ALLENSVILLE – Baseball player Enos Slaughter is buried here in the Allensville United Church Cemetery.

ASHEVILLE – Born here in Asheville were author Thomas Wolfe in 1900, and football player Charlie "Choo-Choo" Justice in 1924.
u The 250-room Biltmore Castle near Asheville was built in 1895 and is one of America's largest home. It has 65 fireplaces, 43 bathrooms, 34 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, an indoor pool and a bowling alley . It was built by George W. Vanderbilt, grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Legend has it that after George W. died here in 1914 his wife would sit by the fireplace in the library late at night and talk with him. There are people today that claim that they have heard her talking with her husband. Others say that they have seen George's ghost in the billiard room and in the second floor sitting room.
u Buried here in the Riverside Cemetery here are:
– William "O. Henry" Porter, author.
– Thomas Wolfe, author.

BATH – Bath is the oldest town in North Carolina. It was incorporated in 1705.

BEAUFORT – Astronaut Michael Smith was born here. He was killed in 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on launching.

BELVIDERE – Disk jockey "Wolfman" Jack Smith is buried here on his family's property.

BETHESDA – Writer Clyde Edgerton was born here in 1944 (Bethesda is near Durham).

BLACK MOUNTAIN – Singer Roberta Flack was born here in 1940.

BROGDEN – Actress Ava Gardner lived here from age 2 to 13. Her old house is on the left side of the town's only intersection.

– Murderess Nancy Kerley is buried here in the Conleys Creek Cemetery. Convicted of killing her 2-year-old grand- daughter in 1913, she served 15 years of hard labor and was paroled in 1929 at age of 80. She died in 1952 at age 104. The book The Legend of Nance Dude, was written about her.

– Baseball pitcher Tom Zachary is buried here in Alamance Memorial Park. He gave up Babe Ruth's 60th home run in 1927.

CARY – Cary was named the 10th safest city in America in 2005.

CHAPEL HILL – Singer James Taylor was born here in 1948.
u Singer Clay Aiken grew up here in Chapel Hill.
u Buried here in the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery Are:
– Charles Kuralt, TV journalist.
– Kay Kyser, bandleader.
– James Howe Street, author. He wrote the book
The Biscuit Eater.

CHARLOTTE – Born here in Charlotte were: orchestra leader John Scott Trotter in 1908 (he is buried here in the Sharon Memorial Park Cemetery), Herman Lay, owner of the company Frito-Lay in 1909, and evangelist Billy Graham in 1918.
u Actor Randolph Scott is buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery.
u Siamese twins Daisy and Violet Hilton are buried here in the Forest Lawn Cemetery. They died in 1969.   READ MORE      
u Actress Abigail Adams is buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery. She is in Section 4A, Lot 104.

CHINQUAPIN – Caleb Bradham was born here in 1867. He invented Pepsi Cola.

CONCORD – Auto race driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. was born here in 1974.

COVE CITY – Richard McCoy Jr. is buried here in the McCoy Family graveyard on the McCoy Farm. McCoy is suspected of being the infamous D. B. Cooper. Cooper hijacked a 747 on November 13, 1974, and parachuted out over the state of Washington with $200,000. He was never seen again.

DUNN – Rock guitar pioneer Link Wray was born here in 1928.

DURHAM – James B. Duke, co-founder of the America Tobacco Company and Benjamin and James Duke are buried here in the Chapel at Duke University.

ELIZABETHTOWN – Astronaut Curtis Brown was born here in 1956.

FAYETTEVILLE – Director Julianne Moore was born here in Fayetteville in 1961.
u The first miniature golf course was built here in Fayetteville.
u Babe Ruth hit his first pro home run in Fayetteville on March 7, 1914.
u Actress/comedian Martha Raye is buried here in the Fort Bragg Military Cemetery. She is in Grave 780-B.

FERGUSON – Laura Foster was reportedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend Tom Dooley near here in 1866, but rumors say that she may have actually been killed by her cousin, Ann, who was having an affair with Dooley. The 1960s folk ballad “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley” by the Kingston Trio written about her death.     
READ MORE         MORE         AND MORE

Laura is buried near Highway 268 near Ferguson (formerly Elksville) Her grave marker is protected from cows by a little white fence.
u Tom Dooley is buried here on private property on Tom Dula Road (Highway 1134), across the Yadkin River from Ferguson. Unfortunately, visitors have chipped away the marker for souvenirs and the access road has been closed.
u Ann Melton, although found not guilty, was thought by many to have helped kill and bury Laura Foster, is buried near Old Stony Fork Road, now called Gladys’s Fork Road (N.C. Highway 1159). 
FLETCHER – Football player Charlie "Choo-Choo" Justice is buried here in the Calvary Episcopal Church Cemetery

FLINT HILL – Bluegrass musician Earl Scruggs was born here in 1924. (Flint Hill is near Shelby).

FORT BRAGG – Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald killed his wife and two children here on December 17, 1970.
u Actress Martha Raye is buried here on the base.

FRANKLINTON – Comedian Soupy Sales grew up here in Franklinton.

GOLDSBORO – Actress Anne Jeffreys (Ann Carmichel) was born here in 1923.

GRABTON – Actress Ava Gardner was born here in 1922, to Jonas Bailey Gardner, a tobacco and cotton farmer, and Mary Elizabeth Gardner. (Grabton is near Smithfield).

GREENSBORO – News commentator Edward R. Murrow was born here in Greensboro in 1908.
u Disk jockey Rick Dees grew up in Greensboro.
u Vicks Vapo Run was invented here by Lunsford Richardson in 1890.
u Writer O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) was raised here.
u On February 1, 1960, four black college students sat down at a "whites only" lunch counter here at a Woolworth store on south Elm Street. They refused to leave when asked. Within a week, the "sit-in" spread across the south. In 1998, plans were underway to turn the empty Woolworth Store into a Civil Rights museum.
u Larry Edmunds, founder of the Larry Edmunds book shop in Hollywood is buried here in Greensboro. He committed suicide in Hollywood on August 31, 1941.
u Baseball players Rick and Wes Ferrell are buried here in the New Garden Friends Cemetery.. They are in Section 1.

HAMLET – Singer John Coltrane was born here in 1926.

HENDERSON – Talk show host Charlie Rose was born here in 1942.

HENDERSONVILLE – Entertainers and twin brothers Benny and Bill McCrary were born here in 1946. Carnival entertainers, Benny weighed 743 pounds and Billy weighed 723 pounds. They are both buried together under a huge grave with two mini-motorcycles etched on their headstone. They are both buried together here in the Crab Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Two mini-motorcycles are etched on their headstone.
u Football player Charlie "Choo-Choo" Justice was raised in Hendersville.
u Baseball player Ewell Blackwell is buried here in the Shepherd Memorial Park .He pitched two straight no hitters when playing for the Cincinnati Reds.

HERTFORD – Baseball player Jim "Catfish" Hunter was born here in 1946. He is buried here in the Cedarwood Cemetery. He is on the east side of Hyde Park Road.

HICKORY – Elwood L. Perry was born here in 1915. He invented the spoonplug fishing lure.

HIGH POINT – Baseball player Luke Appling was born here in 1907.
u High Point is known as the furniture capital of the world.

HUNTINGTON – Basketball player Hal Greer was born here in 1936.

KANNAPOLIS – Auto race driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. was born here in 1951.

KITTY HAWK – Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the first airplane here on December 17, 1903 on a sandy beach in the town of Kill Devil Hills, about four miles south of Kitty Hawk on U.S.158.

KONA – Murder victim Charlie Silver is buried here in the Silver Family Burial Ground. Shortly before Christmas in 1831, Charlie's wife Frankie reported her 19-year-old husband was missing, but parts of his dismembered body were eventually discovered in and around their cabin. She later confessed that she had hit Charlie with an ax after he had come home drunk and had threatened to shoot her and their baby. With the help of her parents she had cut Charlie up. Since the body parts were recovered at various times, Charlie's remains were buried beneath 3 different markers in his family's burial ground behind the Kona Baptist Church. Frankie was later hanged for her crime.        

LAURENBURG – Baseball player Willie "Puddin' Head" Jones is buried here in the Hillside Memorial Park. He is in Section F1, Lot 201, Grave B.

LEVEL CROSS – Race driver Richard Petty was born here in 1937. His father Lee and his son Adam, both race drivers, are buried in the Level Cross United Methodist Church Cemetery.

LUMBERTON – James Jordan, father of Michael Jordan, was shot and killed in July 23, 1993, as he slept in his car along a lonely road near here.

MARSHVILLE – Musician Randy Travis was born here in 1959.

MECHLENBURG COUNTY – U.S. President James K. Polk was born here in Mechlenburg County in 1795.

MOCKSVILLE – Daniel Boone's parents Squire and Sarah are buried here in the old Joppa Cemetery.

MONROE – Politician Jesse Helms was born here in 1921.

MOORESVILLE – Auto race driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. is buried here on the Earnhardt Estate.

MORGANTON – Senator Sam Ervin Jr. is buried here in the Forest Hill Cemetery.

MOUNT AIRY – Born here in Mount Airy were: actor Andy Griffith in 1926, and singer Donna Fargo in 1949.

NAGS HEAD – The ghost of Virginia Dare has been reportedly seen here. Virginia was the first white child be born in America.

NEW BERN – Pepsi Cola was invented by Caleb Bradham here in New Bern in 1898. He is buried here in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

NEWTON – Singer Tori Amos was born here in 1963.

OXFORD – Writer Harvey Bullock was born here in 1921.

PIEDMONT – First lady Dolley Payne Madison was born here in 1768.

PINEHURST – Miniature golf was invented here in 1916.

PINEVILLE – Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks went to school here.

POLECAT CREEK – Writer O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) was born here in 1862.

RALEIGH – Born here in Raleigh, North Carolina were: U.S. President Andrew Johnson in 1808, and singer Clay Aiken in 1978.
u Buried here in the Oakwood Cemetery are:
– Berrian Upshaw, first husband of Margaret Mitchell who wrote
Gone With the Wind. He reportedly is the model for the character of "Rhett Butler."
– Jimmy Valvano, former North Carolina State basketball coach.

ROANOKE – Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America was born in the Roanoke Island Colony in 1587. The Roanoke Colony was believed to be at the same location as Ft. Raleigh, which is on Pierce Street, a quarter mile north of US 64, just east of the William Umstead Bridge on the north end of Roanoke Island, three miles north of Manteo.

ROBBINSVILLE – Singer Ronnie Milsap was born here in 1943.

ROBESON COUNTY – Murderess Margie Velma Barfield is buried here in Robeson County. She was executed in 1984 for the arsenic murder of Stuart Taylor, her fiance. It was later discovered that she had also killed her own mother, three people for whom she served as caretaker, and her second husband, all by arsenic poisoning. She is buried next to her first husband Thomas Burke.

ROCKY MOUNT – Born here in Rocky Mount were: bandleader Kay Kyser in 1906, and pianist Thelonious Monk in 1917.

ROWAN COUNTY – Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan were married in Rowan County on 14 August 1756.

SALISBURY – Born here in Salisbury were actor Sidney Blackmer in 1895 (he is buried here in the Chestnut Hill Cemetery) and Elizabeth Dole in 1936.

SHELBY – Buried here in the Sunset Cemetery are:
– Thomas Dixon Jr., author. He wrote the book
The Clansman.
– Don Gibson, singer/composer. He wrote the songs
I Can't Stop Loving You, Sweet Dreams, and Oh Lonesome Me.

SILER CITY – Actress Francis Bavier is buried here in Oakwood Cemetery. She was "Aunt Bee," on the Andy Griffith show. In Section 2, Part 6, lot 3.

SMITHFIELD – Actress Ava Gardner is buried here in Sunset Memorial Park. Her family moved here when she was 14.

SPINDALE – Baseball player Smoky Burgess is buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park.

STATESVILLE – Tom Dooley was hanged here near the old depot on May 1, 1868.

STONEY FORK – Musician Doc Watson was born here in Stoney Fork (near Deep Gap) in 1923.

THOMASVILLE – Writer Jerry Bledsoe grew up here.
u The world’s largest Duncan chair is located here in Thomasville.

WACO – Boxer Floyd Patterson was born here in 1935.

WARRENTON – General Braxton Bragg was born here in 1817.

WAXHAW – Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, was born in the Waxhaw area in 1767.

WAYNESVILLE – Actor Gig Young is buried here in the Green Hill Cemetery. He killed himself in 1978 after he shot and killed his fourth wife.

WHITE PLAINS – Siamese twins, Chang & Eng Bunker, are buried here at the White Plains Baptist Church. They died in 1874.

WILLIAMSTON – Baseball player Gaylord Perry was born here in 1938.

WILMINGTON – Born here in Wilmington were: TV newscaster David Brinkley in 1920 (he is buried here in the Oakdale Cem), TV journalist Charles Kuralt in 1934, basketball player Meadowlark Lemon in 1935, and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in 1956 (other sources say he was born in Rocky Mount).
u Basketball player Michael Jordan grew up here in Wilmington.
u Baseball player Willie Stargell is buried here in the Oleander Memorial Gardens.

WILSON – Rebecca Winborne is buried here in the Maplewood Cemetery. She made the seven-star design, twelve by fifteen inch Confederate Congress flag in 1861.

WINSTON-SALEM – Born here in Winston-Salem were: Pleasant Hanes, founder of the Hanes Corp. in 1845, sportscaster Howard Cosell in 1918, actress/singer Kathryn Grayson in 1923, and actress Pam Grier in 1949.
u Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were founded here in Winston-Salem in 1937.
u A restored shell-shaped 1930 Shell gas station stands here at Sprague and Peachtree Streets.
u Baseball player Wilmer "Vinegar Bend" Mizell is buried here in the Faith Missionary Alliance Church Cemetery.

WINTON – Richard Gatling, inventor of the Gatling gun was born here in 1818.

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