in the Ferndale Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York.

BEDFORD – Actor E. G. Marshall is buried here in the Middle Patent Rural Cemetery.

BETHEL – The Woodstock Music and Art Festival was held here on Max Yasgur's dairy farm on August 15, 16, and 17, 1969. Over 400,000 attended.

BREWSTER – Singer Laura Branican was born here in 1957. She grew up here.

BROCKPORT – Buried here in the Salem Fields Cemetery (Part of the Cypress Cemetery) at 775 Jamaica Ave. are:
– Benjamin Guggenheim. He squandered his share of the family fortune, and was on the Titanic when it sunk in 1912.
– Six other members of the Guggenheim family are buried here.

BROCTON – Inventor George Pullman was born here in 1831. He was the founder of the Pullman railroad car company.

BRONX – Born here in the Bronx, New York were: singer Helen (the "Boop-boop-a-doop" girl) Kane in 1903, comedian Joey Bishop in 1918, comedian Carl Reiner in 1922, actor Tony Curtis in 1925, and director Stanley Kubrick in 1928.
u Buried here in the Woodlawn Cemetery are:

Herman Armour, president of Armour Meat.
James Bailey, co-founder of Barnum and Bailey Circus.
Diana Barrymore, actress and daughter of John Barrymore. In Division 20, between E. Border Avenue and Chapel Hill.

Nora Bayes, actress/ songwriter. She introduced the song Over There and co-wrote the song Shine On, Harvest Moon.

Irving Berlin, composer.
Maximilian Berlitz, founder of the Berlitz Language Schools.
Nellie Bly, reporter.
Gail Borden Jr., Gail, founder of Borden Dairy.
Arded and Joseph Bulova, watchmakers.
Ralph Bunche, U.S. diplomat. In Section 83, Myosotis Plot.
Harry Carey, actor.
Vernon and Irene Castle, dancers. In H-2 Parkview

George M. Cohan, singer/dancer/songwriter. In Section 141/20, Butternut Plot, Lot 13841.

Lotta Crabtree, actress. She is in the Juniper Section.
Charlie Dale, half of the Smith & Dale comedy team. They were the inspiration for Neil Simon's film The Sunshine Boys.
Gertrude Ederle, first woman to swim the English Channel.
Duke Ellington, pianist/composer.
Harry Fisher, cartoonist. He creat the Comic Strip Mutt and Jeff.
Frankie Frisch, baseball player. In Section 90/91, Birch Hill Plot, Lot 12092.
Oscar Hammerstein, composer.
Lionel Hampton, musician.
W. C. Handy, composer. He is In the Cosmos section, Block 203/198.
Millicent Hearst, mother of William Randolph Hearst.
Victor Herbert, composer.
Barbara Hutton, granddaughter of F. W. Woolworth. She was known as the "poor little rich girl' and was married seven times (one of her husbands was Cary Grant). She died mysteriously in her Beverly Hills mansion.
Samuel Kress, founder of Kress Dept. Stores. In Walnut Section, block 108.
Rowland Macy, founder of Macy's Department Stores.
Louis Marx, toy manufacturer.
Bat Masterson, U.S. Marshall.
Marilyn Miller, actress. She is in the Heather section.
James Cash Penney, founder of J. C. Penney's.
Toni Perry, actress. The "Toni" Awards are named after her.
Ottos Preminger, actor/ director.
Joseph Pulitzer, journalist. The Pulitzer Prize is named after him.
Grantland Rice, sportswriter. In Section 93, Oakwood Plot, Lot 244.
Ruth Brown Snyder, murderess. murderess. She was executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison for the bludgeoning death of her husband. She is in Arbutus, Section 119, Lot 16528.
Michael Strange, actress/poet. She was the mother of actress Diana Barrymore and the wife of actor John Barrymore. In Division 20, between E. Border Avenue and Chapel Hill
Isidor Straus, co-owner of Macy's Department Store. He and his wife died on the Titantic. In F-4 Myosotis.
Olive Thomas Pickford, actress and wife of Jack Pickford. She is in the Wintergreen section

Ann Woodward socialite. On October 30, 1955, Ann shot and killed her millionaire husband. She claimed that she thought he was the prowler that had been terrorizing their neighborhood, but many believed that she had killed Billy because he was about to divorce her. Ann was never charged for her husband's death. In September 1975 when Truman Capote had written a thinly disguised account of her life and her husband's murder, Ann killed herself with an overdose of sleeping pills. She was buried beside her husband here in the Woodward family plot. Her story was told in Dominick Dunne's novel The Two Mrs. Grenvilles.
William "Billy" Woodward Jr., murder victim and Husband of Ann Woodward. He was heir to the Hanover Banking fortune.

Frank Woolworth, founder of the Woolworth's Department Stores. The Woolworth Mausoleum is in the Pine Section.

BRONXVILLE – Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick is buried here in the Christ Church Columbarium. He is in the outdoor Columbarium, Niche 177.

BROOKLYN – Gangster Alphonse Capone was born here in Brookllyn at 95 Navy Street on January 17,1899. The Capone home was near the New York Naval Shipyard (Brooklyn Navy Yard). Little Al was baptized on February 7, in the St. Michael the Archangel, five blocks away at the corner of Lawrence and Tillary. Shortly after, the family moved to 69 Park Avenue in Brooklyn.
u Also born here in Brooklyn were: actress Mae West in 1892, composer George Gershwin in 1898, actress Lilyan Tashman in 1899, Aaron Copland composer in 1900, author Clifton Fadiman in 1904, actress Barbara Stanwyck in 1907, football coach Vince Lombardi in 1913, actor/comedian Danny Kaye in 1913, comedian Jackie Gleason in 1916, singer Lena Horne in 1917, actor Mickey Rooney in 1920, playwright Paddy Chayefsky in 1923, congresswoman Shirley Chisholm in 1924, actress Clara Bow in 1925, comedian/actor Mel Brooks in 1926, actor Vince Edwards in 1928, comedian Dom De Luise in 1933, talk show host Larry King in 1933, comedienne Joan Rivers in 1933, actor/director Woody Allen in 1935, actress Mary Tyler Moore in 1936, singer Neil Diamond in 1941, singer Barbra Streisand in 1942, former mayor Rudy Giuliani in 1944, singer Barry Manilow in 1946, talk show host Laura Schlesinger in 1947, actor Lou Ferrigno in 1951, filmmaker Ken Burns in 1953, preacher Al Sharpton in 1954, comedian Jerry Seinfeld in 1957, comedian Eddie Murphy in 1961, basketball player Michael Jordan in 1963, boxer Mike Tyson in 1966, actor Adam Sandler in 1966, rapper Tupac Shakur in 1971, actress Alyssa Milano in 1972, and hip hop rapper Busta Rhymes in 1972.
u In 1917, when gangster Frankie Yale opened a large bar in Coney Island that he named the Harvard Inn, he hired 18-year-old Al Capone as a bartender and bouncer. One night, Frank "Galluch" Galluccio, a neighborhood hood, came into the Inn with his date, Maria Tanzio and his sister Lena. Capone took a liking to Lena, and every time his rounds took him past her table, he tried to talk to her. When Galluccio told Capone to leave here alone, Al came toward him, Galluccio drew a knife from his pocket and lunged at Capone's face, cutting him several times. One slash started two inches in front of mid-ear, curved four inches down the left cheek to just below the corner of Capone's mouth. Two other cuts each measured 2.5 inches, one on the left jaw, the other on the neck under the ear. Capone was rushed to the Coney Island Hospital where doctor's took about 30 stitches on his face.
u On August 9, 1935, Irving Berlin's youngest sister, Sarah Henkin, was living in a little apartment at 591 Williams Avenue in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Unemployed, Irving helped her out with an allowance of $100 a month, on which she and her husband Abraham managed to live on. Sarah had been in poor health for several years, suffering from asthma and an emotional disorder. On Friday, August 8, she and her husband climbed to the roof of their five-story building in search of a cool breeze. At about 1:30 in the afternoon, Sarah asked Abraham to go downstairs and get her a chair. As he entered their apartment, he heard screaming coming from the sidewalk below.When he looked outside, he saw Sarah lying on the pavement. She had leaped to her death from the roof. Irving flew in from Hollywood to attend her burial in the Berlin (Baline) plot at Brooklyn’s Washington Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Holy Cross Cemetery are:
– Gil Hodges, former Dodger baseball player. He is in the St. Cathrine Section, Range B, Lot 191/193.
– Frankie Yale, Chicago gangster. He was killed by Al Capone's men in 1928. He is in the St. Edmonds section, Range 14, plot 9.
u Buried here in the Cypress Hills Cemetery are:
– Jackie Robinson, baseball player. He is in Section 6, Lot: West Half Of P, Grave 8.
– Mae West, actress.
u Buried here in the Evergreens Cemetery are:
– Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, tap dancer. He is in the Redemption Section, Lot 1.
– Edward "Daddy" Browning, A millionaire real estate magnate, he was the center of a sensational scandal in the 1920s involving his marriage to 15-year-old Frances Belle Heenan. The news media nicknamed her "Peaches."
– Charles Ebbets. He owned the Brooklyn Dodgers and built Ebbets Field. He is in Section 129, Lot 35567
– Charles Feltman. He was the first to put the hot dog on a bun. He was the first person to ever put the hot dog on a bun. It happened on his small frankfurter cart on Brooklyn's Coney Island.
– Edward W. Hall, minister and murder victim. He and his lover, Eleanor Mills were murdered in 1922. He is in Section 150/160, Lot 10411, Stevens Family Vault
– Laura Keene, actress. She was on-stage performing at Ford's Theatre when Abraham Lincoln was shot in 1865.
u Actor Montgomery Clift is buried here in the Friends Religious Society of Prospect Park.

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS – Actress Mia Sara was born here in 1968.

BUFFALO – Born here in Buffalo were: meat packer George Hormel in 1860, and musician Rick James in 1948 (James was buried here in 2004).
u President William McKinley was assassinated here on Fordham Drive, just west of Lincoln Parkway.
u When Reuben John Smith died in 1899, he was buried here in Buffalo sitting in a new recliner chair of upholstered russet leather, with a checkerboard on his lap. Smith also ordered that he be dressed in a hat and warm coat, and that a key to his tomb be placed in his coat pocket.
u Buried here in the Forest Lawn Cemetery are:
– Willis Carrier. He invented the air conditioner.
– William George Fargo of Wells Fargo fame.
– Millard Fillmore, 13th US President.
– Sara Hinson, founder of "Flag Day."
– Alfred Southwick. He invented the electric chair in 1890.

CALVERTON – Buried here in the Calverton National Cemetery are:
– Hobbs Jr., Elsbeary Hobbs Jr. singer. He was a member of "The Drifters."
– Tony Williams, singer. He was a member of "The Platters." He is in Section 15 Grave 1694.

CANANDAIQUA – Industrialist John N. Willys was born here in 1873. He developed the Jeep.

CANTON – Painter/sculptor Frederic Remington was born here in 1861.

CAZENOVIA – Edward Allis, co-founder of Allis Chalmers was born here in 1824.

CELORON – Actress Lucille Ball was born here in 1911.

CENTRAL BRIDGE – George Westinghouse Jr., founder of Westinghouse Electric was born here in 1846.

CHATHAM – Virginia O’Hanlon Douglas is buried here in the Chatham Rural Cemetery. In 1897, 8-year-old Virginia wrote a letter to the New York Sun that read: “I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, "If you see it in The Sun, it's so." Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus? Virginia O'Hanlon.” A few days later, her letter was reprinted in the Sun in an Editorial under the headline “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.”
Francis P. Church's editorial, was an immediate sensation, and became one of the most famous editorials ever written.

CHITTENANGO – L. Frank Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz was born (1856) and raised here. A Munchkins parade is held here every year.

CLARKSTOWN – Clarkstown was named the 2nd safest city in America in 2005.

CLINTON – Buried here in the Hamilton College Cemetery are:
– Major General Ulysses S. Grant III, grandson of President Ulysses S. Grant.
– Alexander Woollcott, drama critic.

CLOVESVILLE – Actress Gertrude Berg is buried here in the Clovesville Cemetery.

COLD SPRING HARBOR – Founder of CBS William S. Paley is buried here in the Memorial Cemetery of St. John's Church.

COLONIE – "Mother" Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers is buried here in the Shaker Cemetery.

COMMACK – Comedian Rosie O'Donnell was born here in 1962.

COOPERSTOWN – The Cardiff giant here is a fake fossil of an antediluvian giant ten feet tall with 21 inch feet who weighed 2,990 pounds.. He was ''discovered'' in 1869 on a farm in Cardiff, and exhibited as a petrified human from biblical days to thousands of credulous New Yorkers who paid $1 each to see him. The "fossil" is actually a carved slab of gypsum, sculpted a year or two before it was discovered. The "fossil" is now on display at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown where it is labeled "America's Greatest Hoax."
u Baseball’s Hall of Fame is located here at 25 Main Street.

CORNING – Margaret Sanger, founder of the birth control movement was born here in 1879.

CORNWALL – Olympic athlete Bonnie Blair was born here in 1964.

CROTON-ON-THE-HUDSON – Playwright Lorraine Hansberry is interred here in the Bethel Cemetery. She wrote A Raisin In The Sun.

EAST HAMPTON – Novelist Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22, is buried here in the Cedar Lawn Cemetery.
u Film director Alan Pakula is buried here in the Green River Cemetery. He is in the back of the Cemetery on the left side along the fence.

ELMHURST – Actress Patty Duke was born here in Elmhurst, New York in 1946.

– Buried here in the Woodlawn Cemetery are:
– Ernie Davis, football player.
– Hal Roach, producer of the Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang comedies.
– Mark Twain, writer. He is in the Langdon plot with his son-in-law, Otto Gabrilloitsch.

ELMONT – Buried here in the Beth Davis Cemetery are:
– Rube Bloom, composer. He wrote
Don't Worry 'Bout Me, and Fools Rush In. He is in the Sidney & Rose Tyroler Grounds.
– Andy Kaufman, comedian.
– Sam Levenson, humorist/writer.

ENDICOTT – Cartoonist Johnny Hart was born here in 1931. He was the creator of BC.

FARMINGDALE – Singer Helen Kane is buried here in the Long Island National Cemetery. She was known as the "Boop-boop-a-doop Girl" and for the song I Want to be Loved by You. She is in Section X, Grave 1882.
u Buried here in the Pinelawn Cemetery on Long Island Ave. and Welland Rd. are:
– Count Basie, musician. He is in the Mausoleum, South Forsythia Court, Row 57, Tier D.
– John Coltrane, musician. He is in the Garden of Sanctuary, Sec 60, Range 46, Grave 49.
– Guy Lombardo, bandleader. He is in the Mausoleum, Forsythia Court South, 2nd tier.
u Kenny Gardner, singer with the Guy Lombardo band is interred here in the Pineland Cemetery.

FISHKILL – Birth control crusader Margaret Sanger is buried here in the Fishkill Rural Cemetery.

FLANDERS – A 20-foot high concrete white duck was built in 1931 by Long Island duck farmers Martin and Jeule Maurer, the Big Duck was an eye-catching shop where the Maurer's sold their Peking Ducks to passing motorists on Riverhead's West Main Street. In 1936, the Maurers moved the building to Route 24 in Flanders. In 1987, new owners donated the Big Duck to Suffolk County, which relocated it to its current home near the entrance of Sears Bellows County Park.

FLUSHING – Buried here in in the Mount Hebron Cemetery are: Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, gangster. He was executed in the Sing Sing Prison electric chair.
– Molly Picon, actress.
– Barbra Streisand, singer. Her future burial site is in Section 104, near the road.
u G.W. "Billy" Bitzer, pioneer cinematographer is buried here in the Cedar Grove Memorial Park.
u Buried here in the Flushing Cemetery are:
– Louis Armstrong, musician.
– Dizzy Gillespie, musician.
– Johnny Hodges, musician.
– May Robson, actress.
– Vincent Sardi Sr., founder of Sardi's restaurant in New York City.

FORESTVILLE – Playwright/director George Abbott was born here in 1887.

GARDEN CITY – Actor Telly Savalas was born here in 1924.

GLEN COVE – Novelist Thomas Pynchon was born here in 1937.

GLENDALE – Buried here in the Mount Carmel Cemetery are:
– Bella Abzug, U.S. Congresswoman.
– Henny Youngman, comedian. In Kurlander/Youngman Plot, Block 9, lot 45.

GLOVERSVILLE – Actor Mischa Auer is buried here in the Prospect Hill Cemetery. He is in Section X, Lot 51.

GREAT NECK – Figure skater Sarah Hughes was born here in Great Neck, New York in 1985.

GREENVILLE – Painter Anna "Grandma" Moses was born here in 1860.

HAMMONDSPORT – Aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss is buried here Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

HART ISLAND – Child actor Bobby Driscoll is buried here in a paupers grave. He died at age 31 of drug and alcohol abuse. He was star of Walt Disney's 1950 film Treasure Island.

– Buried here in the Ferncliff Cemetery are:
– Harold Arlen, composer. He wrote the song
Over the Rainbow.
– Frances "Peaches" Browning, actress. She married Edward "Daddy" Browning, a wealthy real estate broker when she was 15 years old, he was 51. They separated after six months and upon his death in 1934, she was awarded his entire estate. She is in Unit 7, alcove MM, crypt 35.
– Joan Crawford, actress. In the Main Mausoleum, Unit 8, Alcove E, Crypt 42.
– Judy Garland, singer. She is in Unit 9, alcove HH, crypt 31.
– Oscar Hammerstein II., lyricist.
– Moss Hart, playwright.
– Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, wife of President Chiang Kai-Shek. She is in the private Soong family room
– Jerome Kern, composer. He is in Unit 4, Alcove C, Private Niche #1.
– Marion Lorne, actress. She was “Aunt Clara" on TV's
Bewitched. She is in the Main Mausoleum Unit 3 niche Panel EE Niche 10.
_ Jackie "Moms" Mabley, comedian. In Knollwood Gdn 1, Row 14, Grave 4.
– Elsa Maxwell, columnist and professional party-giver. She is in Rosewood 2, Grave 1132.
– Sigmund Romberg, composer. In Unit 1, private section, BC-1, crypt 5
– Toots Shor, Restauranteur. He is in Hillcrest A, grave 1204.
– Ed Sullivan, Host of the TV's
Ed Sullivan Show. He is in Unit 8, alcove G, side comp. 122.
– Judy Tyler, actress. She was killed in an auto accident in Wyoming, three days after co-starring with Elvis Presley in the 1957 film
Jailhouse Rock. Her ashes are in the "Private Family Room" of her husband in the Ferncliff Mausoleum.
– Conrad Veidt, actor. He played Major Heinrich Strasser in the film
– Malcolm X, black activist was assassinated in 1965. He is in Pinewood B, Grave 150.

HASTINGS-ON-THE-HUDSON – Film producer Adolph Zukor is buried here in the Temple Israel Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Westchester Hills Cemetery are:
– John Garfield, actor.
– George Gershwin, composer. He is in the George Gershwin Mausoleum near the office.
– Ira Gershwin, composer. In the Gershwin Mausoleum near the office.
– Judy Holliday, actress.
– Max Reinhardt, producer/director.
– Billy Rose, Broadway Producer.
– Lee Strasberg, acting teacher.
u Buried here in the Mount Hope Cemetery are:
– Frederic Dannay, co-creator of the TV detective series
Ellery Queen.
– Herman Tarnower, creator of the "Scarsdale Diet." He was murdered by his lover, Jean Harris. He is in Larchmont Temple, Lot 64, Row 2, Grave 4.

HAVERSTRAW – Buried here in the Mount Repose Cemetery are:
– Milt Caniff, cartoonist. He created the comic strips
Steve Canyon and Terry and the Pirates.
– Lotte Lenya, actress/singer.

HAWTHORNE – Buried here in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery are:
– Fred Allen, comedian.
– James Cagney, actor. He is in the Mausoleum.
– Bess Houdini, wife of magician Harry Houdini. She died in October of 1941 on a train near Needles, California on her way back to New York. She was 68. Though a plot next to Harry in New York City's Machpelah Cemetery had been planned for her, she could not be buried next to him because Machpelah is a Jewish cemetery and Bess was a Catholic. She is in Section 48 184-10.
– Dorothy Kilgallen, gossip columnist. She died of a drug overdose in 1965.
– Billy Martin, baseball player. He is in Section 25, Plot 21, Grave 3.
– Sal Mineo, actor. He was murdered in Hollywood in 1976.
– Babe Ruth, baseball player.
– Dutch Schultz (Flegenheimer), Mafia gangster. He was murdered in 1935.
– James Walker, former New York mayor.
u Buried here in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery are:
– Rube Goldberg, cartoonist.
– Lillian Roth, torch singer. She is in Section 26, Grave 039.

HICKSVILLE – Singer Billy Joel was born here in 1948.

HOOSICK FALLS – Painter Anna "Grandma" Moses is buried here in the Maple Grove Cemetery

– Born here in Huntington were: poet Walt Whitman in 1819, and singer Mariah Carey in 1970.

HURLEY – Former slave and lecturer Sojourner Truth was born here in 1797.

HYDE PARK – The Vanderbilt Mansion was built here in Hyde Park, New York the late 1800s.
u U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor are buried here on the grounds of their former estate one mile south of the center of town on U. S. 9. Their dog Fala is also buried here.
u Buried here in the Saint James Episcopal Church are:
– Franklin Delano Roosevelt, infant son of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was nine months old when he died in 1909.
– Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., former US Congressman.
– James Roosevelt, father of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
– James Roosevelt, half Brother of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was the son of President Roosevelt's father James and his first wife Rebecca Howland Roosevelt.
– Sarah Delano Roosevelt, mother of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

ILION – The inventors of the Remington gun are buried here in the Remington Family Plot.

INTERLAKEN – Rod Serling, writer and creator of The Twilight Zone, is buried here in the Interlaken Cemetery. He is in plot Two 0.

ITHACA – Author Alex Haley was born here in 1921.
u Ithaca claims to be the birthplace of the ice cream sundae in 1892. Reportedly, the ice cream sundae was invented on a hot Sunday at the C.C. Platt drugstore, owned by Chester C. Platt (1869-1934). In the process of dressing up a dish of plain vanilla ice cream for Reverend John Scott after his Sunday service at the local Unitarian Church, Platt poured cherry syrup over the ice cream and placed a candied cherry at the top. Reverend Scott suggested that it be named after the day it was invented. An old advertisement for a Cherry Sunday at the pharmacy has been found to help back up this claim. (see Two Rivers, Wisconsin)

JACKSON HEIGHTS – Talk show host Howard Stern was born here in 1954.

JAMESTOWN – Ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson was born here in in 1908.
Buried here in the Lake View Cemetery are:
– Lucille Ball, actress/comedienne. Her ashes are here. Lucy was born in 1911 in Celoron which is just outside Jamestown, New York.
– Henry Ball, father of Lucille Ball. Henry died at age 28. When his coffin was lowered in the ground, little Lucy let out a blood-curdling scream and wouldn't stop until she was carried away.
u Freddy and Flora Belle Hunt, grandparents of Lucille Ball. They lived on Buffalo Street.
u The Lucy-Desi Museum is located here at 300 N. Main.

JOHNSTOWN – Buried here in the Ferndale Cemetery are:
– Helen Broderick, actress and mother of actor Broderick Crawford.
– Broderick Crawford, actor.

KENMORE – Inventor Erick Olof Sjoden is buried here in the Elmlawn Cemetery. He invented the first hand grenade.

KINDERHOOK – President Martin Van Buren was born here in 1782 on Hudson Street. He and his wife Hannah are buried here in the Village Cemetery.

KINGSTON – Director Peter Bogdanovich was born here in 1939.
u Former U.S. Vice-President George Clinton is buried here in the Old Dutch Churchyard.

LAKE GEORGE – The House of Frankenstein Wax Museum is located here at 213 Canada Street.

LAKE PLACID – Singer Kate Smith is buried here in the Saint Agnes Cemetery. She introduced the song God Bless America.

LAKE RONKONKOMA – Actress Maude Adams is buried here in the Cenacle Convent. She is in the middle of Century.

LEROY – The Jell-O Museum is located here at 23 E Main St.

LEVITTOWN – The nation's first planned suburban community was built here in Levittown, New York in 1947 on a potato field by William Levitt. Available only to World War II veterans, the first of the 17, 447 two-bedroom Levittown houses cost $6,990 with nearly no money down.

LIBERTY – Journalist Victor Lasky was born here in 1918.
u In 1919, the Grossinger family purchased the Nicolas Farm near here in the Catskills and opened Grossinger's Resort Hotel. At its height, Grossinger's had its own airport and post office. The hotel closed in the late 1980s. The area known as the "Borscht Belt" had summer resorts that were frequented by Jewish New Yorkers, particularly in the 1950s and 1960s. Sid Caesar, Jerry Lewis, Lenny Bruce, Alan King, Buddy Hackett, Jackie Mason and many others worked the Borscht Belt early in their careers. These resort hotels, primarily visited during the hot summer months, included: Brown's, The Concord, Grossinger's, Kutscher's, The Nevele, The Pines, The Raleigh, and The Windsor.
u Buried here in the Ahavath Israel Cemetery are:
– Jennie Grossinger, hotel owner.
– Max Yasgur. It was on his farm where 1969 Woodstock festival took place.

LIVERPOOL – The Salt Museum here at 106 Lake Drive presents the Onondaga salt industry during the 19th century when Syracuse earned the name "Salt City". It was America's leading salt manufacturing community. Exhibits include the full scale reconstruction of an 1856 boiling block, a "sights and sounds" tour of a 19th century salt worker's neighborhood, and re-created craft shops.

LOCKE – Former U.S. President Millard Fillmore was born here in 1800.

LOCKPORT – William Morgan, inventor of volleyball is buried here in the Glenwood Cemetery. Take the first right after entering the Cemetery, then the next left, his grave is on the right hand side, on the hill.

LOCUST VALLEY – Buried here in the Locust Valley Cemetery are:
– Franklin Nelson Doubleday, publisher.
– Ray Goulding, actor. Half of the "Bob and Ray" comedy team.
– Rocky Graziano, boxer.

LONG BEACH – Comedian Billy Crystal was born here in 1947.

FRANKLIN SQUARE – Talk show host Sean Hannity was born here (in 1961) and grew up here.

MANHASSET – Actor Billy Crudup was born here in 1968.

MASPETH – Buried here in the Mount Zion Cemetery are:
– Lorenz Hart, lyricist. He is in Path 8R, CG Zichron Ephraim.
– Theresa Moers (Weinstein). She was the mistress of boxer Norman "Kid McCoy" Selby. He shot and killed her in his Los Angeles apartment in 1924. She is in Path 18L, Gate 3, Frieda Rehfeld KUV.
– Sixteen unidentified victims of the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory fire in New York on March 25, 1911 are buried here in a mass grave. They are in the Workmen's Circle plot.
– Nathanael West, author. He is in Path 27R, Daniel Webster Benevolent Society, Weinstein Plot.

MASSAPEQUA – Actor Alec Baldwin was born here in 1958.
u Comedian Jerry Seinfeld grew up here.

MASSENA – Actor Hal Smith was born here in Massena. He was best known for playing Otis Campbell, Mayberry’s town drunk on the Andy Griffin Show.

MENANDS – Buried here in the Albany Rural Cemetery are:
– Chester A. Arthur, former U.S President. He is in Section 24, Lot 8.
– Ellen Herndon Arthur, wife of President Arthur. Her grave is behind the grave of her husband.
– Charles Hoy Fort, author. He wrote
The Book of the Damned. He is in Lot 8, Section 28.

MIDDLE VILLAGE – Buried here in the Saint Johns Cemetery are:
– Charles Atlas, physical Fitness Pioneer.
– Frank Christi, actor. He was murdered in Hollywood in 1982.
– Vito Genovese, gangster.
– Frank Gotti, gangster. He is in St. John's Cloister.
– John Gotti, gangster.
– Lucky Luciano, gangster,

MIDDLEVILLE – The Herkimer Diamond Mines: are located here at 4626 Route 28 North. The Ace of Diamonds Mine and Herkimer Diamond Mine both allow collectors to enter and prospect for a nominal fee. Both locations also rent equipment such as hammers, wedges and other small tools, plus they small exhibit areas where you can view and/or purchase specimens.

MILLBROOK – Wing Castle was built with stones and salvaged materials from antique buildings. The castle with 7 towers and moat took more than 23 years to build and they are still not finished. It’s located at 717 Bangall Road

MONROE – Emil Frey created the cheeseburger here in the 1870s.

MOUNT KISCO – Born here in Mount Kisco were: head of Disney Studios Michael Eisner in 1942, and singer Dar Williams in 1967.

MOUNT TREMPER – The world’s largest kaleidoscope is located here. The 65-foot kaleidoscope is housed in a silo once used to store grain and animal feed. It’s on route 28, west of Woodstock.

MOUNT VERNON – Born here in Mount Vernon were: Dick Clark in 1928, and actor Denzel Washington in 1954.

NAPLES – Located in Ontario County, Naples is known as the "Grape Pie Capital of the World." In 2006, The Progressive Farmer listed Ontario County the best place to live in rural America.

NEW BEDFORD – Millionairess Hettie Green was born here in 1834.

NEWBURGH – General George Washington's headquarters were here in 1782 in the home of Jonathan Hasbrouck. The house is now a historical site.
u Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz debuted a live song and dance act here in the Ritz Theater on December 17, 1941.

NEW DORP – Buried here in the Moravian Cemetery are:
– Eberhard Faber, he manufactured the first lead pencils.
– Martin Scorsese, film director.
– Cornelious Vanderbilt, shipping and railroad tycoon.

NEW ROCHELLE – Born here in New Rochelle were: actor Bob Denver in 1935, and talk show host Jay Leno in 1950.
u Buried here in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery are:
– Eddie Foy Sr., actor/entertainer. He and his children had a vaudeville act called Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys." Six of his seven children are also buried here.
– Harry Tierney, composer. He wrote the songs for the films
Hit the Deck, The Great Ziegfeld, and Irene."
u Actress Ruth Chatterton is buried here in the Beechwoods Cemetery.

NEW SPRINGVILLE – Ichabod Crane is buried here in the Asbury Methodist Cemetery. According to legend, author Washington Irving met the real Ichabod Crane when he was stationed in the Army at Sackett's Harbor, New York. Later, when Irving needed a name for country schoolteacher in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, he remembered the soldier he had met and used his name for the pompous schoolteacher. Crane died in 1857.

NEW YORK CITY – Toilet paper was invented here in New York City in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty. It consisted of pre-moistened flat sheets medicated with aloe and was named "Gayetty's Medicated Paper." Gayetty's name was printed on every sheet.
u An six-and-a-half-foot bronze statue of Jackie Gleason as bus driver Ralph Kramden stands in front of the Port Authority Bus Terminal near the corner of 40th St. & Eighth Ave.
u Buried here in the Trinity Church Cemetery at 74 Trinity Place are:
– John Jacob Astor.
– Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat. His monument is on the south side of the churchyard, division 7, but is body is in the Livingston vault, halfway down the back path.
– Alexander Hamilton. He was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr on July 12, 1804. He was shot on the same spot where his son Phillip was killed in a duel in 1801, and he was using the same pistol that his son had used. Alexander died at age 47, and nearly everybody in New York went to the funeral, which was the biggest, grandest and saddest funeral Trinity ever had. He is in Division 12, 1804, in the southern part of the Cemetery.
– Phillip Hamilton. Son of Alexander Hamilton, he was killed in 1901 at age 20 in a duel with George Eacker.
– James Lawrence. Navy captain, who cried "Don't give up the ship" as his ship the Chesapeake was sinking. He was killed at sea in the war of 1812. His wife lies beside him in the south churchyard, division 10, around and past the front of the Church and to the left.
– Augustus Ludlow. He was Captain James Lawrence' second in command on the frigate Chesapeake. Ludlow, a friend, as well as an aide of Captain Lawrence, was also killed along with Lawrence. The British buried both of them in Halifax, but later their bodies were brought to America and buried first in Salem, Massachusetts, and then they were buried here. Ludlow lies next to Lawrence under a monument that reads: They were united in love, and rushed to war together."
u When George Washington became President, he moved into a mansion here at #3 Cherry Street. The mansion had been occupied by Samuel Osgood, Secretary of the Treasury Board, who moved out to let George and Martha move in. It was from here that he went to his inauguration. The Washington's moved out on February 23, 1790. Today the site is on the east side of Pearl, under the Manhattan approach to the Brooklyn Bridge. The Alfred E. Smith apartments are nearby.
u The first American flag as we know it now was made in a house that was located at 25-27 Cherry Street. It was made in 1818 by the wife of Captain Samuel Reed, and had 13 stripes and 13 stars on a field of blue with room to add a star for each new state.
u In 1893, Irving Berlin and his parents moved into a Civil War vintage brownstone here at 330 Cherry Street. It had been designed as a single dwelling but was divided into apartments. Eight members of the family plus a lodger lived in three rooms on the 3rd floor. They moved here from a basement apartment on Monroe Street. In 1913 when Irving became rich and famous, he moved his mother from here to a new home at 834 Beck Street in the Bronx. The building was still there in 1946 when Berlin came back to visit his former home.
u In 1914, fourteen-year-old Irving Berlin worked as a singing waiter on the Bowery at McKeon's Saloon at #20, at the Morgue Saloon at #25, and in a saloon at #9. He also worked in Steve Brody's Saloon at 112-114 Bowery. Brody was famous for his jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge and lived to talk about it
u Seventeen-year-old Irving Berlin was a singing waiter here in the Pelham Cafe at 12 Pell Street in 1917. He earned $7 a week. It was here that he changed his name from Israel "Izzy" Baline to Irving Berlin and wrote his first song Marie from Sunny Italy.
u On April 6, 1972, gangster Joey Gallo celebrated his 43rd birthday at the Copacabana with his bride of three weeks and her daughter. They ended up for breakfast here at Umberto's at 129 Mulberry Street. About 5:00 A.M., three men burst in the side door and emptied their guns at the trio as they sat at their table. Gallo was hit three times and staggered outside, then collapsed and died in the middle of Hester Street.
u On January 9, 1864, composer Stephen Foster was living in the North American Hotel here at #30 Bowery St. at the corner of Bayard. An alcoholic, Foster paid 25 cents a day for his room and lived on apples and turnips. He was the composer of the songs, Beautiful Dreamer, Camptown Races, I Dream of Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair, Laura Lee, My Old Kentucky Home, Oh! Susanna, Old Black Joe, and Swanee river (Old Folks at Home). On Sunday morning, January 10th, Foster fell here in his room and got deep gash in his neck which bled profusely. While in the Bellevue hospital, Foster, unable to eat because of the stitches on his neck, cried for his mother for three days before he died at age 38.
UPDATE – Foster's hospital bill was $1.25 but they found only 38 cents in his purse along with a piece of paper on which he had written a song title Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts. A cheap coffin was purchased on the Bowery and Foster was sent to Pittsburgh for burial. The North American Hotel was later known as the Moss Hotel and the New England Hotel.
u When John and Abigail Adams left for Philadelphia where he was to serve as Vice President, Aaron Burr purchased their mansion on Richmond Hill. George Washington had used the Adams mansion as his headquarters in 1776. Richmond Hill was located south of Houston. Burr's daughter Theodosia and Joseph Alton were married there in 1801. Burr was living there on July 11, 1804 when he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. After he shot Alexander, he returned here to his mansion, calm, pleasant, and unruffled and ate a hearty breakfast. When he was charged with the murder of Alexander, Burr left the mansion in the middle of the night and fled to New Jersey.
u When former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr heard that Alexander Hamilton had made "despicable" remarks about him in 1804, he challenged him to a duel. Hamilton, a former Major General and aide to George Washington, reluctantly accepted the Challenge. The duel was scheduled to take place at 7:00 A.M. on July 11,1804 on Weehawken Island on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. Burr was the first to arrive, reaching the small clearing in the woods at the crest of the Palisades soon after 6:30. He had left by boat from the foot of Charlton Street near his home on Richmond Hill in New York City. Hamilton, who reportedly left by boat from Horatio Street, arrived a few minutes before 7:00. They both took their appointed places, ten full spaces apart. When the order was given to fire, both men fired simultaneously. Hamilton's aim was wild and his bullet passed over Burrs head. Burr's aim was true and his lead ball cut through Hamilton's ribs on the right side. The impact spun him around and he fell to the ground. Burr returned his mansion on Richmond Hill and ate a hearty breakfast. Hamilton was taken to the home of William Bayard at 81 Jane Street where he died the next day.
UPDATE – Hamilton's services were held in Trinity Church while thousands of citizens weeped outside, and British and French ships in the harbor fired guns and merchant ships flew flags at half-mast. He was then buried in the Trinity graveyard. He was 49 years old. Burr died at age 80 in 1836, and was buried in the Princeton Cemetery in Princeton, New Jersey. The site of the duel was on the bank of the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, just north of the Lincoln Tunnel, opposite from what is now 42nd Street. It was in this same location that Hamilton's son, Phillip, 20, was killed in a duel in 1801.
u Teen-aged Clara Bow and her parents lived at 857 73rd Street in 1922. They occupied the second floor of a three-family house. The apartment had a front porch and Clara even had her own tiny bedroom. One night when the 16-year-old Clara was sleeping, her mother Sarah came into her room and held a butcher knife against the throat of her sleeping daughter. When Clara woke up she realized that her mentally ill mother was about to slice her throat open. She knocked the knife away, ran from the room, and into a bathroom in the hall where she locked herself in until her father came home.
UPDATE – Clara was born on July 29, 1905 in a furnished room above the dilapidated Baptist Church on Bergen Street in Brooklyn. She attended 8th grade at P.S. 98 in Sheepshead Bay.
u Buried in the Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in Manhattan are:
– Dorothy Gish, actress.
– Lillian Gish, actress.
u Buried here in the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest are:
– Diana Lynn, actress.
– Gloria Swanson, actress. She is in the Columbium in the basement of the church on the left side of the wall towards the back of the room.

NORTH ELBA – John Brown, abolitionist, is buried here on his former farm, off route 73, two miles south of Lake Placid, New York. He led the party that dumped the tea at Harper's Ferry. He was hanged in 1859. A large boulder marks his grave.
u Singer Kate Smith is buried here in a mausoleum in the North Elba Cemetery.

– Santa's Workshop opened here in July 1, 1949. In December 1953, The U.S. Postal Service, recognized the great interest in North Pole, NY awarded it "Rural Postal Station" status. Santa's Workshop is located at 324 Whiteface Memorial Hwy in Wilmington

NYACK – Painter Edward Hopper was born here in 1883.
u Buried here in the Oak Hill Cemetery are:
– William Hand. He invented a heavy duty battery with a fifteen year life, used by the U.S. Navy in World War II.
– Helen Hayes, actress. She was married to writer Charles MacArthur.
– Ben Hecht, writer. He and his partner Charles MacArthur wrote the play
The Front Page. His grave is very near those of MacArthur and Helen Hayes.
– Edward Hopper, painter.
– Stephen Horgan, inventor. He invented the half-tone process for the printed reproduction of photographs first used in 1880.
– Charles MacArthur, writer and husband of Helen Hayes.
– Eddie Sauter, composer and leader of the Sauter-Finnegan Orchestra from 1952-1957.

OCEANSIDE – The first Eagle Scout was Arthur R. Eldred from Troop 1 in Oceanside. He was bestowed the honor in May 1912.

ONEONTA – Railroad tycoon Henry Huntington was born here in 1850.

OSSINING – Sing Sing Prison is located about 30 miles north of New York City on the banks of the Hudson River. GO THERE

OYSTER BAY – Buried here in the Young's Memorial Cemetery are:
– Archibald Roosevelt, third son of President Theodore Roosevelt.
– Edith Roosevelt, first Lady and wife President Theodore Roosevelt.
– Theodore Roosevelt, US President.
– Carrow Roosevelt Derby, daughter of President Roosevelt.
– Richard Derby Jr. 8-year-old grandson of President Roosevelt. He and his mother are buried behind and down the slope from Teddy.

PAWLING – Buried here in the Pawling Cemetery are:
– Thomas E. Dewey, politician. He is in the mausoleum on the west side of Route 22 in the village.
– Silvana Mangano, actress.
u The ashes of TV journalist Edward R. Murrow are scattered in the glen here at Glen Arden Farm.
u Newscaster Lowell Thomas is buried here in the Christ Church Cemetery.

PEEKSKILL – Born here in Peekskill were: comedian Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) in 1952, and actor Mel Gibson in 1956.

PENDLETON – Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was born here in 1968.

PHELPS – A two-story outhouse is located here at the Howe house at 66 Main St.

PINELAWN – Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are buried here in Wellwood Cemetery on Wellwood Ave. on Long Island. They were executed as spies.

PORT WASHINGTON – Tennis player Bobby Riggs is buried here in the Nassau Knolls Cemetery.

PENFIELD – Actor Peter Duel is buried here in the Oakwood Cemetery. He was co-star of the TV show Alias Smith and Jones. He shot himself to death in Hollywood in 1971.

POMPEY – William Fargo, founder of Wells Fargo was born here in 1818.

POTSDAM – Frank Kellogg, co-founder of the Kellogg cereal company was born here in 1856.

POUGHKEEPSIE – Buried here in the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery are:
– Albert and Alfred Smiley, twin brothers. They founded the famous Mohonk Mountain House, in New Paltz, New York. The Victorian castle like hotel resort was built in 1869 and contains over 251-rooms in a beautiful natural setting of 26,000 acres on the Shawangunk Ridge. The hotel resort is a National Historic Landmark. They also built the Historical landmark Redlands, California city library where statues of the brothers stand outside the library.
– Andrew and William Smith. The brothers founded the Smith Brothers cough drop company.

QUEENS – Born here in Queens were: singer Ethel Merman in 1908, director Martin Scorsese in 1942, actor Christopher Walken in 1943, actor David Caruso in 1956, comedian Ray Romano in 1957, comedian Hank Azaria in 1964, and actress Lucy Liu in 1968.
u Magician Harry Houdini is buried here in the Machpelah Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Mount Olivet Cemetery are:
– Jack "Legs" Diamond, gangster. He was shot and killed in Albany in 1931.
– Glen Gordon, actor. He played "Dr. Fu Manchu" in the in the TV series,
The Adventures Of Fu Manchu in 1956.
– Prince Matchabelli, perfume manufacturer.
– Helena Rubinstein, cosmetics manufacturer.

REMSENBURG – Novelist/writer P. G. Wodehouse is buried here in the Remsenberg Cemetery. He was the creator of Jeeves, the "gentleman's gentleman."

RICHFORD – John .D. Rockefeller was born here in 1839.

RICHMOND – John D. Rockefeller Jr., was born here in 1874.

RIDGEWOOD – Buried here in the Mount Carmel Cemetery are:
– Leo Frank, murder victim. In 1913, he was accused of raping and murdering a 14-year old girl, Mary Phagan, who was employed by the pencil factory he supervised in Georgia. He was convicted and was given the death penalty. Before he could be executed by the state he was lynched from a tree by a mob in Georgia in 1915.
– Benny Leonard, boxer.
– Samuel and Minnie Marx, parents of the Marx Brothers comedy team. They are in Section 2, Block 10W, L-373.
u Actor Edward G. Robinson is buried here in the Beth El Cemetery. He is in the Goodman mausoleum.
u Buried here in the Linden Hills Cemetery are:
– David Belasco, theatrical Producer.
– Joseph Bloomingdale, founder of Bloomingdale's Department Store.
u Buried here in the Union Field Cemetery are:
– Bert Lahr, actor. He was the “Cowardly Lion” in the film
The Wizard of Oz.
– Arnold Rothstein, gambler. He is in Section 52

RIPLEY – Benjamin Goodrich, founder of Goodrich Tire was born here in 1841.

ROCHESTER – Born here in Rochester were: inventor Seth Green in 1817, musician/bandleader Cab Calloway in 1907, pool player Morton Goldberg in 1916, and female wrestler Chyna in 1970.
u Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting here in 1872.
u Invented here in Rochester were:
– Tomatoes, as a vegetable, were first grown here by a Mr. Tousey.
– Gasoline engine by George B. Selden in 1879.
– Bloomers by Amelia Bloomer in the 1840's.
– Baby shoes by Jesse Hatch in the 1840s.
– Fountain pen by Absalom Bishop and Thayer Codding in 1849.
– Marshmallows by a candy salesman named Mr. Marsh.
– The baseball curve ball by Richard Willis.
– Workable Machine Gun by Dr. J. Requa, a dentist.
– Mail chute by James G. Cuttler in 1883.
– First automatically operated vending machine in 1897.
– Fish hatchery by Seth Green.
– Fishing reel by Seth Green.
– Voting machine by Angus C. Gordon.
– Railway signals by Angus C. Gordon.
– Street-car transfer by J. Harry Stedman in 1891.
– Pipe cleaner by J. Harry Stedman in 1891.
– First gold tooth by J. B. Beers in 1843.
– Cigarette making machine by Oscar A. Allisin.
– Gynecological chair by George W. Archer.
– Barber's chair by George W. Archer.
– Jell-o by Pearl B. Wait in 1897.
– French's mustard by George and Francis French in 1904.
– Time lock for safes by James Sargent.
u Women's rights leader Susan B. Anthony once lived in Rochester.
u George Eastman, inventor of Kodak film is buried here in the Eastman Memorial at the Lake Avenue entrance to Kodak Park. He committed suicide in 1932.
u Actress Louise Brooks died here on August 8, 1985 in her apartment #307 on East Ave. She is buried here in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Her ashes are in Section 33S, Lot 133F (From the exact middle of the south edge of the rectangular Section 33S, walk north 4 rows and she is on your right).
u Buried here in the Mount Hope Cemetery are:
– Susan B. Anthony, pioneer advocate of equal rights for women. In Section C, off Linden Ave.
– Frank Gannett, newspaper publisher. He is in Section MM, lot 247.
– Morton Goldberg, pool player. He is in Range 9 Lot 78.
– Seth Green, he invented the fish Hatchery. He is Section S, Lot 54.
– Leonard Henkle, he invented the acetylene torch and the Rochester lamp. He is in Section A, Lot 121.
– Myron Holley. He built the Erie Canal. He is in Section G, Lot 159.
– Josephus Requa. He invented the first practical machine gun in 1861. Section C, Lot 128
– Frank Ritter. He invented the modern dentists' chair. He is in Range 5 Lot 36 .(Mausoleum)
– Hiram Sibley, founder of the Western Union. In Section D, Lot 142.
– John Stedman. He invented the fuzzy pipe cleaner and the streetcar transfer. He is in Section MM, Lot 90.
– John Van de Venter. He invented the modern single blade pencil sharpener. He is inSection T Lot 20.
– William Warfield, actor. He sang
Ol' Man River in the 1951 film Showboat. He is in Section AA, Lot 2.
u Tap dancer "Peg Leg" Bates is buried here in the Palentown Cemetery.

RODMAN – Frank Winfield Woolworth, founder of Woolworth Department Stores was born here in 1852.

ROME – Author Francis Bellamy is buried here in the Rome Cemetery. He was the original author of the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892.

ROOSEVELT – Basketball player Julius Erving was born here in 1950.

ROSLYN – Buried here in the Roslyn Cemetery are:
– William Cullen Bryant, poet.
– Frances Hodgson, author of
Little Lord Fauntleroy.
– Christopher Morley, author.

ROXBURY – Railroad millionaire Jay Gould was born here in 1836.

RYE – Born here in Rye were: poet Ogden Nash in 1902, and first lady Barbara Bush in 1925.

SAG HARBOR – Architect Sanford White is buried here in the St. James Episcopal Church Graveyard at 490 Country Rd. on Long Island on Route 25A. He was shot and killed in 1906 in his studio above the Madison Square Garden in New York City by Harry Thaw. Thaw was the husband of model Evelyn Nesbit, who was known as "The Girl on the Velvet Swing," and had also been the lover of White before her marriage to the jealous Thaw. He is in the west half of the horseshoe road, halfway back.

SALISBURY – Linus Yale, inventor of the Yale lock was born here in 1821.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Writer Charles Brackett was born here in 1892.
Buried here in the Greenridge Cemetery are:
– Charles Brackett, movie producer and screenwriter.
– Monty Wooley, actor. He is in Plot ANA.

SCARSDALE – Actress Susan Lucci was born here in 1947.
u Linda McCartney, wife of Beatle Paul McCartney grew up here on Dolma Road. She graduated from Scarsdale High in 1959.
u Yoko Ono, wife of Beatle John Lennon once lived here in Scarsdale.

SCHENECTADY – Union College here is regarded as the Mother of Fraternities because Delta Phi is the oldest continually operating fraternity and Kappa Alpha and Sigma Phi Societies were started on the campus.
u The first railroad in America ran a distance of 11 miles between Schenectady and Albany, New York.
u Actress Maureen O'Sullivan is buried here in the Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery. She played "Jane" in the Tarzan movies of the 1930's and 40's and was Mia Farrow's mother.

SLEEPY HOLLOW – See Tarrytown

SMITHTOWN – Music teacher Donald Yetter Gardner wrote the song All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth here in Smithtown, New York in 1944.

SOUTH BRONX – Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was born here in 1968.

SOUTHHAMPTON – First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was born here in 1929.
u Buried here in the Sacred Heart Cemetery are:
– Roone Arledge, TV producer.
– Gary Cooper, actor. His grave is marked by a rose-colored, three-ton boulder.
u Boxer Jack Dempsey is buried here in the Southampton Cemetery.

SPARKILL – Buried here in Rockland Cemetery are:
– John C. Fremont, General.
– Jessie Benton Fremont, wife of General Fremont.
– Henry Hull, actor.
– Hugo Winterhalter, music arranger.

SPRING VALLEY – Actress Julianna Margulies was born here in 1966.

SPRINGVILLE – Football coach Glen "Pop" Warner is buried here in the Maplewood Cemetery. He founded the Pop Warner Football League in 1929.

STATEN ISLAND – Singer Christina Aguilera was born here in 1980.
u Cornelius Vanderbilt is buried here in the Moravian Cemetery on Todd Hill Rd., North of Richmond Rd. The Vanderbilt mausoleum is in the rear of the Cemetery.

STOCKBRIDGE – Meat Packer Philip Armour was born here in 1832.

SUFFERN – Actress Valerie Harper was born here in 1940.

SYRACUSE – Actor Tom Cruise was born here in 1962.

TARRYTOWN – Painter Rockwell Kent was born here in 1822.
u According to Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, it was here in Sleepy Hollow that the legendary schoolmaster Ichabod Crane saw a headless horseman near the Old Dutch Church on the Albany Post Road. GO TO LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW
u Sunnyside, the country home of Washington Irving is a Registered National Historic Landmark. Irving bought the home from the Van Tassel family, who are part of Irving's book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
u Buried here in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery at 540 No. Broadway, behind the Sleepy Hollow Dutch Reformed Church are:
– Elizabeth Arden, beauty magnate.
– Leo Hendrik Baekeland, inventor. He invented Velox, a photographic paper.
– Major Edward Bowes, host of the Amateur Hour. He is in the Gideon section off Vernon Ave.
– Eleanor Van Tassel Brush. She was the model for the character of “Katrina” in the book,
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.
– Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate. In the Hebron section off Dingle Rd.
– Walter P. Chrysler, auto maker. In the mausoleum in the Altoona section on Chester Ave.
– Abraham Martling. He was the model for the character of “Brom Bones” in the book
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.
– Mark Hellinger, movie producer.
– Washington Irving, author of
Rip Van Winkle, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. When a young boy he would play among the headstones here and listen to a black mill hand telltales about a headless horseman. He is on Beekman Walk.
– William Rockefeller, head of Standard Oil and brother of John D. His mausoleum cost $250,000 to build in 1922.
u Buried here in the Rockefeller Family Cemetery on the Rockefeller Pocantico Hills estate on Route 9, outside town are:
– Abbey Rockefeller, daughter of Nelson Rockefeller.
– John D. Rockefeller III.
– John D. Rockefeller Jr.,
– Nelson Rockefeller.

TROY – Banker Charles Crocker was born here in 1822.
u Meatpacker Sam Wilson is buried here in Oakwood Cemetery on Oakwood Ave. in the northwest part of the city. Wilson owned a slaughterhouse that supplied beef to the U.S. Amy in 1812, on which he stamped "U.S." When a soldier asked what the U.S. stood for, someone replied "Uncle Sam." A flag is raised and lowered by his grave every day.
u Baseball player Johnny Evers is buried here in the Saint Marys Cemetery. He was the second baseman in the Chicago Cubs famous "Tinkers to Evers to Chance" double play combination. He is in Section B, Lot 237.
u Forest Park Cemetery here (also known as Pinewood Cemetery) is known to be in the top ten haunted cemeteries in the country. Now deserted, no new burials have taken place here for many years.

TUXEDO PARK – The Tuxedo was invented here by Pierre Lorillard IV of New York City in 1886. Pierre’s family were wealthy tobacco magnates who owned country property in Tuxedo Park, just outside of New York City. At a formal ball, held at the Tuxedo Club in October 1886, the young Lorillard wore a new style of formal wear for men that he designed himself. He named his tailess black jacket the Tuxedo after Tuxedo Park.
u Emily Post, author of the best selling etiquette book is buried here in St. Mary's Cemetery off Route 17, just inside the Tuxedo Park gate.

UNADILLA – Inventor George Babcock was born here in 1832. He invented the steam generator.
u The race horse Spectacular Bid is buried here on the Milfer Farms.

UNIONDALE – Walter Hudson is buried here in the Greenfield Cemetery. At one time he was the world's heaviest man at 1,100 pounds.

VALHALLA – Buried here in the Kensico Cemetery are:
– Vivian Blaine, actress.
– Paul Bonwitt, founder of the Bonwitt Teller departments store.
– Herbert Booth, composer. He wrote the hymn
Blessed Lord.
– Billie Burke, actress. She was the good witch of the north in the film
The Wizard of Oz.
– Paddy Chayefsky, author/playwright.
– Tommy Dorsey, bandleader.
– Geraldine Farrar, actress and opera singer. She is in Section 167, Lot 1B1, behind the big Cobb Mausoleum.
– Lou Gehrig, baseball player and his wife Eleanor. They are in Section 93, Lot 12686.
– Danny Kaye, comedian/actor.
– Thomas Manville Jr., heir to the Johns-Manville asbestos fortune.
– Ann Pennington, dancer. She introduced the “Black Bottom” dance craze in 1926.
– Sergi Rachmaninoff, composer/conductor.
– Ayn Rand (O'Conner), author. When she was buried here in 1982 next to her husband Frank, a photo of Frank was resting on her chest, and her gold wedding ring was on her finger, were it had been since Frank had placed it there in April of 1929. As her coffin was slowly lowered to take its place beside Frank's, each of the mourners dropped a flower on her casket.
– Jacob Ruppert Sr., founder of the Jacob Ruppert Brewing Company. He is in Section 53, Lot 2618, In Family Mausoleum
– David Sarnoff, founder of NBC.
– Lewis Stone, actor. He was Mickey Rooney's father “Judge Hardy” in the
Andy Hardy films.
– John Willys, auto manufacturer.
– Florenz Ziegfeld, producer of the "Ziegfeld Follies."
u Opera singer Jan Peerce is buried here in the Mount Eden Cemetery.

WANTAGH – President Nixon's dog "Checkers" is buried here in the Bide-a-Wee Association Pet Memorial Park.

WARWICK – Actor Richard Kiley is buried here in the Warwick Cemetery.

WATERVILLE – Inventor George Eastman was born here in 1854. He founded the Eastman Kodak Company and invented the Kodak camera.

WATERVLIET – Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford University was born here in 1824.

WEST POINT – Novelist Gore Vidal was born here in 1925.
u Buried here in the United States Military Academy Post Cemetery are:
– Earl Blaik, football coach. He is in Section 10, Row G, Grave 131.
– George Armstrong Custer, General. He is in Section 27, Row A, Grave 1
– Glenda Farrell, actress. She is in Section 7, Row D, Grave 211.
– Herbert Schwarzkopf, General and father of General Norman Schwarzkopf. He is in Section 10, Row I, Grave 160.
– Anna Warner, composer of the hymn
Jesus Loves Me. she is in Section 30, Row Q, Grave 587.

WEST SHOKUN – The ashes of writer Mary Margaret McBride are the rose garden of her former home here.

WESTBURY – Buried here in the Holy Rood Cemetery are:
– Molly Brown, survivor of the sinking of the "HMS Titanic" in 1912. She was given the name "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."
– Don Dunphy, boxing radio announcer.

WESTHAMPTON – Actor Rod Steiger was born here in 1925.

WHITE PLAINS – Born here in White Plains were actor Dan Duryea in 1907, and Carolyn Kennedy in 1960.

WILMINGTON – Santa's Workshop in North Pole opened here in July 1, 1949. In December 1953, The U.S. Postal Service, recognized the great interest in North Pole and awarded it "Rural Postal Station" status. Santa's Workshop in North Pole is located at 324 Whiteface Memorial Hwy in Wilmington

WOLCOTT – Actor Al Lewis was born here in 1911. He played “Grandpa” in the TV series The Munsters.

WOODSIDE – Buried here in the Calvary Cemetery are:
– Tess Gardella, actress. She played "Aunt Jemima" in TV commercials.
– Patrick Gilmore, composer/conductor. He wrote
When Johnny comes marching home. He is in Section 10, plot 15, near the main gate.
– Texas Guinan, actress/singer.
– "Wee Willie" Keeler, baseball player. He is in Section 1W, Range 15, Plot B, Grave 5.
– Patsy Kelly, actress/comedienne.
– James Murray, actor. He starred in the 1928 film
The Crowd and in Rose-Marie (with Joan Crawford). An alcoholic, he disappeared in 1933 and was later discovered living on the streets in New York. In 1936, the 35-year-old was found floating in the Hudson River. He is in Section 21, Range 6, Plot 4.
– Nita Naldi, silent screen actress. She is in Section 1W, Range AA, Plot 13/14, Grave 5.

WOODSTOCK – Henry Morton Robinson, author of The Cardinal is buried here in the Artists Cemetery.

WORCESTER – Baseball player Jim Konstanty is buried here in the Maple Grove Cemetery.

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