AIKEN – Lucy Page Rutherford, mistress- companion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt is buried here next to her husband on their Tranquility Farm. She was with Roosevelt in Warm Springs when he died in 1945.

ANDERSON – Movie costume designer Joseph Fretwell is buried here in the Old Silverbrook Cemetery. He designed the costumes for the The Exorcist and The French Connection.

BARNWELL – Singer James Godfather Brown was born here in 1933.

BEAUFORT – Born here in Beaufort were actress Esther Dale in 1885, and boxer Joe Frazier in 1944.
u Marine Corps hero Colonel Donald Conroy is buried here in the Beaufort National Cemetery in Section 62 Row O, Grave 182. A pilot, he was known as "The Great Santini."

BRANDON MILLS – Baseball player Joe "Shoeless Joe" Jackson, was born here in 1881. He was barred from baseball for life for his part in throwing the 1919 World Series between the Chicago White (Black) Sox and Cincinnati.

CAMDEN – Statesman Bernard Baruch was born here in 1870.
u Buried here in the Old Quaker Cemetery are:
– Agnes of Glasgow. According to legend she followed her lover in the British Army during the Revolutionary War, but died here in 1780 at age 20, in Camden before finding him. She was then buried here under cover of darkness by King Haigler and his men. (King Haigler was an American Wateree Indian who befriended Europeans in South Carolina). Local legend says that her ghost can be seen as she continues to walk the streets and roads in and near Camden. she is in the former church graveyard near the gate of Old Quaker Cemetery.
– George Todd, brother of Mary Todd Lincoln and brother-in-law of President Abraham Lincoln.

– Born here in Charleston were: jurist John Rutledge in 1767, designer Robert Mills in 1781 (He designed the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.), U. S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes in 1879, poet DuBose Heyward in 1885, General Mark Clark in 1896, actress Lauren Hutton in 1943, and actor Andy Dick in 1965.
u The Civil War began here at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, when Confederate forces fired on the fort.
u Buried here in the Magnolia Cemetery are:
u The crew of the C. S. S. Hunley Submarine. The Hunley sank while performing a routine diving exercise on October 15, 1863. All 8 crew members were killed including the sub designer Horace L. Hunley.
– Horace L. Hunley, designer of the Hunley Submarine.
u General Mark Clark is buried here at the Citadel.

– Musician Dizzy Gillespie was born here in 1917.

COLUMBIA – Born here in Columbia were: inventor Joseph H. Burckhalter in 1912, actress Ann Savage in 1921, basketball player Alex English in 1954, and composer Whispering Bill Anderson.
u Eddie, the World's biggest kid statue, is located here at the Edventure Children’s Museum at 211 Gervais Street, He is 40-foot high and weighs 17.5 tons. Children can climb his vertebrae to his brain, crawl through his heart, bounce around inside his stomach and slide out his intestines.
u President Woodrow Wilson's parents are buried here in the churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church at 1527 Senate St.
u Baseball player Kirby Higbe is buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery.

CONWAY – Author William Gibson was born here in 1948.

DUE WEST – Journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault was born here in 1942.

EDGEFIELD – Senator Strom Thurmond was born here in 1902 and is buried here in the Willow Brook Cemetery.

ELLOREE – Jockey Chris Antley is buried here in the Bookhart Cemetery. He won the 1999 Kentucky on the horse Charismatic.

FLORENCE – FBI agent Melvin Purvis shot and killed himself here in his home on February 29, 1960. Purvis and his agents killed John Dillinger at the Biograph Theater in Chicago.
u FBI agent Melvin Purvis Jr., is buried here in the Mount Hope Cemetery. He led the group of FBI agents that gunned down John Dillinger in Chicago in 1933 and "Pretty Boy" Floyd in Ohio in 1934.
u Serial killer Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins is buried here in the Gaskins Cemetery. He was executed in 1991. He claimed to have killed 181 people in the south between 1969 and 1975.
u Composer Bill Trader is buried here in the Florence Memorial Gardens. He wrote the song Now and Then, There's A Fool Such As I.

– Dancer Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates was born here in 1907. Bates lost his leg in a cotton gin accident at the age of 12. His best step was the "Imitation American Jet Plane," in which he would jump five feet in the air and land on his peg leg, with his good leg sticking out straight behind him. During his career, he performed more than 20 different times on the Ed Sullivan television show.

GARDEN CITY – A house here in Garden City, shaped like a space ship, is located on South Waccamaw Drive next to the Gulf Stream Cafe.

GEORGETOWN – Comedian Chris Rock was born here in 1966.

GREENVILLE – Born here in Greenville, South Carolina were: physicist Charles Hard Townes in 1915, and Reverend Jesse Jackson in 1941.
u Baseball player "Shoeless Joe" Jackson is buried here in Woodlawn Memorial Park in Section V. He died here in 1951. He was a member of the infamous Chicago "Black Sox" who threw the 1919 World Series.
u Buried here at Bob Jones University are:
– Bob Jones, founder of Bob Jones University.
– Bob Jones Jr., second president of Bob Jones University.

GREENWOOD – Baseball player Bill Voiselle was born here in 1919.

HENDERSVILLE – Baseball player Ewell "The Whip" Blackwell died here in his home in 1997 at age 74.

IRMO – Every few years, Irmo has a sighting of some kind of water monster that inhabits Lake Murray. The monster first "surfaced" in 1973 when residents of Irmo and Ballentine saw a cousin of the Loch Ness Monster. It was described in The Independent News in 1980 as "a cross between a snake and something prehistoric."

LAKE CITY – Astronaut Ronald McNair was born here in 1950.

LANCASTER – Andrew Jackson Sr. is buried here in Lancaster, South Carolina.

MAYESVILLE – Educator Mary McLeod Bethune was born here in 1875.

MONCKS CORNER – Author Claire Boothe Luce is buried here in the Mepkin Abbey.

MURRELLS INLET – The plain granite slab here at the All Saints Parish Church Cemetery bears only the single word "ALICE." Most believe the grave holds the body of Alice Flagg, a local legend who many say haunts the graveyard. Local legend has it In 1849, Alice was living with her mother and her brother Dr. Allard Flagg at the Hermitage, the seashore home of the owners of Wachesaw Plantation during the colonial period. It was at this time Alice fell in love with a man that her mother and brother believed to be beneath her station and forbid her to see him. When she accepted an engagement ring from her lover her brother refused to allow Alice to wear it on her finger. Instead, Alice hid the ring on a ribbon and concealed it around her neck, while pretending she had returned it. When her mother found out that Alice still had the ring they demanded that she get rid of it. Depressed and broken, she agreed to leave Murrells Inlet for Charleston where she would attend school . . . alone.
– But while living in Charleston she longed for her young man and she became frail and listless and continually complained of a pain in the left side of her head. Every night she would lie in her bed and cry, wondering if she could survive a life without the man she loved. One day the school informed her mother that Alice had taken "sick" and should be sent home to Murrells Inlet. Soon after she returned she lapsed in a coma and died. Alice was buried here without her engagement ring. Friends soon believed that Alice was not resting in peace and soon there were reports that her ghost has been seen near her grave. And whenever she is seen, she is always searching for something while holding her hand over her chest. It is believed that she comes back to search for her lost engagement ring.
UPDATE – Some people question whether Alice Flagg is really buried here. Some say that the Alice Flagg that legend is built around is buried miles away in a separate Cemetery and that the grave here belongs to a child named Alice Flagg, who died in an 1893 hurricane. Her entire family was drowned on Magnolia Beach in the storm, which killed hundreds. The grave stones of her family surround little Alice's grave. The gate at All Saints Church is usually open, and visitors can walk among the grave markers of the people who lost their lives during the terrible hurricane of October 13, 1893, and also see the gravesite marked ALICE. All Saints Church is on S.C. 255, about three miles west of Pawleys Island.

NEWBERRY – Newberry has an egg-shaped water tower which is located at Exit 74 on I-26. It looks like a giant white egg sitting on a tall blue golf tee. A message on one side, announces that Newberry County is the "Milk and Egg Capital" of South Carolina.

NINETY SIX – The only major league baseball player to wear the name of his hometown on his uniform was pitcher Bill Voiselle. He wore number 96.

NORTH – Singer Eartha Kitt was born here in 1928.

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH – TV card turner Vanna White was born here in 1967.

PARRIS ISLAND – Musician John Phillips was born here in 1935. He was one of the founders of the Mamas and Papas.

RITTER – Basketball player Jayson Williams was born here.

SENECA – Politician John Edwards was born here in 1953.

SILVER – Tennis player Althea Gibson was born here in 1927.

SPARTANBURG – Army chief of staff William Westmoreland was born here in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1914.
u Duncan Park Baseball Stadium here is the oldest minor league stadium in the nation.

SPRING GULLEY – Singer Chubby Checker was born here in 1941. He best known for his song The Twist.

UNION – On October 25, 1994, Susan Smith placed her two little boys, Michael, 3, and Alex, 14-months, in her car, strapped them into their cars seats, then rolled the car down a boat ramp to their deaths into The John D. Long Lake, six miles outside Union. For nine days, she insisted that a black man had killed her sons. On November 3, she confessed that she killed her boys. She was sentenced in 1995 to life in prison in the Women's Correctional Institute in Columbia. She will be eligible for parole in 2025.
u On September 1, 1996, a family and friends visiting the spot where Susan Smith drowned her two little boys in 1994, met with tragedy themselves, when their car rolled into the same spot at John D. Long Lake. Three adults and four children drowned. Five of the victims were from one family – parents and their three children.

WAXHAW – U.S. President Andrew Jackson was born here in 1767.

WINYAH – General Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion was born here in 1721.

YORK – The first Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina was formed here. The most active member was Dr. Rufus Bratton. He is said to have been the model for Dr. Cameron in Dixon's The Clansman, from which the movie The Birth of a Nation was made.

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