ANTONITO  – The Canos Castle here at the corner of 10th Ave. and State St, is made of beer cans, hub caps and other scrap metal. Antonito is about 30 miles south of Alamosa  on State 285

ASPEN – Vladimir Spider Sabich was killed here in his condo in March 1976 by his live-in girlfriend, Claudine Longet, actress and former wife of singer Andy Williams.
Kate “Big Nosed” Elder, former girlfriend of  Doc Holliday, married George Cummings here in 1890.    GO THERE    

AURORA –  Actor Zachary Ty Bryan was born here in Aurora, Colorado 1981.

BEULAH  –  The Bishop Castle here was started in 1969 by Jim Bishop. The fairy tale castle was built from 1000 tons of rock from the San Isabel National Forest. Intricate ornamental ironwork flanks the castle’s spiral staircases and suspended walkways. It also has a bell tower, a steeple, stained glass windows and a dragon on the property. Its scales are stainless steel scrap from a local hospital, and it breathes fire from a hot air balloon burner.

BETHUNE  –  Actor Denver Pyle was born here in 1920.

BOGGSVILLE – Indian agent Kit Carson once lived here. Today, Boggsville is a ghost town just off SH 01, three miles south of Las Animas and east of the Purgatoire River. Only a few old buildings and ruins remain.

BOULDER –  Born here in Boulder, Colorado were actor Eugene O’Brien in 1882, Admiral Arleigh Burke in 1901, and astronaut Scott Carpenter in 1925.
 Calamity Jane owned a hotel here from 1889 to 1893.
 Six-year-old beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey was murdered here in her home on Christmas Night in 1996. 755 15th Street.
Gunman Tom Horn (John Hicks) is buried here in the Columbia Pioneer Cemetery at 9th. and College Ave. Horn was hanged in Cheyenne on November 20, 1903. He is in the South-central area of the Cemetery, about ten graves in from the southern road.

BRIGHTON  –  Bandleader Tiny Hill is buried here in Brighton.

BUENA VISTA – Lizzie "Cock-Eyed Liz" Spurgen is buried here in the Mount Olivet Cemetery. Liz came to Buena Vista in 1876 and opened a "sporting house" which was called the "Palace of Joy." In 1897 she married Alphonse "Foozy" Enderlin and retired. She is in Section A (next to the highway)    GO THERE

CANON CITY  –  The world's steepest incline railway is located here at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. Descend in a natural gulch 1550 feet down to the roaring Arkansas River.
The former Territorial Priosn gas chamber is displayed here in the Museum of Colorado Prisons at 201 North 1st Street

CENTRAL CITY –  John Steston invented and sold his first Stetson hat here in 1865.

CHIVINGTON – On June 11, 1864, rancher Nathan Hungate, his wife and two little girls were slaughtered here by Indians. On November 29, 1864, 750 Colorado volunteers of the 3rd. Colorado Calvary, under the command of Colonel John Chivington, attacked a Cheyenne and Arapahoe village at Sand Creek in retaliation of the Hungate's. The soldiers scalped the victims, then sliced off women's breasts, cut out their private parts, cut the testicles off of the men, cut off fingers, raped dead squaws in relays, and used baby toddlers as target practice. 163 Indians were killed, 110 of them were women and children. The dead were left to be eaten by coyotes and vultures. On the way back to Fort Lyon, the soldiers wore the sliced breasts and private parts of women atop their hats or stretched over saddlebows. After two congressional hearings, Colonel Chivington was driven into exile, and Colorado governor John Evans was removed from office. The massacre site is on Sand creek, about 8 miles north of highway 96 and the towns of Chivington and Brandon. In 2005, a monument was placed on the historic site.

COLD SPRINGS – Gunslinger Jack Slade's most vicious killing was here in the 1880s when he tied a man to a post, then used him as target practice. He fired several shots into the man's arms and legs, then stuck the barrel of his gun into the almost dead cowboy's mouth and pulled the trigger. Slade cut off the dead man's ears and kept one for his watch fob.
COLORADO SPRINGS –  Born here in Colorado Springs were actor Lon Chaney in 1883, actress Spring Byington in 1893, and actress Patricia Palmer in 1895.
 The former home of Helen Hunt Jackson is at 228 East Kiowa Street.  
 Buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery at 1005 S. Hancock are:  
–  Actor Robert "Pat" Brady, member of the singing group "Sons of the Pioneers," and a movie sidekick to Roy Rogers. He is in the Military Section, plot 139-B.
–  Singer Ruth Etting. She popularized the song You Made Me Love You. She is in the Shrine of Rest Mausoleum.
 –  Helen Hunt Jackson, author of the classic book Ramona. Her grave, next to her husband  William, is a raised vault-length slab of dark stone in the old part of the Cemetery in the large Jackson plot. She died on August 12,1885.
–  Figure skater Stephanie Westerfeld. She was killed in a plane crash on February 15, 1961, along with the entire 1961 US World Figure Skating Team.

CREEDE – Bob Ford, the man who shot Jesse James was shot and killed here by Ed O'Kelly in a saloon on June 8, 1892.
 Bat Masterson was town Marshall here in 1881.
 Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith, a swindler and con-man came to Creede in 1882 where he became famous for his many con games. While here he built the Orleans Club on Creede St. where he fleeced many citizens of Creede with his shell game in which he hid $10 and $20 bills under the wrappers of bars of soap and sold them for $5 each, making sure that his shills got the ones with the bills. When the law and citizens got fed up with him he went to Alaska where he was shot and killed in Skagway during one of his con games.

CRIPPLE CREEK –  Newspaperman Lowell Thomas grew up here.
 Twenty-eight millionaires were made here during the gold mining days of the 1880s.
 Boxers Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson both worked here early in their careers.
 Texas Guinan, actress and night club owner started her career here.     GO THERE
DELAGUA – A mine disaster here on November 11, 1910 killed 70 miners.

DELTA – On September 27, 1893, brothers Bill and Tom McCarty were shot and killed by the citizens of Delta, Colorado  when the McCarty's tried to hold-up the Delta Bank.
DENVER –  Born here in Denver were actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr. In 1883, bandleader Paul Whiteman in 1890, writer Gene Fowler in 1889,   actor Ward Bond in 1903, inventor Ruth Handler in 1916 (she created the “Barbie Doll” here in 1959), actress Barbara Bates in 1925, actress Barbara Rush in 1930, actress Debra Paget in 1940, Senator John Kerry in 1943, and comedian Tim Allen in 1953..
 Shredded Wheat was invented here in 1892 by Henry Perky.  
 Doc Holliday was a card dealer here in the Theater Comique at 357 Blake St. in 1875. In 1886, Holliday stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel at 1325 16th.
 Beautiful Cheesman Park here, which was built over the site of the old City Cemetery, has long been considered by many as being haunted. After bodies were removed from the Cemetery in 1893, the homes nearby began to report ghostly manifestations in their houses and confused spirits who knocked on their doors and windows throughout the night. Low moaning sounds could be heard over the field of open graves. Even today, some claim that they still see the misty figures, strange shadows and apparitions of the dead. These ghostly images wander in confusion, perhaps wondering what has become of their final resting places.
 The former home of Margaret "The Unsinkable" Molly Brown is located here at 1340 Pennsylvania St. Molly became famous when she was one of the survivors of the Titanic disaster. Now a museum, it has been reported that the ghosts of Molly and her husband have been seen in the house.
 John M. Chivington, Civil War Union Army Colonel is buried in the Fairmount Cemetery. In 1864 he led a force of 1000 militia and volunteers who attacked a village of 700 Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek and massacred 163 of them including 110 women and children. Chivington gave orders not to bury the dead Indians, leaving them to be eaten by coyotes and vultures. He is in Block 2, Lot 143.
–  Actor Donald Meek is also buried here. He is in the Mausoleum, Section 392, Tier BB, main floor
 Augusta Pierce Tabor, first wife of Horace Tabor is buried here in the Riverside Cemetery. Horace left her for Elizabeth "Baby Doe" McCourt. "Baby Doe" Tabor, froze to death in a supply shack at Horace's worthless, Matchless Mine in Leadville. Augusta died a wealthy woman in California.
 Adolph Coors, founder of the Coors Brewery is buried here in the Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge. He is in Block 41.
 Byron "Whizzer" White, famous football player and supreme court judge is buried in the Saint Johns Episcopal Cathedral. He is in the All Souls Walk.

EDEN – A train wreck killed 96 people here on a bridge that was washed out during a flood on August 7, 1904.

EDWARDS – It was here at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera at 3305 Cordillera Way near Edwards on June 30, 2003, that basketball player Kobe Bryant was accused of raping and assaulting a 19-year-old female hotel worker in his room #18. Edwards is 25 minutes west of Vail and 100 miles from Denver.

ESTES PARK – Hall of Fame pro football player and Heisman Trophy winner Doak Walker's ashes were scattered on Long's Peak in 1998.

FLORENCE –  The Florence Hotel here is reportedly haunted by a woman who has been seen in the basement and in the old dining room. At night some have heard a baby crying. Legend has it that a man killed a woman and a baby here and buried them under cement in the basement.
35 people were killed in a train wreck here on March 16, 1906.

FORT COLLINS –  Byron "Whizzer" White , football player and supreme court judge was born here in 1917.

FORT MORGAN  –  Inventor Robert J. Seiwald was born here in 1925.
 Orchestra leader Glenn Miller and his parents moved here in 1918. The lived at 508 Street, then moved to 322 Prospect, then moved to 825 Lake St. Glenn was an all-state end on the high school football team.

FOUR CORNERS  –  The Four Corners is the only place in the United States where four states come together at one place. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet at the Four Corners. Here a person can put each of their hands and feet in four states at the same time. The unique landmark is on Navajo Nation land and is open for visits from the public. The Four Corners Monument is located west of US Highway 160, 40 miles southwest of Cortez,

FRUITA –  The town celebrates “Mike the Headless Chicken Day” each year. Legend has it that a farmer named Olsen cut off a chicken’s head on September 10,1945 in anticipation of a chicken dinner – and the chicken lived for another two years without a head.

GEORGETOWN –  The Hotel de Paris here on 6th Street was once one of the most celebrated hotels west of the Mississippi.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – John “Doc” Holliday is buried here in the Pioneer/Linwood Cemetery near Palmer and 12th. Holliday died on November 8, 1887 here in the Glenwood Hotel at the northeast corner of Grand and Eighth Street. The Glenwood Hotel burned down in 1945 killing 5 people.
 Buried here in the Rosebud Cemetery are:
–   Gary Allen Hinman. He was murdered by the Manson Gang in Los Angeles in 1969.
–   Harvey "Kid Curry" Logan, gunslinger. A member of  Butch Cassidy's "Wild Bunch," He killed himself on June 7, 1904 when trapped by a posse near Parachute, Colorado. His unmarked grave is in the Potter's Field.

GOLDEN –  Born here in Golden were actor Johnny Hines in 1897, and founder of Coors Brewery Adolph Coors in 1847.
 William "Buffalo Bill" Cody is buried here in the Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum at 987-1/2 Lookout Mountain Road.

GRANADA –  A Japanese-American Internment Camp was located here during WWII.

GRAND JUNCTION –  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbed a stage near here on November 3, 1887.

GRAND VALLEY –  Inventor Willard Libby was born here in 1908. He discovered radio-carbon dating.

GREELEY – Ted Mack, host of the Major Bowes Hour was born here in 1904.
 Mary Kornman, actress who Played "Mary" in the early Little Rascals comedies is buried here in the Linn Grove Cemetery. She is in Section 3, lot #45

GUNNISON – Wyatt Earp and his wife Josie lived here after they moved from Tombstone in 1882.
 Cyrus Wells "Doc" Shores is buried here in the Gunnison Cemetery. He was the lawman who captured Alfred Packer, the infamous "Colorado Cannibal."

HOOPER –  A San Luis Valley ranch here is known for its bizarre, unexplained phenomena and the world’s first UFO watchtower. Thousands come here to climb the tower and search the skies for UFO’s.

LAKE CITY – In 1874, Alfred Packer guided a group of white prospectors over the mountains from Delta. They had set out with only enough provisions to last the party ten days. Packer appeared six weeks later, some 76 miles north of the Lake City area – alone but with several wallets containing money which he used to go on a binge. Late that summer, five partially decomposed bodies were found a few miles south of Lake City, beside Lake San Cristobal. Four of the men had been murdered with an axe, and the fifth had been shot to death. All had been cannibalized. In 1880, Packer was arrested and put on trial. He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 45 years in the Canon City penitentiary. He was released 1885. He died in 1907 and is buried in Littleton. A historic marker stands at the massacre site “Cannibal Plateau,” and every September the citizens of Lake City hold their "Alfred Packer Jeep Tour & Barbecue."

LAKEWOOD – Actress Barbara Bates is buried here in Crown Hill Cemetery at West 29th Ave. and Wadsworth Blvd. She committed suicide in 1969. She is in section 2, block 69, lot 44, unit A.

LAMAR –  Actor Ken Curtis was born here in 1916. He was Festus on TVs Gunsmoke.

LAS ANIMAS – Outlaw Clay Allison shot and killed deputy sheriff Charles Faber here in the Olympic Dance Hall in 1876.

LEADVILLE – Silent screen film director June Mathis was born here in 1892.        GO THERE
Calamity Jane and Madame Bulldog ran saloons here in Leadwood in the 1890s in the red-light district at the lower end of Harrison Ave.
Elizabeth “Baby Doe” Tabor froze to death in her shack next to her worthless sliver mine outside Leadville in 1935. After her husband Horace died she lived at 303 Harrison in Leadville.
 The Horace and "Baby Doe" Tabor home is located at 116 E. 5th St
 The Annunciation Church on the SW corner of Poplar and East 7th. was built in 1879. It was here that the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown was married in 1886, and where the funeral services for “Baby Doe” Tabor were held in 1935.
Leadville once had 35 houses of prostitution, 118 gambling houses and 140 saloons.
Doc Holliday was a Faro dealer here in the Monarch Saloon at 320 Harrison in 1882. Holliday shot and wounded gunfighter Billy Allen here in Hyman's saloon at 316 Harrison in 1884. Hyman's was next door to the Tabor Opera House. He was staying in a room upstairs of Hyman's in the northwest corner of the building.
 Meyer Guggenheim made his first million here with silver mines in 1881.
John Baker "Texas Jack" Omohundro, actor and friend of Buffalo Bill and "Will Bill Hickok is buried here in the Evergreen Cemetery.

LITTLETON – On April 20 1999, one teacher and twelve students were shot and killed  here in the Columbine High School by two other students. The two young killers committed suicide inside the school. 6201 South Pierce.
Alfred Packer, known as the "Colorado Cannibal" died on April 24, 1907, from a stroke, and is buried here in the Prince Avenue Cemetery., Lot 65.
LOVELAND – A flash flood killed 130 people here on Route 34 in Big Thompson Canyon on August 1, 1976.  

LUDLOW – In April 1914, when striking coal miners and their families were evicted from their company owned homes here, they set up a tent colony nearby on public property. Then, while they were celebrating Greek Easter on April 20, Colorado militiamen, coal company guards, and thugs hired as private detectives, ringed the camp and began firing into the tents. An armored car mounted with a machine gun, “The Death Special,” roamed the area spraying bullets. When the shooting ended, 20 people were dead, including a dozen women and small children. The United Mine Worker's Association commissioned a granite monument featuring a mother and baby to mark the site, just off I-25 exit 27. The memorial has what looks like an underground tornado shelter, but in reality, it is the pit where an entire family died after the tent above them burned. Ludlow is a ghost town today.     GO THERE

MANASSA – Boxing champion Jack Dempsey was born here in 1895.

MANITOU SPRINGS  –   Dating back to 1100 AD, the well-preserved Anasazi cliff dwellings here feature over 40 rooms, including a revered ceremonial kiva. All the tours are self-guided and require some ladder and stair climbing to enter the structures. Two on-site museums  feature Anasazi artifacts.

MEEKER –  Actor Buddy Roosevelt was born here in 1898. He was Rudolph Valentino’s double.
 In March 1878, Nathan Meeker was appointed Indian Agent of the White River Ute Indian Reservation. Meeker upset the Utes by trying to force them to become farmers. Frustrated with the Ute's defiance, he threatened to take their land if they did not cooperate with him and ordered one of his men to plow up a pasture where the Ute's kept their treasured horses. On September 29, 1879, the Utes attacked the Indian agency and killed all 11 agency employees, including Meeker. In 1881, the Ute Indians  of western Colorado were forced onto a reservation in northeastern Utah.
 Teddy Roosevelt once stayed here in the 1886 Meeker Hotel at 560 Main.

MERINO –  TV host Ralph Edwards was born here in 1913.

MONTROSE – Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was born here in 1905. Trumbo won an Academy Award for the film The Brave One. In 1947, he was blacklisted by the McCarthy hearings as one of the "Hollywood 10," and was sentenced to a jail term for refusing to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee about his membership in the Communist Party.

NEVADAVILLE – A former silver and gold mining town, Nevadaville once had 4000 residents. In 1998 it had 6 residents living in what was left of the town. Included in the old buildings in town were:  a trading post, art gallery, a saloon, city hall, general store, Masonic Hall, fire house, several old miners shacks, the Prize Mine, and a Cemetery. Nevadaville is about 1 mile from Central City.    GO THERE

NEW CASTLE – In the 1890s a series of methane gas explosions over several years killed dozens of miners. The part of the Grand Hogback mine where the explosions took place still burns today. Residents call it the Burning Mountain.

OURAY –  The Hope Diamond was found here in the Camp Bird Mine in the 1880s.

PARACHUTE – On June 7, 1904, outlaw Kid Curry (of Hole-in-the-Wall Gang fame), also known as Harvey Logan, stopped and robbed the westbound Denver & Rio Grande Railroad near here. After boarding the train here at Parachute, the train was stopped on Streit Flats, 3 miles west of town, where he was joined by 2 accomplices and they blew the safe open with dynamite. When a posse caught up with them the next day, they trapped the trio in a box canyon near Parachute where Logan was shot in the shoulder. Rather than give himself up to the lawmen, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the left temple.

PARKER – Porn star Linda Lovelace is buried here in the Parker Cemetery. She was the star of the movie, Deep Throat in 1972. She died of injuries resulting from an automobile accident in 2002.

PRIMERO –  A mine disaster here on January 31, 1910 killed 75 miners.

PUEBLO – Born here in Pueblo, Colorado were co-founder of Packard Bell, David Packard in 1812, and actor Grant Withers in 1904.
  Writer Damon Runyon grew up here.
 Clark Gable was stationed here at the Pueblo Army air Base in WWII.   
 Gangster "Pretty Boy" Floyd was arrested here in Pueblo for vagrancy on May 8, 1929.
 Bridey Murphy was hypnotized here and taken back to another life.

RED STONE – 15 were killed in a mine disaster here on January 31, 1913.

ROCK CREEK – Kate "Big Nose" Elder, girlfriend of Doc Holliday, married George Cummings in Aspen after Holliday died in 1890. They lived here in Rock Creek until 1895.

SALIDA –  Actress Sally Blaine was born here in 1910.

ST. ELMO – St. Elmo is one of Colorado's best-preserved and most haunted ghost towns. The Home Comfort Hotel on Poplar Street is reportedly haunted by its former owner Anna Stark. Founded in 1878, Saint Elmo once had a population of more than 2,000. The town's buildings are preserved but not restored. All buildings are privately owned. Today, 24 original buildings remain, the Mercantile, a saloon, county courthouse/jail, and many private homes. The former gold mining town is located at the west end of SH 162, 16.5 miles west of US 285 at Nathrop.      GO THERE       MORE

STRASBURG –  Strasburg is the place where the last spike, a golden spike, was driven in August, 1870, to complete the Trans Continental Railroad. Today an old railroad depot remains. The depot is part of the Comanche Crossing Museum, which also includes an old school, period house, and additional display buildings.

STUMPTOWN –  Unsinkable Molly Brown once lived here in a cabin with her miner husband.

TELLERUDE – Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid robbed the San Miguel Bank here of $11,000 on June 24, 1889.
 Actor Dennis Weaver built a home here in 1993 of plastic coated tires and cans.    GO THERE      MORE

TRINIDAD – Choreographer Erick Hawkins was born here in 1909.
 Bat Masterson was the town Marshall here in the 1880s and Wyatt Earp was once a driver of the stage between Trinidad, Colorado  and Box Springs, New Mexico.
 Indian scout Kit Carson lived here in the mid-1860s.
 A German/Italian prisoner of war camp was located here during WWII.    GO THERE     

TURKEY CREEK –  Violinist Eugene Fodor was born here in 1950.

VICTOR –  Author/journalist Lowell Thomas was born here at 225 So. Sixth Street

VROMAN – A train wreck here on June 11, 1905 killed 12 people.

WACO – A train wreck killed 30 people here on September 5, 1926.

WELLINGTON – Byron "Whizzer" White, famous football player and supreme court judge grew up here.

WHEAT RIDGE – Elizabeth “Baby Doe: Tabor (Elizabeth McCourt) and her husband Horace are buried here in Mount Olivet Cemetery. Horace, a former silver magnate, senator, and once one of the richest men in America, died penniless in 1899. Baby Doe was known as the Silver Queen, one of the richest and most beautiful women in the west. She froze to death at age 81 in her shack next to her worthless mine in Leadville in 1935. She had only $2 to her name. Mount Olivet is located between 44th Ave. and 50th, east of Eldridge St. on the south side of the railroad tracks.
 Adolph Coors, founder of the Coors Brewing Company is buried here in Block 41 in the Crown Hill Cemetery.

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