AKRON –  Born here in Akron were: bandleader Vaughn Monroe in 1911, TV personality Hugh Downs in 1921, football coach Ara Parseghian in 1923, actress Lola Albright in 1925, actress Marian Mercer in 1935, Nixon White House Consul John Dean III in 1938, baseball player Thurmon Munson in 1947, astronaut Judith Resnik in 1949, singer Chrissie Hynde in 1951, and actress Angie Everhart in 1969
•   Actor Clark Gable lived here from 1916 to 1920. He stayed in a boarding house while working at the Miller Rubber Co.
•   B. F. Goodrich in made the first tubeless tire here in 1947.
•   The former home of Frank Seiberling, founder of Goodyear Tire and Rubber, is located here at 714 N. Portage Path.
•   Bob Smith, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous is buried here in the Mount Peace Cemetery in Section 21, Lot 65, Grave 7.

ALLIANCE  –   Alliance has the only Main Street in America that deadends at each end.

AMHERST –  A train wreck here on March 29, 1916 killed 27 people.
AMITY –  Comedian Paul Lynde is buried here in Amity Cemetery.
ASHTABULA –   92 people were killed near here on December 29, 1876, when the No. 5 train of the Lake Shore and Michigan Railroad was heading west, 1,000 feet east of the Ashtabula train station when it broke through the iron bridge that spanned the Ashtabula River and plunged into a chasm 70 feet deep.
•   25 unidentified victims of the Ashtabula Bridge disaster are buried here in the Chestnut Grove Cemetery.

ASHVILLE –  Porn star John Holmes (John Curtis Estes) was born here in 1944.

ATHENS  –  Artist/sculptor Maya Lin was born here in 1959.

AURORA  –  Actress Anne Heche was born here in 1969.

AVON   –  Avon is known as the duct tape capital of the world.
AVONDALE  –  Actress Marguerite Clark was born here in 1883. (Avondale is a suburb of Cincinnati).

BATH –  Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer spent much of his childhood here. He was living here in 1981 when he was arrested.

BAY VILLAGE –  Dr. Sam Shephard killed his pregnant wife Marilyn here on July 4, 1954. Shephard's mother killed herself weeks after he was sentenced to life imprisonment. His father died days later of an ulcer. Marilyn's father killed himself in 1963. An alcoholic, Shephard, 46, died in 1970.

BEDFORD HEIGHTS –  Baseball player Red Ruffing is buried here in the Hillcrest Cemetery in the Mausoleum, crypt 1, Corridor of Devotion, tier D.

BELLEFONTAINE –  Buried here in the Bellefontaine City Cemetery are:
–   John Mills Sr., singer. A member of the Mills Brothers singing group.
–   John Mills Jr., singer. A member of the Mills Brothers singing group.

BELLAIRE –  Baseball player William "Brickyard" Kennedy was born here in 1868.

BELMONT –  A mine disaster here on July 5, 1944, killed 66 miners.

BEXLEY –  Author R. L. Stine was born here in 1943. He wrote the Goosebumps books.

BIRMINGHAM  –  Baseball player Dutch Leonard was born here in 1892.

BLAINE –  Baseball player Phil Niekro was born here in 1939.

BLOOMING GROVE –  President Warren G. Harding was born here in 1865.

BLUFFTON  –  John Dillinger robbed the bank here on August 14, 1933.

BOARDMAN  –  Actress Elizabeth Hartman is buried here in Boardman. She jumped to her death from her 5th floor Pittsburg apartment in 1987.

BOWERSVILLE –  Clergyman Norman Vincent Peale was born here in 1898.

BOWLING GREEN –  Born here in Bowling Green were: inventor Donalee L. Tabern in 1900 (he was co-inventor of Pentothal), and ice skater Scott Hamilton in 1958.

BRILLIANT  –  Brilliant was named after the glass factory that once was located in the town. Brilliant is located on the Ohio River south of Steubenville.

CADIZ –  Actor Clark Gable was born here on February 1, 1901. The house at 138 Charleston Street in which Gable was born,  was torn down in the 1960s but was reconstructed in the 1990s. The Gables lived in an apartment on the second floor which now contains items of Gable's childhood including his sled. One of Gable's cars, a 1954 Cadillac, is housed in an adjacent garage open to visitors.
CALDWELL  –  The dirigible Shenandoah broke apart here on September 3, 1925, and killed 14 people.
CALEDONIA –  President Warren G. Harding's boyhood home is located here on South Street.

CAMBRIDGE –  Astronaut John Glenn was born here in 1921.

CANTON –  Born here in Canton were: TV host Jack Paar in 1918, actress Jean Peters in 1926, actress Peggy Ann Garner in 1931, and performer Marilyn Manson in 1969.
•   Marvel Comics editor, Mark Gruenwald, 42, died in New York in 1997. According to his wishes, his ashes were mixed with ink here at a printing plant in Canton and was to be used in printing the comic Squadron Supreme, a reprint of a limited 1985 edition that he wrote.  
•   The National Football League (NFL) was formed here in 1920.
•   The Pro Football Hall of Fame is located here.
•   The home where President and Mrs. William McKinley lived in during his 14 years in congress is located here in Canton. The three -story Victorian has been restored and is now the Ida McKinley First Ladies Library.  
•   John McTammany is buried here in the West Lawn Cemetery. He invented The player piano.
•   President William McKinley is buried here in the McKinley Memorial Park next to Westlawn Cemetery.  
•   Herbert W. Hoover is buried here in the North Lawn Cemetery. He was co-founder with his father of the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Co.
•   Baseball player Thurman Munson is buried here in the Sunset Hills Burial Park. He died in a plane crash. He is in Section 1, Lot 6.
•   Actor Walter Connolly is buried here in the Saint Joseph New Cemetery. He is in Section 21, Lot 3, Range 9.

CHILLICOTHE –  Born here in Chillicothe were: animal trainer Clyde Beatty in 1903, and singer Nancy Wilson in 1937.
•   James Swearinger, founder of Ft Dearborn, Illinois (now Chicago) is buried here in the Grandview Cemetery.

CINCINNATI  – Born here in Cincinnati were: founder of the Boy Scouts Daniel Beard in 1850, U. S. President William H. Taft in 1857, artist Robert Henri painter in 1865, actress Theda Bara in 1890, vaudeville entertainer Harry Richmond in 1895, actress Louise Beavers in 1903, actor Jimmy Dodd in 1910, cowboy actor Roy Rogers in 1911, actor Tyrone Power in 1913, actor Lee Bowman in 1914, jockey Eddie Arcaro in 1916, singer/actress Doris Day in 1924, murderer Charles Manson in 1934, broadcasting owner Ted Turner in 1938, baseball player Pete Rose in 1941, football player Roger Staubauch in 1942, director Steven Spielberg in 1947, baseball player Dave Parker in 1951, and singer Carmen Electra in 1972.
•   The first night baseball game was played here in 1935.
•   Crisco went on sale for the first time here in Cincinnati in 1911.
•   Actress Theda Bara (Theodosia Goodman) attended Walnut Hills High School at Ashland and Burdette in 1899-1903. She lived at 823 Hutchins.
•   Buried here in the Spring Grove Cemetery are:
–   Johnny Black, composer of the songs Dardanella and Paper Doll.
–   Powell Crosley Jr., former owner of the Cincinnati Reds. In Section 117.
–   Charles Fleischmann, yeast manufacturer.
–   James N. Gamble, co-founder of Proctor & Gamble.
–   Stephen Gerrard. He developed the "Elberta" peach and the "Honeydew" melon. He is in Section 22
–   Waite Hoyt, baseball player.
–   Miller Huggins, baseball manager.
–   Bernard Kroger, founder of Kroger grocery stores.In Section 111
–   Alexander McGuffey, author. He co-wrote with his brother the McGuffey Readers.
–   William Procter, co-founder of Proctor and Gamble. In Section 87.
–   Rudolph Wurlitzer, founder of the Rudolph Wurlitzer musical instruments company. He is in section 80 lot 24
•   Buried here in the Gate Of Heaven Cemetery are:
–   Paul Dixon, comedian. He is near the Resurrection Statue.
–   Ted Kluszewski, baseball player. He is in the Garden Mausoleums, St. Mark Mausoleum, Crypt Number 57, Tier Level C.
–   Marge Schott, former owner of the Cincinnati Reds. She is in Section 1, Lot 49, Grave 32.

CIRCLEVILLE –  Bandleader Ted Lewis was born here in 1891. He died in 1971 and is buried here in the Forest Cemetery.

CLAIRESVILLE –  A mine disaster here on March 16, 1940, killed 72 miners.

CLEVELAND –  Born here in Cleveland were: inventor William Meriam Burton in 1865 (He doubled the potential yield of gasoline from crude oil), football coach John Heisman in 1869, millionaire John D. Rockefeller in 1874, baseball player Rube Marquard in 1889, actress Grace Lair in 1890 (She was the original Coca-Cola Girl), actress Margaret Hamilton in 1902 (She was the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz), actor Burgess Meredith in 1908, comedian Jim Backus (Mr. McGoo) in 1913, band leader Blue Barron in 1914, actress LaWanda Page in 1920, actress Dorothy Dandridge in 1923, actress Ruby Dee in 1923, murderer Sam Sheppard in 1923, composer Henry Mancini in 1924, actor Paul Newman in 1925, actor Hal Holbrook in 1925, comedienne Kate Ballard in 1926, artist Andy Warhol in 1928, actor Joel Grey in 1932, TV host Phil Donohue in 1935, actor Keir Dullea in 1936, actress Carol Kane in 1952, comedian Drew Carey in 1958, comedian Arsenio Hall in 1958, and actress Halle Berry in 1966.
•   Jerry Siegel, and Joe Shuster, Glenville High School students created Superman here in 1934. Siegel's house at 10622 Kimberly Avenue is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
•   Track star Jesse Owens grew up in Cleveland and attended East Tech High.
•   Clarence Crane invented Life Savers here in 1912.
•   The first traffic light in America was installed here on August 5, 1914.
•   Comedian Bob Hope grew up here.
•   125 were killed in a clinic fire here on May 15, 1929.
•   135 were killed in a liquid gas explosion here on October 21, 1944.
•   Buried here in Lake View Cemetery at 12316 Euclid Ave. are:
–   Charles Brush, he invented the arc lamp. He is in Section 10.
–   Ray Chapman, baseball player. He was the only major league player to die from a beaning. On August 16th, 1920, in the fifth inning of a game at the Polo Grounds between the Yanks and Indians, Chapman was hit in the head by Yankee Carl Mays. He collapsed on the field and was rushed to the hospital. Despite emergency surgery he died, never regaining consciousness. He was 29 years old. He is in Section 41, Lot 51493.
–   Sereno Peck Fern, co-founder of Sherwin-Williams Paint. Sec. 17.
–   James Garfield, president. He was assassinated in 1881.
–   Francis Glidden, paint manufacturer. He is in Section 17, 4014C.
–   Gertrude Harrison. She invented the golf ball return machine used in teaching golf. She was the first women's golf professional in the country. She is in Section 24, Lot 767A.
–   Coburn Haskell, he invented the modern golf ball. In Sec. 9, Plot 031.
–   Garrett Morgan. He invented the first tri-color traffic stop. Section 50.
–   Eliott Ness, FBI agent  and head of the "Untouchables." His ashes and those of his wife Elisabeth and their son Robert were scattered in the center of the Wade Chapel Lake on September 9, 1997. Ness died in Coudersport, Pennsylvania in 1957. His family was too poor to afford a burial plot and held onto Ness' ashes until the ceremony here on September 10,1997. He is in Section 7, Lot 8 against Dempsey Pond.
–   Charles Pinkney, baseball player. he was killed when he was beaned while playing for the Dayton baseball team in 1909.
–   John D. Rockefeller Sr., founder of Standard Oil and Cleveland's first billionaire. He left $26 million. His son and grandson stood beside the grave site until it was filled. He is in Section 10.
–   James Salisbury, creator of the Salisbury steak. Sec. 3, Plot 077.
–   Heinrich Christian Schwan, he created the American Christmas tree. He is in Section 25,Lot 928.
–   Henry A. Sherwin, co-founder of Sherwin-Williams Paint. In Section 1.
–   Carl Stokes, first black mayor of a major city (Cleveland). Section 5c.
–   Jeptha Homer Wade, founder of the Western Union. In Section 2.
–   William White. He founded the Chicle Yucatan Chewing Gum Co. He is in Section 5, Lot 615.
–   150 school children who died in a 1908 fire are buried here.
•   Buried here in the Calvary Cemetery are:
–   Katie Chapman, former wife of Cleveland Indians Baseball Player Ray Chapman, the only major league player to die from a beaning, is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery Katie at the time was pregnant with the couple's first child. After Ray's death she gave birth to a baby girl, Rae. Eventually, Katie remarried a wealthy business man, J. F. McMahon of Los Angeles, and moved to California. Still suffering from bouts of depression because of Ray's death, committed suicide by drinking cleaning fluid in 1926. Daughter Rae, stayed in California with her step-father after her mothers suicide, but tragically died from the measles in 1929. Both mother and daughter were brought back to Cleveland and buried here in Section 23 Lot 23, Grave 8.
•   Buried here in the Highland Park Cemetery are:
–   Donald "Cinque" DeFreeze. He was the leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) which kidnapped Patty Hearst. He was killed in a gunfight with Los Angeles police in 1974 In Section 17, Marker 219.
–   Luke Easter, baseball player. He is in Section 16, Lot 297, Tier E 1/2.
–   Steve Nagy, baseball player. He is in Section 15, Lot 379 West.
•   The ashes of radio disk jockey Alan Freed are here in the Rock and roll Hall of Fame. After he committed suicide in Palm Springs, California in 1965, he was cremated and his ashes were originally interred in Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York. On March 21, 2002 his ashes were re-interred in an undisclosed wall here in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. The marble marker from his vault at Ferncliff Cemetery was also shipped here where it now hangs in the lobby.
•   Bandleader Phil Spitalny is buried here in the Ridge Road Cemetery He lead an all girl orchestra, popular during the Big Band era.
•   Buried here in the Calvary Cemetery are:
–    Olympic Gold Medal winner Stella Walsh. She competed for Poland in the 1932 Olympics. After she was murdered in 1980 here in Cleveland, it was discovered that she had both male and female sex organs and had lived her life as a man. She is in 95 Lot 2003.
–   Frankie Yankovic, accordion playing polka bandleader. His hits included  Just Because, Beer Barrel Polka, and Pennsylvania Polka. He is in Section 114, lot 507.
•   Inventor Edwin Beeman is buried here the Harvard Grove Cemetery. He invented Beeman's Pepsin Gum.

CLIFTON – Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes was born here in 1913.

CLOVERDALE – On September 6, 1906, Mrs. Henry Knippen, wife a farmer living near here, cut off  the heads of her two children with a butcher knife. One was a boy 3, and the other was a girl 18 months old. After killing her children, she went to a neighbor and asked her
to go and check on her kids. Mrs. Knippen had been recently released from the Toledo State Hospital for the insane

COAL GROVE  –  Baseball player Joseph Denks Willis was born here in 1890. He played with the St. Louis Browns.

COLLINWOOD –  A school fire here on March 4, 1908, killed 176 students.

COLUMBIANA –  Harvey Firestone, founder of Firestone Tire was born here in 1868.
•   Harvey Firestone is buried here in the Columbiana Cemetery.
•   On December 12, 1872, Ervin Porter took a small hatchet from his toolbox at his home at the Henry Flickinger farm, took his two young daughters, three-year-old Minda, Jr. and one-year-old Adelaide into their room and for no apparent reason, methodically killed both of them with the hatchet. His wife, the former Minda Flickinger, and several of his wife's siblings were home at the time of the murders. His sister-in-law Lydia heard him gather up the children, and even heard the children scream, but could not do anything to stop the swift and cruel crime.
–     After killing the children, Porter set off on foot from the Flickinger's farm, leaving behind a bloody hatchet and two very dead young children. Before lunchtime Porter was arrested in a saloon in Leetonia, Ohio, less than ten miles from Columbiana. He was captured without a fight, denied the killings, and was placed in jail to await trial. Porter's trial began the following year in the county seat, New Lisbon. The trial lasted several weeks and 85 witnesses testified. Porter was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.
UPDATE –  Porter's wife, Minda left Columbiana County shortly after the trial ended. Porter died in prison in November, 1875. He was 39 years old and was reportedly "raving mad."

COLUMBUS  –  Born here in Columbus were: actor Grant Mitchell in 1874, painter/lithographer George Bellows in 1882, aviator Eddie Rickenbacker in 1890, baseball player Wally Gerber in 1891, actor Warner Baxter in 1891, actress Grace Cunard in 1893, Prescott Bush in 1894 (Great Grandfather of George W. Bush), author James Thurber in 1894, historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. in 1917, comedian Tom Poston in 1927, comedienne Dody Goodman in 1929, golfer Jack Nicklaus in 1940, and actress Debra Winger in 1955.
•   The first Wendy’s Restaurant opened here in 1969 at  257 E. Broad St. Ir closed in March, 2007 because of declining sales.
•   The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was founded here.
•   A fire in the state prison here on April, 21, 1930 killed 320 convicts.
•   Buried here in the Union Cemetery are:
–   Woody Hayes, Ohio State football coach.
–   Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's hamburgers.
•   Buried here in Greenlawn Cemetery are:
–  Samuel Prescott Bush, paternal grandfather of U.S. President George H. W. Bush. He is Section 56, Southwest of the chapel.
–   Merle Earl, actress. She was Maude Gormsley on the TV series The Waltons in the 1970s. She is in Section 74, lot 222.
–   Grant Mitchell, actor. He is in Section L, Lot 3.
–   Eddie Rickenbacker, WWI aviator fighter Ace. He is in Section 58.
–   James Thurber, humorist.
•   Traitor Mildred Gillars Sisk is buried here in the Saint Joseph Cemetery. Known as “Axis Sally,” she was a radio propagandist for the Nazi government during World War II. She served ten years for treason in a West Virginia prison until her parole in 1960, ant moved to Ohio where she taught music in a convent. Her grave is unmarked.

CONNEAULT –  Traitor Mildred “Axis Sally” Gillars Sisk graduated from high school here in 1917.
•   A train wreck here on March 3, 1953 killed 21 people.

COSHOCTON –  A train wreck here on September 11, 1950 killed 33 people.

CUYAHOGA COUNTY –  Actress May Allison's ashes are buried here in Cuyahoga County.

CUYAHOGA FALLS  –  Dancer Gates McFadden was born here in 1949.
•   A train wreck here on July 31, 1940 killed 43 people.

DARKE COUNTY –  Markswoman Annie Oakley (Phoebe Annie Oakley Mozee) was born here in Patterson Township in 1860.

DARRTOWN –  Baseball manager Walter Alston is buried here in the Darrtown Cemetery.

DAYTON –  Born here in Dayton were: inventor Orville Wright in 1871, actress Dorothy Gish in 1898, actor Ralph Byrd in 1909, musician Billy Strayhorn in 1915, comedian  Jonathan Winters in 1925, columnist Erma Bombeck in 1927, actor Gordon Jump in 1929, actor Martin Sheen in 1940, Baseball manager Duffy Dyer in 1945, actor Gary Sandy in 1945, track star Edward Moses in 1958, actress Andrea Thompson in 1959, and actress Allison Janney in 1960.
•   John Dillinger and his girlfriend Mary Longaker lived in an apartment here at 324 W. 1st Avenue in 1933.
•   Orville and Wilbur Wright owned a bicycle shop here in 1896. Their home still stands at 901 Harmon Ave.
•   The first ethol gasoline sold in America was here in Dayton in 1923.
•   James J. Ritty of Dayton invented the cash register in 1879.
•   A flood here in March 1913 killed 400 people.
•   Buried here in the Woodland Hills Cemetery at 118 Woodland are:
–   John Balsley, inventor of the folding step-ladder.
–   L. M. Berry, founder of Yellow Pages.
–   Erma Bombeck, newspaper columnist and humorist. Her headstone is a large rock shipped in from her home in Arizona.
–   Dr. William Charch, DuPont Chemist. He invented cellophane tape.
–   Paul Dunbar, black poet.
–   George Huffman, he founded the  Huffy Bicycle Co.
–   Andrew Iddings, he invented the stereoptic (3-D) camera.
–   Charles Kettering, He invented the automobile self-starter.
–   Lorenzo Langstroth, he invented a better beehive.
–   Johnny Morehouse.  In 1860, five-year-old Johnny was playing by the Miami/Erie Canal (it used to run along Patterson Bvd near the library) when he fell into the canal while playing with his dog, who jumped in and tried to save him. The dog pulled him out of the canal too late. According to legend, the dog sat at his grave at all times. Some say the dog starved there. People have reported that they have seen and heard the boy and dog playing in the cemetery. His marker here contains a figure of a sleeping Johnny with his dog and some of Johnny’s favorite toys.
–   Elizabeth Richter, brothel owner. Three of her “girls” are buried with her. Her “fallen angel” monument is said to have inspired Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward Angel.
–   John Patterson, founder of NCR (National Cash Register) Corporation.
–   James Ritty. He invented the cash register then sold the patent to John H. Patterson for $6,500.00.
–   Orville Wright, he and his brother Wilbur invented the airplane.
–   Wilbur Wright.
–   Susan Wright, mother of Orville and Wilbur.
•   Actress Agnes Moorehead is buried here in the Dayton Memorial Park. She was "Endora" on the TV series Bewitched. She is in the Memorial Abby Mausoleum.
•   Inventor Ermal Fraze is buried here in the Miami Valley Memorial Park. He invented the "pull tab" can opener. He is in Mausoleum #1.

DELAWARE –  Born here in Delaware were: General William Rosecrans in 1819, and U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1822.
•   Former Miss America of 1923 Mary Katherine Townley is buried here in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

DENNISON –  Actor Clark Gable was baptized here in a Catholic Church in July, 1901.

DOVER –  Actor Elliott Nugent was born here in 1899.
•   The skull of guerrilla leader William Quantrill is buried here in an infants coffin in the Qauntrill family plot in the 4th St. Cemetery. 5 bones and a hair remnant are buried in the Old Confederate Veterans Home and Cemetery in Higginsville, Missouri.

DRESDEN –  Dresden is the birthplace of the Longaberger Company, famous for handmade maple splint baskets. Started in 1919 by the J.W. Longaberger family, the company today employs nearly 70,000 people as the largest manufacturer of handmade baskets in the United States. Dresden is home of the world's largest woven basket. It is 48 feet long, 11 feet wide, 23 feet high. This basket was made from 10 hardwood maple trees and required 2,000 employee hours of work to complete.

DULL –  Dull was named after J.M. Dull, who helped lay out the community which is located in the Van Wert metro area.

EAST CLEVELAND – At the turn of the century, industrialists and financiers flocked to East Cleveland’s lush parks where they built so many Romanesque mansions in one part of town that it became known as Millionaires Row. Today - decades after many white residents fled and manufacturing jobs headed overseas — East Cleveland, 93% black, (pop. 27,000) is largely filled with hollowed-out buildings that the city can't demolish fast enough. It has the highest crime rate per capita in the greater Cleveland area. Education officials have called its school system one of the worst in Ohio. The median household income is about $20,500, according to the 2000 census, and 55% of its residents age 16 and older have a job. Its city budget is so lean, officials don't have the staff to collect back taxes

EAST LIVERPOOL –  Football coach Lou Holtz grew up here.
•   Gangster Pretty Boy Floyd was killed on the farm of Mrs. Ellen Conkle near here on October 22,1934.  His death mask is on display here at the former Sturgis Funeral Home, now reincarnated as the Sturgis House B&B. The mask was made here in the funeral home after his death.

ELYRIA – Actor Keefe Braselle was born here in 1923.

ETNA  –  Johnny Appleseed made his first planting here near Licking Creek, west of the Ohio River.

EUCLID –  Basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian was born here in 1930.

FINDLAY –  Inventor Willard H. Bennett was born here in 1903. He invented the radio frequency mass spectrometer.

FITCHVILLE –  A fire in a rest home here on November 23, 1963 killed 63 people.

FREDONIA  –  Baseball player Woody English was born here in 1907.

FREMONT –  U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes is buried here on his former estate at 1337 Hayes Ave.

GALLIPOLIS –  On April 7, 1932, two inmates of the boys' industrial school at Lancaster set fire to a Gallia County log cabin burning a family of eight to death.
•   Gallipolis is the hometown of Bob Evans, founder of Bob Evans Restaurants.

GARRETTSVILLE –  Poet Hart Crane was born here in 1899.
•   The Alvi November 7, 1935.

GATES MILL –  Baseball pitcher Bob Feller was living here in 2004.

GENEVA –  Ransom Olds, founder of the Oldsmobile Car Co. was born here in 1864.

GEORGETOWN –  Ulysses S. Grant's childhood home is located at 219 E. Grant  

GILMORE –  Baseball player Cy Young was born here in 1867.

GLENDALE –  Actress Peg Entwistle is buried here in the Grand View Cemetery. Her ashes are in the grave of her father Robert Entwistle. Peg committed suicide in 1932, when she jumped off the Hollywood sign. (Glendale is a suburb of Cincinnati).

GRAND RIVER –  Football coach Don Shula was born here in 1930.

GRANVILLE –  Baseball player Red Ruffing was born here in 1905.

GREASY RIDGE - For the massacre murders of the Massie Family, see Lecta.

GREENVILLE –  Singer Johnny Paycheck was born here in 1941.
•   Buried here in the Brock Cemetery are:
–   Annie Oakley, sharpshooter.
–   Frank Butler, sharpshooter and husband of Annie Oakley.

HAMILTON –  Born here in Hamilton were: inventor Ernest H. Volwiler in 1893 (co-inventor of Pentothal), baseball player Joe Nuxhall in 1928, and comedian Ray Combs in 1956.
•   Author/critic William Dean Howells grew up here.
•   TV host/comedian Ray Combs is buried here in the Greenwood Cemetery. He committed suicide in 1996 after losing his job as host of the TV game show Family Feud. He was 40.

HENDRYSBURG –  Actor William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd was born here in 1895.

HICKSVILLE –  Daieda Wilcox, the woman who founded and gave Hollywood its name was born near here.

HILLSBORO –  Cartoonist Milton Caniff was born here in 1907. He created the comic strip Terry and the Pirates.

HINCKLEY –  The buzzards return here every year.

HIGHLANDTOWN –  Former Rio Grande University basketball star Bevo Francis lives here in Highlandtown. Bevo set college basketball's one game scoring record when scored 113 points on February 2, 1954 against Hillsdale College of Michigan He still lives in the same ranch house that he and his wife of 50 years, Jean, bought for $9,500 in 1954.

HOLLANSBURG –  Economist John R. Commons was born here in 1862.

HOMER –  Victoria Claflin Woodhull, the first female Wall Street stockbroker grew up here.

HOPEDALE –  One-year-old Clark Gable and his father moved here in 1903 after his mother died. Clark grew up here on Mill Station Road. He quit high school in his third year.

IRONTON – Baseball player Harry Truby was born here in 1870. He played with the Chicago Colts (Cubs)  
•   Buried here in Woodland Cemetery at 824 Lorain St. are:
–  Dr. Charles Wayne McCoy. He was murdered by  Captain John Davis in 1907. (See South Point, Ohio) He is in Section 2.  
–  Bessie McCoy, wife of Dr. C. Wayne McCoy. In Section 2.
 –  Wright McCoy, brother of Dr. Wayne McCoy. In 1899, a horse he was driving in Coal Grove, ran away and threw him from the vehicle. He sustained injuries which later resulted in his death.
–  Frank E. Bennett , friend of, and witness for Captain John Davis.
–  Joseph N. and Julia Bimpson, father and mother of Bessie McCoy.
–  Mr. Bingaman, undertaker who embalmed Dr. McCoy.
–  Brubaker family, neighbors of Captain John Davis
–  Judge Edward E. Corn, judge at the McCoy murder trial.
–  Pearl Davidson, neighbor of Captain John Davis.
–  Dr. Joseph W. Lowry. He is reported to haunt the cemetery where he is often seen with his mother, who died from a broken neck when she was thrown from her carriage by a spooked horse.
 –  T. H. Remy, coroner at the inquest of Dr. McCoy.
–  John Roten, neighbor of Captain John Davis.
–  Sheriff J. Ward Taylor. He took Captain Davis into custody.
 –  Joe Willis, baseball player. He played with the St. Louis Browns in 1911.
•   Woodland Cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman whose abusive husband killed her by throwing her down a flight of stairs. A life-sized statue of her stands above her grave, and a handprint appears on its cheek even after the cheek has been sandblasted. The statue is supposed to be warm all the time, even in the coldest months.
      Woodlawn is also said to be home to the ghost of a Russian ballerina, who is entombed in one of the family mausoleums. Her likeness is carved into the mausoleum. On nights with full moons, it is said you can see her dancing outside her final resting place.
•   Dr. Joseph W. Lowry, an Ironton physician who died of a stroke here in his home in 1933, is said to haunt the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library which now stands on the site where his house once stood. There were rumors that his heirs had him murdered.
The undertaker who received Lowry's body had been angry with Lowry for refusing to pay for a custom-made coffin he'd ordered for his wife two years earlier. As revenge, the undertaker broke Lowry's legs and folded them up so he would fit into the coffin he had refused to pay for. The lid still wouldn't close over his stomach, so the undertaker cut him open, scooped out his internal organs, and sewed him up again. When police later had Lowry exhumed to check for signs of poison, they found his abdomen empty. The undertaker admitted what he had done and told police where he had buried the organs, but they had deteriorated and were of no use.

JACKSON –  Oscar winning screenwriter Frank Cavett is buried here in the Fairmount Cemetery.

KENT –  Four students were killed here by the National Guard on May 4, 1970.

KETTERING  –  Actress Nancy Cartwright was born here in 1959. She was the voice of Bart Simpson.
•   The pop-top can was invented here by Ermal Fraze in 1959.

KINSMAN –  Famous attorney Clarence Darrow was born here in 1857.

KNOCKEMSTIFF –  Knockemstiff, also known as Glenn Shade or Shady Glenn, is a ghost town located in northeastern  Ross County, in the Chillicothe metro area. A number of stories exist to explain the town's odd name. One claims that a tremendous brawl broke out when the town was in its infancy. Less believable but more humorous is the tale of a woman who confronted her preacher during a Sunday morning worship service, informing the clergyman that her husband was cheating on her. She wanted the preacher's advice, and his response was straightforward: "Knock 'em stiff." Perhaps the most reasonable explanation is that the town takes its name from one of the many slang terms used for moonshine.

LAKEWOOD – Born here in Lakewood were: actress Gertrude Astor in 1887, comedian Pat McCormick in 1927, and actress Terri Garr in 1945.

LANCASTER –  Born here in Lancaster were: General William Tecumseh Sherman in 1920 (at 137 E. Main Street), and cartoonist R. F. Outcault in 1863 (he created the comic strip The Yellow Kid).

LEBANON  –  Actor Woody Harrelson grew up here.

LECTA –  On the morning of May 15, 1914 when neighbor John Clary came to the Massie farm house on Greasy Ridge near Lecta to borrow a bridle, he wondered at the absence of activity about the house and a moment later stumbled over the body of Robert Massie lying face down in a clump of weeds a few yards from the front door of his home. Blows rained upon the back of the man's head had reduced it to a mere mass of pulp. The body was covered with blood and the ground marked with signs of a desperate struggle. Horrified, Clary went for help.
–  Inside the house, the searchers pushed open the door of a front room and found the aged woman's body on the floor. She had been beaten in the same manner as had her son and her face was almost unrecognizable. In the kitchen, the men found Miss Mary Massie. The woman's hands were tied behind her while the floor was spattered with blood. Her head had been almost severed by a sharp instrument supposed to have been a razor. Throughout the house were evidences of the struggle. Chairs were overturned; curtains torn down and dishes broken.
–   Meanwhile, John Beard, 18, a rover from Chicago, who had lived with the Massies for less than a year, had left the place. On a big bay mare, he rode to Gallipolis, arriving there at 2:30 o'clock Thursday morning, the 15th. He put up the horse at the Sheets livery stable. At 8 o'clock Beard showed up at the Hocking Valley station,  bought a ticket to Chicago. When the owner of the stable notified the local police, they called Chicago and Beard was arrested at his sisters home on Friday morning the 16th.
–   Beard later told Chicago police that on Monday morning, after Robert had left to go to town, "Mary followed me into my room and I ordered her out and they quarreled. Then her mother came and scolded me. When Robert got home that night. Mary told him I had come into her room. On Tuesday, Robert came up to me and laid a hand ax up against my cheek and said" "If you ever bother my sister again, I'll cut your head off." "I told him I didn't bother his sister. Bob turned around and started toward me. He raised the ax and I thought he was going to hit me. I had a long stake in my hand which I had been using in bailing hay. It had a heavy ring in one end. I hit him with the stake and busted his head in. Mary came out and when she saw Bob on the ground , she jumped at me. I hit her on the head. Then the old lady came out and I hit her too. I thought I saw the old lady move a little, so I went and got Bob's razor and cut her head off. But, I did not cut Bob's head off. I didn't look at him after I hit him the first time. I came to my sister's home, in Chicago, to get away, but you arrested me." Beard was returned to Lawrence County and placed in the Ironton jail.
–   On Sunday morning May 17, people in machines and other vehicles began to leave for the scene of the funeral and a constant stream of humanity flowed through every road leading to the little Greasy Ridge Baptist Church where the services were to be held. At 10:45 there was at least 3,500 people around the church and the four roads leading away from the little building were choked for a mile in every direction with automobiles and rigs. Ironton alone sent at least 75 automobiles. At the conclusion of the services the caskets were opened and friends were invited to look the last look. The people in the church filed past first, then those from the outside came in. It took one hour and thirty-five minutes for the more than 2000 people to file past the coffins for a last look upon the faces of the victims.
The three murder victims were then buried side by side in the Massie lot in the cemetery near the little church.
–   On Tuesday, June 2, Beard pled guilty  in front of Judge Edward E. Corn. To those in the courtroom there was no doubt of the low order of Beard's  mentality. Very small in size, his hair grew low on his forehead and the forehead was not more than three inches across. His head was exceptionally small and tapered to the top. The police said the boy was a degenerate.
UPDATE –  John Beard was electrocuted in the Ohio State Penitentiary on December 3, 1914. Viola Day of Chicago and her sister Maria Knorr claimed his body and buried him in Newport, Kentucky.
•   The Greasy Ridge Baptist Church is now called the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.
•   Lecta is northwest of Aid, east of Arabia and Waterloo , 6 miles south of Sandfork and 8 miles west of Mercerville, at the junction of Hiways 790 and 775, half a mile from the Gallia County line.
•   Greasy Ridge, 22 miles of rugged two-lanes in southern Ohio got its name from pioneers killing bears, then butchering them for hides, meat, and lamp oil.

LEIPSIC –  Bank robber Charles Makley is buried here in the Sugar Ridge Cemetery. A member of John Dillinger's gang, he was shot and killed by prison guards while trying to escape from the Ohio Penitentiary.

LIMA –  Born here in Lima were: actor Dean Jagger in 1903. comedienne Phyllis Diller in 1917,  tennis commentator Bud Collins in 1929, and singer Al Jardine (member of the Beach Boys) in 1942.
•   John Dillinger broke out of jail here on October 12, 1933.
•   Lima had the most affordable housing in America in 2004.

LOCKBOURNE – WWII traitor Mildred “Axis Sally” Gillars Sisk is buried here in the Saint Joseph Cemetery. She is in Plot: Holy Family section, Random Selection; lot 570 (unmarked)

LORAIN –  Author Toni Morrison was born here in 1931.

LOUDONVILLE –  Inventor Charles F. Kettering was born here in 1876. He founded Delco and invented the electric engine starter in 1911.

LUCAS –  Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall got married here in the rose garden of the home of author Louis Bromfield.
•   Author Louis Bromfield is buried here in the Malabar Farm State Park.

MARIETTA –  Born here in Marietta were: U.S. Vice President Charles Dawes in 1865, actor Hobart Bosworth in 1876, and stripper Althea Leasure Flynt in 1953. She was the wife of Penthouse Magazine publisher Larry Flynt.
•   A fire in a nursing home here on January 9, 1870 killed 27 people.

MARION –  Midget Lavinia Thumb and Count Magri got married and settled down here in 1886.
•   The home of U.S. President of Warren G. Harding is located here at 380 Mount Vernon Ave.
•   Harding and his wife are buried here in the Harding Memorial Park.

MARTIN'S FERRY –  Born here in Martin's Ferry were: author/critic William Dean Howells in 1837, football player Lou Groza in 1924, basketball player John Havlicek in 1940, and baseball player Joe Niekro in 1944.
•   Author Jack Canfield grew up here. He wrote the book "Chicken Soup of the Soul."

MASON –  Albert Wolff, 95, the last surviving member of Eliot Ness' "Untouchables," died here in 1997.

MASSILLON –  Born here in Massillon were actress Dorothy Gish in 1898, and baseball player Tommy Henrich in 1913.
•   Former Cleveland Brown and Massillon High football coach Paul Brown is buried here in the Rose Hill Memorial Park.
•   The main street in Massillon is named after actress Lillian Gish, who had lived here during an early period of her life and fondly referred to it as her hometown throughout her career. She is interred beside her sister Dorothy at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church Columbarium in the undercroft of the church in the heart of New York City.

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS –  Marilyn Shephard and her killer, and husband, Dr. Sam Shephard are buried next to each other here in the Knowllwood Cemetery. He murdered Marilyn in 1954. They are in the Mausoleum North Wing Extension, Crypt 744E.

MECHANICSBURG – Former Senator and Attorney General William Saxbe was born here in 1916.

MEDWAY –  Baseball player Harvey Haddix was born here in 1925.

MENTOR –  President James A. Garfield ran his 1880 campaign from his home here at 8095 Mentor Ave.  

MIAMIVILLE –  Charlie Henry Rich, the man who dealt the "Death Hand" (aces and eights) to "Wild Bill" Hickok in Deadwood on August 2, 1876, is buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery on State Route 126. According to a family legend, Rich never dealt a hand again. He moved back to Ohio three years later, got married and worked on the railroad. He died in Columbus in 1929 and was buried here. His unmarked grave was found in 1988 in Section 13. A black marble monument with the five cards fanned out on the front of it was put on the grave. In 1999, Gordon Bourgeois, grandson of Rich, took the monument to Columbus to have the famous card scene carved into it. It has never been seen since.
MILAN  –  Thomas A. Edison was born here in Milan in 1847 at 9 Edison Dr.
MILLFIELD  –  A mine disaster here on November 5, 1930 killed 79 miners.

MILLVILLE  –  Baseball commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis was born here in 1866.

MINERVA  –  Baseball player Oscar Grimes was born here in 1915.

MONROE  –  A 62-foot-tall statue of Jesus on the east side of Interstate 75 near Monroe, depicts Jesus from the chest up with his arms and head raised to the sky. Since its construction, the statue has been given many nicknames by local residents, such as "Giant Jesus", "Touchdown Jesus", and "Drowning Jesus". It was built in September 2004. The statue is located in front of Solid Rock Church, at 904 North Union Rd,

MOUNT VERNON  –  Born here in Mount Vernon were: author Daniel Decatur Emmett in 1915 (He wrote the songs Dixie, and Old Dan Tucker), and comedian Paul Lynde in 1926.
•   W.F. Semple of Mount Vernon patented chewing gum in 1869.
•   Composer Daniel Decatur Emmett is buried here in the Mound View Cemetery.

MOUNT GILEAD  –  Victoria Claflin Woodhull, the first female Wall Street stockbroker was born here in 1838.

MUSKINGUN  –  U.S. Vice President Thomas Hendricks was born here in 1819.

MUTUAL –  Country singer and yodeler Margo Smith was born here in 1939.

NELSONVILLE  –  Actress Sarah Jessica Parker was born here in 1965.

NEW CARLISLE  –  Chemist Roy J. Plunkett was born here in 1910. He invented Teflon in 1938.
•   John Dillinger robbed the bank here of $10,000 on June 10, 1933.

NEW CONCORD  –  Clara and John Glenn Sr. are buried here in the New Concord Cemetery. They are the parents of astronaut John Glenn.

NEW LONDON –  Actress Dorothy Granger was born here in 1912. She was once considered for the role of Belle Watling in the film Gone With the Wind but was replaced by actress Ona Munson.

NEW RUMLEY  –  General George Armstrong Custer was born here in 1839.

NEY  –  Baseball player Ned Garver was born here in 1925.

NILES   –  Born here in Niles were: U.S. President McKinley in 1843 (at 40 N. Main St.), and actor J. C. Nugent in 1875.
NORTH BEND –  President Benjamin Harrison was born here in 1833. He is buried here,

NORTH OLMSTEAD  –  Football player Lou "The Toe" Groza is buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park in Section 35, Lot 541, Grave 1.

NORWALK  –  Football coach Paul Brown was born here in 1908.

NORWOOD  –  Born here in Norwood were: actor George Chakiris in 1933, and actress/dancer Vera Allen in 1936.

OBERLIN  –  Inventor Charles Martin Hall grew up in Oberlin. He discovered the aluminum electrolytic method of producing aluminum.

OHIO CITY  –  John Lambert of Ohio City made America's first automobile in 1891.

OLD PIQUA  –  Indian Chief Tecumseh Shawnee was born here in 1768.

ORANGE  –  U.S. President James A. Garfield was born here in 1831.

OXFORD  –  William McGuffey was living here at Spring and Oak when he wrote his famous McGuffey Reader.
•   Football coach Weeb Ewbank is buried here in the Oxford Cemetery.

PARMA  –  Baseball player Frank Goliat is buried here in the Holy Ghost Cemetery.

PEOLI  –  Baseball player Cy Young is buried here in the Peoli Cemetery. The "Cy Young" pitching award is named after him. He holds the all-time record of pitching victories with 511.

PIQUE  –  All four of the Mills Brothers singing group were born here in Pique in the early 1900s.

POINT PLEASANT  –  U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant was born here in 1822.  

POLARD  –  U.S. President William Mckinley went to school here.

POMEROY  –  The three-story Meigs County Courthouse in downtown Pomeroy, is the only one in America that has a ground-level entrance on every floor.

PROCTORVILLE –  The Rome apple was developed here in 1866.

RAVENNA  –  Clark Gable and his parents moved to a farm here in 1915. Clark moved to Akron, Ohio when he was 16 to look for a job.

RED OAK  –  Rosie Riles is buried here in the Red Oak Presbyterian Church Cemetery on Route 62 and State Route 353. She was the first Aunt Jemima on the pancake boxes.

ROCKY RIVER  –   Bandleader Sammy Kaye was born here in Rocky River in 1910.
•   Buried here in the Lakewood Park Cemetery are:
–    Bandleader Sammy Kaye. He is in Section 4 Lot 352 Grave 4.
–    Arthur Sansom Jr., cartoonist. He created the Born Loser comic strip in 1965. He is in Section 14 Lot 89 Grave 4.

ROME  –   Robert Duncan, inventor of the Yo-Yo was born here in 1893.

ROSENBERG  –  Actress/dancer Eleanor Powell was born here in 1922.

RUSHTOWN  –  Brooklyn Dodger baseball executive Branch Rickey is buried here in Rushtown Cemetery. He signed Jackie Robinson in 1947.

SAINT HENRY  –  Baseball player Wally Post is buried here in the Saint Henry's Church Cemetery.

SALEM  –  Author William J. Bennett was born here  in 1944.
•   Edwin Coppock is buried here in the Hope Cemetery. He was hanged in 1859 for being a member of John Brown's Raiders at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

SALT CREEK (in Holmes County)   –  Inventor Henry Perky was born here in 1843. He invented Shredded Wheat in 1895.

SEVILLE –  Anna Swan, 7' 3" tall, and 400 pounds, and Martin Bates, 7" 2" tall, and 470 pounds were married here in 1877. Anna gave birth to the biggest baby ever born while living here on January 19,1878. It was 30" long, 23 lbs., its feet were 5-1/2" long, and the head was 30" around. Anna died in 1818, and Martin died in 1919. They are both buried here in Mound Hill Cemetery.

SHADYSIDE  –  A flood here on June 14, 1990 killed 23 people.

SIDNEY –  When a student, Paul C. Lauterbur conducted chemistry experiments here in the basement of his parents farmhouse. Tne experiments eventually led to the development of the medical MRI test. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.

SOLON  –  Baseball player Harry Eisenstat is buried in the Mount Olive Cemetery.

SOUTH POINT –- One of the most deplorable tragedies ever enacted in Lawrence County took place at about 11 o'clock in the evening on May 1, 1907 here in South Point, when Dr. Charles Wayne McCoy, 39, was shot and killed by Captain John F. Davis, 35. Davis, who ran the Portsmouth ferry, came home unexpectedly that night, and found Dr. McCoy and his wife Mede Moore Davis, 37, in the parlor making love on the floor. After the shooting, Davis fled and Mrs. Davis ran to her nearest neighbors for help. They found Dr. McCoy lying about 11 feet from the kitchen door with his face to the sky and arms outstretched. He had two bullet holes in the back of his head. Four of the Davis’ children, Hazel, 15; Olive 12; Doris, 7, and Paul 5 were in the house at the time of the murder.
     When Davis surrendered the next day, he told police, "I did the best thing and I am not sorry." As to his wife, whose infidelity was the cause of the shooting, he said he never wanted to see her again, nor the town in which he had once lived so happily.
     Dr. McCoy, the Davis family doctor, and his loving, talented and highly educated wife Bessie, lived only a half a mile away from the Davis house, a short distance above the Delta School House on the right of the road. McCoy’s beautiful 10-room home and 400-acre farm was located in the southern part of South Point, along one of the prettiest roads in the state. The farm stretched along the Ohio river, between Sheridan and South Point.
      McCoy’s funeral was held in the South Point church, after which he was taken to Woodland Cemetery in Ironton and buried.
     At the trial, Davis’ attorney stated that Davis was the victim of a BRAIN STORM at the time he killed Dr. McCoy. He also said that Dr. McCoy used hypnotic influence over women to accomplish their ruin. He styled him a Dr. Jeckyl in the day time and a Mr. Hyde at night. During her testimony, Mrs. Davis was asked if she had ever had intercourse with Dr. McCoy and she quickly replied —“YES SIR!”
UPDATE - On June 25, 1907, a jury found Davis not guilty of the murder of Dr. McCoy. Davis then went back to work on his ferry boat. He later sold his home where the murder took place, moved into the home of his father in Fullerton, Kentucky  where he raised his children. Dr. McCoy's wife sold the McCoy farm and moved to Ironton and never remarried. She is buried beside him in Woodland Cemetery in Section 2. It is unknown what happened to Mrs. Meda Moore Davis. (South Point is at the confluence of the Ohio and Big Sandy rivers, with a view of three states - Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio).

SPRINGFIELD –  Born here in Springfield were: comedian Bobby Clark in 1888, and actress Lillian Gish in 1893.
•   Comedian Jonathan Winters grew up here.
•   The first baby contest in America was held here on October 5, 1854.
•   Buried here in the Mount Sharon Cemetery are:
–   Arthur Freed, MGM songwriter and producer. He won Oscars for the musicals An American in Paris and Gigi. he wrote the songs for the 1951 film Singin in the Rain. In the Garden of Memories, Honor-Lawn Crypt-418.
–    Vinton Freedley, Broadway producer of musicals.
–    Max Freedman, composer. He wrote the song Sioux City Sue.
•   Boxer Davey Moore is buried here in the Ferncliff Cemetery. He died of head injuries suffered in a championship fight with Sugar Ramos in 1963.

ST. MARY'S  –  John Dillinger and the Pierpont gang robbed the bank here of $11,000 on October 3, 1933.
STEUBENVILLE  –  Born here in Steubenville were Edwin Stanton in 1814 (Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln),  singer Dean Martin in 1917, gambler Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder in 1919, baseball player Rollie Fingers in 1946, and porn star Traci Lord (Nora Louise Kuzma) in 1968.
•   Although the home where home where Dean was born is no longer standing, several places that played key roles in his boyhood life can be seen here in Steubenville.  Dean grew up in the South-end neighborhood, and the site of his home is a lot  at 319 Sixth Street.  This was also the location of his father’s barber shop.  Around the corner is St. Anthony’s Church where Dino was baptized.  Dean was educated at  Grant School on South Fourth Street.  On the North end of downtown is  Wells School formerly Wells High School, where Dean attended ninth and tenth grade.  One block away is Naples Steak and Spaghetti House one of Dean’s favorite places for Italian food and which hosted Dean’s friends and family for a dinner during his visit to Steubenville in 1950.  Steps leading to what was once the Walkers Café can be seen from Washington Street.  Dean Martin liked to hang out here, and he entertained the patrons with his singing.  The Spot Bar on South Fourth Street is the last existing bar where Dino went with his pals.  He used to play dice in the back room. The building that now houses Gertrude Lee Candies was once Dean’s parents’ last residence before he moved them to Los Angeles. Route 7 has been named Dean Martin Boulevard.  
•   The rock group “Wild Cherry” started here in 1970.
•   "Jimmy the Greek" Snyder (Emetrios Synodinos) is buried here in Union Cemetery.  

SYLVANIA  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd and his gang robbed the Farmers & Merchants Bank here on February 5, 1930.
•   Author Mildred Benson is buried here in the Toledo Memorial Park Cemetery. Known as "Carolyn Keene", she wrote 23 of the first 30 Nancy Drew mystery stories.

THOMPSON  –  Inventor Charles Martin Hall was born here in 1863. He discovered the aluminum electrolytic method of producing aluminum.

TOLEDO  –  Born here in Toledo were: actor Otto Kruger in 1885, film director John Cromwell in 1888, comedian Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver) in 1905, designer Don Loper in 1906, pianist Art Tatum in 1910, singer Pat Brady (of the Sons of the Pioneers) in 1914, comedian Herb Shriner in 1918, strip teaser Patricia "Satira" Schmidt in 1926, singer Teresa Brewer in 1934, feminist Gloria Steinem in 1934, and actress Katie Holmes in 1978.
•   Buried here in the Woodlawn Cemetery are:
–    Edward Libbey, founder of Libbey Glass.
–    Robert Stranahan, founder of Champion Spark Plugs.
•   Inventor Michael Owens is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery. He founded the Owens Glass Co.

TORONTO  –  Actor Robert Urich was born here in 1946.

UNIONVILLE CENTRE  –  U.S. Vice President Charles Fairbanks was born here in 1852.

URBANA –  Actor Clancy Brown was born here in 1959.

VENICE  –  Baseball manager Walter Alston was born here in 1911.

WAPAKONETA  –  Astronaut Neil Armstrong was born here in 1930.

WARREN  –  Born here in Warren were: founder of the Packard Car Co. James Ward Packard in 1863, actress Helen Gilbert in 1915, and actress Catherine Bach in 1954.

WAYNE  –  Baseball player Dean Chance was born here in 1941.

WAYNESVILLE  –  Educator John Evans was born here in 1814.

WESTERVILLE  –  Composer Benjamin Hanby is buried here in the Otterbein Cemetery. He wrote the songs Darling Nellie Gray. and Up on the Housetop.

WHITEHOUSE  –  "Pretty Boy" Floyd robbed the bank here of $3,600 in 1931.

WILLOUGHBY  –  Comedian Tim Conway was born here in 1933.

WINDSOR  –  A giant statue of the Virgin Mary here is 50 feet high overall, and the form of Our Lady of Guadalupe is 33 feet, one for every year in the life of Christ. The statue is  adorned with nearly half a million mosaic tiles and stands over a reflecting pool & 15-decade illuminated rosary.  The shrine is off Ohio Route 86 between US Routs 6 & 322 at 6569 Ireland Road, and is run by the Servants of Mary, a group of lay volunteers.

WINONA LAKE  –  Preacher Billy Sunday was living here when he died in 1935.

WINTERSVILLE  –  Criminal John Haught is buried here in the Two Ridges Cemetery. A member of the Charles Manson family, he was involved in the Sharon Tate murder on August 9, 1969. Nicknamed "Christopher Jesus" and "Zero," he died on November 5, 1969 after being shot in the head.

WOODVILLE  –  Radio commentator Lowell Thomas was born here in 1892.

XENIA  –  Born here in Xenia were: actor Charles Grapewin in 1875, and historian Arthur Schlesinger in 1888.

YOUNGSTOWN  –  Born here in Youngstown were: actors Joe Flynn in 1924, Elizabeth Hartman in 1941, Ed O’Neill in 1946,  Michael Bilon in 1947 (Only 2 feet 10 inches tall, Bilon played "E.T" in the film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Bilon died in 1983 at age 36 and is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery) and Victor Slezak in 1957.
•   Harry Burt invented the The Good Humor Ice Cream Bar here in 1920.

ZANESVILLE  –  Born here in Zanesville were: architect Cass Gilbert in 1859, actor Otis Harlan in 1865 (he introduced Irving Berlin's Alexander's Ragtime Band on the vaudeville stage in 1911, and he was the voice of “Happy” in the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), author Zane Grey in 1872, and actor Richard Basehart in 1914.

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