ABRAMS – Musician Pee Wee King grew up here. He wrote the song The Tennessee Waltz.

ADELL – Singer Hildegarde (Loretta Sell) was born here in 1906.

ALBANY – Actor John Litel was born here in 1894.

APPLETON – Magician Harry Houdini was born here in 1874.
u Author Edna Ferber lived here when a child.
u Senator Joseph McCarthy is buried here in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery at 2019 W. Prospect Ave.

ATHENS – Actor Charles Winninger was born here in 1884.

BARABOO – Circus owners Charles and John Ringling were born here in 1863 and in 1866.
u The first Ringling Brothers Circus was staged here in 1884.
u The Circus World Museum heren is designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior and is located at the site of the original Ringling Bros. Circus winter quarters.        GO THERE

BEAVER DAM – Baseball player Emerson "Pink" Hawley was born here in 1872. He died here in 1938.

BEAVER ISLAND – James J. Strang was an early Mormon leader in the years before the Latter Day Saints emigrated to Utah. After the death of founder Joseph Smith in 1844, Strang claimied that he had been selected by Smith to be his successor. Some of the community followed Strang but the majority followed Brigham Young. Young led his contingent to Utah and Strang led his to Wisconsin. Here they founded the colony of Voree near Burlington in southeastern Wisconsin and later established a "kingdom" on Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan where more than 1,000 of the faithful assembled. It was there on July 8, 1850, Strang had himself crowned king. After Strang was assassinated in 1856 the community soon disbanded.

BELOIT – Naturalist and explorer Roy Chapman Andrews was born here in 1884.
u The oldest bridegroom in America was Harry Stevens, who at the age of 103, married Thelma Lucas, 84, here in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1984.

BENTON – John Dillinger's Chicago lawyer, Louis P. Piquett, was born (in 1884) and raised here.

BIG RIVER – Margaret Heinz Kartcher, co-founder of Carl’s Jr. Was born here in 1915.

– The birthplace of the Gideons and their bibles was here in room 19 of the Boscobel Hotel (now the Central House Hotel) on September 14, 1898 by traveling salesmen John H. Nicholson of Janesville, and Samuel E. Hill of Beloit.

BOYCEVILLE – Baseball player Andy Pafko was born here in 1921.
u The Hedlund hay hoist and barn cleaner were invented here.

CAMBRIA – Actress Gena Rowlands was born here in 1930.

– Cartoonist Frank King was born here in 1883. He created the comic strip Gasoline Alley.

CATO TOWNSHIP – Economist Thorstein Veblen was born here.

CAZENOVIA – Baseball player Ryne Duren was born here in 1929.

– Inventor Seymour Cray was born here in 1925. He developed the super-computer.

CLEAR LAKE – Baseball player Burleigh Grimes is buried here in the Clear Lake Cemetery. He is in Block 88, Lot 3, Space 2.

CLINTONVILLE – The four wheel auto brakes were invented here in 1908 by Otto Zachow and William Beserdich.

COLUMBIA COUNTY – Former Wisconsin football coach Dave McClain is buried here in the Garden Bluff Cemetery.

COUDERAY – Gangster Al Capone's 400-acre hideout here was up for auction in 2000. The lakefront retreat has 1,100 foot frontage on Chippewa Flowage. The home has bullet-proof walls (18 inch thick fieldstone), a secret bunkhouse for the gang, a blockhouse with jail cells and a guard tower that was manned by armed guards with machine guns. The 90-acre lake was supposedly used by airplanes to smuggle in liquor during Prohibition and a dock on the lake let the gang roll barrels of booze into trucks. Built in the 1920s by Capone for $250,000, the house was vacant until 1959 when it was made into a restaurant and museum. It is located at 12101 W. County Rd.,

CUDAHY – Dancer Gilda Gray grew up here. She invented the "Shimmy" dance here in Pulaski Hall.
u Football player/actor John Matuszak is buried here in the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery.

DOWNSVILLE – The electric room thermostat was invented here in 1883 by Warren S, Johnson.

ELM GROVE – Inventor Joseph Zimmermann Jr. is buried here in the Saint Marys Cemetery. He invented the telephone answering machine in 1948.

ELMWOOD – Elmwood is one of two towns in the state billing itself as the ''UFO Capital of the World" -- the other is Belleville. Elmood is the only town in Wisconsin that hosts an annual UFO Days celebration. Throughout the 1980s and up to the present day, the town is said to be a magnet for unidentified flying objects. An Elmwood police officer once claimed to have been knocked over by a mysterious blue beam coming from one of the craft. Each fall, the town throws a bash honoring its exalted staus among inter-stellar interlopers. Buffs from around the country converge on Elmwood to swap sighting stories and enjoy alien-themed events, food, arts and crafts.

EMERALD – Baseball player Burleigh Grimes was born here in 1893.

FAIRFIELD – Actress Carole Landis was born here on January 1, 1919.

– Inventor King Gillette was born here in 1955. He invented the Gillette razor.

GALESVILLE – Film director Nicholas Ray was born here in 1911.

GENESEE DEPOT – The estate of actors Lynn Fontaine and Alfred Lunt was located here.

GRAND CHUTE – Politician Joseph McCarthy was born here in 1908.

GREEN BAY – Sports columnist Red Smith was born here in 1905.
u Football coach Earl "Curly" Lambeau is buried here in the Allouez Cemetery. He founded the Green Bay Packers.

HAZEL GREEN – Poet/geologist James Gates Percival is buried here in Hazel Green.

IRON RIVER – The country along the shore of Lake Superior here was used by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as the setting for his poem "Hiawatha."
u This was the favorite fishing spot for Presidents, Coolidge, Cleveland, Hoover and Eisenhower.

JANESVILLE – Carrie Jacobs Bond was born here (1862) and raised here. She wrote the song I Love You Truly.
u Francis E. Willard was living here when she founded the W.C.T.U.
u Ella Wheeler Wilcox lived here when a child. She wrote, Laugh and the World Laughs with You.

JEFFERSON – Rosemary Kennedy, oldest sister of John and Ted Kennedy has been in a the St. Colleta retarded rehabilitation facility here since 1941. Born in 1918, Rosemary was mildly retarded as a child and had to be tutored by private teachers. By the time she reached adolescence she was having periods of discontrol and violence, although she was enjoying a high life of travels and parties provided by her rich father, Joseph Kennedy. Troubled by the inability of the family to cope with Rosemary's aggressive behavior, Kennedy, without consulting anyone else in the family, ordered that a prefrontal lobotomy be performed on Rose, in 1941. The operation left her paralyzed on one side, and unable to speak coherently and was then permanently placed here in the St. Coletta's Convent. In 2002, Rosemary, 84, was in good health and attended some family gatherings. She was living in a home built for her in 1949 on the grounds of the convent located at W4955 US Highway 18.

KENOSHA – Born here in Kenosha were: actor Don Ameche in 1908, and actor/producer Orson Welles in 1915.

KESHENA – Evelyn “Billie” Frechette, girlfriend of John Dillinger in 1933-1934 was born here on the Menominee Indian Reservation on 9-15-1907.

KEWAUNEE – Kewaunee is home to the world's largest grandfather clock, which stands 35 feet tall. It’s located on Highway 42 in Kewaunee.

LA CROSSE – Born here in La Crosse were: comedian/actor Ford Sterling in 1880 (He was one of the original "Keystone Kops"), murderer Eddie Gein in 1906, and bandleader Freddie Slack in 1910.
u Author James Peck was once Mayor here. He wrote Peck's Bad Boy.
u Movie producer Nicholas Ray is buried here in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Section 53, Lot 248 (unmarked). He directed the film Rebel Without a Cause.

LAKE GENEVA – William Wrigley's summer home "Green Gables" was located here.
u Sidney Smith, cartoonist of the Andy Gump comic strip, lived here on his estate from 1877 to 1935. A statue of Andy Gump is located
Downtown, just south of Hwy 50.

LITTLE BOHEMIA – The John Dillinger gang was hiding out here at the Little Bohemia Inn in April of 1931 when the gang and the FBI engaged in a furious gunfight. Dillinger and his gang escaped through a back door. The Inn is still in business tgoday.      GO THERE         MORE

LITTLE CHUTE – Kimberly Clark, makers of Kleenex was founded here.

LODI – Actor Tom Wopat was born here in 1951.

LUCK – One of the world's most famous toys, the Duncan yo-yo, was produced here for most of its existence. The Duncan Company, desiring better access to Wisconsin's hard maple timber resources, built a plant in Luck in 1946 producing millions of wooden yo-yos for children around the world. Years later the Flambeau Products Corporation of Baraboo, Wisconsin purchased the Duncan brand and continued to make plastic yo-yos in Wisconsin until the late 1990s.

MADISON – Born here in Madison were: baseball player Charles "Kid" Nicholls in 1869, author/playwright Thornton Wilder in 1897, inventor John Bardeen in 1908 (he invented the transistor), actress Tyne Daly in 1946, olympic skater Eric Heiden in 1958, and comedian Chris Farley in 1964.
u Teresa McGovern, daughter of former U.S. Senator, George McGovern, died a ghastly and banal death here in 1994 at the age 45. An alcoholic, she was found frozen in a snow bank here where she apparently had fallen asleep after a night of heavy drinking.
u Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote Laugh and the World Laughs With You, while living here at 422 N. Henry Street.
u Comedian Chris Farley is buried here in Resurrection Cemetery. He died of a drug overdose.
u Inventor John Bardeen is buried here in the Forest Hill Cemetery. He invented the transistor.

MANITOWOC – At about 4:30 am Central Standard Time on September 5, a piece of the Russian spacecraft Sputnik, hit the earth here almost precisely on the center line of North 8th Street, near the intersection of Park Street, in front of the Rahr West Art Museum The impact of the piece imbedded it three inches in the blacktop pavement. Later, small charred fragments were found on a nearby church roof, but despite an intensive search, no other fragments of Sputnik IV were ever found.     READ MORE

MEDFORD – Psychic Jeanne Dixon was born here in 1918.

MENOMONIE – The Swiss Miss hot chocolate drink was invented here in 1954.
u The largest lumber company in the world was located here in 1873

MERCER – Mercer calls itself as the "Loon Capital of the World." This is based off of a wildlife study that found Mercer had the highest concentration of common loons in the world. A 16-foot-tall loon statue stands next to the Chamber of Commerce office.
u In the 1930's, Mercer was known to be frequented by the Capone brothers, Al, Ralph, George, and Matte. Ralph Capone eventually returned to Mercer, built a home, and ran a tavern called "The Rex Bar" until the early 70's. He was said to be one of Mercer's most respected, well-liked residents.

MILWAUKEE – Born here in Milwaukee were: radio commentator H.V. Kaltenborn in 1878, co-founder of Harley Davidson, Arthur Davidson in 1881, co-founder of Harley Davidson, William Harley in 1880, actor Alfred Lunt in 1892, football coach Curley Lambeau in 1898, actor Pat O'Brien in 1899, actor Spencer Tracy in 1900, bandleader Mitchell Ayres in 1911, inventor Joseph Zimmerman in 1912 (He invented the telephone answering machine in 1948), band leader Woody Herman in 1913, musician Pee Wee King in 1914, Supreme Court judge William H. Rehnquist in 1924, actress Charlotte Rae in 1926, singer Glenn Yarborough in 1930, actor Gene Wilder in 1935, baseball player Bob Uecker in 1935, baseball player Tony Kubeck in 1936, talk show host Tom Snyder in 1936, former U.S. Secretary of State Les Aspin in 1938, actress Deidra Hall in 1949, football player/actor John Matuszak in 1950, mass killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1960, and actress Amy Pietz in 1969.
u Golda Meir, Israel's first woman prime minister was raised here.
u The excursion ship Lady Elgin sank here in 1860 and killed 295 people.
u The typewriter was invented here by Christopher Sholes in 1867.
u On July 22, 1991, police entered the one-room apartment of 31-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer here at 924 N. 25th St. Inside they found an apartment littered with human remains. There were skulls in the freezer, torsos thrown about, and photos of dead young men, who been mutilated or completely dismembered. A total of eleven bodies were found in the apartment. In 1992, Dahmer, a homosexual, was sentenced to 15 life terms in prison. He was murdered there by a fellow inmate on November 28, 1994.
u Buried here in the Forest Home Cemetery 2405 Forest Home are:
– Edward Allis, founder of Allis Chalmers. He is in Section 36, Lots 11 & 12.
– Valentine Blatz, founder of Blatz Breweries.
– Arthur Davidson, co-founder of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
– Walter Davidson, co-founder of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
– William Davidson, co-founder of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
– William Harley, co-founder of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
– Lynn Fontanne, actress and wife of actor Alfred Lunt. They were regarded as the greatest acting team in the history of the theatre. They were married for 55 years and were inseparable both on and off the stage.They are in Section 33, Lot 42.
– Alfred Lunt, actor.
– William "Billy" Mitchell, General. In Section 32.
– Fred Pabst, founder of Pabst Breweries. In Section 40, Lot 16.
– George Peck, author of the
Peck's Bad Boy books. He is in Section 6, Block 1, Lot 7.
– Guido Pfister, owner of the Pfister hotel in Milwaukee. It is said that Guido, who died in 1889, haunts the halls of the hotel. He is in Section 33, Lots 82 & 33.
– The Pillsbury Family, founders of the Pillsbury Dough Co.
– Joseph Schlitz, founder of Schlitz Brewery.
– Christopher Sholes, inventor. He developed the typewriter in 1868. He sold the rights for $12,000 to Remington Co. in 1873.
u Frederick Miller, founder of the Miller Brewing Company is buried here in the Calvary Cemetery.
u Baseball player Al Simmons is buried here in the Saint Adalberts Cemetery in Section 17, Block 7, Lot 1 NE 1/4, Grave 1.
u Radio commentator H.V. Kaltenborn is buried here in the Union Cemetery.
u Actor/singer Benny Fields is buried here in the Spring Hill Cemetery. He was married to actress Blossom Seeley.

MINERAL POINT – Allen Ludden, former host of TV's Password game show was born here in 1917. He is buried here in Graceland Cemetery.

– John Kimberly, co-founder of Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex) is buried here in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

OAK CREEK – Actress Amy Pietz was born here.

OSHKOSH – Elizabeth Bonel McCourt was born here in 1854 on Algoma Street. She was baptized at the St. Peter's Christian Church. She later moved to Leadville, Colorado where she married Senator Horace Tabor. In the 1880s, she was known as "Baby Doe," the Silver Queen, one of the richest ($11 million) and most beautiful women in the west. She died in 1935 in a shack next to her worthless silver mine in Leadville. She had only $2 to her name.

PEPIN – Author Laura Ingalls Wilder was born here in 1867.

PESHTIGO – A fire here on October 8, 1871, killed more than 1,200 people, and burned 1,280,000 acres and 2 billion trees. Many of the victims are buried here in the Peshtigo Fire Cemetery in a mass grave.

PLAINFIELD – In 1957, on the opening day of deer season, a sheriff's deputy found the body of Bernice Worden, owner of the local hardware store, hanging upside down in the smokehouse on Eddie Gein's farm on the outskirts of town. Her head been cut off and her insides had been gutted out just like a slaughtered cow. Her heart was cooking in a coffee can on the stove. Human flesh was found in the refrigerator. In the house were nine masks made from skin stripped from the faces of female corpses. Four were tacked on the walls as decorations, and made up with rouge and lipstick. There was a large bowl made from the top of a skull, and ten human heads, all female. In the basement, they found pieces of human bodies hung from hooks. It was determined that the remains found in the house were of about fifteen women. Gein told police he had gathered most of the bodies by robbing recently dug graves. Gein, 51, who lived alone in the lonely farmhouse, was known in the area as harmless dimwit, was arrested. Found guilty of murdering Mrs. Worden, he was sentenced to life in prison. One night in 1958, a suspicious fire burned the Gein house to the ground. In 1960, the film Psycho was made, based on the story of Ed Gein and his house of horrors. Gein died in 1985, at age 79, in the psychiatric ward of the Mendota Hospital for the insane inMadison. He is buried here in the Plainfield Cemetery next to his beloved mother, Augusta. Gein's grave marker was taken, along with some dirt from the grave in 2000. It was recovered in Seattle in 2001.        GO THERE

PLATTEVILLE – John Dillinger's Chicago lawyer, Louis P. Piquett, was married here in 1906.

PORTAGE – Author Zona Gale was born here in 1874.

PRENTICE – Actor Dennis Morgan was born here in 1920.

RACINE – Born here in Racine were: actor Frederic March in 1897, and actress Ellen Corby in 1913.
u The John Dillinger gang robbed the bank here of $27,000 on November 20, 1933.
u In 1842, a bachelor named Hunt built a home here at 1235 Main Street and forgot to build closets and a pantry.

RHINELANDER – John W. Heisman, football coach is buried here in the Rhinelander Cemetery, off Route 8. His Georgia Tech team of 1916, defeated Cumberland 222-0, a record that still stands today. The Heisman Trophy is named after him. He is in Grave D, Lot 11, Block 3.

– Director John G. Blystone was born here in 1892.

RICHLAND CENTER – Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born here in 1868.

RIPON – Woman's suffragist Carrie Catt was born here in 1859.
u The Republican Party was founded here in 1854.

SAUK CITY – Author August Derleth was born here in 1909.

SEYMOUR – Seymour claims to be the Home of the Hamburger. They say that Charlie Nagreen created the first hamburger here in 1885 at the Seymour Fair and Seymour has been celebrating its history ever since. Each August, Burger Fest brings thousands of people to the community for the Ketchup Slide, a parade, the Bun Run and other festivities. The city also holds the world’s record for the largest burger, creating an 8,000-pound monster hamburger.

SHAWANO – Evelyn "Billie" Frechette, girlfriend of John Dillinger during 1933 and 1934, died here on January 13, 1969 at age 61.

SHEBOYGAN – Comedian Jackie Mason was born here in 1931.
u Radio host Don McNiell grew up here. He hosted the Don McNiell Breakfast Club.
u Sheboygan is the bratwurst capital of the World.

SPARTA – Astronaut Donald "Deke" Slayton was born here in 1924. His ashes are scattered over the family farm.

SPRING GREEN – In the early 1940's a man named Alex Jordan discovered a 60-foot chimney of rock in the beautiful Wyoming Valley. It was then that he decided to build a house on the sandstone formation called Deer Shelter Rock. Jordan built the house as a weekend retreat and never intended it to be a tourist attraction. But people kept coming to see the architectural wonder they had heard about. So Jordan eventually started asking for 50 cent donations. Called the House on the Rock, the 14-room house is the original structure of what is now a complex of many buildings, exhibits and gardens.  GO THERE
u Buried here in the Unity Chapel Cemetery on County Trunk Turnpike,east of the Junction of Route 23, 4 miles south of town are:
– Anne Baxter, actress and granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright.
– Frank Lloyd Wright, architect. He was buried here after a simple funeral in 1959. He was carried the half-mile to the graveyard on a farm wagon.

SUN PRAIRIE – Artist Georgia O'Keeffe was born here in 1887. She grew up here.

SUPERIOR – Born here were artist Paul Clemons in 1911, and World War II ace pilot Richard Bong in 1920.

THORP – On August 23, 1937, the Alfred Brady gang of Indiana held up the Peoples Exchange Bank here of $7,000.

TOMAH – Cartoonist Frank King is buried here in the Tomah Cemetery. He created the comic strip Gasoline Alley.

TUNNEL CITY – Jean Ellroy, murder victim and mother of best-selling author James Ellroy was born here.

TWO RIVERS – On July 8th, 1881, in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, it is claimed that the first ice cream sundae was served by accident. Druggist Edward Berner, owner of Ed Berner's Ice Cream Parlor was asked by a George Hallauer asked for a ice cream soda. Because it was Sunday, the Sabbath, Mr. Berner compromised and put ice cream in a dish and poured the chocolate syrup on top (chocolate syrup was only used for making flavored ice cream sodas at the time). Ed Berner sampled the dish and liked it enough to begin featuring "ice cream with syrup" in his shop for the same price as a dish of ice cream. This ice cream concoction cost a nickel, and soon everybody wanted some. Today, the Washington House Hotel Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin includes a replica of Ed Berner's ice cream parlor. (see Ithaca, New York)

WAUSAU – Actor Raymond Paige was born here in 1880.

WATERTOWN – The first American born quintuplets were born here in 1875. Five boys were born on February 13, 1875 to Mrs Edna Beecham Kanhouse and her husband Edward. All five died within two weeks.
u Legendary lawman Billy Breckenridge grew up here in the 1850s.
u The nation's first kindergarten was established in here in 1856. Its first students were local German-speaking youngsters.

WAUKESHA – Musician Les Paul was born here on June 9, 1915.
u Born in Goerke's Corner's near Waukesha were Harry Aiken, founder of Triangle Pictures and co-producer of the 1814 film The Birth of a Nation in 1870, and Roy Aiken, co-producer in 1882. They are both buried here in Waukesha in the Prairie Home Cemetery in Section N Lot 90.

WEST ALLIS – Pianist Liberace was born here in 1919.

WEYAUWEGA – Writer Robert Bloch wrote the book Psycho here in 1957.

WHITEWATER – Actor Thomas Hulce was born here in 1953.

WISCONSIN DELLS – Belle Boyd, Confederate spy and actress is buried here in Spring Grove Cemetery on Route 23, south of town.

WOODRUFF – The World’s largest penny is located here in Woodruff. A replica of a 1953 Lincoln penny (made of concrete), it is ten feet in diameter, eighteen inches thick and weighs 17,452 pounds. It stands on the grounds of the former Arbor Vitae-Woodruff School


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