ALOHA Harvey the 27-foot tall giant humanoid rabbit is located here at 21250 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy. Harvey is actually an old service station statue with a rabbits head.

ARLINGTON – Musician Doc Severinsen was born here in 1927.

ASHLAND – Olympic wrestler, David Schultz is buried here in Ashland, Oregon. He was shot and killed in New Jersey on January 26, 1996, by Dupont heir, John Dupont.

BEND – Klondike Kate once lived here at 231 Franklin. A singer and dancer, she was a favorite of Alaska miners.
u Actor Clark Gable worked for a lumber company here in 1922.

BORING – Boring is located along Oregon Highway 212, approximately eight miles south of Gresham and abouteight miles from Clackamas, both suburbs of Portland. on, a couple of churches, and other businesses.

BROOKINGS – In September of 1942, a small Japanese plane dropped a bomb just north of the Brookings Harbor area. Nobuo Fujita, the pilot whose plane was launched from an offshore submarine, had been advised that the bomb would create a panic that would tap American resources the same as the Oregon coastal fires had during the 1930's. As it turned out, the fires created by Fujita were extinguished rather quickly, but he still remains notorious for representing the only foreign power to have dropped a bomb on the continental United States during World War II.

– The cemetery here above Canyon Creek is where disturbers of the peace and lawbreakers were buried in the 1800s.

CLATSKANIE – Poet Raymond Carver was born here in 1938.

COOS BAY – Track athlete Steve Prefontaine was born here in 1938. He was killed in a car accident in 1975 and is buried here in the Sunset Memorial Park.

CORVALLIS – Oregon State football coach Dee Andros is buried here in the Oaklawn Memorial Park.

DALLAS – Born here in Dallas were: Senator Mark Hatfield in 1922, and singer Johnnie Ray in 1927 (He grew up here on Hayter St).

DAYTON – Singer Johnnie Ray is buried here in the Hopewell Cemetery.

EUGENE – Basketball player Danny Ainge was born here in 1959.
u Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong grew up here.
u Olympic track runner Mary Slaney has lived here for many years.
u Eugene was the first city in America to have one way streets.
In 1956, Jeanace Freeman and Gertrude Jackson took Jackson's two children for a walk in Peter Skene Ogden Park here. Freeman and Jackson had been lovers ever since Jackson's husband left her and her two children. In the park, Freeman stripped the 6-year-old boy and strangled him to death. Then she castrated the boy with a knife and threw his body over a cliff. Jackson then joined Freeman in the murder of the girl. The women tossed her body into the canyon to land near her brother. The two women were later captured in Oakland,California where Jackson confessed to the murders of her children. Both were convicted and sentenced to death, but the sentences were commuted to life in 1964.
u Writer Ken Kesey is buried here on the Kesey Family Farm. He wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Kesey was given a memorial service in Eugene in 2001, then his body was taken (in a tie-dyed coffin) back to his family farm where it was buried alongside that of his son Jed.
u Senator Wayne Morse is buried here in the Rest Haven Memorial Park.

– Cartoonist Carl Barks is buried here in the Hillcrest Memorial Park. He created Donald Duck, uncle Scrooge McDuck, and Huey, Dewey and Louie.

HEPPNER – A flood killed 325 people here on June 15, 1903.

HOOD RIVER – Former Governor Cecil D. Andrus was born here in 1931.

JACKSONVILLE – Clown Vance Colvig was born here in 1892. He was "Bozo the Clown."

LAKE OSWEGO – Scientist Linus C. Pauling is buried here in the Oswego Pioneer Cemetery.

MCMINNVILLE – Born here in McMinnville were: track athlete Joni Huntley and author Beverly Cleary in 1916.
u Animation film producer Will Vinton grew up here.
u howard Hughes’ airplane the “Spruce Goose,” is located here in the Evergreen Aviation Museum
u Race driver Art Pollard Jr. is buried here in the Evergreen Memorial Park . He is in the East half/103 L2.

NEWBURGH – Ten-year-old Herbert Hoover lived here with his uncle John Minthorn at 115S. River in 1885.

ONTARIO – Poet Phyllis McGinley was born here in 1905.

OREGON CITY – Born here in Pendleton were: actor Bob Steele in 1907, and baseball player Dave Kingman in 1948.

PORTLAND – Born here in Portland were: poet/journalist John Reed in 1887, chemist Linus Carl Pauling in 1901, actress Ona Munson in 1903, food expert James Beard in 1903, actress Mayo Methot in 1904 (She was married to Humphrey Bogart), capitalist Norton Simon in 1907, baseball player Cliff Chambers in 1922, inventor Douglas Engelbart in 1925 (He invented the first computer mouse), actress/singer Jane Powell in 1929, Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong in 1930, senator Robert Packwood in 1932, politician Pat Schroeder in 1940, track athlete Dick Fosbury in 1947, animation film producer Will Vinton in 1948, actress Sally Struthers in 1948, football player Ahmad Rashad in 1949, TV director Mitch Pileggi in 1952, cartoonist Matt Groening in 1954 (He created The Simpsons), actress Margaux Hemingway in 1955, baseball player Dale Murphy in 1956, actor Larry Lattanzi in 1959, actress Rebecca Schaefer in 1967 (she was murdered in 1989), and skater Tonya Harding in 1970.
u Actor Clark Gable worked here selling ties in 1923-24. While here he went to Josephine Dillon’s acting school.
u In 1923, while on a family road trip in Indiana, Bobbie—a two-year old Scotch Collie/English Shepherd mix — was separated from his owners and lost. After an exhaustive search the family returned home to Oregon never expecting to see their dog again. Six months later, Bobbie appeared on their doorstep mangy and scrawny with feet worn to the bone; he showed all the signs of having walked the entire way back home. During his ordeal he crossed 2,800 miles of plain, desert and mountains in the dead of winter to return home. After his return, he experienced a meteoric rise to fame. He was the subject of newspaper articles including Ripley's Believe it or Not, books and film. Bobbie gained fans throughout the world and earned himself the title of “Wonder Dog”. Upon his death in 1927, he was buried here with honors at the Oregon Humane Society’s pet cemetery. A week later Rin Tin Tin laid a wreath at his grave.
u Buried here in the Riverview Cemetery at 8421 S. W. McCadam Ave. are:
– Lyle Alzado, pro football player.
– Donald Cook, actor.
– Virgil Earp, brother of Wyatt Earp. In section 15, lot 18, near the road.
– Carl Mays, baseball player. While pitching for the Yankees in 1920, He threw the pitch that hit the batter Ray Chapman in the head and killed him. It was the only fatality in the history of Major League Baseball. He is in Section 13, Lot 49, Space 7.
u Actress Rebecca Schaefer is buried here in Ahavai Sholom Cemetery at 9323 SW 1st St. She was co-star of the TV show My Sister Sam. She was murdered in Hollywood in 1989.
u Jack Dempsey, the first world's middleweight champion is buried here in Mount Calvary Cemetery at 333 S. W. Skyline Blvd. He was champion from 1884 to 1890. He died in 1895 at age 33. This is NOT the Jack Dempsey who was heavyweight champion.
u Actress Mayo "Sluggy" Methot is buried here in the Portland Memorial Park at S.E. 14th & Bybee Streets. She is in the west side of the mausoleum on the main floor. She was once married to Humphrey Bogart.
u Murder victim Ann LeRoi is buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery. She was murdered in Phoenix by trunk murderess Winnie Ruth Judd in 1931.
u Buried here in the Mount Calvary Cemetery are:
– Larry Keating, actor.
– Frank Leahy, former Notre Dame football coach.
u Actor Jack Buetel is buried here in the Portland Memorial Park. He is in the Mausoleum JS2 Tier 3 Vault 10.

REDLAND – Actor Stanley Albert Fafara is buried here in the Pioneer Cemetery (Sprague Cemetery). He played Hubert "Whitey" Whitney, one of Beaver Cleaver's best friends on the TV show Leave It To Beaver.

ROSEBURG – Photographer David Kennerly was born here in 1947.
u A dynamite truck exploded here on August 7, 1959 and killed 13 people.

SALEM – Actor Howard Hesseman was born here in Salem Oregon in 1940.
u Herbert Hoover graduated from high school here. He left town in 1896.
u Anna Pittman Lee, wife of Jason Lee is buried here in Jason Lee Cemetery at the north end of 25th St. Anna was the first white women to be buried in Oregon.

SILVERTON – Political cartoonist Homer Davenport was born here in 1867.

TURNER – Buried here in the Twin Oaks Cemetery are:
– Dean Cromwell, former U. of Southern California football coach.
– Tim Hardin, singer/composer. He wrote the song
If I Were a Carpenter. He died of a drug overdose in 1980.

VERBOORT – Baseball player Larry Jansen was born here in 1920.

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