ATLANTIC CITY – In the late fall of 1856, while on their way to Utah, 500 Mormon settlers perished here during a snowstorm, southeast of Fort Stambaugh.

AUBURN – Lawmen tracked Butch Cassidy to his cabin hideout here in July of 1894, and after a short gun battle, he was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison.

BAGGS – Butch Cassidy and the "Wild Bunch" hung out here in the 1890s.

BARNUM – The Wild Bunch" had their headquarters outside Barnum.
u Frank and Jesse James hid out near here in a cave after robbing a U.P. train near Carbon and killing two deputies in 1878.
u Outlaw Kid Curry hid out in cave near Barnum on the middle Fork River in 1896.

BAR NUNN – Bar Nunn is part of the Casper metropolitan area. The town was constructed on the runways of the former Casper airport. The population was 1,527 in 2006.

BROWN'S PARK – Brown's park was a favorite hideout of Butch Cassidy and the “Wild Bunch.” Harry Longabaugh was given the name "Sundance Kid" while here. A cabin here was the last real home of Butch Cassidy before he moved to South America.

CARBON – Jesse and Frank James robbed a Union Pacific train here in 1878 and killed two deputies.

CARBON COUNTY – Inventor Leonard S. Hobbs in 1896. He developed the engine for turbojet airplanes.

CASPER – U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney grew up here.

CHEYENNE – Born here in Cheyenne were: actress Mildred Harris in 1901 (she was once married to actor Charlie Chaplin), Buffalo Bill Jr. in 1902, and author Patricia MacLachlan in 1938.
u Actors Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw got married here on July 13, 1973.
Gunman Tom Horn was hanged here on November 20, 1903, for the murder of a 14-year-old Willie Nickell. He faced the hangman cheerfully as his friends sang a final hymn Life is Like a Mountain Railroad. He was hanged with a rope that he had weaved himself.
Seven-year-old pilot Jessica Dubroff was killed when her plane crashed here on April 11,1996.
u Five years after his disappearance, the body of Allen Ross, a Chicago film maker was found buried here in 2000 in the crawl space of a home at 303 E. 17th that he had shared with cult leader Linda Green. He was shot once in the head. Ross met Greene in 1993 while she was teaching a class in Chicago, and moved with her to Guthrie, Oklahoma, where she led a religious group called the Samaritan Foundation, which advocated a blend of holistic medicine and New Age practices. Members of the group lived together in Greene's house in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and in a rehabbed jail across the street. But after the group encountered legal problems, its core members relocated here to Cheyenne. His killer has never been found.
u Buried here in the Lakeview Cemetery are:
– Willie Nickell, murder victim. He was murdered in 1887 by outlaw Tom Horn.
– Frances Pershing, wife of General "Black Jack" John J. Pershing. She and three of their children died in a fire in San Francisco on August 25, 1915.

– Artist Jackson Pollock was born here in 1912.
u Cody is named after William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. He lived here on the TE Ranch.
u Western Frontiersman John “Liver-Eating” Johnston died in 1900 and was buried in Los Angeles. In 1974 he was reburied here in the Old Trail Town Cemetery. Immortalized as “Jeremiah Johnson” in the 1972 film starring Robert Redford, more than 2,000 attended the burial where Redford was one of the pallbearers.

DIXON – Butch Cassidy and the "Wild Bunch" hung out here in the 1890s.

DOUGLAS – In 1958, killer Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Fugate, were captured 12 miles west of Douglas on Highway #25 at Ayers Parkland the Natural Bridge Turnoff. Starkweather then escaped, drove through the middle Douglas, but was caught again just east of town. Their capture ended an eight-day murder spree during which the pair killed ten people. They were held here in the Converse County jail just before being returned back to Nebraska.
u Nebraska horse thief Doc Middleton is buried here in the Douglas Cemetery. He died in 1913 at age 62.
u The world’s largest jackalope statue (8-feet tall) is located here in Jackalope Square, at the corner of N. 3rd and Cedar Sts.

FORT LARAMIE – Calamity Jane first met Wild Bill Hickok here in 1876.

FORT RUSSELL – Calamity Jane joined General Custer as a scout here in 1870. She began wearing her trademark men's clothes for the first time while here.

FORT SANDERS – Calamity Jane lived here in 1872. (Fort Sanders was just south of Laramie)

GREEN RIVER – Sportscaster Curt Gowdy was born here in 1919.

HANNA – A mine disaster killed 169 miners here on June 30, 1903.

JACKSON – On August 6, 1964, Robert McAuliffe discovered the bodies of his two oldest daughters, Deborah 12, and Cynthia, 8, in their room here at the Worth Hotel. On the floor, barefoot and shirtless, lay a young drifter, Andrew Pixley. When police arrived, the 39-year-old McAuliffe, a judge from Illinois, had the drifter pinned to the floor. He screamed at the officer, "My God, this man killed my babies!" Deborah had been struck with a rock, Cynthia had been strangled. Both girls had been raped after they were killed. Pixley, 21, was arrested. Thirty to forty people crowed outside Pixley's jail cell and talked of lynching him. For his own safety, he was transferred to the Lander jail, 170 miles away. He was never tried for Cynthia's murder, but he pleaded guilty to the murder of Deborah. On December 19, 1965, Pixley was executed in the gas chamber at Rawlins.

KAYCEE – Butch Cassidy] and the Wild Bunch, and also Jesse James used the "Hole-in-Wall"c ave near here as a hideout. (On Buffalo Creek, southwest of town).

KEMMERER – The first J.C. Penney store was opened here on April 14, 1902 by James Cash Penny. It was originally called the Golden Rule Store but changed to J.C. Penney's in 1913. Penny's restored 6-room cottage is still here.
u A mine disaster here on August 14, 1923 killed 99 miners.
u Kemmerer is known as the Fossil Fish Capital of the World. It is home to over 100,000 fish fossils.

LANDER – The Shoshone Indian woman who guided the Lewis & Clark Expedition is reportedly buried here at the Shoshone Mission School, two miles from Lander.
u Butch Cassidy was a rancher here in 1890.

LARAMIE – Writer Ted Olson grew up here.
u The Ames pyramid near here is a four-sided pyramid, 60 feet square at the base and 60 feet high, constructed of light-colored native granite. It was built at a cost of $65,000, employing some 85 skilled and semi-skilled workers.

LOCKETT – 31 people were killed in a train near here on September 27, 1923.

LUSK – Born here in Lusk were: former secretary of the Interior James G. Watt in 1938, and baseball player Dick Ellsworth in 1940.
u The only known monument in the United States built in honor of a prostitute is located south of Lusk.The Old Mother Feather Legs Shepard Monument was erected in 1964.

– The world’s largest jade bar is at the Dip Bar .It's forty-foot bar and was cut from a 4 1/2 ton jade boulder. Bones of the Diplodocus Dinosaur were found nearby. The Dinosaur Graveyard is just east of Medicine Bow.
u Como Bluff Fossil Cabin here is the world's oldest cabin. It's made from dinosaur bones. The Fossil Cabin is 8 miles east of Medicine Bow on U.S. Hwy 30/287 (Lincoln Highway).

MILLS CITY – Calamity Jane ran a cattle ranch here in 1882.

PIEDMONT – Calamity Jane worked for the Union Pacific Railroad here in 1868.

POWDER RIVER – Hell's Half Acre, five miles west of the Powder River on Hwys 20/26, is a highly eerie example of nature. Sometimes called the Baby Grand Canyon, this 320-acre depression with brightly colored and grotesque rock formations surrounding it also contains towers and spires deep in the canyon, caused by erosion. These formations are also pastel colored, which make an eerie contrast in light of the shadowy, menacing tower-like structures that are sometimes very boldly colored. Indian artifacts and fossils have been found in this region.

POWELL – An inveterate woodsman, Erv Durand grew up here in Durand, where he often slept in shelters and caves, he called "Forts." He grew a beard to his chest and hair to his shoulders. In March of 1939, game wardens arrested the 26-year-old Durand for killing elk out of season. He was sentenced to six months in the Cody County jail. While there, he took a gun from a deputy and forced him to drive out to the Durand Ranch. When two other deputies followed, Durand killed them all with three shots from his gun. He then fled into the mountains about thirty miles northwest of Cody, near Clark's Fork Canyon and waited for his pursuers. After the posse had circled his hideout, he shot and killed two of them. The next morning, he escaped his fortress, strode into Powell's First National Bank with asix-shooter, grabbed $3,000 in cash, and took three employees hostage. When bullets whizzed around him he began shooting. One of the hostages was shot and killed. Crawling back into the bank, Durand put his gun to his temple and fired. The bank president walked over to the dead Durand, and just to be sure he was dead, he shot him once more in the head.

RAWLINS – Outlaw "Big Nose George" Parrott, the most hated man in town, was hanged here at Front and Third in 1880. His body was donated to Dr. John Osborne, a local doctor, who partially skinned the corpse during a morbidly bizarre autopsy and had a pair of shoes made out of his inner thigh, a medicine bag out of his chest, and an ashtray out of he top of his skull. The doctor wore the shoes for his inauguration as governor of Wyoming in 1893. In the 1950s, his remains were found in a whiskey barrel where the doctor's office used to stand. The thigh skinned shoes, and the skull ashtray are on display at the Carbon County Museum in Rawlins.  GO THERE
u Butch Cassidy served two years in prison here during 1894-1896.

ROCK RIVER – Actress Judy Tyler, 24, and her husband of four months, television actor Gregory Lafayette, 24, were killed near Rock River in a head-on automobile crash on July 3, 1957, . Also killed were their pet dog and cat. The couple were driving east from Hollywood to their home in New York. Police said that Lafayette apparently had swung into the opposite lane of traffic to avoid hitting a car that was pulling onto U.S. Highway 30 from Wild Bill’s tourist stop and petting zoo. His car was hit broadside by a car coming from the other direction. Miss Tyler had just finished co-starring with Elvis Presley in the movie Jailhouse Rock. Her cremated remains are in the Private Family Room of her husband in the mausoleum in Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York.

ROCK SPRINGS – Butch Cassidy worked as a butcher here in 1892. It was here that he got his nickname "Butch."

SHERIDAN – It was here that Martha Jane Canary was given the name "Calamity Jane." It was given to her by Captain Egan in nearby Goose Creek.
u Buffalo Bill Cody held sway during his heyday here in the Sheridan Inn at the corner of 5th and Broadway. He operated the hotel from 1894 of 1896.

SHOSHONE – Actress Isabel Jewel was born here in 1907. She is buried here in the Shoshone Cemetery.

SOUTH PASS CITY – John Browning invented the Browning automatic rifle here in his gun shop.
u Calamity Jane lived here at one time.
u Buffalo Bill Cody once worked for the Pony Express here.
u South Pass City is haunted by the spirit of Polly Bartlett, who is said to have been a greedy, murderous, young woman. Polly and her father operated an inn near South Pass City, where many weary travelers would stop for a hot meal and occasionally a room. Travelers carrying large amounts of gold who stayed at the inn, were fed a special meal of steak and arsenic and consequently relieved of their burdensome bundles. It is said that Polly and her father became wealthy from this hospitality shown to travelers, and avengeful relative of a victim took justice the Western way and shot Polly with his shotgun. Polly and her victims remain buried in unmarked graves here in South Pass City.
u Esther Morris got the first woman's suffrage bill passed while living here in 1889. (South Pass City, now a ghost town, is between Lander and Farson).

SWEETWATER – Ella Watson, better known as "Cattle Kate,” arrived in Sweetwater in 1888 and bought a cattle ranch outside town with money that she had earned as a prostitute in Denver, Cheyenne and Rawlins. When a herd of cows belonging to another rancher was stolen and later found in Kate's pens, a group of cattlemen dragged Kate and her boyfriend, Jim Averill from their cabin, took them to a small canyon near the Sweetwater River and hanged them both from a cottonwood tree. Just before she was hanged, Kate asked her executioners to "Please tie my skirts around my ankles." Averill was buried here in Sweetwater, and Kate was buried in Smith's County, Kansas where she was born.

TEAPOT CREEK – Sheriff Joe Hazen was shot and killed near here by outlaws Kid Curry and "Flat Nosed" Curry on June 3, 1899.

THERMOPOLIS – Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch built the "Hole-in-Wall" saloon here in the 1890s.

TIPTON – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbed a Union Pacific train near here of $50,000 on August 29, 1900.

VAN TASSELL – Buffalo Bill Cody killed Sioux Indian Chief Yellow Hand here in a gunfight .(Van Tassell is between Table Rock and Wamsutter).

WILCOX – On June 2, 1899, the Wild Bunch, consisting of Butch Cassidy, the Sun Dance Kid, George "Flat Nose" Curry, Ely Lay, Kid Curry, Lonie Logan, Ben Kilpatrick, and Ben Beeson, robbed the Union Pacific's Overland Flyer of $30,000 near here. (Wilcox was located just north of Rock River).

WRIGHT – The largest coal mine in America, the Black Thunder, is located near here.
u A tornado killed two people here on August 12, 2005.

WYUTA – A train wreck here on November 12, 1951 killed 17 people.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America's first national park. Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, it is home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Preserved within Yellowstone National Park are Old Faithful and a collection of the world's most extraordinary geysers and hot springs, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.    GO THERE

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