ALEENE – Chester Lauck, "Lum" of the radio show Lum and Abner was born here in Aleene in 1901.

ALMA  –  Alma calls itself the spinach capital of the world.

ARKADELPHIA – James McDougal, friend of Bill Clinton and convicted Whitewater defendant, is buried in the Riley plot in a cemetery here in Arkadelphia.

ARKANSAS CITY – Publisher John H. Johnson was born here in 1919. A black man, Johnson founded the Ebony and Jet Magazines.

BATESVILLE – Pioneer Cemetery here is the oldest cemetery in Arkansas. It was established in 1820.

BENTON – Actor Jerry Van Dyke has a 500-acre ranch near here. He also owns the Royal Theater in downtown Benton.

BENTONVILLE – Sam Walton opened a Five & Dime store here in 1950. Located at the town center square, the store is now a museum with its own greeter at the door. Sam Walton's office is there just as he left it, along with his old pickup truck. Wal-Mart's headquarters are now located here at 2110 West Walnut.    GO THERE
 Sam Walton is buried in the Bentonville Cemetery in Plot 9, Lot 15.

BRINKLEY –  Musician Louis Jordan was born here in 1908.
 An ivory-billed woodpecker, the largest in North America, was rediscovered here in April, 2005.  Once thought to be extinct, the woodpecker has a 30-inch-wingspan and distinctive white stripes on a coal-black body. Researchers and locals call the bird “Elvis.”

BLYTHVILLE – Blythville Air Base housed thousands of German POW's in 1944-1945.

COMBS – Former governor Orville Faubus was born here in 1910 and is buried here in the Combs Cemetery.

COVE – Norris Goff, "Abner" of "Lum and Abner" was born here in 1906.

DELIGHT – Singer Glen Campbell was born here in 1938.

DOVER –  A working double-decker outhouse is located here,  but it's mostly just to get people to stop in The Booger Hollow Trading Post and visit the gift shop. It's located along Scenic 7 Byway.

DRASCO  –  Songwriter Melvin Endsley was born here in 1934 and died here in 2004. He wrote the song Singin the Blues.

ELDORADO – Born here in Eldorado, Arkansas were basketball player Goose Tatum in 1921, founder of the American Football League Lamar Hunt in 1932 and baseball player Lou Brock in 1936.
 Baseball pitcher Lynwood "Schoolboy" Rowe is buried here in Arlington Cemetery.

EUREKA SPRINGS – A room in the 1886 Crescent resort hotel at 75 Prospect Ave. is haunted by the ghost of an Irish stonemason who worked on the hotel when it was built. He reportedly fell from the roof and died in the second floor area which is now Room 218. Loud pounding can be heard from inside the room. Also, the ghost of a nurse dressed in white, has been reportedly seen  on the third floor. Another ghost is a man in Victorian clothing who haunts the lobby. He has been spotted at the bottom of the stairway and sitting at the lobby bar. Other ghosts have been seen in Room 202 and Room 424. In 1937, the hotel was used as a  health resort and hospital run by a Doctor Baker. The ghost of Doctor Baker  has been reportedly seen in the old recreation room and at the foot of the first floor stairway. Baker is said to have buried his cancer patients under the floor of the old hospital morgue.  
 The 1905 Basin Park Hotel here is seven stories tall but every floor is a “ground” floor. The hotel is built against a hillside, and each story opens onto the hill at a different height. It was once featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.    GO THERE

FOREST CITY – - Singer Charlie Rich was born here in 1932.

FORT SMITH –  Pearl Younger, Belle Starr and Cole Younger's daughter known as Rosie Reed, worked as a prostitute here in 1889. She later opened her own brothel on North First Street.
 Camp Chaffee was built near here in 1941 as a military training camp. In 1944-1945, thousands of German POW's were held here. After WWII, Camp Chaffee became Fort Chaffee. In 1958 Elvis Presley was inducted into the U. S. Army and began basic training here. Because Fort Chaffee retains it's WWII look, several motion pictures have been filmed at the post including "Biloxi Blues," and "A Soldier's Story." In the late 1970's Fort Chaffee was home to 50,000 Southeast Asian refugees and later to 20,000 Caribbean refugees.
 Isaac Parker "the hanging judge" is buried in the Fort Smith National Cemetery in Section 9, Grave 4000.  

GLASCOW –  Singer, Donovan was born here in 1946.

GRANNIS – In 2003, a Tyson Foods slaughter house employee accused Tyson of torturing chickens at the Tyson plant here in Grannis, Arkansas. Among his accusations were the deliberate scalding and suffocation of chickens, the  deliberate breaking of the legs of larger chickens to fit the shackles instead of adjusting the shackles, blowing up chickens with dry-ice bombs, running over chickens with forklifts, and dismembering chickens for fun.

GRAYSONIA – The ghost town of Graysonia was founded by William Grayson in 1907 as a company owned sawmill town. When the mill closed in 1932, a CCC camp was established on the site. The Graysonia Post Office closed in 1950 after which many of the buildings in the city were moved to Arkadelphia for use as rental property. The remains of the city are located on a dirt county road named after the town. It is located off of Highway 8 about 15 miles west of Arkadelphia and 10 miles east of Amityon the Antoine River in Clark County. Today, there here are several concrete mill buildings, two kilns, fire house, water reservoir, a portion of the main mill building and one shotgun house remaining. Several deer camps dot the area, some made from buildings once used as company housing. Several foundations remain in the woods that was once the city limits.

GREEN FOREST –  Magazine publisher Helen Gurley Brown was born here in 1922.

HAMBURG  –  Basketball player Scotty Pippen was born here in 1965.

HARRISON –  Outlaw Henry Starr was killed here during a bank robbery shootout in 1921.

HOPE – President Bill Clinton lived with his grandparents here at 117 S. Hervey from 1946 to 1950. He was born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946.
 Buried here in the Rose Hill Cemetery are Bull Clinton's father William Jefferson Blythe III., his mother Virginia Clinton Kelley and his grandmother Edith Cassidy. The cemetery is between North Hazel and Bell and Greenwood and Berry.  
 Bill Clinton's father figure and great-uncle, Henry Oren Buddy Grisham, is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery on County Rd. 16, west of County Rd. 229. 12 miles north of Hope.

HOT SPRINGS – Actor Alan Ladd was born here in 1913.
 Al Capone reportedly once had a suite here on the fourth floor of the Arlington Hotel and used a secret underground tunnel to get to a speakeasy across the street. The west side of Central Avenue was once the section with brothels and casinos while the hot springs bathhouse resorts such as the Lamar, Ozark, Quapaw, Fordyce, Maurice, Hale, Buckstaff and the Superior were located on the east side of Central. The section with these bathhouses now belongs to the National Park Service which operates the national park.
 Bill Clinton lived in Hot Springs at 1011 and 721 Park Ave from 1954 to 1961 and at 213 Scully from 1961 to 1964.
 Roger Clinton, stepfather of Bill Clinton, and Chester Lauck, radio's "Lum" of "Lum and Abner" are buried here in the Greenwood Cemetery.
 Tiny Town, an amazing little town of miniatures is located here at 374 Whittington Avenue . Most of the Tiny Town is handmade and intricately detailed. It is reported to be the world's largest animated miniature city and the world's largest indoor display.
HUNTSVILLE – Celia Alta Faubus, former wife of Governor of Orval Faubus is buried here in the Huntsville Cemetery.

JEROME –  A Japanese American internment camp was located here during WWII.

JONESBORO  –  Author John Grisham was born here in 1955.

KINGSLAND – Singer Johnny Cash was born here in 1932.

LEXA –  Baseball player Gene Bearden was born here in 1920.

LITTLE ROCK – Born here in Little rock were General Douglas MacArthur in 1880, actor Broncho Billy Anderson in 1881, writer John Gould in 1886, actor J.C. Flippen in 1898, actress Betty Francisco in 1900, boxer Sonny Liston in 1932,  and baseball player Brooks Robinson in 1937.
 Paula Jones accused Governor Bill Clinton of exposing himself here in the Excelsior Hotel in 1991.
 Buried here in the Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery are Hall of Fame baseball player Bill Dickey, and William Dillard, founder of the Dillard's Department Stores.
Sanford C. Faulkner, the original "Arkansas Traveler" is buried in the Mount Holly Cemetery at 12th and Broadway.

LUCAS – Born here in Lucas were baseball players Dizzy Dean in 1911, and his brother Paul Dean in 1913.

MALVERN – Jesse and Frank James and Cole Younger robbed a stage between Malvern, Arkansas and Hot Springs on January 15, 1874.

MANILA – Honey Harlow Bruce (Harriett Jolliff) was born here in 1927. A singer, stripper, she was once married to comedian Lenny Bruce.

MARIANNA –  Actor Minor Watson was born here in 1889.

MONTICELLO – The Allen House, built in 1900 by Joe Allen, became known to be haunted in the 1940s when LaDell Allen, one of Joe's daughters committed suicide in the house by drinking cyanide. A few years later, the large house was converted into apartments for students from the nearby University of Arkansas. Over the years many tenants have claimed to have seen ghosts in the house, including moaning sounds and heavy footsteps on the upper floor, which was empty at the time. Now a private residence, the house is located at 705 N. Main.

MOUNT IDA – Mount Ida is known as the quartz crystal capital of the world.
 Baseball pitcher Lonnie "The Arkansas Hummingbird“ Warneke is buried here in Owley Cemetery.

MOUNT TABOR – The ghost town of Mount Tabor was established in 1854 as a farming community. An old church is still standing intact with the ten commandments painted on the walls, the pews, and a painting of Jesus hanging on the wall. There are also many old wood buildings left semi-intact throughout the area, along with some partial stone walls from old houses and other buildings. The site is located off State Highway 230 on Winchester Trail. Take 230 out of Cave City towards Strawberry, go past Hilltop (you'll see a store there at the sharp curve) and make the first right turn down a dirt road (Winchester Trail). It's about 5 or 6 miles to HIlltop from Cave City, and about 2 or 3 miles down Winchester Trail, the old church is on the left.

MOUNTAIN VIEW –  Actor Dick Powell was born here in 1904.
 Mountain View, Arkansas is the folk capital of America. The small town preserves the pioneer way of life from March through October.

MURFREESBORO –   The Crater of Diamonds here is the only public diamond mine in the world. It offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure - the opportunity to hunt for real diamonds and to keep any you find.

NEWPORT –  Actress Mary Steenburgen was born here in 1953.

PARAGOULD – Outlaw Frank Nash was buried here on June 21, 1933.

PETIT JEAN MOUNTAIN – The ashes of Winthrop Rockefeller are here at Winrock Farms.

PINE BLUFF – Born here in Pine Bluff were actress Louise Natheaux in 1898, actress Peggy Shannon in 1909, and track athlete Charles Green in 1945.
 Martha Mitchell, former wife of Attorney General John Mitchell is buried here in Bellwood Cemetery. She became known for her frank discussions with reporters during the Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration.

ROGERS – Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store here at the corner of Walnut and Eighth Streets on July 2, 1962. Before the doors opened, more than 500 people were waiting  in line to check out the new store with 16,000 square feet of floor space (about one-tenth the size of current Sam's warehouses). The original building housed the Shelby Lane Antiques in 2000.

ROHWER – A Japanese American internment camp was located here during WWII.

SILOM SPRINGS – Pearl Younger, daughter of Belle Starr and Cole Younger, gave birth to an illegitimate daughter Flossie here in the spring of 1887.  

SPRINGDALE – Tyson Foods headquarters are located here. Their slaughtering plant is located on Berry Street.

STUTTGART –  The world’s championship duck calling contest is held here every year.

TEXARKANA –  Musician/composer Scott Joplin was born here in 1867.

VAN BUREN – Comedian Bob "Bazooka" Burns was born here in 1893.

WABBASEKA –  Black panther leader Eldridge Cleaver was born here in 1935.

WALDRON –  Actor Jim Farley was born here in 1882.

WATSON – In 1927, Watson, Arkansas was wiped out when the Arkansas River and the Mississippi overflowed their banks and destroyed dozens of small communities in the southeastern part of the state. Although the flood was disastrous, silt from the rivers washed over the entire area and made the land extremely fertile. Now an agricultural district, the area is reportedly haunted. Many stories have been told of seeing ghosts searching for lost family members. Today, Watson is still very much alive in the hearts and heritage of it's 280 residents. It's a place where fresh baked apple pies really do exist, and family means everything.

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