ABERDEEN – Artist Robert Motherwell was born here in 1915.
u Rocker Kurt Cobain grew up here.
u In 1903, Billy Gohl was assigned to Aberdeen as a delegate of the Sailors Union to handle payroll, and storage of valuables. His office was built on stilts at the edge of the Wishkah River near Gray's Harbor, and had a trap door which led directly to the water. Gohl began murdering sailors who had entrusted him with their valuables. He would shoot the victim in the head as he sat across from him at his desk, remove his identification, and dispose of the body through the trap door. Gohl was finally caught when he tried to sell the watch of one his victims. 41 bodies were taken from the water during a three-year period. Gohl was sentenced to life in prison where he died in 1928.
u Rock singer Kurt Cobain was born here in 1967 and grew up here.

BELLINGHAM – Born here in Bellingham were: actor Tommy Noonan in 1922, actress Hilary Swank in 1974, and scientist John Walker Kendall.
u Kenneth Bianchi, Los Angeles' notorious "Hillside Strangler," raped and strangled to death two college girls here in January of 1979. Bianchi was working at the time as a security guard, and had applied for a job with the Bellingham police shortly before he was arrested.

BREMERTON – Actor Howard Duff was born here in 1917.

CAMAS – Singer Jimmie Rogers was born here in 1914.

CENTRALIA – Choreographer Merce Cunningham was born here in 1919.

CLE ELUM – Astronaut Francis Scobee was born here in 1939.

COLFAX – Actor/stuntman Yakima Canutt was born here in 1895.

Annual outhouse races have been held here for over 20 years. Replica outhouses of all shapes and sizes are pushed down Main Street and judged by spectators. The best john receives the coveted Outhouse Trophy, a 4-foot-tall outhouse with bronze plaques naming past winners. Teams consist of two pushers and a rider. Outhouses must measure at least 2 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 5 feet tall. And they must be equipped with a toilet seat and toilet paper.

– On a summer morning in 1939, two fishermen hooked an object in Crescent Lake. As they pulled the heavy bundle to the surface, they discovered what looked like a foot sticking out from the blanket wrapped around the object. The two men were not sure whether it was the body of a woman or a mannequin. Authorities determined that it was the body of a woman in her early thirties. The body was well preserved, in fact, it had turned almost entirely to soap due to a process called saponification. The victim became known as "The Lady in the Lake," It wasn't until 1942, that the body was identified as Hallie Illingworth, a waitress from nearby Port Angeles. Police also learned that her jealous husband had often beat her. The coroner estimated her death occurred in 1932, the same year in which Monty Illingworth had told friends that his 36-year-old wife had run off to Alaska with a sailor. Now remarried and living in California, he was extradited to Washington and charged with murder. With little evidence to support his story of desertion, Illingworth was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. (Crescent Lake is west of Port Angeles, and east of Fairholm.

DARRINGTON – TV host Bob Barker was born here in 1923.

ERLAND POINT – On a March day in 1934, a gruesome tragedy was uncovered at the Flieder cottage here in Erland Point, the battered and bullet-riddled bodies of six people were found, Mr. and Mrs. Flieder, Mr. and Mrs. Chenovert, Mr. Jordon, and Bert Balcom. In January of 1935, Leo Hall, became a prime suspect. After Hall's wife told police of her husband's desperate plan to rob the Flieder's of their cash and valuables, he was arrested in Portland, Oregon. On December 9, 1935, Hall went on trial. He was convicted and later hanged.         

EVERETT – Born here in Everett were: politician Henry "Scoop" Jackson in 1912, and singer/composer Kenny Loggins in 1940.
u Everett is the site of the world's largest building, Boeing's final assembly plant.
u Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson is buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery.

HOQUIAM – Rocker Kurt Cobain was born here in 1967.

KENT – Bowler Earl Anthony was born here in 1938.

LAKE SAMMANISH – On September 7, 1974, two hunters near Lake Sammanish, found the decomposed bodies of Denise Naslund and Janice Ott along with that of another unidentified female. The remains found, were in bits and pieces, scattered by wild animals. All three had been murdered by mass killer, Ted Bundy.

LITTLE ROCK – The Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve is a 445 acre area near Little Rock Washington with an interpretive trail open to the public and suitable for the disabled. These Mima Mounds are small hills from 15 to 30 feet across and up to 8 feet tall which number in the thousands across an area from just south of the Black Hills out to Tenino. Many theories exist as to what caused these mounds. The most widely accepted explanation is that when the glaciers melted, they left deposits of soil and rock. Related to this is the possibility that vibrations from seismic activity caused these deposits to become more defined in mounds. Gophers have been credited with pushing up mounds of dirt as they tunneled and it's also been suggested that Paul Bunyan made them while he was digging out Puget Sound to transport logs to the mills.

LONG BEACH – Long Beach claims to have the World’s largest frying pan statue. It is 9 ft., 6 in. in diameter, and is located on Pacific Ave.

MEDINA – Bill Gates of Microsoft lives here.

MERCER ISLAND – Paul Allen of Microsoft was born here in 1955.

MT. ST. HELENS – When Mt. St. Helens erupted On May 18, 1980, the entire top of the mountain was blown away. The cloud of ash and gases reached a height of twelve miles and ash fell over a large area surrounding the mountain. Approximately one cubic mile of rock and ash were disgorged. The eruption killed at least sixty people and destroyed all plant and animal life over an area of about seventy square miles. The mountain is located on highway 503 about 30 miles northeast of the town of Woodland (on I-5).

MT. VERNON – Basketball player Jim Caviezel was born here in 1968.

NORTH BEND – Singer Rusty Draper is buried here in the Mount Sinai Memorial Cemetery.

OLYMPIA – Archaeologist Douglas Dorland Anderson was born here.

REDMOND – Microsoft Corporation is located here.

RENTON – Rock singer Jimi Hendrix is buried here in Greenwood Memorial Cemetery at 3401 No. 4th Street. He died of a drug overdose in 1970 at age 28.

RIDGEFIELD – U-Haul was founded here in 1945.

SEATTLE – Born here in Seattle were: director/producer Guthrie McClintic in 1893, actress Constance Cummings in 1910, novelist Mary McCarthy in 1912, actress Frances Farmer in 1914 (at 312 Harvard St.). stripper Gypsy Rose Lee in 1914, actor Kevin McCarthy in 1914, actress June Havoc in 1915 (sister of Gypsy Rose Lee), baseball player/manager Fred Hutchinson in 1919, cartoonist Hank Ketcham in 1920 (he created Dennis the Menace), actress Carol Channing in 1921, singer Martha Wright in 1926, Robert Joffrey choreographer Robert Joffrey in 1930, singer Judy Collins in 1939, rocker Jimi Hendrix in 1942, actress Ann Reinking in 1949, founder of Microsoft Bill Gates in 1955, golfer Fred Couples in 1959, and inventor Chester F. Carlson (he invented xerogrpaphy) .
u On April 8, 1994, Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain, shot and killed himself with a shotgun in the carriage house of his mansion here at 171 Lake Washington East. He was 27. After he was cremated, his widow, singer Courtney Love, stuffed his ashes into a teddy bear which she carried with her everywhere.
u The first Starbucks was opened here in the Pike Place Market in 1971.
u Buried here in the Lakeview Cemetery at 15th Ave. East are:
– Jeff Heath, baseball player.
– Bruce Lee, martial artist. He was killed while making a movie in 1973. He is in Lot 276, east side of circular driveway in the center of the cemetery.
– Brandon Lee, martial artist and son of Bruce. He died after taking a prescribed pain killer in 1993. He is in Lot 276, east side of circular driveway in the center of the cemetery.
– John Nordstrom, founder of the Nordstrom Department store.

SILVER LAKE – On May 18th, 1980, the eruption of Mount St. Helens here disrupted the lives of thousands and changed more than 200 square miles of rich forest into a grey, lifeless landscape.

SNOHOMISH – Born here in Snohomish were: baseball player Earl Averill in 1902, and baseball player Earl Torgeson in 1924.
u Buried here in the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery are:
– Earl Averill, baseball player. He is in the 7th Addition, Lot 427, Grave 2.
– Earl Torgeson, baseball player.

SNOQUAIMIE – Actress Ella Raines was born here in 1921.

SPOKANE – Born here in Spokane were: animator Chuck Jones in 1912, musician Bob Crosby in 1913, actress Susan Peters in 1921, singer Patrice Munsel in 1925, Senator Tom Foley in 1929, actor Craig T. Nelson in 1946, and actor John McIntire.
u The first Father's Day celebration was held here on June 19, 1910. It was the idea of poet Sonora Smart Dodd. She is buried here in the Greenwood Memorial Terrace Cemetery.

TACOMA – Born here in Tacoma were: founder of Father's Day, Sonora Smart Todd in 1882, singer/actor Bing Crosby in 1903 at 1112 N. Jay Street, actor Bruce Bennett in 1909, author/photographer Frank Herbert in 1920, actress Janis Paige in 1922, President Nixon advisor John Ehrlichman in 1925, actress Dyan Cannon in 1937, novelist Richard Brautigan in 1935.
u Serial killer Ted Bundy grew up in the north end residential area of Tacoma where he was a Boy Scout and a paper boy. Bundy confessed to killing 28 women during the 1970s.
u On October 30, 1947, police responded to a report of a woman screaming in a house on south J Street. Inside they found a black man, Jake Bird, 46, whose clothes were splattered with blood. The also discovered the bodies of Bertha Kludt, 52, and her daughter, Beverly, 17. Both women were beaten and slashed with the blunt end and the blade of an ax. Bird signed a confession admitting to killing the women along with several other people back east. But at the trial he withdrew his confession, saying that the police had beat it out of him. The jury found Bird guilty. When the judge asked him if he had anything to say, Bird replied, "I am putting the Jake Bird hex on all of you who had anything to do with my being punished. Mark my words, you will die before I do." With that, the judge sentenced him to be hanged by the neck until dead. One month later, the judge died of a heart attack, one of Bird's attorneys, died a year later on the anniversary of Bird's sentencing. The officer who had taken Bird's second confession, died in January of 1948, followed by the chief court clerk. The officer who took Bird's first confession, died of a heart attack. The last to die was one of Bird's prison guards. Jake Bird was hanged at Walla Walla, on July 15, 1948. Before he died, a guard asked Bird if he had any regrets about the murders he committed. Bird said he regretted only one – a little boy he killed in Omaha, Nebraska, because the boy called him a nigger.        MORE
u Actor Robert "Wheezer" Hutchins is buried here in the Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery. He played "Wheezer" in the Our Gang films.
u Shaped like a coffee pot, the Java Jive Coffee Shop is located here at 2102 South Tacoma Way. The buildingwais declared unsafe by the Tacoma Fire Department on October, 2007, and was ordered to be be vacated until corrections are made,

TEKOA – Born here in Tekoa were singers Mildred Bailey in 1903 and her borther Al Rinker in 1907. She was a blues and jazz singer who sang with the Paul Whiteman band. He was a member of the “Rhythm Boys” singing group which included Bing Crosby and Harry Barris.

WALLA WALLA – Actor Adam West was born here in 1928.
u In 1847, the Whitman family and 11 others were killed near here by Indians. All the victims are buried in a common grave here in the Whitman Mission National Historic Site, off State Highway 12, six miles west of town.    
u In 1995, local residents reported seeing a large human-like creature along Mill Creek road near the creek in the Blue Mountains. They said it made weird high-pitched screams, was 7 to 8 feet tall, and left 22" footprints. Some believe it was "Big Foot."

WELLINGTON – Two trains were swept into a canyon near here by an avalanche on March 1, 1919. 96 people were killed.

WOODLAND – Shortly before 2 p.m. on November 24, 1971, a man walked into the northwest Orient Express Airlines in Portland Oregon and bought a ticket on the next flight to Seattle. He gave his name as Dan Cooper. Cooper boarded the plane, a Boeing 727 Jet. He walked to an empty row in back and sat down in seat 18c. But he did not take off his sunglasses or his raincoat. When flight attendant, Florence Schaffner sat in a seat beside him at takeoff, he handed her note, and told her "I have a bomb." She hurried to the cockpit and gave the note to the captain. He radioed that Flight 305 was being hijacked – a man with a bomb wanted $200,000 in bills and a pair of back-pack parachutes. By now the plane was over Seattle, but Cooper refused to let it land until the money and parachutes were ready. When the Police and FBI got the money, Cooper order the plane to land in Seattle. After the money and parachutes were delivered and the plane refueled, Cooper released 38 passengers and ordered the plane to take off and fly to Mexico.
– Back in the air, Cooper tied the money bag to his waist and put on one of the parachutes. Outside, it was dark and stormy, and 7 degrees below zero. At 7:42 p.m. while plane cruised at 196 miles per hour over the Cascade Mountains, somewhere over Woodland and Ariel, Cooper left the aft stairs down and jumped into the night. Twenty-five years later, no trace of D.B. Cooper has ever been found, except $5,800 in $20 bills on a Columbia River sandbar. He has become a legend, a new Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid. Books have been written about him, a play staged, and a movie was made. He has been the inspiration for ballads and bumper stickers, T-shirts, and coffee mugs. Every year on Thanksgiving weekend, his fans by the hundreds come from across the country to gather in Ariel to celebrate his feat.

YAKIMA – Born here in Yakima were: skier Phil Mahre in 1957, and actor Kyle Maclahlanin 1959.

ZELLAH – A teapot shaped gas station here, was built in 1922, a commentary on the Teapot Dome scandal involving President Harding and a federal petroleum reserve in Wyoming Said to be the oldest gas station in use in the country, it survived partially because it was moved years ago, to be closer to the interstate. Washington is also said to be the birthplace of gas stations, and a plaque marking the site of the nation's first filling station can be found in Seattle's Waterfront Park. It’s located between Yakima and Sunnyside on Interstate 82. A freeway sign marks the exit near Zillah.

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