ADAMS – The only documented, authentic “haunting” in the United States was by an entity known as the Bell Witch that tormented the John Bell family on the Tennessee frontier between 1817 and 1821 in the community of Adams. Numerous eye witnesses, including Andrew Jackson, experienced the witch first-hand and documented what they saw, felt and heard. Historians and psychologists continue to study the phenomena and members of the Bell family have penned books about the haunting. Unexplained activity is still part of the Adams experience, especially at the Bell Witch Cave once owned by John Bell. Native American burials and a portion of the Trail of Tears also are nearby. The cave is located at 430 Keysburg Road and is open for tours by appointment during summer and for special Halloween dates in October.      MORE

– Football player Lynn Swann was born here in 1952.

ANTIOCH – Billy Ray Collins Jr. was a promising junior-middleweight boxer in June of 1983 when he entered the ring at Madison Square Garden to face Luis Resto. Collins, 21, was 14-0, Resto had a record of 20-7-2. If Collins could beat Resto, he had a possible shot at the title, and hopes of escaping a life of poverty here in Antioch. During the fight, Collins complained to his father, Billy Sr., that it felt as if Resto had "rocks in his gloves." When the fight ended after ten rounds, Collins face was an ugly purple mass, he had a torn iris in his right eye, and his vision was forever impaired. His life would never be the same. Nine months later, his dreams of boxing glory shattered, his blurry eyesight leaving him unable to hold even a menial job, Collins, drunk and depressed, drove his car into Collins Creek here and was killed. Later, it was discovered that Resto's trainer, "Panama" Lewis had removed the padding from Resto's gloves. Many of Collins' friends said it was suicide, others said he was murdered by Lewis and Resto. Lewis and Resto were convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to several years in prison.

ASHLAND CITY – Famed baby photographer Constance Gibbs Bannister was born here in 1913.

BAKERVILLE – Hattie Caraway, America's first elected woman senator was born here in 1878.

BETHLEHEM – Track athlete track athlete Wilma Rudolph was born here in 1940.

BRISTOL – Singer Tennessee Ernie Ford was born here in 1919.
u Bluegrass music originated here in Bristol.

BROWNSVILLE – Singer Tina Turner was born here in 1939.

– U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull was born near here in 1871.

CAMDEN – Singers, Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, and Hawkshaw Hawkins were killed in a plane crash near here on March 5, 1963.
To get to the memorial site, take I-40, Exit 126 (Hwy. 641) proceed north approx. 15 mi. through the lights at the Highway 70 bypass and Highway 70. Turn left on Mount Carmel Road just past Highway 70 and proceed approximately 2 1/2 mi. Memorial is on the right.

CARTHAGE – U.S. vice president Al Gore grew up here.
u Buried here in the Smith County Memorial Gardens are:
– Albert Gore Sr., politician.
u Hancy Gore Hunger, sister of Al Gore Jr.

CENTERVILLE – Comedienne Minnie Pearl was born here in 1912.

– Basketball player Oscar Robertson was born here in 1938.

CHATTANOOGA – Born here in Chattanooga were: singer Bessie Smith in 1894, and singer Usher in 1978.
u Coca-Cola was first bottled in 1899 at a plant on Patten Parkway in downtown Chattanooga after two local attorneys purchased the bottling rights to the drink for $l.00.
u Buried here in the Forest Hills Cemetery are:
– Garnet Carter, inventor. He built and opened the first miniature golf course in 1917 at the Fairyland Club on Lookout Mountain. He is in Plot: 111, Section K.
– Jackie Mitchell, female baseball pitcher. On April 2, 1931, while playing with the Chattanooga Lookouts, the 17-year-old girl took the mound during an exhibition game with the New York Yankees and struck out Babe Ruth on four pitches and Lou Gehrig on three pitches in the same inning.
– Grace Moore, opera singer/actress. It is claimed that Elvis' Graceland mansion was named after her.

CIVIL WAR IN TENNESSEE – Take a Tour of the Tennessee Civil War battlefields.        GO THERE    .

– Track athlete Wilma Rudolph grew up here and is buried here at the Edgefield Missionary Baptist Church.
u Actor Frank Sutton is buried here in the Greenwood Cemetery. He played Sergeant Vincent Carter on the TV show Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. He is in Section 12, section 188, next to the access road in the back.

CLEVELAND – In the cemetery behind the St. Luke's Episcopal Church here is a grand white marble mausoleum, which contains reddish-pink splotches that mar the white marble. The stains have been a permanent fixture on the Craigmiles family crypt since soon after it was built in the 1870's. Local legend says the marks are bloodstains that commemorate a family history filled with tragedy. The sad story began in 1871 when young Nina Craigmiles died in a buggy accident. Her devastated grandfather built the elaborate mausoleum in her honor. Soon after her interment, the red stains appeared. Years later, an infant son died within hours of his birth, Nina's grandfather John Craigmiles died of food poisoning and his wife Adelle succumbed to injuries sustained when she was hit by a car in 1928. As each member of the family joined the others in the crypt, the stains grew deeper and more prominent. Family and friends tried scrubbing them off and even replaced some of the pink stained marble blocks, but the stains always reappeared. St. Luke's Episcopal Church is located at 320 Broad Ave. N.W.

CLIFTON – Gunfighter Clay Allison was born on a farm near Clifton on September 2, 1840 (Other sources say he was born near Waynesboro). Born an epileptic with a clubfoot, he joined the Confederate during the Civil War and served as a scout and spy. He was captured at Shiloh but managed to escape. After the war Allison moved to Texas. A heavy-drinking cowboy he was accused of killing Chunk Colbert in Colorado and Francisco Griego in New Mexico. He also wounded several others before killing Deputy Sheriff Charles Faber at Las Animas in 1877. One newspaper claimed that Allison had killed 15 men. Allison, who considered himself to be a "shootist" not a gunfighter, once said that "I never killed a man that did not need killing. " Allison settled in Pecos, Texas, where he was killed on July 3, 1887 when, in a drunken stupor, he fell off a buckboard he was driving and rolled under the wagon. His head was crushed by the wheels. He is buried in Pecos Park, just west of the Pecos Museum.

COLUMBIA – Samuel and Jane Polk, parents of U.S. President James J. Polk are buried here in the Greenwood Cemetery.

COVINGTON – Composer Isaac Hayes was born here in 1942.

DAYTON – The celebrated Scopes monkey trial was held here in 1925 from July 10 to 21. John T. Scopes had been arrested on May 5 for teaching the theory of evolution to his students at Rhea County High School in violation of state law. Scopes, who was also the high school football coach, was defended by Clarence Darrow. William Jennings Bryan was the prosecutor. The trial was thought to have been too severe a strain on Bryan, who died in his sleep on July 26. Scopes was convicted and fined $100. Scopes died in 1970 and is buried in Paducah, Kentucky. Darrow died in 1938 and his ashes were scattered in the lagoon of Chicago's Jackson Park. The site of the trial, the Rhea County Courthouse and a $1-million project which restored the second-floor courtroom to the way it looked during the Scopes trial was completed in 1979. A museum of the trial events is located in its basement contains such memorabilia as the microphone used to broadcast the trial, trial records, photographs, and an audiovisual history of the trial.

DEL RIO – Cinematographer Burnett Guffey was born here in 1905. He won Academy Awards for From Here to Eternity in 1953, and Bonnie and Clyde in 1967.

ELIZABETHTON – Admiral and General Samuel Powhatan Carter was born here in 1819.

ERWIN – When a circus elephant named Mary ran wild and killed a man here on September 13, 1916, the enraged towns people led the beast to a nearby railroad derrick, strung it up with a steel cable and hanged her before a crowd of 5,000.         GO THERE

FRANKLIN – Minnie Pearl, comedienne on the Grand Ole Opry is buried here in the Mount Hope Cemetery.
Buried here in the Williamson Memorial Gardens are:
– Carl Butler, musician and composer.
– Grant Turner, announcer for the
Grand Ole Opry.

FRATERVILLE – On the morning of Monday, May 19th 1902, at 7:30 just after all the men had entered the Fraterville mine here, there occurred in that mine one of the most disastrous mine explosions that has ever occurred in America. Out of all the men and boys who were then in the mine, numbering somewhere from 180 to 200, not a single person escaped with his life. Some were killed instantly, some were shut-up in small passages and rooms and probably lived but a short time, while a goodly number were able to escape to the headings and entries in parts of the mine away from the explosion, and there exist for several hours, until death came from suffocation and after damp. Probably the longest any lived was from seven to eight hours, while most of the men died within a much shorter time. .        GO THERE

GALLATIN – John Rogan, who grew to be 8 feet 6 inches tall, was born here in 1871.
u Singer Conway Twitty is buried here in the Sumner Memorial Park.

GOODLETTSVILLE – Buried here in the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens are:
– David "Stringbean" Akeman, comedian. He and his wife, Estelle were murdered in their home by burglars in 1973.
– Lloyd "Cowboy" Copas, musician.
– Lefty Frizzell, singer.
– Hawkshaw Hawkins, musician.
– Randy Hughes, musician.
– James Widener, musician. He was murdered a week after Stringbean Akeman was murdered. He is said to have made a comment about Stringbean's murder saying: When music people die it usually comes in threes, I wonder who will be next"? He was killed himself the following week. He is in the back of the cemetery, behind the main statue of Jesus.

GOODRICH – Lyricist Beth Slater Whitson was born here in 1879. She wrote the words to Let Me Call You Sweetheart, and Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.

HARRIMAN – Actress/singer Dixie Lee (Wyatt) was born here in 1911. She was married to singer Bing Crosby.

HENDERSON – Singer Eddy Arnold was born here in 1918.

HENDERSONVILLE – Buried here in the Hendersonville Memory Gardens are:
– Mae Boren Axton, composer and mother of singer Hoyt Axton. She co-wrote the song
Heartbreak Hotel. She is the Mausoleum.
– Maybelle "Mother" Carter, singer and mother of June Carter Cash.
– Johnny Cash, singer.
– June Carter Cash, singer.
– Rosey Adams Carter, singer and daughter of June Carter. She died in 2003 of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. She lies next to June and Johnny Cash.
– Joe Maphis, singer. He is buried directly above the grave of Maybelle Carter.
– Sheb Wooley, singer.
u The former Hendersonville home of Johnny and June Cash was sold in 2005 to former Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb and his wife, Linda. They plan to preserve the home to honor the memory of Johnny and June.

HENNING – Author Alex Haley grew up here and is buried here in the front yard at his boyhood home on Church Street.

HERMITAGE – Singer Ernest Tubb, the "Texas Troubadour" is buried here in the Hermitage Memorial Gardens.

JACKSON – Pinup model Bette Page was born here in 1924.
u Railroad engineer Casey Jones grew up here in Jackson. He was living here when he was killed when his train was involved in a train wreck on April 30, 1900 in Vaughn, Mississippi.
u Casey Jones is buried here in Mount Calvary Cemetery on Hardee Street in East Jackson. His former home is now a museum and is located at 30 Casey Jones Lane. Funeral service was held in St. Mary's Church where he and Janie Brady had married fourteen years before.
u Singer Carl Perkins is buried here in the Ridgecrest Cemetery.

JEFFERSON CITY – Inventor Mark Dean was born here in 1957. He co-invented the microchip computer system.

JELLICO – Opera singer Grace Moore grew up here.

KENTON – Kenton is one of four communities in the United States that has a considerable population of white squirrels. As of 2006 the squirrel population in Kenton is an estimated 200 squirrels.

KNOXVILLE – Born here in Knoxville were: Admiral David G. Farragut in 1801, writer/poet James Agee in 1909, singer Polly Bergen in 1930, poet Nikki Giovanni in 1943, and actor/screenwriter Quentin Tarantino in 1963.

LA FOLLETTE – Inventor Dr. Ayers Maupin is buried here in the Maupin Cemetery. He invented the first plow with movable parts, the Maupin turning plow, which is pulled by oxen.

LAWS HILL – Musician Grady Martin is buried here in the Hopper Cemetery. His recording of Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy was a top hit in the 1940s.

LEBANON – Cumberland University here lost a football game to Georgia Tech on October 7, 1916 by a score of 222 to 0. The Georgia Tech coach was George Heisman for whom the Heisman Trophy is named.         GO THERE
u A street named Tater Peeler Road is located here.

LIMESTONE – Frontiersman Davy Crockett was born near here in 1786.

LINCOLN COUNTY – Josephene Myrtle Corbin, the four-legged woman, was born in Lincoln County in 1868. Rather than having a parasitic twin, Myrtle's extra legs resulted from an even rarer form of conjoined twinning known as dipygus, which gave her two complete bodies from the waist down.         READ MORE

LOCUST RIDGE – Singer Dolly Parton grew up here.

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN – Garnet Carter built and opened the first miniature golf course here at the Fairyland Club.

LUTTRELL – Musician Chet Atkins was born here in 1924.

LYNCHBURG – The Jack Daniels whiskey distillery was founded here in 1866.        GO THERE

MADISON COUNTY – Western actor Sunset Carson is buried here in the Highland Memorial Gardens.

MADISONVILLE – Politician Estes Kefauver was born here in 1903.

MARION COUNTY – Judge John Tate Raulston is buried here in the Cumberland View Cemetery. He was the judge in the 1925 Scopes Trial in which William Jennings Bryan prosecuted John Thomas Scopes for teaching the theory of evolution in Rhea County High School in Dayton.

MARYVILLE – Politician Lamar Alexander was born here in 1940.

MAYNARDVILLE – Singer Roy Acuff was born here in 1903.

MCMINNVILLE – Singer Dottie West is buried here in Mountain View Cemetery.

MEMPHIS – Born here in Memphis were: gangster George "Machine Gun" Kelly in 1897, singer Lil Hardin in 1898, at 32 Railroad Ave, U.S. Supreme Court Judge Abe Fortas in 1910, civil rights activist Benjamin L. Hook in 1925, actor Morgan Freeman in 1937, actor George Hamilton in 1939, singer Aretha Franklin in 1942, actress Cybil Shepherd in 1950, and actor Justin Timberlake in 1981.
u Martin Luther King was killed here on April 4, 1968 at the Lorraine Motel by James Earl Ray.
u Elvis Presley’s Graceland is located here in Memphis.  Buried here in the Graceland Burial Grounds are:
– Elvis Presley.
– Gladys Presley, Elvis' mother.
– Jessie Presley, Elvis' twin brother.
– Minnie Presley, Elvis' grandmother.
– Vernon Elvis Presley, Elvis' father.
u Actor/comedian Danny Thomas is buried here in a crypt at St. Jude's Hospital.
u Buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery are:
– Kit Dalton, outlaw. He is in the Fowler Section, Confederate Lot.
– Jimmie Lunceford, bandleader. He is in the South Grove 10, Lot 437.
u Singer Rufus Thomas is buried here in the New Park Cemetery. His hits songs included Do The Funky Chicken, and Walking The Dog.
u Buried here in the Memphis Memorial Park Cemetery are:
– James Pinckney Alley, cartoonist. He created the comic strip
Hambone. He is in H-G-45 #1.
– Sam Phillips, rock pioneer. He was the founder of Sun Records and was credited with discovering Elvis Presley. He produced Presley's first record in 1954. He is in outside of the Mausoleum in the Garden of Trees - Tier C #29.
– Charlie Rich, singer.
– Dick Sisler, baseball player.
u Buried here in the Forest Hill Midtown Cemetery are:
– Bill Black Jr., one of Elvis Presley's original band members. He is in Section 15, behind the mausoleum where Elvis was originally buried.
– Vester Presley, uncle of Elvis. He was the long time guard at the gates of Graceland.
– Charles and Kemmons Wilson, founders of the Holiday Inn motels.
u Buried here in the Forest Hill Cemetery East are:
– Estelle Axton, co-founder of Stax Records in 1957.
– James Blackwood, singer. He was a member of the Blackwood Brothers gospel quartet.
u Buried here in the Galilee Memorial Gardens are: college football player Ron Settles. A player on the Long Beach, California State College football team, he was arrested by the Signal Hill (California) Police Department on June 1, 1981. The next morning he was found severely beaten and hanging in his jail cell.
– Peter “Memphis Slim'” Chatman, blues pianist.
– John Gunn, former Memphis State University basketball player.

Actress Eleanor Griffith was born here in 1902.

– Sportswriter Grantland Rice was born here in 1880.

NASHVILLE – Born here in Nashville were: adventurer William Walker in 1824, singer Kitty Wells in 1919, songwriter/singer Johnny Bragg in 1925 (he wrote Just Walkin’ in the Rain), broadcaster Barbara Howar in 1934, artist Red Grooms in 1937, politician Julian Bond in 1940, and actress Reese Witherspoon in 1976.
u Jesse James and his wife Annie, rented a house here under the name J.D. Howard on Boscobel Street in East Nashville in 1875. His son Jesse Jr. was born here in 1975, his daughter Mary Jane in 1878, and son Robert in 1879.
u Buried here in the Hermitage Cemetery are:
– Andrew Jackson, U. S. President.
– Rachel Jackson, wife of President Andrew Jackson. She died here of a heart attack on December 22, 1828. After Jackson was elected president, he buried her in the white satin gown that she was to have worn at his inauguration.
u U.S. President James J. Polk and his wife Sarah are buried here on the Tennessee State Capitol Building and Grounds.
u Buried here in the Woodlawn Memorial Park are:
– Clyde "Red" Foley, singer.
– Roy Orbison, singer. His wife Claudette, and his son Anthony are also buried here.
– Webb Pierce, singer.
– Marty Robbins, singer.
– Tammy Wynette, singer.
u Buried here in the Spring Hill Cemetery are:
– Ray Acuff, singer.
– Floyd Cramer, pianist.
– John Hartford singer/composer. H wrote the song
Gentle on My Mind.
– Hank Snow, musician. Drive in the main entrance, turn right and bear left. First left turn and marker is on left.
– Beth Slater Whitson, lyricist. She wrote the words to
Let Me Call You Sweetheart, and Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.
u Buried here in the Greenwood Cemetery are:
– Joe Gilliam, baseball player.
– Johnnie Anner Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey's aunt.
u Comedian/musician Granpa Jones is buried here at the Luton Memorial Methodist Church. He was a member of the Grand Ole Opry.
u Singer Gene Allison is buried here in the Hills of Calvary Cemetery. He was a member of The Skylarks singing group.
u Musician Eddie Rabbitt is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery.
u Army sergeant and singer Barry Sadler is buried here in the Nashville National Cemetery. He wrote and sang the song Battle Hymn of the Green Berets.
u Buried here in the Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens Cemetery are:
– Chet Atkins, singer.
– Edward Monroe Miller, composer. He wrote the song
Release Me.

NUTBUSH – Singer Tina Turner grew up here.

OAKRIDGE – In 1942, the federal government chose the Oakridge area as a site for developing materials for the Manhattan Project, where almost 70,000 people worked in secret on the Atomic Bomb.
Currently, the Department of Energy runs a nuclear and high-tech research establishment at the site and performs national security work. Tours of parts of the original facility are available to American citizens from June through September. The tour is so popular that there is a waiting list for seats.

OVERTON – Statesman Cordell Hull was born here in 1871.

PALL MALL – WWI hero Alvin York was born here in 1887. He is buried here in the Wolf River Cemetery.

PARIS – A 60 ft. tall replica of the Eiffel Tower stands in a park in Paris.

PARROTTSVILLE – 100 state and federal agents raided the Del Rio Cockfight Pit here in 2005 where as many as 700 people from several states bet as much as $3 million on a single Saturday night. It was the largest illegal cockfighting pit in America. Parrottsville is located in Cocke County.

POWELL – Actor/comedian Archie Campbell is buried here in the Glenwood Cemetery. He was co-star of the TV show Hee Haw.
u The Airplane Service Station, also known as the Powell Airplane, is a service station built in 1930 in the shape of an airplane. Located at 6829 Clinton Highway in Powell, a neighborhood in Knox County, it is on the National Register of Historic Places. The station was built by brothers Elmer and Henry Nickle. Their intent was to increase business by having a service station that was visually unique, both to area residents and to travelers on newly widened US Highway 25. Elmer Nickle had a strong interest in airplanes, and so the station was constructed in the Fantastic architectural style in the shape of an airplane. The structure ceased being used as a service station in the 1960s, when it became a liquor store. It has also been a produce stand, bait & tackle shop, and a used car lot. It is believed to be the only service station constructed with an airplane as its design concept. Knox Heritage and a local organization, the Airplane Filling Station Preservation Association (AFSPA), are working to preserve the structure.

PULASKI – The Ku Klux Klan was established here in 1865.

RAVENSCROFT – Journalist Carl Rowan was born here in 1925.

SEVIERVILLE – Singer Dolly Parton was born here in 1946.

SHELBYVILLE – Actress Sandra Locke was born here in 1947.
u The Bedford County High School's football team, the "Fighting Tigers" led by Coach Edward Finley, was undefeated from 1943 through 1950 with a record of 82-0-4. In 1961, the school's name was changed to Harris High School. After seven years, the football Tigers of Bedford County negro high school lost to Fayetteville 6 to 2. Before losing to Fayetteville, the Tigers had piled up 78 straight victories.

SLABTOWN – Opera singer/actress Grace Moore was born here in 1901. It is claimed that Elvis' Graceland mansion was named after her.

SMYRNA – Confederate scout Sam Davis was born here in 1842.

SPARTA – Musician Lester Flatt was born near here in 1914 and he is buried here in the Oakwood Memorial Park.

STONY CREEK – Screenwriter Jack Curtis was born here.

SWEETWATER – Miniature golf inventor Jack Garnet Carter was born here in 1883.
u The Lost Sea in Craighead Caverns here is the world’s largest underground lake at 4.5 acres and 140 feet below surface. The full extent of the lake is unknown with only 13 acres mapped. Divers have been unable to reach the end of the lake or the bottom even with sonar equipment. Guided tours through cave rooms showcase some of the widest, highest and largest rooms of any cavern in the southeast and rare anthrodite crystals. A tour of the lake is given in a glass bottom boat so visitors can observe the largest rainbow trout in the U.S. The caverns and the lake have been used by Native Americans, pioneers, and Confederate soldiers.

TRENTON – Emma A. Summers was born here in about 1860. She later became one of the richest women in Los Angeles. She was known throughout the west as the oil queen of Southern California.
u Ten members of the Rice family were killed when a cyclone struck their home here on January 14, 1932. They were buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery near Rutherford. Only two graves were dug, one wide enough for nine caskets where nine of the Rice family were placed side by side, and another where the little granddaughter was buried by the side of an infant sister that preceded her.
u Trenton’s City Hall at 309 S. College Street, holds the largest collection of teapots at 526 items. The beautiful and rare porcelain veilleuse theieres, or night-light teapots, were created to comfort the sick with light and medicinal tea in Asia, Europe and Africa (c.1750-1860). The collection was donated to the city by Dr. Frederick C. Freed and is estimated to be worth more than $3 million.

VONORE – Silversmith/educator Sequoyah (George Gist) was born here in 1776.

WAYNESBORO – Gunslinger Clay Allison was born on a farm near here. Other reports say he was born near Clifton.

WINCHESTER – Singer Dinah Shore was born here in 1917.

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